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Function of Beauty stands out as a game-changer in beauty care, delivering a personalized touch to hair, skin, and body care. Our review delves into how this brand’s unique approach elevates your self-care routine and provides customized solutions.

Function of beauty
Function of Beauty

About the Function Of Beauty

The Function of Beauty was started in 2015 by MIT  graduates who have been outsiders in this beauty brand field. Zahir Dossa, Joshua Maciejewski, and Hien Kaplan started the brand in New York to create products for hair that are free from chemicals. 

Starting from scratch and having several challenges in the initial days, the founders did not stop to deliver the best and most iconic products. Today, they have a turnover of 110 million dollars, which is a huge number. 

Not only this but they have also been featured in so many renowned media houses and even celebrities trust their products with the results that they have shown.

Today, they have around 727K followers on their Instagram handle. Some of the major pros and cons of the company are mentioned below: 


  • The products they produce are highly customizable and you can even customize your product as per the issue you’re suffering from.
  • They have around 87 trillion combinations of ingredients that are natural and give highly promising results. 
  • For packaging their products, Beauty uses low-carbon-emission plastic that is recycled and reusable. 
  • The products they produce are completely natural and organic, which is completely safe for the skin.
  • The product is vegan and safe for sensitive skin.  
  • They ship their products all over the globe. 
  • The products are easily available, even in your nearby stores.
  • They even have a wide range of products for hair, skin, and the body. 


  • The products can be irritating to sensitive skin; therefore, it is advised to use them after consulting your dermatologist. 

Haircare Products

Function of Beauty Shampoo Review

Function of Beauty Shampoo
Shampoo of Function of Beauty
Function of Beauty Shampoo
Function of Beauty Shampoo
Function of Beauty Shampoo
Function of Beauty Shampoo

As far as I have seen the beauty brands, most of them give you limited customization options on their products. But the case is not at all the same as the function of beauty. They give you almost 90% customization options on their shampoo with quinoa protein in their formulation. 

They have several color options available for this product and an event subscription is available. A single-time purchase will cost you $27.00. Some of the basic features of the product are mentioned below:

  • Gently clean your scalp without irritating your hair roots. 
  • The formulation helps give healthy-looking hair.
  • You can customize the entire formulation as per your hair needs. 
  • The protein inculcated in the formulation also helps in hydrating the hair, which makes it look more bouncy. 
  • It works best for curly and coiled hair. 
  • The shampoo is available in more than 10 color options, which gives you variety to choose from. 


It’s amazing! I love the custom choices as well as my name on the bottle! The Vanilla scent is everything. I can’t wait to get the whole set. It makes my hair feel so soft with the most amazing shine. I went to the beach the day after the first wash and I could feel a difference!! My hair was still soft and easy to brush after going underwater with my hair down. I love it and I can’t wait to see how it treats me in the future.


I love it, the only thing I don’t like about it is that it is a little expensive. My hair was always frizzy and hard to brush. After the first day, my hair was smooth and easier to brush. My hair smelled delicious and I thought I could eat it. I recommend it. I just don’t like how expensive it is. 

Function of Beauty Conditioner Review

Function of Beauty Conditioner
Function of Beauty Conditioner
Function of Beauty Conditioner
Function of Beauty Conditioner
Function of Beauty Conditioner

After shampoo, what we require most is conditioner. What if the conditioner completes all the demands of your scalp, unlike others on the market? The function of the beauty conditioner is highly customizable as per your requirements. 

Not only this, you can even go for testing of your scalp if you are unaware of your scalp and hair requirements. Single-time purchases can cost you up to $27.00 and on the other hand, you will be able to save some amount that is based on a subscription.

Some of the major features are mentioned below:

  • The formulation is lightweight and easy on your scalp. 
  • It is formulated using a combination of natural ingredients. 
  • It also helps hydrate your hair. 
  • It strengthens your hair and deepens it. 
  • The best part is that it is completely customizable as per a requirement. 
  • The Function beauty conditioner also helps increase the shine of your hair. 


This designed shampoo and conditioner helps so much! I had an itchy scalp and now that I’ve been using this, it has gone away!!


I bought the shampoo and conditioner, and after one use I can say this is the best! My hair goals were anti-frizz, deep condition, lengthen, shine, and volumize. I noticed all of these things (minus the length obviously) after using it only one time! This stuff is amazing and I will continue to order!

