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Maelys Cosmetics
Maelys Cosmetics

There are thousands of cosmetic brands on the market. But the question here is, which are the good ones?

Or which are the ones that you can go for? Today, we are going to introduce you to an amazing cosmetics brand, Maelys.

Everyone is beautiful. But it’s sad to see that many women are unhappy with how they look.

That may be due to their body shape, size, etc.

Thankfully, Maelys Cosmetics aims to make these women confident about their looks and the way they appear, no matter what their dress size is.

Their tagline, “From boobs to booty, we’ve literally got you covered,” says it all. They offer a wide range of body care products for all parts of your body.

Down below, explore Maelys reviews for body-firming products. They’re SLS-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free.

MAËLYS: Overview of the Brand

Maelys Brand Image
Maelys Brand Image

Maëlys is a famous brand in the beauty and skincare industry, known for its innovative and high-quality cosmetics.

Founded by Daniel De Castro in 2017, this cosmetic brand aims to empower women, whether they are XS or XXXL. Additionally, with its main headquarters in New York, the company shares its idea of body positivity.

Specifically, they state that “we promise to always stay one step ahead, formulating product innovations that are clinically proven to help shape, lift, and firm your body” and “No ifs, ands, or buts”.

So what makes their products special? Their body-shaping creams are developed in-house and go through clinical trials to ensure their safety and effectiveness, with their primary goal being to increase one’s confidence.

Not only that, but it had previously appeared in popular magazines such as Glamour, PopSugar, and Business Wire. Their products are admired by many celebrities, including Khloe Kardashian.

But is this brand popular? With its enormous 318k Instagram following, we may say that Maelys is quite popular among its users.

Just like every other brand, Maelys has its share of pros and cons. Let us go through them to get to know their brand better.


  • The brand provides a wide range of body-firming products.
  • Their products are SLS-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free.
  • They have a subscription program, which customers can sign up for.
  • They have a large number of positive reviews.
  • Orders of $75 or more qualify for free shipping.


  • You might get addicted to Maelys for all your cosmetic needs.

MAËLYS Cosmetics Reviews by Customers

Lynn Clark-Lay

“I Absolutely LOVE Maely’s! I currently use 4 products Regularly

Have subscribed as well! The app is a secure place to transact, everything arrives fast. LOVE LOVE LOVE!”

Autumn S

“Love you guys and your product”

Products Offered By Maelys Cosmetics

Maelys believes that although most women take pretty good care of their skin, there are many other body parts to which they fail to give the same attention.

They know that every part of your body deserves proper care, which is why their products are so varied. From your booties to your belly, you’ll get them all here.

Let’s start our list with some of the best-sellers and Maelys Cosmetics Reviews:

Maelys Cosmetics B-flat Belly Firming Cream Review

Maelys B-FLAT
Image: Maelys B FLAT
Maelys B-FLAT
Maelys B FLAT
Maelys B-FLAT

Stretch marks on the belly are often a problem for women who have lost weight. They don’t look good, and you just want to eliminate them. Well, if that’s so, this brand has the solution to your problem. The B Flat Belly Firming Cream is very effective when it comes to removing stretch marks.

This is one of their best-selling creams. The formulation is free from harsh chemicals such as Parabens and other artificial preservatives. It helps you attain a smoother and more even belly. People have seen differences after using the cream. It is priced at $49 for a single bottle.

Some of the basic features of B FLAT Belly Firming Cream are mentioned below: 

  • The presence of avocado extract in the formulation helps decrease the stretch marks that women easily get due to pregnancy or weight gain.
  • The formulation also has shea butter, which moisturizes the skin and helps keep it firmer.
  • The presence of Pink Pepperslim helps improve the fatty belly look. It is a plant-based extract.
  • It helps improve the roughness around the belly area.

