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Mens skincare

When it comes to pampering, men are usually ignored in the history of this world. 

Due to the incorrect assumption that men needed to be strong and tough, people usually connected it with taking care of how they looked and felt. 

Even today, despite the fact that the mindset of society is changing, the mindset regarding men has not evolved much from what it used to be in many parts of the world. 

Men are still unaware that their skin requires as much attention and pampering as a woman’s. And just like a man is responsible for pampering a woman, vice-versa applies to women as well. 

This blog will address all the information you need to get started on the treatment of your skin.  

Why is it Important to Understand Your Skin Type?

Skin Type
Handsome man applying cosmetic serum onto his face in bathroom

It is common knowledge that every skin differs from another, and every skin has its own personalized texture. 

These textures may be common, but they can have different origins and could be a result of different skin issues and deficiencies. 

Now that we know every skin type is different, the treatment of products for each is different as well. It may be possible that, due to using an unrequired product on your skin, the result turns out to be the opposite of what you expected. 

To avoid this mishap, it is always recommended to use products made precisely for your skin type. 

And to understand which product is made for your skin, you must know what skin type you have. 

It might seem like a huge hassle to find out what your skin type is but trust me, it is not. 

In the few steps mentioned below, you can know what your skin type is at home without any equipment. 

Ignoring the type of skin you have can cause major trouble for you. 

For example, when you apply a cream for oil control to your dry skin, your skin would feel flaky, and it will be hard to cover that flakiness up. 

To avoid accidents and disasters like this, you must always know what you are applying to your skin and if it is a good idea to use that product. 

Let’s get to that skin type test we talked about.

How Do You Find Out Your Skin Type?

skin types

The process of finding out the accurate skin type is extremely simple, and we have simplified the process, even more, to reduce as much confusion and fuss as possible for you. 

The following steps are required to be followed:

  1. Wash your face with a cleanser.
  2. Dab-dry it with a soft towel.
  3. Wait for 30 minutes.
  4. Analyze how you feel. 
  1. If you feel your skin is a little stretchy and dry, then you have dry skin.
  2. If you can feel a slight shine on your skin, you have oily skin.
  3. If you do not feel either, you have normal skin.
  4. If you feel stretchy on some parts and shiny on others, you have a combined skin. 
  5. And if you feel slight irritation and unease, you have sensitive skin. 

You know what your skin type is let’s have a look at why we should look after our skin and what the benefits of healthy skincare are. 

Benefits of Healthy Skincare

Benefits of Healthy Skincare

There are numerous benefits to doing a healthy skincare routine, some of which are mentioned below for you to decide what is truly best for you.


Men are also entitled to rest and some self-care; after a crazy office day or stressful work hours, doing a little something for themselves for relaxation could be all you need to unwind. 

Looking after yourself increases the satisfaction of living and keeps you content throughout any phase of your life. Which leads to efficiency in what you do and a happy life. 

Improves skin health

The health of your skin enhances and brings a feeling of freshness. The damage caused by external elements also starts to heal. 


When you look after your skin, the age reflected reduces with the reduction of all the impurities and unwanted skin issues. 

Skin – appearance

When you keep on nourishing your skin through balancing products, you satisfy all your skin’s requirements and get rid of all the unwanted skin issues. The appearance of your skin would be something everyone would dream about.  

Increased Confidence

The newly found confidence would be out of this world. You will feel and notice how clear and young your skin looks after you religiously take care of it with products and other natural ingredients. 

The confidence and trust you will have in yourself will be strong and worth all the trouble and extra tasks. 

Protection Against Environmental Damage

There are many factors in the environment that do more harm to you and your skin than good. And the unfortunate part is that we cannot avoid it, but what we can do to save ourselves from it is protect our skin and keep it healing from those factors like pollution and the sun

It is easy to take care of your skin and does not take more than 5–10 minutes of your day at the maximum. 

Aside from products, there is another option for skin care, which is to use natural elements. Let’s get briefed on that.  

Useful Skin Care Tips For Men


You know what a skin type is. Why is a skin type important, and how do you find it? What are the benefits of skincare? But what should I do in a skincare routine

You would have noticed how people mention how important skin care is, how you must always do it, how crucial it is for men, etc. 

