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A brand for wellness!!

Love Wellness

Yes, you heard right; we brought up a brand name that is going to change your life in a way that you have never even thought about.

This brand is here to help you with all of your natural problems by providing natural solutions. 

Most of us go through a phase where we are suffering from multiple problems but are unsure of whom we can trust or with whom we can share our personal health problems. 

Therefore, Love Wellness wants to give you a comfortable platform for not only purchasing the products but also getting education regarding them. You can also ask about your concerns from experts or doctors. 

Without further ado, let us go over the reviews and research we have gathered for you on the brand Love Wellness. 

Overview Of The Brand 

Love Wellness Brand Image
Love Wellness Brand Image

Love Wellness is a brand that has solutions for many natural problems and cases that you are going through silently. Love Wellness brought up your problems without sharing them with anyone, leaving you wondering, “Am I the only one who’s going through this right now?”

This brand has a great solution to your concerns. According to the brand, we all suffer from issues such as itching in the pubic area, unsanitary vulva, and many more without telling anyone because most of us are too shy to admit it.

So, the founder of the brand, Lauren Bosworth, initiated a brand called Love Wellness in 2016 for women’s total body care (some of the products are also good for men), which offers different ranges of supplements, multivitamins, and personal care products. 

As the products are so effective, they’ve received intense love from their customers; there are 50k+ customer review sites, 264k+ followers on Instagram, and 144k+ followers on Facebook. As shown by these numbers, the customers are in love with this company. 

Let’s check out the products offered by the brand. 

Products Offered By The Love Wellness 

Love wellness Boost & Reduce Duo Reviews

Love wellness Boost & Reduce Duo
Love wellness Boost & Reduce Duo

a combo to help you curb cravings and bloating easily.

In this combo, you will get a Metabo Love container and a Bye-Bye Bloat container, and these both will affect your health magically. 

Love wellness Boost & Reduce Duo

Metabolism aids in the customization of your metabolism and increases energy. And the second one, bye-bye bloat, will help you with digestion. 

The main ingredients which are used in these products are organic fenugreek seed powder, organic ginger root powder, hypromellose capsule, magnesium stearate, organic green tea leaf powder and many more.

Its key benefits are:
  • It will reduce unwanted food cravings 
  • Induces digestive enzymes and aid in digestion 
  • It will boost your metabolism 
  • Reduce Bloating very fast
  • It will promote healthy digestion 

This amazing product will cost you only $34.29 and with a subscription, you will save 30%+50% off. 

Grateful for this Combination “Grateful for this CombinationI’s always struggling with my metabolism and then horrible bloating in the morning from my meals, but I’ve been using these supplements for the past two years and it’s the only thing that works! Even better, they’re a combination now, so I can save money than buying them separately as they’re my staples basically.

Love wellness Vaginal Suppository Duo Reviews

Love wellness Vaginal Suppository Duo
Love wellness Vaginal Suppository Duo

The two products that are available in this duo are The Killer and Flora Power.

The first product of this combo, the killer, helps control yeast growth in and on the vagina. And the second product, Flora Power, helps to balance bacterial growth. 

Using directions is so easy, as you don’t have to take them orally. You have to insert it directly into the vagina with clean hands at bedtime. And you must exercise some caution when using it, as the first is to avoid intercourse at the time of insertion, and the second is to use it in an empty bladder, especially after intercourse. 

Love wellness Vaginal Suppository Duo
It Will beneficial for you in many ways as:
  • It will manage yeast formation 
  • Balance the bad odor
  • Help to maintain normal pH
  • It will reduce or treat vaginally itching

These products are mainly made from probiotics, vitamin C, boric acid, and many other ingredients.

It will cost you only $27.99 and if you purchase it with a subscription you will get amazing discounts too.

They work best together!”They work best together! I had a bit of wax retained after a Brazilian, it was very uncomfortable and my vagina smells like weakfish. I couldn’t find the problem until I used the duo, first the Flora power which helped get rid of the wax piece. Then the Killer for the yeast infection that was starting. The next day my vagina was 100% better.”

Mickalynn D

Love wellness pH Balancing Cleanser Reviews

Love wellness pH Balancing Cleanser
Love wellness pH Balancing Cleanser
Love wellness pH Balancing Cleanser

a cleanser for the vulva that is gentle for your vulva with no artificial fragrance, as the brand wants you to smell like you. 

In this pack, you will get the goodness of water, glycerin,  lactic acid, sodium cocoyl glutamate, aloe, calendula etc. 

This cleanser is OB/GYN-approved to give you a clean, odorless, and gentle vulva without interrupting your vagina. It is free of sulfates, parabens, and fragrances, which will help you get irritation-free skin.