Read Maelys B Flat Reviews


I’ve only been using it for a few weeks now but in those 2-3 weeks I have noticed such a difference! I’m 13 weeks postpartum and so far the B-Flat has helped heaps with my loose skin and not much of my stretch marks yet but I know that it’s going to get there!


I wasn’t expecting to see any type of results for at least a month. However, I’ve been flat for only a couple of weeks and can already see a difference in the way my stomach looks.

Maelys B-tight Lift And Firm Booty Mask Review

Maelys B Tight
Image of Maelys B Tight
Maelys B Tight
B Tight
Maelys B Tight
Image of Maelys B Tight

Say bye-bye to cellulitis. The B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and firm the look of skin around your booty and thighs.

Before bringing it to market, the formulation was regressively tested on several women. This is the reason why Maelys has been so sure of its product.

It is free from parabens and other preservatives, which you can easily find in so many products. The product has 4.8 ratings on its official website. It is priced at $49 for a single bottle.

Some of the basic features are mentioned below:

  • The formulation has pink pepperslim, which is beneficial for smoothing the skin tone in any particular area.
  • It also has hyaluronic acid, which helps keep the skin hydrated and gives a plumpier look.
  • It also has guarana Seed extract, which helps keep the cells energetic.
  • The B-Tight Lift & Firm Booty Mask also helps in decreasing the roughness that is caused by excess fat deposition.

Read Maelys B Tight Reviews


I’m so happy with this product! My skin looks firmer and a lot of cellulite has disappeared, I hope I can get rid of it as I continue using it. Very highly recommended! 


I was hesitant but desperate. I am 45 and small. I haven’t worked out in two years. I was an ice skater for my whole life. I started working out and using this. I thought…” What do I have to lose??” Well, I’m amazed!! I’m so happy. I’m sharing this with anyone that will listen !! This is only two weeks.

Maelys B-thicc Booty Enhancing Mask Review

Maelys B Thicc
Image of Maelys B Thicc
Maelys B Thicc
Maelys B Thicc
Maelys B Thicc
Image of Maelys B Thicc

Want your booty to look big? This is exactly the product for you. The Maelys b thicc booty enhancing mask makes your booty look voluptuous, and it visibly tightens the skin, which makes the area appear firm and boosted.

The formulation has been tested on 32 women for 56 days before launching on the market. It is free from parabens and pathogens, so ladies you can grab your hands on this for tighter booty.  It is priced at $49 for a single bottle.

Some of the basic features are mentioned below:

  • The formulation of the B-THICC Booty Enhancing Mask consists of mangosteen, Algae, and Quince. This combination helps create a more full and plump look.
  • It helps in decreasing the water retention in the area, which helps in promoting a smoother and tighter complexion.
  • For proper nourishment, grape seed oil is also included in the formulation.

Read Maelys B Thicc Reviews


It is a cream that is very well absorbed, has a wonderful smell, and leaves the area of ​​the bum soft and fresh. Right now I am only using my first pot and I hope to see amazing results after using it!!


This is my 21st day of using the B-THICC cream and I am beginning to notice some changes. Butt feels fuller and rounder. Just started my 2nd one. I love these products. Will purchase more and more other products. Thanks!

Maelys Get-cheeky Enriched Cellulite Oil Review

Get-cheeky Enriched Cellulite Oil
Get-cheeky Enriched Cellulite Oil
Get-cheeky Enriched Cellulite Oil
Get-cheeky Enriched Cellulite Oil
Get-cheeky Enriched Cellulite Oil
Image of Get-cheeky Enriched Cellulite Oil

Say bye to those bumps and lumps. This oil will make your booty glow. This product is packed with clinically proven ingredients that target the look of fatty skin and help to reduce the appearance of cellulite and dimples.

The formulation is designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite and rough skin around your booty area. It is free from all the harsh chemicals that are commonly present in most products, be they in the form of preservatives.

Additionally, the formulation has been tested on 25 women for 56 days before launching the product into the market. Furthermore, a single bottle is priced at $35.

