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Great Jones Cookware

Everyone likes food!!

But whenever the food is served with an aesthetician look and style everybody not only likes it but loves it. 

But to be honest, tell me is it really easy to make a kitchen full of standard, luxurious Cookware within budget? 

Tell me honestly, have you ever heard about it before? Obviously not before you know about Great Jones Cookware. 

But now this is possible with Great Jones Cookwares. 

They have a very beautiful collection for the kitchen, I think you must have to look at it at least once. Not only beautiful but at the same time, they offer you chic, modern, high-quality and affordable kitchen Cookware. 

For getting to know more details about the brand let’s take a short look. 

Overview Of Great Jones Cookware

Great Jones Cookware Brand Image
Great Jones Cookware Brand Image

Great Jones Cookware is a brand which is famous for its extraordinary quality and stylish looks. There are so many brands in the market that offer Cookware in a broad range and design. But if you go to ask their price you’ll get a little shock. 

Great Jones Cookware wants to reach every home with a low price and wants to make every home happy. According to them, cooking must be something which gives you butterflies, not a headache. 

The founders of Great Jones are two childhood friends Sierra Tishgart and Maddy Moelis. They both got the idea for this brand from Judith Jones, one of the American writers and editors who championed Julia’s Child’s cookbook. 

They started their brand in 2018 and in a very short period of time, they gained many customers and fame. The brand has 101k+ followers on Instagram, you can also follow them on Instagram for their products and reviews by the user ID @greatjones

This brand is not only for Cookware but also suggests some very tasty recipes. You can visit their website for their lip-smacking recipes and products. 

There are many other qualities of the brand we are going to discuss here and it’s starting from here.


  • Easy to Handle.
  • Have a perfect finish.
  • Special handles which don’t get heat.
  • Ceramic coated and that’s why it is easy to wash and saute. 


  • Some of the products are heavyweight.
  • You may not find every product in different sizes. 

Products Offered by the Brand 

Greatjonesgoods The Dutchess Review

Greatjonesgoods The Dutchess 
Greatjonesgoods The Dutchess 
Greatjonesgoods The Dutchess 
Image of Greatjonesgoods The Dutchess 
Greatjonesgoods The Dutchess 
Image of Greatjonesgoods The Dutchess 

A masterpiece!! A Dutch oven is going to take a special place in your heart. 

This 6.75-quart enamelled cast iron is suitable for stoves as well as ovens. Also this Dutch is going to be the centre of attraction on your dining table. 

It has several colour options for you inspired by blueberry, broccoli, mustard, taffy, pepper, salt and marinara. 

This Dutch is made up of cast iron, enamelled, having a weight of 15lbs (with lid). Its dimensions are 15.75″ long, 9.75″ wide, 6.75″ tall and its volume is 6.75 quarts.

You can make many dishes in it including roasted chicken, sourdough bread and many more. You don’t have to take tension of it cleansing because it is easy to clean too.

It will cost you $160 for this beautiful Dutch. 

Some Specialities are:
  • If you don’t like it, they have 60 days free trial with free returns.
  • Safe for all stovetops like stoves, ovens and induction. 
  • Different colours are available to make your kitchen colourful. 
  • Oval in shape which gives a different look to your kitchen and also makes cooking easy.

How did I live without this?

“This large and heavy cast iron skillet is turning out to be great for many things, not just searing. It is good for making big batches of caramelised onions, pancakes, and makes the best homemade pizza I ever had. So glad to have it.”


Great Jones Sheet Show Review

Greatjonesgoods Sheet Show 
Greatjonesgoods Sheet Show 
Greatjonesgoods Sheet Show 
Greatjonesgoods Sheet Show 
Greatjonesgoods Sheet Show 
Greatjonesgoods Sheet Show 

Sheet Pans are necessary for every kitchen but these are the special Sheet pans which can also stand on heat.

You will get with a colourful Sheet set a holy sheet(a classic half-sheet pan) and two little sheets (quarter sheet pans).

It is a different sheet pan as:
  • It is an oven-safe sheet.
  • Dishwasher-friendly sheet.
  • Comes in different colours to give your kitchen a colourful view.
  • Stylish which can steal everyone’s sight. 

