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Candid vs Byte vs Invisalign: Review & Buying Guide 2021

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Table of Contents

The better solution for a perfect smile

Teeth are one of the first features that are noticed by people when you meet them. Not only teeth are an important part of your body for attractiveness, but they are also one of the most important parts of the body for the process of eating.

Having a set of perfect teeth is an important concern for most people nowadays. A set of perfect aligned teeth not only makes you look presentable but also boosts your self-confidence. The teeth are also important for the well being of your jawbone as the misalignment of the jawbone can be a very painful experience. 

Teeth are not only supposed to be white and healthy, they need to be perfectly aligned. Alignment issues of teeth play an important role in an individual’s life. Misalignment of teeth can lead to various issues like difficulty in cleaning the teeth, issues caused to the gums and wear and tear of teeth. Improper alignment of teeth tends to damage the gums as they are responsible for holding the teeth tightly which causes the formation of bacteria.

The formation of bacteria can also lead to issues of bad breath. The lack of alignment also causes a bad impression in front of others as it causes the faster wear and tear which ages the teeth faster and cleaning the teeth becomes difficult.

A proper set of teeth is therefore needed for the betterment of health as well as a confident personality in front of others.

If you are suffering from some of these problems, aligners from Candid, Byte and Invisalign are some great solutions. They are not only solving the problem of bad alignment but providing better dental health and a perfect smile. We are going to compare and find out which one does the job better.

Candid vs. Byte vs. Invisalign:
The Comparison


Candid is a New York based company, which aims to provide the perfect set of teeth cheaper and faster than ever.

Candid was started by five people who were not ready to pay loads of money for the perfect set of teeth they desired and hence they collaborated with an orthodontist and came up with this invisible aligning solution.

Candid first tries to determine whether you’re suitable to be a candidate by a quick survey. It treats people over the age of 18, with mild problems like spacing and crowding. Once you’re suitable enough, it then gives you the treatment for the perfection of your teeth.

It believes in remote treatment which suits your convenience and keeps your health as their priority. The provide best orthodontists for your service and also save time with remote treatments and take care of your requirements before, during as well as after the treatment.

They provide periodical checkups to navigate the treatment. You get a kit with all the requirements which are designed and reviewed by established orthodontists. 

The treatment take around an average of 6 months.

How does Candid work?

It starts with a quick survey to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for Candid. After the survey, you’re needed to give a scan of your teeth for modelling of retainers and check- up which can be done by visiting a Candid studio or taking a home impression kit.

After the starter kit, the aligners are modelled and delivered at home with free priority shipping. It includes all the requirements along with a scanner for teeth needed for check-ups. You get periodical checkups by orthodontists who review your progress at home with best results at the end.

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How much do Candid cost?

Candid starts the process by scanning your teeth which is free of cost if you visit the Candid Studio else a home impression kit of $95 is provided for saving time. The cost of the entire set is $2400 which can be paid all at once, $399 down or as low as $99 per month.

The kit includes all the sets of retainers along with the device used to scan for periodical appointments.

The amount also included the appointments of orthodontists to review your progress. The payment can also be done using HSA/FSA debit cards and also has insurance benefits. There is a full refund in case you’re not a candidate.

Visit Candid


Byte is based in Los Angeles, which aims to provide a happy, personalized smile with minimal hassles and aiming to provide maximum benefits.

Byte aims at providing professional treatment at home with minimal costs. Byte uses Smile Technology to create tailor made retainers for individuals.

If you’re in a hurry to complete your treatment at the fastest pace then byte presents the HyperByte Technology which reduces the treatment to a span of 3 months.

It also provides you with 2 options which include an all day option where you have to wear it for 22 hours a day and the night option which is just more convenient, needs to be worn for 10+ hours at night.

What is HyperByte?

HyperByte is a device that uses High Frequency Vibrations (HFV) i.e. a vibration based therapy which increases the speed of treatment and reduces it to a span of 3 months.

Hyper Byte helps to reduce the discomfort, help to seat the aligners in a better way and increase cellular activity. The HyperByte is supposed to be used just for 5 minutes in a day.

How does Byte work?

Byte sends a $95 impression kit for the impression of your teeth and provides free return shipping. It takes 15 minutes for the process. The impressions are checked by orthodontists who then prepare a good fit for your teeth.

The treatment plan is made using Smile technology and provided online with a 3D view. The kit is then provided including the retainers, HyperByte and BrightByte.

They give a guarantee to cover up any issue free of cost caused during the treatment.

How much do Byte cost?