Below, we have mentioned some of the basic features of the product:

  • The formulation is proven to reduce the cellulite marks on your booty area.
  • It nourishes the deepest layer of the skin, which helps in removing the problem from its root cause.
  • The formulation consists of Vitamin E, which is one of the strongest antioxidants and is also known for its beneficial effects on the skin.
  • Apart from this, it also has several other ingredients that help nourish the skin and make it look tighter. 

Maelys Get-cheeky Reviews


The warmth of the oil isn’t as intense as the B-Tight cream that tingles, but I can tell it’s working, then looking in the mirror a few days later, the results show, I believe it’ll blend all the cells, I just have to keep up a healthy diet to help. Very happy overall. I also bought the B-Tight first and then reordered.


I put this on in the morning before I exercise. It doesn’t smell the greatest but once I started using it with the b-tight and b-thick it stepped up my results.

Maelys Body Reshaping Collection Review

Body Reshaping Collection
Body Reshaping Collection
Body Reshaping Collection
Body Reshaping Collection
Body Reshaping Collection
Image of Body Reshaping Collection

This is their best-selling bundle, which helps to lift, firm, plump, and smooth your way to unstoppable curves. It consists of their top 3 best-selling body-reshaping products: B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask + B-FLAT Belly Firming Cream + B-PERKY Lift & Firm Breast Mask

The collection consists of a B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask, a B-FLAT Belly Firming Cream, and a B-PERKY Lift & Firm Breast Mask.

The whole collection is priced at $127 and you can save a lot on each of the products. The best part is they are free from all the harsh chemicals and preservatives.  Before bringing the product they do rigorous testing.

Some of the basic features are mentioned below:

  • The B-TIGHT helps in increasing the smoothness within 28 days. 
  • The B-FLAT helps in the reduction of stretch marks and that too with natural ingredients.  
  • The B-PERKY helps in making skin look more firmer.
  • The whole collection is free from parabens and other harmful ingredients. 

Maelys Body Reshaping Reviews


I’m in love with these lotions. All of them feel great and smell amazing! Very moisturizing and the tingling, slightly burning sensation lets you know they’re doing their thing.


I am in love with this stuff. My legs look better, my stomach is flatter and my skin feels great! I’d like to dip myself in a vat of it. I am 53 years old and am considering wearing shorts again. Pretty amazing.

Maelys Kiss My Booty The Sensual Bundle Review

Kiss My Booty
Kiss My Booty
Kiss My Booty
Kiss My Booty
Kiss My Booty
Picture of Kiss My Booty

It is a bundle consisting of a B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask, B-FLAT Belly Firming Cream, Silk Enriched Face Cream, and the SMOUCH-IT Lip Plumping Kit.

The bundle consists of four different products which are free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. All four products are among the list of best sellers and this is something you must have in your list.

It consists of B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask, B-FLAT Belly Firming Cream, CHARGE-IT Enriched Face Cream, and SMOOCH-IT Lip Plumping Kit.

Down below we are mentioning some of the important features of the sensual bundle. 

  • The B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask helps in the reduction of cellulite marks and you will be able to see visible results within 28 days of usage.
  • The B-FLAT Belly Firming Cream helps in the reduction of stretch marks across the belly area. The CHARGE-IT Enriched Face Cream helps reduce wrinkles and also reduces dryness. Apart from this, it also helps keep the skin hydrated.
  • In the end, the SMOOCH-IT Lip Plumping Kit has two products one is the lip scrub, and the second is a glossy lip puff. It fills the cells with nutrition and makes them look more juicy and glossy.

Maelys Kiss My Booty Reviews


I love these products. This is my second time buying them again. After having four kids my body didn’t bounce back as much as it did from the first to the last and using all these has helped with my stretch marks and cellulite.


This product is amazing. I am 54 and my legs and butt are so smooth now after using Maelys. I have told my friends and I will be purchasing more!!! Thank you!