It will cost you $85.

You can try it by making delicious sheet cakes, crispy chickpeas, cookie pies and many more. 

Amazing colour and amazing function !!

“Great sheet pans! Love this set, especially the quarter sheet pans. They have a great weight to them, feel very high quality, and love the colour (I got green). So far I haven’t warped like so many other baking sheets, so fingers crossed!”


Greatjones Dutch Baby Review

Greatjonesgoods Dutch Baby
Greatjonesgoods Dutch Baby
Greatjonesgoods Dutch Baby
Image of Greatjonesgoods Dutch Baby
Greatjonesgoods Dutch Baby
Image of Greatjonesgoods Dutch Baby

Round In shape, small in size. This cute and lovely Dutch baby comes to you for ease of your comfort. 

Now there is no need to use a big Dutch or any other giant Cookware for making something in small portions. It’s best suited for 1 or 2 people cooking. 

It’s available in 4 colours for you. You can choose any of them and they are mustard, broccoli, blueberry and taffy.

Its material is shaped with cast iron and enamelled. And its weight is 11lbs (with lid), structured with the dimensions of 9″ diameter, 6″ tall. Sum total volume is 3.5qt. 

It’s suggested to you because of:
  • Safe for use in different conditions such as on stove, oven and induction. 
  • Perfect size for making food in small portions.
  • Matte finish giving your kitchen a classy look.
  • Save space in your kitchen.

It will cost you only $120

You can easily make beef bourguignon, mashed potatoes, congee, pasta and many more tasty foods in it.

The best !!

“Love this pan. Bought 2 in different colours. Great for induction cooktop. Straight to the oven then to the table. Perfect size for dinner for 2 or even four. Heats evenly. Can’t say enough for how easy it is to cook and serve. I have sheet pans and Dutch ovens from Great Jones and every new purchase I think “ this is the best”.”


Greatjonesgoods Great Fellow Kettle Review

Greatjonesgoods Great Fellow Kettle
Greatjonesgoods Great Fellow Kettle
Greatjonesgoods Great Fellow Kettle
Image of Greatjonesgoods Great Fellow Kettle
Greatjonesgoods Great Fellow Kettle
Image of Greatjonesgoods Great Fellow Kettle

One Of the exclusively customised Stagg EKG electric cattle made in collaboration with fellow. Great Jones Cookware’s partners shipped their award-winning designs with their signature colours ( broccoli with a pop of mustard) to create a drastic countertop combo. 

It’s materialised with a stainless steel body and lid, and a plastic base. It weighs nearly 2.75 lbs(including the Kettle base). Dimensionally it is 11.5″×6.75″×8″. 

You will get a volume of 0.9L. It’s a Type- B plug Kettle and its cord length is 2.5 ft. Temperature ranges between 135-212 degrees F. Power consumption is 1200W, 120V~,50/60 Hz,9A.

Special qualities and benefits which you will get are:

  • Precision pour for a pointed not spreading or leaking way of pouring something.
  • Built with technology by which inner water gets hot soon and the outer side does not get heat from it to protect your hands.
  • Exclusive Kettle in the world to carry Stagg. (Limited edition).

You can cook oatmeal, a hot toddy, pour-over coffee etc.

This amazing exclusive Limited edition will go to your home for just a price of $165.

Absolutely Perfect

“This kettle is just amazing. it heats up water so quickly, you can adjust the temperature easily, and you can hold the kettle at whatever temperature for an entire hour. It’s the perfect size–it takes up such little space on the counter top or a shelf, and it’s just so cute and cool. I had been eyeing this for so long and I finally got it, and it’s truly a dream come true! If you’re thinking about it, just do it! Thanks, Great Jones!”


Is washing these Great Jones Cookwares tough?

Great Jones Fully baked

Haven’t we talked about it yet???

Okay so, as we discussed above, choosing Cookware which is on budget and also looks super aesthetic is so rare. But Great Jones Cookware does not only stop there. They have made their cookware nonstick. 

Cast iron with non-stick plating isn’t dreamy. But with Great Jones, there is nothing which is impossible. 

