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My Protein
My Protein

You must have heard about the word “protein.” Most of us might also know about the importance of protein for the human body. 

These are known as the building blocks of the human body. Most of us know about the source of protein in our diet. 

But do you think those are sufficient according to the body’s requirements? Well, in most cases, we lack protein.

These are mainly seen in athletes and fitness freaks.

There are various products on the market that claim to have protein-based products that are beneficial for the body.

Among all those, very few of them have shown promising results. One such brand is My Protein. My Protein is a sports nutrition company that gives you various supplements and vitamins. Other than supplements and vitamins, it also provides sportswear and accessories. 

In this blog of mine, we will be outlining the brand in detail, looking at some of its products, and also peeping into some of its customers’ reviews. 

My Protein: The Overview Of The Brand

My Protein Brand Image
Brand Image

My Protein is a UK-based company that has 983 K followers on its Instagram handle. Other than this, they have also been featured by various renowned media houses, such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and GQ. 

Other than this, they have also won several awards related to sports nutrition products in their recent years of establishment.

My Protein was started by Oliver Cookson in 2004. My Protein prides itself not only on its supplements but also on its superior merchandise. The brand has been established in the UK, but with time, they have expanded its branches all over the world. 

One of their branches is also located in New York City. Apart from this, in 2011, the ownership of the company changed from Cookson to The Hut Group. Even after the change of ownership, the quality of the supplements hasn’t changed. 

The thing that the company is most proud of is the product’s ingredients. They claim to use the best ingredients at their top-rated facilities in Europe. 

Other than this, one thing that I can tell you about the brand is that they are environmentally conscious, as in some of their supplements they don’t even use any kind of animal products. They have a wide range of selections for vitamins and proteins. 

Before dealing with any brand, some several pros and cons must be kept in mind before indulging in the product. Some of the major pros and cons are listed below:


  • The products they manufacture are completely vegan and plant-based.
  • They have given one of the most convenient facilities to their customers, namely, that they can have their products according to their dietary needs. 
  • The products they offer are affordable and easily accessible.
  • The products are made ethically.
  • They have an environmentally friendly way of manufacturing the products.
  • They offer free shipping on orders over $30.
  • They ship their products all over the world.
  • They have several customer reviews.


  • You face some issues regarding the delivery of your product. But once you notify the company they are always eager to help you with that.

Other than the several basic details about the company, the brand has so much more to offer you through its products.

What Are The Products The Brand Offers?

If you visit the website of My Protein, then you will see several products that the brand is offering. Among these, we have selected a few of them for you so that you can get some idea about their work. 

My Protein Impact: Whey Protein Review

My Protein Whey Protein
My Protein Whey Protein

There are many kinds of proteins available on the market. Most of them are manufactured using complicated formulas, making it harder for the body to absorb those proteins. Things are opposite in the case of whey protein. The price for the packages of protein is mentioned below:

  • .55 lb: $20
  • 2.2 lb: $50
  • 5.5 lb: $100
  • 11 lb: $180

Some of the major highlights of the product are mentioned below: 

  • The impact whey protein is the only protein that is formulated using a simple formula and yet gives you amazing results. 
  • Other than this, it is available in 15 different flavors, such as chocolate cinnamon mocha and salted caramel, to name just a few.
  • The ingredients that are used to make the bottle of Impact Way Protein are of great quality and completely vegan. 
  • The base of the product is soy and sunflower lecithin.
  • Per scoop contains only 25gm and the powder contains only 100 calories.
  • It’s completely sugar-free and carbs-free which gives you additional benefits.


Even though you can take this protein throughout the day, I recommend taking one scoop with milk or water after 30 to 60 minutes of exercise.

I have started my protein taking journey with this and I can definitely say it is th very good protein for beginners as well. Having an excellent mixability, balanced flavour. Had no digestion issues after taking full scoop from the very first day.  So, JUST GO FOR IT WITHOUT THINKING TWICE.

says Yash about the product.

