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After stressful work for the whole day the only next thing that our body demands are a peaceful sleep.

There could be many hurdles to a peaceful sleep one of the pervasive ones is snoring. 

Down through the ages, humans have been facing this issue of snoring which hampers not only their sleep but also the sleep of the person who is sleeping next to them. 

If we look into the issue from a biological point of view, there could be a lot of reasons to snore.

A few of the most prominent ones are mentioned below:

  • Obesity, pregnancy, and genetic factors
  • Allergies, congestion, and certain nasal structures.
  • Alcohol, smoking, aging, and some particular drugs and medications, which may include some muscle relaxants. 
  • The anatomy of your mouth. 
  • Sleep deprivation.
  • Sleep position.

Now one must be wondering if we have figured out the cause of the problem what about the solution. There has to be some solution to this problem. 

The solution to this problem is a device that is manufactured by apnea sciences. In this blog, I will be overviewing the device Snore RX, how to use it, whether is it safe to use? and who can use it. What are its customer’s reviews?

What is a Snore RX Mouthpiece Device?


Snoring is a very common issue among adult sleepers. Nearly half of the adult population face this issue at some point in their life. 

Snore RX was launched in the market in 2009 by Apnea Sciences for addressing this issue. The owner of the brand is James Fallon.

The company is a California-based company. All the products are also manufactured in the same place.  

Snore RX offers two mouth mandibular devices(MADS); SnoreRX and SnoreRX Plus. let us look into each of them:

Snore RX Review


The SnoreRX is customizable according to the user’s mouth structure. The product is intended to reduce and eliminate snoring. The mouthpiece is FDA-cleared and completely safe for use. The product is priced at $99.

The product is manufactured using copolymer plastic, this is the same material that is used in athletic mouthguards to prevent jaw and mouth injuries. Try the Snore RX Stop Snoring Mouthguard for an effective and comfortable solution.

It helps reduce snoring by moving the lower jaw forward, and this mechanism results in opening the airway. Now let us look at some of the major highlights of the product:

  • The SnoreRX is micro-adjustable and allows the users to shift the position of the lower jaw by 1- millimeter increments. 
  • The boil-and-bite fitting method creates a custom impression for the precise fit. 
  • It allows proper breathing and ventilation across the mouth.
  • It is made up of hard and firm pads outside and softer pads inside.
  • Other than this the product also shows effective results within a short duration of time and also lifetime benefits. 

Snore RX Reviews by Customers


“ This completely stopped my snoring. I’ve recommended this to friends who also have had great results.” 


“Absolutely worth the purchase! I tried breathe right strips, nose clips, propping my head up without success. Then I went to SnoreRx Plus and it was a game changer. I have used it for over one month and my fiancé says it was worth every penny for him to get a good nights sleep. I think the only adjustment for me was how it was working to adjust my jaw, so for the first few days my teeth felt tender. Although it lessened, it didn’t completely subside for about 3 weeks. Regardless, it doesn’t change that we think this product is amazing!”

Now let’s look at their next product the advanced version of the same product that is SnoreRX Plus.

Snore RX Plus Review

SnoreRx Plus
SnoreRx Plus
SnoreRx Plus

The product is a best-seller among both mouthpieces. The product is priced at $124 and the price is worth the product. 

One will never regret having this on their hand if they are facing some snoring issues which is a hurdle to their peaceful sleep.

Being one of the best let’s look into some of the major features that the brand has offered through this product.

This mouthpiece allows better jaw movements and comes with a customized fit.

  • A fitting handle is available. 
  • The brand also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if the product does not suit you. 
  • The product is an exclusive dental lab design
  • It’s fully adjustable according to your comfort so that it does not hamper your sleep in any way.
  • Physicians, even the brand recommends you use the product by adjusting it by 1- millimeter at every needed time.
  • The boil-and-bite fitting process allows you to create an impression of your teeth on the device so that the device stays in place while you sleep.

Snore RX Plus Reviews by Customers


It’s very comfortable to wear.After using this mouthpiece one of the verified users wrote “This device has made all the difference. I’m no longer snoring”.


“I absolutely love this product. My husband had to sleep on the couch for a month. This worked the first night that I used it. Best money that I’ve ever spent!!”

After overviewing the product and its feature I would definitely recommend you use this one once you consult your dentist.

Who is SnoreRX designed for?