The blabber goes on, but no one truly ever recommends tips on what to do in a skincare regimen, what not to do in a skincare regimen, or what is a must-know knowledge for a certain type of skin while doing skin care. 

Don’t fret; we’ve got you covered. 

There are a few tips and tricks mentioned for you, but if you need more or none of the tips mentioned below suffice, you can ask all your queries in the comment section below, and we will get back to you with the best and most accurate response as quickly as possible.

Let’s get to those unrequited tips, shall we?

  1. Sunscreen: In no condition should you use sunscreen at night; sunscreen is to give your screen armor to protect itself from all the UV rays and is completely unrequited at night. In fact, the good a sunscreen can do in the morning is equal to the damage it can do at night. So make sure you wash your face and wipe all the sunscreen off your skin before going to bed.
  1. The sun: the sun’s rays provide vitamin D, but what goes hand in hand with that vitamin D is damage and tan. The sun can cause immense redness and crazy burns on any type of skin, especially sensitive skin. The amount of product used on your face should be between your index and middle fingers. 
  1. Eat healthily: try to get as much nutritionally healthy food inside you as possible, and drink more water. The more you eat healthy, the better. 
  1. Gut health: the health of your gut reflects on your skin; the more you keep your gut healthy, the better immunity you will have, and your skin will reflect it as well.
  2. Shave carefully: make sure you have the latest and most advanced equipment while shaving and that you use the best shaving cream. Do not forget aftershave care for the best results and healthy cheeks and jaws.  

How To Choose The Right Skincare Products For Men

Choosing the right skincare products for yourself can be a disaster. But I have simplified the process for you to bring you better results with less effort. 

Here is a quick tour of the process read it carefully and follow through with any and every product you wish to purchase. 

  1. Make sure you know what your requirements are and what the best skin care product is that fulfills those requirements.
  2. Read the label and description of the product carefully. 
  3. Get detailed information on the mentioned ingredients. 
  4. Make sure you know what your skin type is. 
  5. Consider all your concerns and preferences. 
  6. Research some other alternatives to that product and brand. 
  7. Check out a few reviews mentioned on that product’s website. 
  8. Also, check out a video review if one is available to see the effects yourself. 
  9. Do a patch test, if possible, on your skin to confirm whether the product suits your skin or not. 
  10. If you are satisfied with the tests and your research, you are ready to make the decision to purchase it. 

 Now that you know how to purchase a product, let’s see what should be avoided when aiming for good skin.

Things You Should Avoid To Have Healthy Skin

Most skin issues are caused by an unhealthy intake of food that does not suit your skin. It is necessary to eat a healthy diet but also to know and understand all the properties of every element of that diet you consider healthy.

Some of the elements to avoid are mentioned below; please have a look. 

Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol is an inflammatory element that exasperates already existing skin issues. Most of the beverages have a high amount of sugar additives that are inflammatory in nature. Besides the harm from the sugar, alcohol itself is extremely warm to drink and digest, and it can cause a major imbalance in your hormones, hydration, and nervous system. 

Refined carbohydrates

Foods like bread, sugar, white rice, etc. are refined carbohydrates. These are all supplements consisting of sugar, which is bad for people with acne-prone skin. These food items can increase the number of acne spots on your skin as well as maximize the duration of acne outbreaks.

High-glycemic foods

Potatoes, parsnips, carrots, and watermelon are some of the foods that look healthy and are even considered a good diet by many, but this variety of food can increase fluctuations in blood glucose levels, leading to acne and many other skin issues. They are also a source of inflammation in your skin. 

Instead of these, you can substitute the elements of your diet with broccoli, asparagus, radishes, beans, etc. 

Fatty foods

Fried foods and those that are highly processed with trans fats often contain cytokines, which are pro-inflammatory and known for making the skin red and blotchy, creating a target-rich environment for blemishes to form.

Highly Processed Convenience Foods

This includes various foods filled with ingredients that promote skin inflammation, are filled with unhealthy fats, and contain shocking amounts of refined sugars, flours, etc. They may make meal preparation easier and are often budget-friendly, but they are not good for acne-prone skin.

Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare Products

Now that you know what to avoid in your diet, here are some ingredients you should avoid when you buy skin care products.

Ingredients To Avoid


Parabens are preservatives that extend the shelf life of personal care products. But research has shown that they can enter your body through the skin and collect in tissue. They haven’t been explicitly linked to cancer, but it’s disconcerting that these chemicals can build up in the body. The main concern here is that the parabens were found in breast tissue. 


Triclosan is an antibacterial ingredient used in many soaps and other grooming products. It’s a very effective germicide. since it was originally formulated as a pesticide.


Sulfates are powerful detergents that create the thick foam and lather that many people associate with cleanliness. They cause dryness and irritation to your skin and can lead to breakage of your skin as well, ridding it of all the natural oil. They’re in soaps, shampoos, and shave creams.


These chemical plasticizers are found in many skincare products, often included as part of the mystery term “fragrance.” Fragrance is considered a trade secret in the US, so companies don’t have to list out all the ingredients that go into those artificial scents. 

What are the Types of Skincare Products?

To build an effective skincare routine, you first need precise knowledge of the variety of products used to build efficient and suitable skincare. 

Daily Skincare Routine for Men

Daily Skincare Routine
Daily Skincare Routine
  1. Cleanser: A cleanser (also known as a face wash) is a product that cleans your skin either through a foam or non-foam formulation that you can use according to the instructions for either swipe wash or water wash. You must use a cleanser two times a day.
  1. Exfoliate: An exfoliator helps you remove all the dust and impurities that have attached themselves to your skin. Scrubbing is the best way to remove impurities with the help of an exfoliator. You should practice this two times a week, maximum.
  1. Moisturizer: A moisturizer helps retain and lock all the moisture in your skin and provides a barrier to your skin from the external environment. Regular use of moisturizer on a daily basis is recommended. 
  1. Sunscreen: Sunscreen is a cream with a high level of spf that shields your exposed skin from UV rays and reduces as much skin damage and tan as possible. Sunscreens are recommended to be used daily even if you don’t have anywhere to go for complete protection, although using or leaving sunscreen at night is prohibited. 
  1. Toner: Toner helps in toning your skin and keeping it calm, especially in the summer. It also hydrates your skin. One application of toner per day is sufficient.
  1. Facemasks, eye creams, and serums: Facemasks, eye creams, and skin serums are for healing purposes, they are for when you are ready to cure the already damaged skin.

A face mask should be used every week with suitable ingredients. 

Eye cream helps reduce puffiness, dark circles, and the sunken appearance of the area surrounding your eye. It should be used daily before bed or as per the instructions mentioned on the label of the eye cream. 

Skin serums are oil-formulated products that help heal damaged skin and hydrate it while locking in all the vitamins and minerals carried by the serum. 

This is a list of all the basic products that are required in a skincare routine for glowing, healthy skin. Now it’s time to build a personalized skincare routine.

How to Build A Perfect Skincare Routine for Men

The secret to building a perfect and personalized skincare routine for men is as simple as it gets. It may feel like a lot of work to do, but trust me, it is not. 

All you need to do is follow a few steps to create your perfect skincare routine.

  1. Understand the needs and requirements of your skin through the symptoms it is communicating. 
  2. Understand your skin type. 
  3. Research the products or solutions that can meet the skin’s needs and requirements. 
  4. Research all the brands that provide you with the needed products. 
  5. Read the label of the products thoroughly to avoid any harmful ingredients that may have been used in them. 
  6. Sync your product lists with your daily schedule. 
  7. Systematically arrange all the products in the most efficient manner possible. 
  8. Practice the routine until you become habitual with it and notice the change in your skin. 
  9. Keep an eye on all the symptoms showcased by your skin so as not to overuse any product unnecessarily. 


Through all the information provided here, you must have understood why skincare is so important, especially for men, what are the benefits of using skincare, what are things should be avoided, and what foods can cause damage to your skin.

We have also summarized all the products required for daily routine skin care. And how to assemble your own personalized skin routine for glowing and healthy skin.

I hope this blog was helpful and successful in inspiring men to take care of their skin. If your queries are still unanswered, leave a comment regarding that, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.  

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