My Protein: Layered Bar Selection Box Review

Layered Bar Selection Box
Layered Bar Selection Box

You must have heard of several protein bars available on the market. This one is a little different from others that are currently on the market. My protein-layered bar contains the most protein in their bars.

The price for one pack is $9.99, and it is the perfect munching option for those who don’t want to ruin their diet due to chocolate.

Some of the major highlights of the product are mentioned below:

  • The pack has three varieties of different bars in it.
  • They have many flavors for their bars, some of which are birthday cake, cookies and cream, and chocolate brownies. 
  • The bar has 5 layers of taste and thus you end up enjoying every bite. 
  • Contains only 4gm of sugar in a single bar and 20 gm of protein in each bar which is sufficient for a single diet.
  • The amount of protein they serve per bar is sufficient to cut down unnecessary munching throughout the day.
  • The key ingredients in the product are peanuts, soy, and milk.


There is no specific time to take these bars. Still, the best time to have these is during evening snack time, when you’re fulfilling your body’s protein demand.

Absolutely fantastic product. No other bar has anything on these, they aren’t stodgy, dry or leave you heaving. They taste just like a cake. Imagine the texture of a Double Decker, with a white lion bar shell. Will be a staple in my nutrition from now on. Nice work MP!

says Josh about the product.

My Protein: Essential BCAA 2:1:1 Powder Review

Essential BCAA 2:1:1 Powder
Essential BCAA 2:1:1 Powder

Many of us know that protein is important for our bodies. But have you ever considered what molecules are used to make proteins? Those molecules are known as amino acids, from which proteins are formed.

Amino acids are also as essential as proteins for our body. My protein contains the same amount of essential BCAA 2:1:1 as the packet of essential BCAA 2:1:1. The price of the packet according to weight is mentioned below: 

  • 1 Kg: £15.13
  • 250g:£8.41
  • 500g:£12.20 

Some of the major highlights of the product are listed below:

  • Made with a blend of essential amino acids that is leucine, isoleucine, and valine. 
  • Combining these are naturally occurring proteins inside our body that help in building and repairing the muscles.
  • They have a variety of over 15 flavors which includes blue raspberry and watermelon flavors.
  • The ratio of all three amino acids according to their role is 2:1:1 for leucine, isoleucine, and valine.
  • All these three amino acids cannot be produced naturally inside your body and hence your body tries to extract these essential amino acids from the diet you take. Taking this BCAA powder insurance that you have given your body these amino acids. 
  • These powders are best for those who are trying to tone up or lose weight or even trying to gain muscles through the workout.
  • 2 scoops of this BCAA powder serve you around 2.5gm of leucine, 1.5gm of isoleucine, and 1.25gm of valine.


You can take this powder once a day. It is advised to take this in the morning before your workout sessions.

Needed for quicker recovery and preservation of muscle mass whilst dropping calories. As a girl I’m not looking to get super swole, just to tone up, lean up and bump up my muscle size without getting bulky. This product has definitely helped me to train harder and longer. I’m seeing really impressive results and increased capacity on heavy weights and reps with a significant reduction in BF% and better definition. I have watermelon flavour which is good but pretty sweet. Mixes relatively easily but needs a lot of shaking.

says Alice about the product.

My Protein The Pre-Workout Blend Shake Review

My Protein The Pre-Workout Blend Shake
My Protein The Pre-Workout Blend Shake

We all take some brand of pre-workout drink before our workout. But we hardly know what ingredients they have used for making those.

The pre-workout drink that My Protein offers is different from others that are available on the market.

These are made from highly selective ingredients from nature that I mentioned at the start of the blog.

Some of the major highlights of this product are mentioned below and are things you must know.

  • The formula that is used to make this drink is completely vegetarian. 
  • The drink also has the benefits of amino acids from their last product which is BCAA. 
  • Each packet has 200mg of caffeine in it so that you can remain elevated throughout the day.
  • The packet also contains 1.6 g of beta-alanine.
  • This pre-workout drink is one of the best options for vegetarian athletes and fitness freaks.


