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Overview of SmileLove

SmileLove is one of the Direct-to-consumer (DTC) teeth aligner companies which has emerged rapidly and has expeditiously reached the top charts. Started in 2017, SmileLove strives to provide clear and the most affordable teeth aligners in just 6-8 months. It provides the state of the art, technological feature of Clear Comfort Technology. Its stand out feature is undoubtedly the economical factor. 

Being one of the emerging and young brands in an already saturated field, SmileLove has a smaller yet a satisfied customer base. It offers aligners which are BPA-free and FDA approved with the foremost quality Essix plastic being used. 


  1. The most economical clear teeth aligner option. Claims to be 75% less in cost than braces and the most affordable amongst the other clear aligner providers.
  2. BPA free, FDA approved and usage of best quality Essix plastic.
  3. Return policy in case you aren’t a candidate or are not content with the preview. 
  4. 100% approval and 0% APR financing.


  1. Comparatively young and new in the already saturated market with limited customer base and less experience.
  2. Limited reviews since the customers are less.
  3. Can’t cater to complex misalignment.

A perfect smile is something everyone wishes for. A majority of people are dissatisfied with misalignment of their teeth, overcrowding, too much spacing and other such issues and in fact these issues have been on rise in recent years. 

Gone are the days of the traditional method of braces which brought in frequent dentist appointments, expensive treatment, a lot of pain and still no guarantee of permanent alignment. 

The clear aligners by SmileLove are ideal for people who have low to moderate level of misalignment related issues. The complex issues might not be solved by the clear aligners and may need an orthodontist’s expertise. 

Complexity, affordability, quality and advice from an orthodontist are the necessary factors to go through before buying such products. 

What goes in the aligners by SmileLove

The clear aligners by SmileLove are made of eminent quality Essix plastic which is comparatively durable, stain-free and clear. It is are trimmable according to your gum structure and position. Quality is not compromised and the aligners are BPA free and FDA approved. 

Products offered by SmileLove

Clear Aligners- Price: $62/month or $1495/pay once 

Social Proof 

I searched the internet and found some honest reviews from the cutomers of SmileLove along with their photographs before and after the treatment. The customers base is less as compared to other competitors but I must say that majority of them are highly satisfied with SmileLove. Be it too much spacing, crowding or misalignment, all the issues have been solved that too in a short duration. 

The Bottomline: Final Verdict

I feel that SmileLove can be a thoughtful choice for anyone who wishes to solve their misalignment related issues in the most economical and convenient way. The process is quite easy and there is a 100% return policy in case you are dissatisfied with the preview or you are not considered as a candidate. The Clear Comfort Technology is the cherry on the top. It allows you to sit at home and get the treatment instead of running to the orthodontist’s clinic and spending a bundle of money. SmileLove is younger in this field yet has marked a niche by its salient features. 

They have a constant support team to help you out with issues you might face and guarantee a perfect smile in 6-8 months. I feel it’s a great fit for you if you are in need of aligners.

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