Byte has 2 options that include all day and all night. The all day option costs $1895 which can be paid at once or at $83 per month.

For the all night option, it costs $2245 as a single payment or instalments of $98 per month. The kit includes the retainers, HyperByte and BrightByte and also a retainer free of cost.

They accept HSA/FSA cards, Care credit and also have insurance benefits. There is 100% refund if the fit provided is not good.

Visit Byte


Invisalign is a California based company, which covers a wide range of problems faced by individuals of all ages and provides a solution to achieve a perfect, happy smile.

Invisalign takes care of your teeth and aims to provide you with high standard treatment. They have great orthodontists for checkups and planning your treatment. They ensure a long lasting smile at the end of the treatment. The treatment can be adjusted in between as your progress takes place which is modified by the orthodontists during the visits.

They use the SmartTrack material for the comfort of the aligners to put and take off. Vivera Retainers are clear and virtually invisible retainers that are used for the comfort of the customers. It is more durable and stronger than the regular clear retainers.

They take care of a wide range of retainers that include crossbite, gap teeth, crowded teeth etc. It takes care of individuals from infants to adults.

How does Invisalign work?

Initially you have to visit the orthodontist, who takes a look and takes a 3D view of your teeth.

They then look into the problems and prepare a treatment plan. You can take a smile assessment to see which treatment suits you the best.

A kit is provided to you with the initial retainers. You need to go for a check up in a span of 6 to 8 weeks and then collect the next batch of retainers. The treatment can take as minimum as 6 months and rage to 12 – 18 months.

How much do Invisalign cost?

The price of Invisalign aligners ranges from $3000 to $8000 which can be paid at once or in instalments ranging from $100 to $260 a month.

You can also use HSA/FSA cards to pay and it covers insurance benefits.

Visit Invisalign​

Candid vs. Byte vs. Invisalign: the final thoughts

Teeth are an important feature perceived by people. It is very important to keep a perfect set of teeth as it is not only important for our health but also for our self-esteem. A perfect smile increases our self confidence as well as our attractiveness. Proper hygiene of the teeth is very important.

The teeth are not only supposed to be white and clean but also need to be aligned properly. Misalignment of teeth can be a huge turn off when presenting yourself in front of the crowd.

Deficiency in alignment can cause various hygiene issues and also can affect the jawbones. Nowadays, a lot of people care to look presentable but traditional metal braces fail to do so as they are ugly as well as very costly. To this problem the aligners come to rescue.

The clear aligners are an invisible and cost friendly solution. Products like Candid, Byte and Invisalign help us in achieving a perfect 10/10 smile. These products provide treatments that are time saving, at low cost and convenient.

They start with taking an initial view of your teeth and plan a treatment for you. A set of retainers are provided that are used for 2 weeks each.

There are regular checkups which help in reviewing the Treatment and progress and all the products aim to give you that perfect smile that you wish for.

However, among these three, we prefer Byte to be the clear winner in our eyes simply because of a few reasons.

Firstly, they aim to boost the treatment to a span of 3 months with the help of HyperByte which is very suitable for people who do not have the time and patience.

Secondly, they also provide professional efficient treatment from home which saves time and energy needed to visit the orthodontists periodically.

Thirdly, they are cheaper than the other brands and include 2 devices and the first retainer free of cost. In addition, they provide 2 options i.e. the day plan and the night plan which is very convenient and user-friendly. Byte provides a 100% refund too incase the treatment declines.

However, even though Byte is a clear winner for us, what suits you best may vary from individual to individual.

Keep Smiling!

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How do Teeth Aligners work?

Aligners also referred to as invisible braces help us in shifting our teeth to its ideal position. They are usually replaced once in 2 weeks and eat set of aligners move your teeth up to 0.3 mm till it reaches its ideal state. The aligners are tailor made for each person.

They are specially designed for you as per your requirement by using impression kits or digital scanners.

The orthodontists help you in creating perfect aligners needed by you to construct that perfect smile you desire. There are a series of questions asked personally or in the form of surveys to meet the criteria.

How are aligners better than metal braces?

A lot of people are interested in getting a perfect set of teeth but hesitate using metal braces which are costly, inconvenient, ugly and time-consuming.

Aligners are a far better choice than metal braces as they are more flexible which means that they can be removed easily and are not fixed unlike metal braces which reduces the inconvenience faced by the users. Aligners work efficiently faster than metal braces and are cheaper which is affordable by dozens of people.

Also, the hygiene is better maintained by aligners that the traditional braces that come with food remains and plaque.

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Table of Contents


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