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There are thousands of cosmetics brands in the market. But the question here is, which are the good ones? Or which are the ones that you can go for? Today, we are going to introduce you to an amazing cosmetics brand, Maelys.

Everyone is beautiful. But it’s sad to see that many women are not happy with the way they look. That may be due to their body shape, size etc.

Thankfully, Maelys Cosmetics aim to make these women confident about their looks and the way they appear no matter what their dress size is.

Their tagline “From boobs to booty, we’ve literally got you covered” says it all. They offer a wide range of body care products for all parts of your body.

In this review, you’re going to learn about:

  • Maelys Cosmetics benefits, pros and cons
  • What makes Maelys different from other brands
  • Products offered by this brand
  • Prices

And many more about these interesting cosmetics brands!

About the brand

Maelys Brand Image
Maelys Brand Image

Founded by Daniel De CASTRO in 2017, this cosmetic’s brand aims to empower women whether they are XS or XXXL. With their main headquarters in New York, the company shares its idea of body positivity stating that “We promise to always stay one step ahead, formulating product innovations that are clinically proven to help shape, lift & firm your body. No ifs, and or butts.” 

So what makes their products special? Their body shaping creams are developed in-house and it goes through clinical trials to ensure their safety and effectiveness, with their primary goal to increase one’s confidence.

Not just that, earlier, it had been featured in popular magazines such as Glamour, PopSugar and Business Wire. Their products are admired by many celebrities including Khloe Kardashian.

But, is this brand popular? With its enormous 318k Instagram following, we may say that Maelys is quite popular among its users.

If you go through their official website, you can see that the brand is moving forward with 3 basic ideas that they believe in.

  • They push boundaries: Maelys is a brand that listens to your problems. They are ever ready to tackle those problems that no one else has tackled before. Their aim is to produce products which make their customers confident about their bodies.
  • They keep it real: Their body-shaping cream and other products are produced in-house and it goes through clinical trials to make sure that they are effective and safe to use.
  • They’re inspired by you: Their products are made to satisfy you, to make you happy with their products. They observe their customers, take note of the problem that they usually face, and try to tackle them by producing their products.

Just like every other brand, Maelys too have their list of pros and cons. Let us go through them to know their brand better.


  • The brand provides a wide range of body firming products.
  • Their products are SLS-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free and phthalate-free.
  • They have a subscription program, which customers can sign-up for.
  • They have a large number of positive reviews.
  • Free shipping on orders worth $75 or more.

Review of Maelys Cosmetics


  • Their products are pricier when compared to other retailers.

Products offered by Maelys Cosmetics

Maelys believe that although most women take care of their skin pretty well, there are many body parts that they fail to give the same attention to.

They know that every part of your body deserves proper care, because of which their products are wide-ranging, for your booties to your bellies, you’ll get them all here.

Let’s start our list with some of the Best-sellers:

B-FLAT Belly Firming Cream

Stretch marks on the belly are often a problem for women who have lost weight. They don’t look good and you just wanna get rid of them. Well, if that’s so, this brand has the solution to your problem. The B-Flat Belly Firming Cream is very effective when it comes to removing stretch marks.

B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask

Say bye-bye to cellulitis.  The B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and firm the look of skin around your booty and thighs.

B-THICC Booty Enhancing Mask

Want your booty to look big? This is exactly the product for you. The B-THICC Booty Enhancing Mask makes your booty look voluptuous, and it visibly tightens the skin which makes the area appear firm and boosted.

GET-CHEEKY Enriched Cellulite Oil

Say bye to those bumps and lumps. This oil will make your booty glow. This product is packed with clinically proven ingredients that target the look of fatty skin and help to reduce the appearance of cellulite and dimples. 

Body Reshaping Collection

This is their best-selling bundle which helps to lift, firm, plump and smooth your way to unstoppable curves. It consists of their top 3 best-selling body reshaping products: B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask + B-FLAT Belly Firming Cream + B-PERKY Lift & Firm Breast Mask.

Now let’s go through some of their best-value bundles

KISS MY BOOTY The Sensual Bundle

It is a bundle consisting of B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask + B-FLAT Belly Firming Cream + SILK Enriched Face Cream + SMOOCH-IT Lip Plumping Kit.

BELLYLICIOUS The Belly Firming Bundle

A perfect kit for post-pregnancy, weight changes, and all the stages in between. Consists of B-FLAT Belly Firming Cream + GET-SPRUNG Enriched Stretch Mark Oil + SMOOTH-ME Body Quartz Roller.

BOOTYLICIOUS The Booty Firming Bundle

Get yourself a peach perfect butt with this product. This consists of B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask + GET-CHEEKY Enriched Cellulite Oil + TEASE-ME Cellulite Body Brush.

LADIES FIRST The Boob Care Bundle

Yes, they have a bundle to take care of your boobs as well. This consists of B-PERKY Lift & Firm Breast Mask + GET-SASSY Underboob Deodorant + GET-SILKY Breast Exfoliating Stick.

What makes Maelys Cosmetics different from other brands in the market?