Maelys Bootylicious The Booty Firming Bundle Review

Booty Firming Bundle
Booty Firming Bundle
Booty Firming Bundle
Booty Firming Bundle
Booty Firming Bundle
Picture of Booty Firming Bundle

The bundle consists of three different products, and each one has been the customer’s favorite. You will save some money on each of the products if you purchase them in a bundle and compare their prices separately.

The products are B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask, GET-CHEEKY Enriched Cellulite Oil, and TEASE-ME Cellulite Body Brush. The whole bundle is priced at $99.

Some of the basic features are mentioned below so that you can know their importance.

  • B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask is among the best seller’s products, and it helps in the reduction of cellulite marks just within 28 days of its regular use.
  • GET-CHEEKY Enriched Cellulite Oil again helps in the reduction of cellulite marks on your face and it also targets the fatty skin area so that an even tone of skin could be maintained
  • In the end, the TEASE-ME Cellulite Body Brush helps in getting a proper massage without the use of any harsh chemicals. 
  • All these products are free from any kind of harmful chemicals and have been rigorously tested on women before being brought onto the market. 

Booty Firming Bundle Reviews


Been using this for a few weeks and am noticing a difference with smoother softer skin. The smell is great with the cream and the oil feels nice.


I was very subconscious about showing my butt and legs. My legs and butt were very dimply and saggy. They have smoothed out so much without working out at all! Wow!

B-PERKY Lift And Firm Breast Mask Review

B-PERKY Lift & Firm Breast Mask
B-PERKY Lift & Firm Breast Mask
B-PERKY Lift & Firm Breast Mask
B-PERKY Lift & Firm Breast Mask

Yes, they have a bundle to take care of your boobs as well. This consists of the B-PERKY Lift & Firm Breast Mask, the GET-SASSY Underboob Deodorant, and the GET-SILKY Breast Exfoliating Stick.

The bundle has 5 stars on its official website, and it consists of some of the important products that are essential for every woman. It consists of B-POISED Neck & Décolleté Firming Cre, B-PEKY Lift & Firm Breast Mask, and B-GLOWY Brightening Body Serum. The whole bundle is priced at $139.

Some of the basic features of this bundle are mentioned below:

  • The  B-POISED Neck & Décolleté Firming cream helps in the reduction of spot appearance on the skin. It helps in attaining more even-toned skin.
  • The B-PERKY Lift & Firm Breast Mask helps in attaining a firmer breast area and also nourishes and hydrates the cells. 
  • The B-GLOWY Brightening Body Serum helps brighten up the skin. 
  • All these products are completely free from Chemicals and any kind of preservative, so this can be a reason why one must go for this bundle.

Maelys Breast Mask Reviews


Made my boobs look so much better.

Marina Willmas

I didn’t expect this to be a miracle lift cream, but it definitely improved the texture of my skin. I love how soft it feels and the scent is very nice. It absorbs well and isn’t sticky afterwards like some creams.

RELURE Tight & Tone Body Serum Review

RE-LURE Tight & Tone Body Serum
RE-LURE Tight & Tone Body Serum
RE-LURE Tight & Tone Body Serum
RE-LURE Tight & Tone Body Serum
RE-LURE Tight & Tone Body Serum
Picture of RE-LURE Tight & Tone Body Serum

We have all faced stretch marks and uneven skin appearance more than once in our lifetime. This issue becomes quite common when it comes to pregnancy or excess weight gain.

Here, RE-LURE Tight & Tone Body Serum by Maelys comes as a rescue. The formulation is based on Hyaluronic fusion, which helps in treating stretch marks and also strengthens the skin barrier.

People have used the product and seen the difference in their skin, which they have also shared on different platforms. The price of the product is $69 per bottle.

Down below, we will be discussing some of the important features of this body tone serum by Maelys.

