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Who wouldn’t want to get the perfect cooking set? A kitchen requires perfect cookware, a home needs good and healthy food for its members and guests. 

And good food is everything. Good food keeps people in the house together. It binds them together. So in all the ways, we see good cookware takes up an extremely important position in our kitchen spaces. 

Here we are with reviews of Made In cookware. Made in is considered to be one of the most remarkable cookware on the market. 

They have won every notable appreciation. They have been featured in many renowned magazines like Forbes and Business Insider. 

They have gained a good reputation for their brand in the arena of improvising and innovating new and high-end cookware with modern features. 

Before coming up with the Made In brand, the founders already had deep knowledge in the field and after years of effort, they came up with their brand of supplying the best cookware sets on the market. 

Many of us are tired of trying out a wide range of cookware over time. Various cookware sets promise to serve the best but apparently fail in their service. Now let’s get started with the Made In cookware brand and what customers tell about the brand.

Made In: The Overview of the Brand

Made In Brand Image
Made In Brand Image

Made In is a start-up e-commerce brand. They specialize in designing the best and most modern kitchen utensils and cookware sets.

They were founded by brothers Chip and Jake. They have a very long history before the birth of Made In. The brothers have been raised in a family where they have strong roots in the legacy of the realms of Kitchen. They also manufactured with partners across the US, France, and Italy to get the best designs for their products.

They have come a long way in redesigning kitchen spaces, and kitchenware and specialize in designing modern cookware sets. 

Very soon after 3 years, their brand was being used in multiple 3 stars Michelin Restaurants and also in various hotels and restaurants across the US.

Made In Cookware
Made In Cookware

Now let’s dive into some popularly bought cookware sets from Made In.

Made In Cookware: The Curated Kitchen set Review

The Curated Kitchen set
The Curated Kitchen set

This curated Kitchen set is all you need in your kitchen. Like the name itself, it comes in like a kitchen set. 

This set includes a cookware set, Glassware set, tabletop set, knife set, and bakeware set. And each of these sets consists of varieties of crockeries and culinary.

  • This cookware includes award-winning 5-ply stainless clad cookware, high heating, non-toxic and long-lasting non-stick pans.
  • They are professionally crafted. 
  • Non-stick cookware is oven safe up to 500F.
  • Stainless-clad cookware is oven-safe up to 800F.
  • Bakeware is dishwasher safe too.
  • They all come along with a fully glazed back which makes it easy for safe and harmless stacking. 
  • Knives should only be hand washed.
  • This cookware costs $2499.

Made In Cookware: The Copper Set Review

The Copper Set
The Copper Set

Made in France, this Copper set is very classy in appearance. It includes a saucepan with a lid, a rondeau with a lid, and a saucier with a lid. They also create a cosy feel in your kitchen and dining spaces. And it has got exceptional high heating features which also aids in cooking and serving the best food.

  • This copper cookware is made of 90% of copper and 10% stainless steel with no trace of aluminium.
  • It is not compatible with an induction cooktop.
  • While heating, copper can change its colour and it can be restored using a copper cleaner.
  • It is oven-safe up to 800 degrees.
  • It is not dishwasher safe too.
  • This copper cookware set costs $1199.

Made in Cookware: Bakeware Set Review

Bakeware Set
Bakeware Set

Made in France, this bakeware set is all that all bakers out there will love. This set includes an 8×8″ square baking dish, a 10×6.6″ oval gratin baking dish, 9×13″ rectangular baking dish. It has got modern heating features and it is durable. This bakeware set is made up of porcelain from a 202-year-old recipe. It also comes in various styles namely, Nancy Silverton, undecorated, navy rim, red rim, slate blue, and olive green.

  • This bakeware set is thermal shock resistant.
  • It is made up of porcelain from a 202-year-old recipe.
  • It should not be used on the stovetop.
  • Bakeware Set is oven safe up to 650 degrees and microwave-safe.
  • And it is safe to keep it in a freezer.
  • This beautiful Bakeware set costs $269.

Made In Cookware: The Knife Set Review

The Knife Set
The Knife Set

Forged and tang, this knife set is the best. This set includes a 13″ long and 8.5″ blade chef knife, 11.5″ long and 6.38″ blade Nakiri knife, 14″long and 9″ blade bread knife, 8″ long and 3.8″ blade. The Nakiri knife is one of the best in their collection.