Function of Beauty Hair Mask Review

Function of Beauty Hair Mask
Hair Mask
Function of Beauty Hair Mask
Function of Beauty Hair Mask
Function of Beauty Hair Mask
Function of Beauty Hair Mask

The hair mask by Functions of Beauty is made using powerful ingredients like jojoba and argan, which are known for nourishing your hair. The formulation has more than 10 color options available and it is completely customizable as per your requirements. 

Not only this but the brand has also taken care of harmful chemicals and preservatives, as they are not used in any stage of manufacturing. A subscription is available for the product, while a single-time purchase can cost you up to $18.48. You can avail of this while placing your order on their website.

Some of the major benefits of the hair mask are mentioned below: 

  • Contains essential oils like jojoba oil and argan oil as the base of its formulation. 
  • It helps in hydrating and nourishing the hair roots.
  • More than 10 color options are available.
  • Highly customizable. 
  • You can change the entire formulation as per your hair and scalp requirements.
  • Completely vegan and organic. 


The mask for hair is a must for curly-headed girls as it creates an anti anti-frizzy texture and eliminates dryness from your hair. I tried it twice  and it seems to help strengthen my hair. This mask was given to me by a function.


The function of Beauty gave me Their coily recovery set, shampoo, and conditioner mask HP. This hair mask is the best mask I have used in a while and has become my holy grail for moisture and shine. I have noticed my hair feeling healthier and stronger. Smells amazing and less hair breakage

Skincare Products

Function of Beauty Jelly Cleanser Review

Jelly Cleanser
Face Jelly Cleanser
Jelly Cleanser
Jelly Cleanser
Jelly Cleanser
Jelly Cleanser

It becomes a challenging task to formulate a jelly cleanser using natural ingredients. But the way the Function of Beauty Jelly cleanser balances the pH level of the skin and does the job without creating extra lather is appreciable. 

The subscription is available on the product, while a single-time purchase can cost you up to $25.00.

Some of the major features of the product are mentioned below.

  • Formulated using a combination of more than 87 trillion natural ingredients.
  • Itching read and text are chosen as per your skin demand and are highly customizable. 
  • Moisturized skin makes it softer and plumper. 
  • It is perfect for a dry combination of skin, as it hydrates the internal layer of your skin. 
  • The formula is completely customizable as per your requirements.


I want to start by saying I LOVE these products. I have been using them for a few years now. I had an issue with the shampoo and conditioner pumps and it was cleared up VERY quickly!!!!! I would not hesitate to reach out again if needed.


I love these products. My face feels clean and refreshed after using it. 

Function of Beauty Custom Face Serum Review

Custom Face Serum
Face Serum
Custom Face Serum
Custom Face Serum
Custom Face Serum
Custom Face Serum

The best part is that you get your own customized serum, which is specially designed for you. You will be shocked by the absorption capacity of the serum as it penetrates the deepest layer of your skin. 

Not only this, but the entire serum is designed using natural ingredients, which you will rarely find in any brand. Moreover, the ingredients and the combinations used to create the serum are completely natural and vegan. Either on a subscription or a single-time purchase, both will cost you up to $50.00.

Some of the major features of the custom face serum are mentioned below: 

  • The entire face serum is designed using gel-to-liquid-to-powder technology, which helps in penetrating the serum inside our skin. 
  • Easy absorption happens due to the presence of active natural ingredients that work wonders for your skin
  • The active natural ingredients help nourish the skin and also make it look plumper. 
  • The entire formula is dermatologically tested and is completely irritating  


I have terrible skin. Always have. This is the first product I have ever found that works. No more breakouts and soreness. I am so thankful I took a chance on this product. I love it


The cleanser isn’t quite strong enough to contain my acne, but I like to use it along with my usual cleanser. I LOVE the serum, totally worth the price!

Function Of Beauty Custom Gel Moisturizer Review

Custom Gel Moisturizer
Gel Moisturizer
Custom Gel Moisturizer
Custom Gel Moisturizer
Custom Gel Moisturizer
Custom Gel Moisturizer

The gel moisturizer is customized as per your skin requirements, but the major hydration comes from an ingredient called Tsubaki oil, which is derived from the native flower of Japan and is known for retaining moisture in the skin. 