  • It helps fade the stretch marks without using any Harsh chemicals or formulations.
  • The formulation of RE-LURE Tight & Tone Body Serum helps nourish the skin to its deepest layer. 
  • It also helps in the reduction of cellulite, which is one of the major issues faced by many women.
  • Apart from this, the serum also helps strengthen the skin barrier so that the elasticity of the skin is maintained. 
  • It also helps in maximizing daytime hydration so that our skin looks healthier throughout the day.

Maelys re-lure tight & tone body serum Reviews


I am 56 years old. I recently was fortunate to lose 80 lbs. I was so watching the scale and never looked to see how losing weight could become sad my skin was sagging my booty was flat so I saw the ad on Facebook and debated whether to take a chance I decided to try 2 products and now I have hope it’s working and I don’t use every day because I want.


Thus the product absorbs quickly and feels very natural on my skin. I have been using it on my arms as well as my legs and it helps the creepy look of my skin improve! So far I am loving it!

Maelys B-FOXY Inner Thigh Firming Cream Review

B-FOXY Inner Thigh Firming Cream Review
B-FOXY Inner Thigh Firming Cream Review
B-FOXY Inner Thigh Firming Cream Review
Inner Thigh Firming Cream Review
B-FOXY Inner Thigh Firming Cream Review
B-FOXY by maelys Inner Thigh Firming Cream Review

We all want to wear short dresses without any hesitation about the appearance of our thighs. This mostly becomes an issue when you are in your late 40s, 50s, or 60s.

Well, Maelys has a solution to your problem. It has developed a formulation that has been packed inside B-FOXY Inner Thigh Firming Cream.  

It is free from all the harsh chemicals and preservatives that you can easily find in other products that are available on the market. The thigh-firming cream is priced at $49 for a single bottle.

Below, we will be discussing some of the basic features of this formulation by Maelys:

  • It helps in reshaping the appearance of our thighs and tightening the saggy skin around the area.
  • The B-FOXY Inner Thigh Firming Cream also helps improve the texture of our skin so that it looks even toned.
  • Apart from this, it also helps maintain hydration and makes your thighs look smoother.
  • It helps treat the skin barrier and makes the skin look tighter and firmer.

Maelys Firming Cream Reviews


this cream is different from the rest, there’s no tingling or heating up so it’s hard to tell if it’s working. it’s only been a few weeks but I think there has been some difference in my thigh size & smoothness.


I love how quick and easy it is to apply this stuff! You just swipe it on and it dries so powdery soft and my legs don’t rub together as much.

What Are The Benefits and Features Of Maelys Cosmetics


Several factors make Makess stand apart from the crowd of different cosmetics brands. They give a variety of options to their customers regarding each category of product that they develop. Apart from this, they also take care of the formulation and ingredients that they use while developing the product.

If you look into their ingredient list, you will find that almost all of their products are free from parabens, cruelty, and other harmful factors that environment-conscious and health-conscious customers won’t accept. 

Apart from this, they also keep on giving different discount options and subscription options to their customers so that the products can be easily available without making them run out of their budget. 

How To Use Maelys Cosmetics?

Maelys has always been eager to help its customers regarding the uses of applications of the product.

Some of the basic guidelines are mentioned below:

  • Always clean your skin before applying any of the products.
  • Make sure that your skin is hydrated well and clean properly before the application.
  • Follow the guidelines that have been mentioned on the product for proper application.
  • In the end, make sure you don’t mix up too many products as this may affect the results. 

How does Maelys Work?

Each of the Maelys products has its way to work on your skin based on the formulation they have been created on. This is just because its kind type is different and each issue is different from one another so there can’t be a common way of treating all of them. 

The most basic thing that all the products do is penetrate the deepest layer of the skin so that they can nourish it from the inside and solve the problem from its root cause. Additionally, they also help in keeping the skin hydrated and Naresh from day 1 of the application.

Is Maelys legit?

