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Women are very specific when it comes to their clothing, whether they are going to buy a dress or a lingerie set they always look for the best.

Yes, they are choosy even while picking their undies and why not the problems they face while wearing bad intimate wear is thought of concern?

Bad intimate wear can harm your private parts in numerous ways particularly when you are on your period such as wearing silk or synthetic underwear that is merely breathable. 

They can cause bacterial infection in your vagina, too-tight underwear gives rise to irritation in your private parts, and tight shapewear can also lead to decreased circulation and numbness.

Consequently choosing the right underwear which is comfortable and captivating to your eyes is full of struggles but in this blog, we are going to review a brand whose aim is to provide period-friendly underwear to every woman out there.

Thinx is a Women’s underwear brand that provides period intimate wear that is comfy yet trendy. They have different varieties of undies that fill the needs of every woman. Their underwear can be worn a number of times as they are washable.

Thinx comes up with underwear that can soak your period blood up to 5 regular tampons. We are going to know more about this DTC brand in this upcoming blog.

Thinx: The Overview of Brand

Thinx Brand Logo
Thinx Brand Logo

Being an intimate wear brand, Thinx supplies women’s underwear that can be worn during periods to reduce the period discomfort and anxiety that you usually get when you wear a tampon.

The brand offers undies for every type of flow, be it moderate or heavy which allows you to have a peaceful period week. 

Thinx period underwear can absorb your period blood up to 5 regular tampons, 7.5 liners, 2.5 pads, and 1.5 cups.

Thinx intends to provide extra protection to you and our planet by replacing tampons, liners, pads, and menstrual cups with period underwear. Their main purpose is to give washable, reusable, comfortable period intimate wear.

Thinx was set up by  Miki and Radha Agrawal and Antonia Dunbar in 2016. It is a New York-based brand. In  2017 Miki Agrawal left the firm and Maria Molland Selby became the CEO.

Thinx has 394k followers on Instagram with more than 3 lakh people following it on Facebook.


  • Thinx period underwear is washable and reusable which means they are environmentally friendly.
  • Can be washed in a machine.
  • They are super comfy and built with innovative technology for the ideal period of protection.
  • Their products are breathable and made with cotton, nylon, and elastane.
  • These period undies can hold blood upto 5 regular tampons.


  • Some customers were not satisfied with the fitting of the product.
  • Its waistband fell apart after 2-3 washings.
  • Does not work on heavy flow.
  • A few of the users stated that it leaks and there were stains all over the clothes.

Thinx Underwear Reviews

Marena S.

“I love my period underwear. These are my favorite for heavier days (I have a medium to heavyish flow)! They are cute and breathable.”


“I have been using Thinx underwear for 6 years now. 6 years! My first four pairs are old, but still do the trick. I now have a nice bundle of period underwear, plus the new ones I just bought to retire my older ones since the lace border has holes. I have not used a pad, or tampon in all that time since having them and I can’t begin to imagine how much garbage I’ve saved from our dumps over the years. If you’re unsure about buying this, don’t be. Take my word for it, you won’t regret. Get yourself a nice kit for heavy and lighter days and your wallet and trash will thank you for it.”

Detailed information about Thinx Underwear

Thinx Period Underwear Review

Thinx Period Underwear
Period Underwear
Period Underwear

Thinx period underwear is here to take away all your period uneasiness which will give you extra protection without using any other product such as tampons, liners, and pads.

These undies are specially designed for your period and the best thing about these undies is their absorbency level, their Classic Underwear can absorb your period blood upto 3 regular tampons worth (27mL) and their Super Underwear can hold upto 5 regular tampons (45mL) without any leakage or stain on your clothes.

Thinx-period underwear is extremely thin. It keeps you fresh and dry all day without any odor.

Thinx offers a variety of period underwear for different types of flow light/Medium/Heavy.

You can opt for the product according to how your flow gets throughout the week.

Some of the best period underwear Thinx offers are:

Thinx Period Underwear Reviews


“I love my Thinx!”

Abby T.

“I have never been so excited for a pair of underwear. I have never had a leak, they feel even less like a diaper than pads do & I’m now saving money by not going through boxes of pads/tampons. If you are unsure about spending the money, I asked for mine as a gift and bought more after I tried them!”

Thinx Super High Waist Review

Thinx Super High Waist
Super High Waist
Super High Waist

This Super High waist period underwear is one of the loved products of Thinx. It carries an absorbency level of 5’ and is rated 4.8 stars with 981 reviews.

What makes it most loved is its absorbency level, it can hold upto 45ml of blood which is equal to 5 regular tampons.

Isn’t it fascinating?

It comes in three shades: dusk, spicy, and black, and is available in different sizes. These undies are high-rise which can reduce your pain from bad cramps.

These Super High waist period underwear are priced at $35.

Thinx Super High Waist Reviews

Wren P.

“I got two pairs of the Super Cotton Hi-Waist underwear to try out period underwear for the first time and I couldn’t be happier about my purchase. The underwear is true to size according to the size chart and fits very nicely. It is very comfortable and does an amazing job at handling a very heavy flow in periods. It hugs my tummy nicely and is comfortable to wear anywhere and even sleep in. I truly recommend Thinx as I’ve had very good experiences with their products and I am about to order more pairs after I finish writing this review!”

Dana W.

“I use my briefs for my period but they do well for sweat too. Or leakage when you sneeze. Worked for all that.”