It will help you in:
  • Get an odourless vulva
  • Non-irritated, or non-sensitive skin 
  • Clean vulva 
  • Controlled pH of the vulva with a vagina.

For purchasing this product, you have to spend a little bit of money, and the amount is so affordable. This product only costs you $10.49. We suggest you go with a subscription plan to grab amazing offers.

Best pH Cleanser “Best pH CleanserI was using another popular brand (HP) that changed the formula and when checked with my Yuka app, scored low. I also noticed it caused a yeast infection. I received a bottle in one of my beauty subscriptions (Cocotique) but never tried it. Once I did try it recently, I KNEW that this was the cleanser for me! No cover-up smells with fragrances or else read more about reviews stating Best pH Cleanser Ntial oils! Just a pure, balancing cleanser that leaves me feeling fresh and leaves me with my natural scent! I recommend it!”


Love wellness Good Girl Probiotics Reviews

Love wellness Good Girl Probiotics
Love wellness Good Girl Probiotics

Healthy probiotics for maintaining urinary tract health 

You have to take it only once a day, which is two tablets. recommend taking it on an empty stomach. 

It is made with the goodness of 8 strains of good bacteria, lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus Plantarum, inulin, gelatin, etc.

Give you the best benefits like :
  • Helps you to maintain the pH level of your vagina
  • Helps you to keep your urinary tract health insurance 
  • Maintain the gut health 
  • Helpful for immunity 

You can make it yours for just $20.99 

Could not live without it!” Could not live without it! I was having over 2 years of vaginal problems. Constant doctor appointments and I was getting no help. After ordering this product and being on it for a month or so, my issues went away! I couldn’t imagine never having found this product and it helped change my life so much so quickly. I now try to use other products from here as well.”


How To Order Love Wellness Products? 

You must be curious about ordering the product now so we are here to help you with it just follows the instructions given below.

Love Wellness
Love Wellness
  1. Visit the given link first and after reaching their website you will see a three-line icon on the left click on that.
  1. Swipe a little down on the page you will see subscribe and save option go for it because it will give you huge discounts. 
  1. Choose the product you want and add it to the cart. After visiting there choose the option of checkout 
  1. Fill in all the details and information about the address and payment. And click on the option of order. 
  1. Your order has been placed now, enjoy! 

Love wellness: Honest Customers Reviews 

Customer reviews are the most important step to finding any good product, so we are also checking out the reviews section and picking up some random reviews for you just to have a look at it.

“I LOVE THEM. I swear by these good girl probiotics! After having my first baby I was having the hardest time with my PH balance and constantly going to the doctor for them to tell me everything is fine. But my smell and discharge were just so different and not to my liking. NOW after taking these for almost a month, I have so much confidence down there again. I LOVE THEM recommend and I’m a hooked customer!!!”

Morgan L.

Working Well! The 30s have brought on food sensitivities and navigating the world of healthy digestion. In addition to making healthier choices, I notice I experience fewer issues when I remember to take this first thing in the morning. I like that it’s one pill, not 5 and it’s easily incorporated into my morning routine because it recommends taking on an empty Working Well! stomach so less chance of forgetting after breakfast. An easy addition that seems to be working!

Bethany R.

Acne is GONE! I never had any issues with acne. Sure I had a pimple pop up here and there but never really an issue. About a month After I got my hormonal IUD, it was Mount Everest all over my face, especially around my chin and neck area! I didn’t know what to do! I would wash my face twice a day and do routine face masks but they didn’t seem to help much. Luckily, I am a die-hard LW user and found the Clear Skin Probiotics! And guess what folks? Another successful product! Have been taking them for three weeks now in combination with some skincare routine and have not had a break out since. AMAZING! Another LW product that has left me speechless! Thank you, LW for always making me feel beautiful and confident! 


Love wellness: Are The Products Worth It? 

We went through the reviews section and just collected some of them to show you, but there are many more impressive comments regarding the products. Also, we checked out the ingredient lists that are used in the product, and they are very neat and clean.

So I want to suggest that you use this brand at least once. and that will give you the urge to share your opinions. And when you use it, you must consider whether it is worthwhile. Their products will make you convinced that they are worth it.

Our Final Verdict

When I first saw their products, I was excited to know more about this brand. But I was perplexed at the time, not knowing whether knowing this brand would benefit it or not. But after knowing about the brand and passing through its website, I found many things. Let’s see what those notes are.

Firstly, my eyes stopped at a point where they wrote that the products are odorless and they are just selling the products to make you better, not to change you. 

After that, I noticed they were selling products that were not only compatible with oral use, but also many of them that could be directly inserted into the vagina. 

I saw many more things that are quite impressive to me.

After knowing this brand, I’m really in love with it, and I’m grateful to have visited their website. Now I think it’s a nice idea to visit there. 


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