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Consider the following scenario: You have a major meeting with your boss’s boss, a dinner with a key client, or a date with someone you’ve been looking forward to meeting after being quarantined for two weeks. 

You’ve been nailing your workouts and eating properly all week, so you were feeling great the night before. 

The big day has arrived; you wake up, a bit worried and a little enthusiastic about the upcoming events of the evening, and you go to your bathroom, switch on the light, glance in the mirror, and say, “Shit.” 

You’re gazing at yourself in all your macho glory a huge red blemish right dab in the middle of your brow. Rudolf appears to have moved his red nose to your third eye to cancel everything.

You appear to be 13, regardless of your age, and you act as though you haven’t had a mature thought. 

What are your options for resolving this? Put moisturizer on it? Wash your face seven times? Neither will work in the long run. In a situation like this, Stryx is all you need. Stryx is a men’s range of tinted moisturizers and concealers. 

Add a little to your bright red blemish, and it’ll be gone in no time. This isn’t your girlfriend’s make-up; this is skincare for men’s faces.

The purpose of this blog is to present a review of the cosmetic brand name Stryx In a very simple and easy-to-understand language to help my readers decide whether or not to purchase this product.

Overview of the Brand

Brand Image
Stryx Brand Image

Stryx was built on the principle that “guys aspire to appear attractive.” That isn’t a lie, and even people who don’t put much care into their appearance would likely agree.

The firm was founded just a few years ago, in 2017, following a pimple incident on Stryx creator Devir Kahan’s wedding day. 

Wondering why women could conceal their shortcomings but men couldn’t, Kahan set out to change the future of weddings, huge speeches, hot dates, and any other occasion where a guy feels the need to hide his flaws.

From the packaging to the simplicity of use to the basic product choices, everything about the NYC-based brand screams manly. 

Any of the brand’s items would look great next to the Axe spray and electric razor on your bathroom shelf.

They aren’t fussy or flowery; rather, they are things with a purpose, created exclusively for guys.

Before we learn more about this brand, let’s go through some of its pros and cons.


  • Men’s-only product line with a wide range of options
  • Products are simple and easy to use
  • With some vegan alternatives, it’s cruelty-free.
  • Ships to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom
  • Shipping to the United States is free.
  • Those who desire shop credit can return their items for free.


  • Outside of the three locations stated above, it does not ship.

Now, you might wonder whether Stryx is actually popular among its customers. It has a massive following of 166k on its official Instagram page. 

Not just that, but GQ, Forbes, and Men’s Health, along with many other notable publications, have featured the company.

Stryx Concealer Review

 Concealer Tool
Concealer Tool
 Concealer Tool
Image of Concealer Tool
 Concealer Tool
Image of Concealer Tool

One of Styrx’s initial product lines to reach the market, the concealer, is currently one of their best-selling goods.

Natural pigments in the concealer tool blend in discreetly to match your skin tone and are specially created to disguise blemishes like acne, razor burns, and scars. It’s available in three shades: light cognac, medium mahogany, and dark eclipse.

The tool’s subtle, sleek, dark, and robust packaging allows you to take it in your pocket and use it whenever you need it because you never know when a red spot will develop.

How to use it?

Uncap, twist the bottom, then dab a small amount on the problem area to cover it up. Their particular formula is meant to adapt to your skin and be unnoticeable, so dab it with your fingertips until blended in.

The Concealer Tool is a 1.8-gram twist-action pen that costs $20 (subscribe and get it for $18). 

Customers generally appreciate the Stryx men’s concealer tool, which received an average 4.8-star review rating from 430 customers.


Extremely easy to use, I love the application method and slick brought to throw in my bag for easy access. I’ve used for about a week or so now am I’m loving the self confidence boost I’ve been feeling from this product!

Men’s Advanced Lip Balm Review

Advanced Lip Balm
Advanced Lip Balm
Image of Advanced Lip Balm
Image of Advanced Lip Balm

Consider Advanced Lip Balm a brilliant toast to your lips’ health. made with natural ingredients to help you look great while going about your day or to preserve your lips during all of your favorite lip activities.

It’s nourishing, relaxing, and moisturizing, and it’s got everything lips need to be happy.

Some of the key features to notice about this product are:

  • Non-shiny, non-waxy, unscented
  • No parabens, no color, reef safe, hypoallergenic

How to use it?

Uncap, twist, and evenly apply to lips. Re-apply as needed throughout the day.

This amazing product is rated 5 stars based on 49 genuine reviews. The Stryx Advanced Lip Balm will cost you $8. You can subscribe, save 10%, and get the same product for $7.20! 