 As the name of the drink suggests, it should be taken prior to the workout sessions. 

I just loved the way this gives me the desired intensity I need during workouts. It has the perfect mix of all the ingredients and has a good taste too when mixed with water (it is my opinion though). I would highly recommend if you need a high intensity workout along with some pre workout meals.

says DP about the product.

My Protein Weight Gainer Blend Review

My Protein Weight Gainer Blend Review
My Protein Weight Gainer Blend Review

The product is best for those who are willing to gain some healthy weight. The supplement is especially for those who have a slow rate of muscle gain. It has around 388 calories per serving.

The price of the product is $30.20, and you can avail of this product by placing your order from their website.

Some of the major highlights of the product are mentioned below:

  • The weight gainer blend supplement helps your body in getting the perfect amount of protein that your body requires pre and post-workout.
  • It has around 30 grams of protein per serving for both fast and slow digestive systems.
  • Apart from protein, it also has the correct amount of carbohydrates that are required after a workout which is 50gm of carbohydrates.
  • It is available in mango and chocolate smoothie flavors. 
  • It is made from oats and maltodextrin flour. 


The best results can be seen if you take this pre and post-workout to get the best results.

“I have been using this product for 1 month…. The main advantage of this product is the taste…. The overall excellent item

says one of the customers about the supplements.

Who Can Use My Protein Products?

Fitness is not bound by age. This is something that I believe personally. My protein products are made after a lot of research and testing. Its customer review is the piece of evidence that one requires if one doubts the result of my protein.

My protein supplements can be taken by people in the middle age group without any hesitation. If you are elderly or trying to give my protein supplements to your children, I would recommend consulting your doctor.

How Do I Purchase My Protein Supplements?

No one would deny having wonderful supplements on their list that fulfill their body’s requirements without doing any harm to it.

The steps to grab your hands on these supplements are mentioned below:

  • Visit their official website.
  • Search for the product you are looking for according to your requirement.
  • Now select the package according to your requirement.
  • Move to your cart.
  • Finally, confirm your products and complete the billing and shipping details.
  • Finally, confirm your order.

Supplements are also available from online and offline retail stores, in addition to their official website.

What Do The Customers Say About The My Protein Brand?

A lot of athletes and fitness freaks have used my protein products and experienced the change for themselves. There are a lot of experiences that people have shared all across the internet. Sum of which we have collected so that you can have your eyes on them

I’ve used this company a few times before; they provide excellent service and maintain excellent communication with their customers. never had a problem. Always great prices and availability of products with discount codes as well, so I always buy 3 months worth of goods, greater value for money

says Tiffany about the brand

I’ve had My Protein before, and that’s my favorite powder of that type.I have ordered it for the first time from, and I’m extremely happy with the service. The order has been delivered sooner than expected, and the price is also very good.I know I will be ordering more products from them

Danuta describes the brand.

I’ve been a customer for over 5 years, and I’m very happy with the expanding vegan products and service so far. The sales are good times to make certain purchases, and I am glad I have the app to make shopping lists as and when I remember I’m running low on products.

Terry says about the brand:

Among the many manufacturers and suppliers, plus brokers and distributors in our industry, this company is both efficient and honest.  ……………Their products are top quality, and the timeframe between order processing and receiving said items is phenomenal. Highly recommended, and I shall continue to stock my gym with their products for the foreseeable future. Thanks, guys.

One of the customers comments on the brand.

Other than this, there are several other presentations on the internet and even on their website, which you can read for yourself.

These lines work as motivation for the employees and the company to see that they are making some positive changes in people’s lives.

Our Final Thought On My Protein

Proteins are essential for our body’s growth and development. It is very necessary for us to choose the best protein supplements for us.

My protein is considered one of them. The ingredients that they choose for their supplements are of high quality, for which they are proud of themselves.

This is the protein supplement brand that I would definitely recommend you use on a regular basis, as they are pocket-friendly, easily delivered, and available in stores. Most importantly, it gives highly promising results to its customers, of which they are proud.

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