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Candid and SmileLove are among the top-notch invisible teeth aligner brands that have successfully marked their niche in treating alignment-related issues.

What makes them stand apart is the fact that the material used in the aligners is invisible and, hence, extremely comfortable and user-oriented

I personally know the struggle that comes with traditional braces. Apart from showing a mouth full of metal in photographs, a lot of cuts and pain have to be dealt with, and let’s not forget the time-consuming orthodontal treatment and dentist appointments.

Candid vs Smile Love has attempted to provide a solution to all of these problems and is far superior to stereotypical braces

While Candid vs Smile Love provide similar products, they have different features. Let’s discuss the quintessential peculiarities of the products. 


Candid began its journey with the aspiration of providing the most convenient and cost-friendly aligners. No one wishes to spend a bomb on braces.

Plus, braces cause a lot of pain and even embarrassment, and at most times they aren’t very effective.

Candid brought together the top-tier orthodontists and began finding a solid solution, and here they are! Candid’s aligners solve all the problems related to malocclusion, be it crowding, spacing, overbite, or underbite.

They have strived to provide durable, clear, stain-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free aligners.

During COVID-19, Candid is even providing a 50% discount on its starter kit as a limited-period offer.

What do we like about Candid?

  • Easy process
  • Relatively affordable
  • Results in 6 months on average
  • Remote monitoring
  • Whitening included
  • Free shipping
  • Full refund if not a candidate

What Candid can improve?

  • Not preferable for severe cases of misalignment
  • Have to be removed every time while eating
  • Support is available every day only from 9 am-7 pm. In emergency situations, this might cause inconvenience

Key Features of Candid

  • The starter kit has every single thing you need to get started.
  • Affordable with multiple payment plans and options.
  • Quick results.
  • Remote monitoring is provided, hence is no need to visit the dentist.


SmileLove began in 2017 and has managed to be a tough competitor in the market even though it is the newest. It started with the intention of providing the highest quality clear aligners at the most affordable price with a convenient procedure for the customers.

It guarantees the lowest price in the market and ensures a full refund if the customer is not a candidate or isn’t satisfied with the preview. SmileLove offers constant support before, during, and even after the treatment. 

The aligners are BPA-free and FDA-approved and made of Essix plastic, which is one of the best quality materials. 

What do we like about SmileLove?

  • Undoubtedly offers the best price.
  • Free retainers.
  • Free teeth whitening.
  • Clear Comfort technology.
  • Constant support is provided.
  • Quick results.
  • Full refund if you don’t like the preview or if you are not a candidate.

What can SmileLove improve?

  • No physical outlets.
  • Not as big in the market as the competitors.
  • Not suitable for severe cases of misalignment.

Key Features of SmileLove

  • Specialized orthodontists.
  • Essix plastic is used which is amongst the best materials for aligners.
  • Highly affordable.
  • 0% APR for all customers.

Candid vs Smile Love: Comparison


Candid has been in the teeth alignment industry for a long as compared to SmileLove but indisputably SmileLove has managed to nail a key feature that customers consider the most- Affordability.

Candid offers the option of $99/month or $2400, inclusive of all whereas SmileLove offers 75% less than braces and way less than other brands too. It offers the option of $62/month or $1495, inclusive of all. Clearly, SmileLove wins the affordability aspect.

Customer Support:

Candid assures 7-day support a week from 9 am to 7 pm whereas SmileLove offers constant support before, during, and after treatment, but reviewers have more level of satisfaction from Candid than SmileLove. Being newer to the industry, SmileLove hasn’t been able to make a remarkable position in this aspect. 

The Kit:

The starter kit by Candid has a cheek stretcher, putty catalyst and base, a bite guide, 2 lower trays, and 3 upper trays. Along with the starter kit, free whitening is provided. The clear aligners and retainers are shipped after your preview. 

SmileLove first sends the impression kit, followed by its all-in-one bundle, which includes clear aligners, a carrying case, tray spray, post-treatment retainers, lip balm, and whitening. The whitening is shipped at the end of the treatment. 

Both the kits provide similar products and you may choose whatever suits you the best.


Teeth alignment issue is on the rise with newer generations and braces are quite old, painful, expensive, and inconvenient choice.

Candid and SmileLove have both created innovative alternatives. With everything being available online, even teeth-alignment treatment is. 

You should choose Candid if:

  1. You trust brands that have been in the industry for a long and have been creating advanced products with high quality and unparalleled customer service. 
  2. You want to opt for remote monitoring and want to scan and keep your dentist updated about your progress or issues.
  3. You need your treatment under the observation of specialized orthodontists who have 6-7 years of training and experience. Candid has been topping the charts in the Clear Teeth Aligner Industry for a long now. It has a great reputation for its quality and customer support.

You should choose SmileLove if:

  1. Affordability is your priority and you want the best deal in the market.
  2. You want the Clear Comfort technology and want the highest quality aligners which are stain free.
  3. You want ongoing support before, during, and after the treatment.SmileLove, although new to the market, has managed to compete well with the top brands. Its key feature is its unmatching affordability without compromising on quality.

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