So now the main question arises. What makes Maelys unique? Why choose Maelys Cosmetics over other brands? Maelys is not just any brand in the market but is one of those brands which is genuinely trying to solve the problems that many women seem to face.

Their primary objective is to empower women, to make them feel good about their bodies. And this they aim to do with the help of their extraordinary products.

What makes their products better? Their products undergo several clinical trials to ensure that they are safe and effective, the effective part of which most brands fail to deliver.

Maelys have a large number of positive reviews from its users, especially from the ones who have been pregnant, claiming that their products are indeed effective.

What are the prices of Maelys products?

Now, before buying any product, you’ll definitely want to know the price. Here are some of the most popular Maelys products with their prices to give you an idea of how much their products cost.



B-FLAT Belly Firming Cream


B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask


B-THICC Booty Enhancing Mask


GET-CHEEKY Enriched Cellulite Oil


BELLYLICIOUS The Belly Firming Bundle


BOOTYLICIOUS The Booty Firming Bundle


Body Reshaping Collection – Save $10


MOTHERLOVER The Ultimate Mama Bundle


For the first 3 products of the above list, you get 1 for $49, 2 for $40 each (Total $80) and 3 for $35 each (Total $108).

How to order Maelys Cosmetics products?

You can order a Maelys Cosmetics product by following the few simple steps given below:

STEP 1: Open their official website and select the product that you’re looking to purchase.

Maelys Review TheConsumerMag

STEP 2: After the product is selected, click on ADD TO CART. A side screen will appear. Click on MY CART.

Maelys Review TheConsumerMag

STEP 3: In this step, they show you the total amount that you have paid. Click on CHECKOUT to continue.

Maelys Review TheConsumerMag

STEP 4: Type your email and then click CONFIRM AND CONTINUE.

Maelys Review TheConsumerMag

STEP 5: Fill in your personal details and click on CONFIRM AND CONTINUE once again.

Maelys Review TheConsumerMag

STEP 6: Type your credit card details and click on the COMPLETE ORDER to confirm the order.

Maelys Review TheConsumerMag

What are the reviews given by its customers?

Maelys is known to have a large number of positive reviews from its customers. Let’s see what remarks their users have passed about their products:

1) Chauntel J.

Verified Buyer

Five Stars



After having 2 kids, I felt the only way to improve my stomach was to get a tummy tuck, which I really don’t want to do. This stuff……..I’m in shock!! I read everyone else’s reviews and thought it wouldn’t work for me, but it did!! My stretch marks aren’t completely gone but they have definitely improved! Lucky, I ordered 2 bottles so I can keep reading more about the review stating WHAT?! NO WAYYYY!!!

going but this photo is after one bottle (Before was 19 March 21, after was 12 April 21). I applied it twice a day as suggested but there were a few days I forgot or only applied it once. & I STILL had results! I’ll definitely be buying more! 😄

2) Christine S.

Verified Buyer

Five Stars


I started the B-flat a

I started the B-flat a month ago. I have been so self-conscious of my stomach since having my kids. I have tried many products and procedures, but with no real results until now. I am no longer embarrassed to show off my stomach. My husband says we need a vacation so he can show me off to everyone on the beach.. lol. I will continue using B Flat aRead more about the review stating I started the B-flat a

s I have already ordered another bottle. This stuff really works. I feel if any of you struggle with loose skin or stretch marks that make you feel self-conscious well don’t feel that way anymore as this stuff Really Really works. The cream smells so nice. The tingle you feel from it when applied shows you it is working. Within 11 days I noticed a huge difference. I was so blown away I had to write to show my appreciation for such an amazing product. I am very glad to have found B-Flat. ❤️❤️❤️

3) Nichole z.

Verified Buyer

Five Stars


This product is great! I

This product is great! I honestly had my reservations on it, but such a differe4nce is showing that I’ve told other people about it and I’ve purchased other products. I would definitely recommend it to others.

4) Ashley S.

Verified Buyer

Five Stars


Highly recommend for Postpartum Mommas

I love this product! Highly recommend! I had 2 babies back to back 14 months apart and with my son I got really bad stretch marks on my hips and tummy. I have a lot of loose skin in my tummy area. I’ve been using it for 1 week and I can already see the difference!

5) Zaiqa Q.

Verified Buyer

Five Stars


The cream does really work!

The cream does really work! From the first day and you can feel the difference. So it’s a five star from myself. Also, I watch what I eat. My stomach has been the biggest problem for me

6) Amber P.

Verified Buyer

Five Stars


Best. Stuff. EVER!!

I’ve tried several products for my mom body stretch marks and nothing has worked for me. I tried this and I’m in love!! Just after 1 week, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my stretch marks. Hands down the best stuff EVER!!!!!

Source: Maelys Cosmetics official website

Final Verdict

Maelys Cosmetics is doing its best of spreading the idea of body positivity. Every person is unique and beautiful. Their products are doing an amazing job of making people feel good about their bodies.

The best part of the deal is that their products are safe and effective. Also, they offer a wide range of products for different body parts. In my opinion, you should give its products a try. You’re gonna love using Maelys!

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