Thinx Sleep Shorts Review

Thinx Sleep Shorts
Sleep Shorts
Sleep Shorts

Thinx Sleep Shorts is the best solution for women who usually have heavy flow at night and are afraid of leakages. These undies will give you overnight protection so that you can sleep peacefully without any discomfort caused by bulky pads.

These undies are very comfortable yet trendy and are inspired by Boxer shorts. They maintain a rating of 4.9 stars and are reviewed by 1,497 people on its official website.

They are super absorbent and come in two colors black and grey. The cost of is $50.

 With Thinx Sleep Shorts there is no need to worry about staining your bed sheet or clothes. No more waking up to period stains.

Thinx Sleep Shorts Reviews

Molly O.

“They are a little big but cosy and prevents leaking.”

Erica C.

“I bought two pairs of these. I absolutely LOVE these sleep shorts. I sometimes wear them when I don’t need to because they are so comfortable. I use these for backup when I’m sleeping. I have not had any issues with leakage whatsoever. These shorts have plenty of coverage from front to back. They save the night and make me feel confident in bed.I highly recommend them, they are worth the price.”

Super Cotton Brief Review 

Thinx Super Cotton Brief
Super Cotton Brief
Super Cotton Brief

Cotton undies are considered to be the best type of underwear you should wear during your periods as they are breathable and ultra-absorbent. They prevent you from any leakage and yeast infections.

Thinx Super Cotton Brief is eco-friendly Modal Cotton period underwear. They can also hold upto 5 regular tampons as they are super absorbent.

It enjoys a rating of 4.8 stars with 152 reviews. Thinx Super Cotton Brief comes in five colors Slate, Black, Fir, Canyon, and Houndstooth.

The cost of the Thinx Super Cotton Brief is $29.75.

Thinx Super Cotton Brief Reviews


“My daughter has incredibly heavy periods and constantly had to plan her days around changing her tampon every 1-2 hours. Although she still uses tampons, wearing thinx has taken the stress off her. If she has a period accident, she knows that thinx will catch it! She finds them super comfy so wears them whenever she is nervous that her period might show up unexpected!”

Kristin K.

“I cannot say enough good about Thinx. Everything is 10/10. Amazing quality, perfect fit, super comfy, easy to wash, and I feel that the price is very fair! On my heavy days I can wear these for a solid 6 hours before I feel like I need to switch out. This 100% beats traditional period products. I’m NEVER going back. Thinx for life!”

How to Wash Thinx Underwear?

Taking care of your undies during periods is the most important thing to avoid any bit of infection and maintain a good hygiene level in your intimate part.

With Thinx Period  Underwear, it is easier to do so as their underwear is washable and easy to take care of.

  1. You can opt for washing them in a machine with your other clothes but it is not suggested to use bleach or any type of fabric softener.
  1. If you are devoid of machines you can wash your undies with your hand in lukewarm water, the plus point here is washing with hands prevents elasticity.
  1. And the last step here is to hang up your undies till they dry completely.
  1. If you are not doing laundry you can go to shower wearing your Thinx underwear and rinse them there and then wash them in a machine or hang them up till they dry.

How to Order Thinx Underwear?

Thinx period underwear can be purchased from their official website and also from Amazon.

With Thinx period underwear, you can customize your own set and save upto 20% when you mix and match more than 3 styles.

 Thinx Period underwear is also offering a 60-day money-back guarantee and free exchange and return without any hassle.

If you want to try out  Thinx period underwear below are the few steps to order your own :

  1. Go to the official website of Thinx which is and choose the Shop menu in the top left corner.
  1. Once you have selected the Shop menu you can choose the category you want. The categories consist of Classic, Modal Cotton, Thinx Air, Apparel, and Saver sets.
  1. From these categories select your preferred product, its color, size, and quantity.
  1. Add the preferred product to your bag fill in the required payment details and choose the payment option. That’s it you will have your product within the time it’s stated.

Thinx: What are the Consumer’s Reviews on Thinx Underwear?

Although Women are not much aware of the perks of using period underwear they are steadily getting to know about them.

Thinx underwear is designed specially to take away your menstrual discomfort and pain and women are very fascinated by the fact that Thinx period underwear can soak blood upto 5 regular tampons. This literally can save us from any hassle caused by using pads, tampons, and cups.

On its official website, Thinx has numerous positive reviews it showing that women starting to ditch their other period tools.

Some of the most fascinating reviews are given below:

natalie w.

“I can’t rave this period wear enough! absolutely LOVE the extended back protection for when you’re in deep sleep. i really appreciate the thoughtfulness. it’s so frustrating to find leeks after a night of sleep. no more sleeping on extra towels! thank you”!

Laura R

“Life changing…but really! I now don’t have to worry about buying tampons and pads. I wish I had known about these years ago. I would recommend buying 3-4 pairs to get you through a cycle.”

Aline N.

“I was really impressed by Thinx customer service. I was already in love with their product. The panties are very comfy to wear, look like normal panties, nice touch and efficient! It was my first experience trying period panties and Im sold. As mentioned before, the customer service has been absolutely amazing and that’s a big big plus!!”

Martina Zandonella

“I love thinx. It took a few tries to get the best size and fit for me but now I love my hiphuggers, sport and cheeky. The customer service is impeccable and the ethics of the company is worth investing in.”

Final Verdict

As a whole, the Thinx period panties are a huge win for anyone who has struggled in the past to find a comfortable solution to dealing with their monthly menstrual flow.

Plus, they can be worn in so many different situations no matter how you feel about them, you need to give them a shot.

After all, there’s only one way to know if they’re right for you: wear them yourself.

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