It is all what I expected. The dispenser has a bit of weight… this is not Chapstick. Application is even and not a sweet flavor. By the 5th day I felt that my lips were softer.

Stryx Bronzing Gel Review

Bronzing Gel
Bronzing Gel
Imag of Bronzing Gel
Image of Bronzing Gel

Stryx has been working with Tom Sandoval in their secret lab like a crazy scientist to create the ideal bronzing gel. 

Now it’s your time to acquire that amazing “just arrived at the beach” look that feels natural and washes off easily. Oh, and it looks great on people of all complexion tones. You’re going to love it!

Some of the key features to notice about this product are:

  • Achieve a perfect tan look in seconds anywhere you want a healthy glow: face, scalp, neck, or arms.
  • Apply as you would a moisturizer — our formula is designed with the full-face application in mind.
  • Use directly on the skin or mix with your favorite moisturizer.
  • Layer-able for the desired tone.
  • Oil-free, the ethically sourced formulation is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, SLS-free, and non-GMO, with no fragrance, no parabens, and no phthalates.

How to use it?

Bronzing Gel can be used directly on the skin or mixed with your favorite moisturizer. Begin with a tiny, even layer and work your way up to the desired tone. Hands should be rinsed after use.

Stryx Bronzing Gel is rated 4.9/5 stars and is based on just 13 reviews! The price of this product is $33. The subscribe and save 10% is applicable to this product as well.

Christopher M.

This product not only adds color all over, but adding extra to the nose and cheeks adds depth and definition to the face.

Stryx Moisturizer Review

Daily Moisturizer
Daily Moisturizer

Are you ready to begin your day? Then Stryx’s Daily Moisturizer is for you. It provides broad-spectrum protection against damaging UVA and UVB radiation while keeping your skin moisturized and fresh. 

It’s also mattifying, so your face won’t get greasy and will always be ready for any additional products you use to look good.

You’re not just protecting your skin with our Daily Moisturizer; you’re also feeding it anti-ageing antioxidants! It’s also virtually entirely fragrance-free. 

Consider it your daily Swiss army knife of skincare—it’s still incredible that they were able to pack so many goodies into such a little package.

6-in-1 Formulation:

  • Non-sticky, non-oily, no-scent broad-spectrum sun protection
  • Mattifying formulation reduces skin and scalp shine
  • Anti-aging
  • Primes skin for your whole routine
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Vegan, plant-based skin nourishment and antioxidants

How To use it?

Use it as the first step in your daily routine. Apply a nickel-sized amount to the entirety of the face and gently rub until absorbed.

Stryx Daily Moisturizer has been rated 4.8/5 stars based on 9 reviews. You can get one of these for just $42. You can also subscribe, save, and get the product for $37.80.

Stryx Review: What Do Customers Say?

In this section, we’ll share the experiences of Stryx’s reviews by verified customers after using their products.

1) Customer service: Many of the customer service reviews we read claimed that the service provided by Stryx exceeded their expectations. They were not only quick and straightforward to handle any concerns that arose, but they were also kind and helpful.

2) Quality: Many buyers expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the different goods, with many considering them to be of great quality. Individuals with a variety of skincare concerns made comments, and the vast majority of them found the skincare line to be non-irritating, effective, and pleasant to use.

3) Price: Stryx’s pricing range has gotten mixed reviews. Many reviews noted that the items were of outstanding quality for the price, while others stated that they were costly but worthy, and still others stated that the things were fairly tiny for the price.

Now, below, we have shared 3 verified customer reviews so that you can get a better idea about their experience.

David S.

“Really love the product. The First Spf moisturizer that I have used is not oily. Highly recommend”

Jason D.

“Having had a bunch of issues with my skin over the years I’ve tried numerous different brands and types of makeup, and this one blends the best and looks the most natural. I definitely recommend it.”

Jose G.

Unlike the concealer and moisturizer, this lip balm (it’s just lip balm) is great, but it’s not 8 dollars great. definitely better than any other lip balm I’ve ever used, but even then, it’s just not worth the price to me. at 6 bucks though? I love the idea of this “mystery” item and it was 100% worth trying. I absolutely love it, but I won’t buy it again.

Stryx Review Source- Stryx official website

The Verdict

From everything we’ve seen in this Stryx review, it’s clear that this brand is well worth the money.

Their prices are reasonable, their products are of high quality, there are several discounts available, and no animals were hurt in the production of their skincare products. As a consequence, this men’s cosmetics brand is one that should not be overlooked.

How can you know whether they’re right for you? So, if all of the above appeals to you and you want to feel and look better with less work, Stryx is exactly the brand you are looking for!

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