Apart from this, other natural ingredients are also combined to solve the problem that you are facing. Both the subscription and the single-time purchase can cost you up to $45.00.

Some of the major features of the product are mentioned below: 

  • The major benefits of a custom gel moisturizer are hydration, locking in moisture, and keeping the skin nonirritated. 
  • They use some of the most powerful ingredients, such as
  • Tsubaki oil and vegan squalane help balance the oil production of your skin.
  • Not only this, but the combination of other ingredients with these two also helps in solving the major issues that you are facing with your skin.
  • They also have vitamin E as one of the crucial ingredients in the formulation, which helps fight free radicals and oxidative stress.
  • Antioxidants are also present, which are derived from some of these powerful natural ingredients. 
  • The entire formula is highly customizable. 


I love the lotion and I can tell that there are quality ingredients in the whole set because my face has improved and is so soft and smooth. I just wish the bottle was much bigger because I’m already halfway through it and I’m scared I’m going to run out.


I have tried so many moisturizers over the years in creams and gels. All of them were either sticky, too thick, or took forever to dry before I could put on my makeup. No issues with this it goes on smooth and light and dries quickly. My skin feels hydrated and smooth! The only extra thing that would make it better was if it had SPF in it for protection but I’m not complaining because this feels perfect on my skin! 

BodyCare Products

Function of Beauty Body Wash Review

Body Wash
Image of Body Wash
Body Wash
Body Wash
Body Wash
Body Wash

The body wash is designed using some of the natural ingredients that are present in nature and have nutritional value. The product is highly customizable and can be created as per your needs. 

Different combinations of natural ingredients are used, which helps in solving the problem and keeping you safe from harmful chemicals. The entire body wash is priced at $20.00. 

Some of the major features are mentioned below:

  • More than 10 different colors are available.
  • Made using a combination of 87 trillion natural ingredients.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Free from artificial dyes, colors, and preservatives. 
  • It is free from fragrance and gluten.
  • Ingredients are chosen as per the requirements that you choose while customizing the formula. 


I enjoyed the body wash and lotion. The peach smells amazing! Always leaves my body feeling super soft and the lotion is very spreadable so a little goes a long way!


I have been with Function of Beauty for a few years and love their products. The hair products leave my hair shiny and full of volume. The body wash smells so good and leaves my skin so soft. The best thing overall about this company is that their customer service is outstanding. They are friendly and will respond to all your needs immediately.

Function of Beauty Body Lotion

Body Lotion
Image of Body Lotion
Body Lotion
Body Lotion
Body Lotion
Body Lotion

The body lotion is designed as per your requirements and the ingredients are chosen the same. No other brand gives you the facility of customizing your product as per the needs of your skin. But the function of beauty helps in doing so. The entire body lotion is priced at $20.00.

Some of the basic features are mentioned below:

  • It is made using natural ingredients and is free from chemicals.
  • It is free from gluten and other harmful compounds.
  • Does not contain any kind of preservative or artificial coloring. 
  • It is free from cruelty and hydrates the skin to an enormous layer as it uses some of the naturally sourced essential oils. 


I love the personalized and how effective the products are in making my skin feel clean and smooth! 


I have been using this lotion for over a year now and I love it. I love it so much that I have two full bottles picked up for when I finish the current one. I don’t ever want to run out.

Is the function of beauty worth it? 

Talking about the function of beauty, I must admit that each one of their products is highly customizable, which gives you the perfect solution for your problems.

This also means that you create a unique product that is needed to solve your problems. And it’s not like that if they’re designing the product using harmful chemicals but all of them are formulated using a combination of natural ingredients, which gives you the best results without harming your skin.

So if they are charging slightly higher, they are worth their quality. 


In the end, if you are someone who is looking for perfect skin care and body care products, then Function of Beauty is your brand. Not only this, but the manufacturer uses 87 trillion natural ingredients. 

The products are completely free from chemicals, be they in any form, such as preservative flavorings or fragrances. 

Not only this but people have seen differences after using their product, which is specially formulated for them after observing the problems that they are facing.

 So if you are the one with skin or hair problems or need a personalized product, then this is your place. 

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