SnoreRx Device

Snoring is not something that one faces at birth. People face this issue as they grow into adults. this problem is rarely seen in children. There could be several reasons for snoring few of which were mentioned above. 

SnoreRX is suitable for all those who have snoring issues but before using it it is highly recommended to go and consult the dentist.

 It may not be suitable for poorly fitting crowns, bridges, and dentures. People with these issues must consult the dentist. 

How does SnoreRX Work? 

To understand the working of the device one must need to know how snoring happens. Snoring is mainly caused when the airway is restricted. This is due to the vibration of back tissues in the back of the throat. 

Moving the tongue and movements in the lower jaw and pushing it forward can help reduce snoring. This is the same mechanism on which the snoreRX works.

There are basically two types of anti-snoring devices. Tongue-retainingg devices (TRDS) and mandibular advancement devices (MADS). 

The SnoreRX is a MAD device that can be used to move the lower jaw forward hence resulting in the passage of the air. The device is based on the boil-and-bite custom fitting theory. It carries the lower jaw by a 1-millimeter increment. 

What Sets The SnoreRX Mouthpieces Apart?


There are various mouthpieces available in the market but there are some factors that set SnoreRX apart from them let’s look into them:

  • The product is customizable.
  • There are 30 days money return guarantees that the brand offers.
  • It is comfortable to wear and doesn’t hamper your sleep.
  • Shows effective results within a short period of time.
  • The results are long-lasting and one does not have to face this same issue again
  • Adjusting handles are available.
  • One can adjust the distance according to their comfort mostly it is recommended 1 to 2 millimeters.

After looking at the usage and the feature one must be wondering if is it safe to use. Or using it regularly will lead to trouble in the future.

Is SnoreRX Safe To Use?

After looking into several aspects of the device I would say that it is completely safe to use but if you have prior any dental complications then consult your dentist before using it.

The product does not hamper any of the body mechanisms instead helps in creating the airway passage due to which snoring was occurring.

 One of the best features that come with the product is it is completely adjustable according to the person’s mouth needs. The boil-and-bite technique makes it much more convenient to use.

All it takes is 5 minutes. The mouthpiece needs to first be dipped in warm water for 60 seconds and then again place the mouthpiece for 60 in cold water.

This helps in fixing the device firmly to the upper and lower jaw of the mouth. Once the device has been fixed firmly it stays in place for a long.

After talking so much about these mouthpieces one must be wondering how to grab hands on them;

How To Place An Order For The Product?


One can get rid of the snoring issue while their sleep and have peaceful sleep by using these mouthpieces here are the steps to have them;

  1. Visit their official website and move to the shop section.
  2. Now select the mouthpiece that suits your need.
  3. The product will move to your cart section.
  4. Move to your cart section and fill in the shipping details. 
  5. After filling in the shipping details.
  6. Complete the payment procedure.
  7. Finally, confirm your order.

Apart from their official website, their products are also available at different online retail stores you can also place your order from their website. Next, let’s look that what their customers mentioned after using their products;

SnoreRX Customers Reviews 

When we look at their ratings their customers have rated them 4.9 out of 5 among 2300+ reviews on their official website which show the trust and love that they receive from their customers. Let’s look into some of the statements made by their customers: 


“It works great for me but every morning I have to realign my bite which is painful at times,”


“ Good company. product as described. Arrived on time. Had an issue with part of the order and it was replaced quickly with no questions”


“ I’m in love with it because it really does help me to sleep better. The only thing bad I have is that it will come out at night”


“ very helpful. It was not until my husband was away for three nights, I realized he was the one with the snoring issue, not I “


“ stops snoring. The adjuster on mine is not tight so it moves easily and makes a couple of teeth sore but overall good”

These positive statements work as motivation for the company to work more efficiently and passionately.

Our Verdict On The Brand

Peaceful sleep is a basic need of every human being. Lack of sleep can lead to several diseases and health issues. snoring as I addressed is not only something that disturbs your sleep but also the sleep of the person who is next to you. 

Thanks to SnoreRX for being one of the most effective solutions and I would recommend you use this if you are facing this issue. One of the issues that I noticed with the product is that not every individual will be able to grab their hands on it.

The mouthpieces are not budget-friendly. But also the price one pays for the product will be worth it. 

The customer service of the company is good and they ship their product all over the world. they also cooperate completely if the customers face any issue regarding the shipping, order, or product once you notify them of the problem.

You should definitely try out these mouthpieces and permanently say goodbye to snoring. 

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