Obviously no, washing their Cookware is super easy as they are non-stick and also dishwasher safe. 

Great Jones Cookware Reviews

This is one of the most important questions regarding purchasing any new products, what do customers think??

We bring here some of the reviews on their website which you may have to see first before buying. This will clear your questions regarding the quality of the product. 

Worth the long wait and the $$$! “I pined away from this teapot and regretted not purchasing it the first time around. It’s very pricey, but worth the wait and money spent and it really brightens up my kitchen! My only complaint is the slight spillage while pouring. That said, it only happens when the pot is full and the pot is tilted too far.”


Beautiful “I ordered this several months ago and it only intermittently worked. Initially I thought it was user error, but ultimately realised it was a glitch in the electrical. I contacted Great Jones and sent a video of the issue and they replaced it quickly and with no fuss. What wonderful customer service! The new one is perfect.”


good on initial use “I liked the look of this pan and am switching to an induction range soon. I bought one to try it out before buying more induction range pots. It works fine on gas, is easy to clean, and the lid fits well. I have not had issues with handles overheating on the burner. I have a steel spatula and the habit of banging it on the edge of cookware to remove bits. That leaves very minor dents, which have not affected the fit of the lid. Still, If I can’t break my spatula habit I’ll have to get a less hard alternative and limit the steel spatula to cast iron skillets.”

~ Rachel 

Yes, I’ve purchased three! “I purchased one of these for myself. It’s bright, gorgeous, huge, and solid. I keep it on the stove and actually cook with it a LOT! Two of the people who work for me fell head over heels in love with this as soon as they saw it. I had to wait until this limited edition came back in stock, then I bought them each their own pot. I’ve never heard so much appreciation!”


Exactly what we were looking for “My wife and I were looking for a Dutch oven style pot that wasn’t too large and considering we have the larger Dutchman and are so pleased with that we thought what the hell and made the purchase! It has exceeded our expectations and are very happy”

Greatjones Cookware

How To Order Great Jones Cookware?

After reading all the points and goodies you must be thinking of trying it once. So we are here to help you with your order. For ordering any product please follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. To order any product first visit their website given here (
  1. After visiting their website you will see an option shop now in the middle of the page. You have to click on that icon. After clicking you will get the page on which every item will be present. 
  1. Choose the item and colour add and click on the button named to add to the cart. Visit the cart.
  1. Click on the checkout button and fill in all the address and payment-related information. Or you can also select the option of express checkout. The available options are PayPal and shop pay.
  1. Make your order confirm and wait for the order. 

Is Great Jones Goods Worth Its Price?

The rate or range of everything is getting a hike in this world, and purchasing something at a high rate in these times is nothing we are amazed by because everything, every day, is getting costly day by day.  

But even after living in this 21st century if you are getting something which is cute, aesthetic, and from the millennial world. Or even after having such qualities, the ranges are pocket friendly. It’s magical. 

This magic has been done by Great Jones Cookwares who made this strong, beautiful and non-stick cookware this much easy to take. This can be an initiative to make your kitchen your favourite place in the whole house. 

By reading all the lines above and also many lines from their website, from my point of view it is totally worth it to have this wonderful product in your kitchen.

Our Final Verdict 

Oh!! You came here !! 

So, you must read out all the things written above. No!! It’s OK we are going to summarise all the points we write above. 

First of all, this brand which is named Great Jones Cookware is one of the known and well-stabilised brands in New York, United States. 

This brand is known for its millennial and aesthetic look Cookware which makes your kitchen one of the heaven places of your home.

Their cookware has many qualities including affordable ranges, strong materials, sight stealing, easy to carry and many more. 

They have many varieties of Cookware like large utensils for making food for the whole family and friends and on the other hand small utensils for couples or friends. 

Brand also have a large variety of colours and designs. They also make non-stick cookware which is easy to wash even though their cookwares are dishwasher safe so you don’t have to take their cleaning responsibility at all.

There are many more points which we can make you count for their good side But we want you to try this on your own and now share your opinions on the same. So, don’t wait to go and pick up your own types of comfort. 

By the way, feel free to ask me anything related to this brand in the comment section below. Your comments are always welcome.

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