  • These knives should be hand washed 
  • The Chef’s knife is considered the star of the set.
  • The bread knife is suitable for all sourdough, ciabatta, and baguettes.
  • A paring knife is another masterpiece in giving accuracy in slicing and peeling.
  • This knife set comes in various colour handles that are red, black, and golden wood brown.
  • This forgy knife set costs $299

Can Made In Cookware be used in Oven?

Yes, Made In cookware can be used in Oven. They have specifically mentioned various temperature conditions for various cookware sets. Accordingly, Made In cookware oven is safe to use. 

They are made with fine materials that are oven safe at a certain reachable temperature. But make sure, you adhere to their temperature conditions or it is likely to harm the cookware sets.

It is important to go through the cookware set manual before using them.

Pros and Cons of Made In Cookware

No brand comes in with flawless features. Likewise even Made In has certain pros and cons of its own. We have managed to find lots of pros and little cons.


  • They appear very classy when seen on kitchen shelves and dining places. It gives off royalty.
  • They are long-lasting, durable and premium cookware sets.
  • They have a variety of features that would serve the purpose of cooking and serving the best food.
  • They also have a well-instructed manual specifying all the conditions and care that is to be taken while using the cookware set.
  • Made In cookware offers various discounts and deals on their cookware sets.


  • Some reviews state that their prices are unusually higher compared to other cookware.
  • They require extra care for their durability.

How to Order Made In Cookware 

Made in cookware can be ordered from their apparel site. They are also available in top-notch online stores like amazon shopping etc.

They offer various seasonal discounts and exclusive deals on their products.

Made In also has got very flexible return policies. If you are not satisfied, you can write to them at with the products that you want to return and they should be returned within 45 days of delivery for a full refund or as credits.

You can also contact them through their customer care at 

They offer free shipping for purchases over $50 within the United States. Their shipping rates are between $20 to $80 and that depends on the weight of the product.

Reviews of Made In Cookware.

Made in Cookware has got lots of positive trustworthy reviews.  We have managed to find various honest reviews from customers who have purchased various Made In cookware sets. 

“Just perfect! Review by Jean D. on 2 Dec 2020review stated Just perfect! I have been using a regular cookware since I started to cook. With made everything taste better but the best part is that nothing sticks and that they look great!!!

Jean D 

“Very impressed Review by Steven Z. on 20 Nov 2020review stating Very impressed after receiving my new 12” carbon steel skillet, I can only wonder why I didn’t make the purchase twenty years ago. My cast iron skillet isn’t getting used as much anymore.Cleans up very easy, and no more sticking foods.

Steven Z

Review by Don D. on 20 Nov 2020review stating Blue Carbon Steel Pans: Workhorses!I recently purchased the Blue Steel Grill Frypan and after using it, I bought the regular Blue Steel Frypan. Both are excellent and are absolute workhorses. The Grill Pan is great for pan roasting items with a nice light char, and the regular Blue Steel Pan is great for searing steaks and other items, then finishing in the oven, for when grillingRead more about review stating Blue Carbon Steel Pans: Workhorses! out is not an option. It is highly likely that I’ll purchase more in the future.” –

Don D

Review by Michael J. on 16 Nov 2020review stating Best nakiri knife everThis knife is the best I have ever used. Love the design,weight and balance. Just wish Made in would come out with a full knife set with olive wood handles. Keep it up. I will be a forever customer.”

Michael J

Above are some of the reviews given by the customers and from this itself it is very evident that Made In cookware is good to go for any person who loves cooking. They deserve to be in your kitchen.

With fine craft and detailed composition, they are the best to use for your cooking and serving.

Is Made In Cookware worth it?

The Made In brand has built a good reputation for itself by providing the best cookware in the market. They have a plethora of users around and across the US. 

They have put so much effort into bringing out the best for people out there. They have engineered bringing the high-quality cookware that comes along with longevity and durability and also that is resistant to high thermal shocks. Apart from that, they also deliver royalty to your kitchen shelves and dining table. 

Made In cookware has also earned notable reputations and appreciation for their contributions and they have 5 stars and good reviews for their cookware sets.

Therefore, Made In cookware is a trustworthy brand and they will never let you down. They have spent quality time and effort to satisfy and give a memorable time to all the people out there who love to cook. So go forth buying them.

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