After talking about the brand, one thing I would say is it is worth the investment. People have seen changes after using Maelys products.

The products may be a little costlier than other brands present in the market but they are completely safe for your skin. So if you are the one who is facing some issues you can try that product and see the differences between what others have seen.

Maelys Reviews Before and After

You must have seen the reviews that have been shared on different platforms, but down here we will be showing you some before and after effects of the application regarding some of the Maelys products.

What Makes Maelys Cosmetics Different From Other Brands On The Market?

So now the main question arises. What makes Maelys unique? Why choose Maelys Cosmetics over other brands? Maelys is not just any brand on the market; it is one of those brands that is genuinely attempting to solve the problems that many women appear to be experiencing.

Their primary objective is to empower women and make them feel good about their bodies. And this is what they aim to do with the help of their extraordinary products.

What makes their products better? Their products undergo several clinical trials to ensure that they are safe and effective, the latter of which most brands fail to deliver.

Maelys has received a large number of positive reviews from its users, especially from those who have been pregnant, claiming that its products are indeed effective.

What Are The Prices Of Maely’s Products?

Now, before buying any product, you’ll definitely want to know the price. Here are some of the most popular Maelys products with their prices to give you an idea of how much their products cost. 



B-FLAT Belly Firming Cream


B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask


B-THICC Booty Enhancing Mask


GET-CHEEKY Enriched Cellulite Oil


BELLYLICIOUS The Belly Firming Bundle


BOOTYLICIOUS The Booty Firming Bundle


Body Reshaping Collection – Save $10


MOTHERLOVER The Ultimate Mama Bundle


For the first 3 products of the above list, you get 1 for $49, 2 for $40 each (Total $80), and 3 for $35 each (Total $108).

How Do I Order Maelys Cosmetics Products?

You can order a Maelys Cosmetics product by following the few simple steps given below:

  1. Open their official website and select the product that you’re looking to purchase
  2. After the product is selected, click on “Add to Cart.” A side screen will appear. Click on “MY CART.”
  3. In this step, they show you the total amount that you have paid. Click on “Checkout” to continue.
  4. Type your email and then click “Confirm and Continue.”
  5. Fill in your personal details and click on CONFIRM AND CONTINUE once again.
  6. Type your credit card details and click on “Complete Order” to confirm the order.

Maelys Reviews By The Customers

Maelys is known to have a large number of positive reviews from its customers. Let’s see what remarks their users have passed about their products:

Chauntel J.

WHAT?! NO WAYYYY!!! After having 2 kids, I felt the only way to improve my stomach was to get a tummy tuck, which I really don’t want to do. This stuff……..I’m in shock!! I

Christine S.

I started the B-flat a month ago. I have been so self-conscious of my stomach since having my kids. I have tried many products and procedures, but with no real results until now. I am no longer embarrassed to show off my stomach. My husband says we need a vacation so he can show me off to everyone on the beach.. lol. I will continue using B Flat aRead more about the review stating I started the B-flat as I have already ordered another bottle. I am very glad to have found B-Flat. ❤️❤️❤️

Nichole z.

This product is great! I honestly had my reservations on it, but such a difference is showing that I’ve told other people about it and I’ve purchased other products. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Ashley S.

Highly recommend it for Postpartum Mommas. I love this product! Highly recommend! I had 2 babies back to back 14 months apart and with my son, I got really bad stretch marks on my hips and tummy. I have a lot of loose skin in my tummy area. I’ve been using it for 1 week and I can already see the difference

Zaiqa Q.

The cream does really work! From the first day and you can feel the difference. So it’s a five star from myself. Also, I watch what I eat. My stomach has been the biggest problem for me

Cristina B.

I’ve tried several products for my mom body stretch marks and nothing has worked for me. I tried this and I’m in love!! Just after 1 week, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my stretch marks. Hands down the best stuff EVER!!!!!

Source: Maelys Cosmetics official website

Final Verdict

Maelys Cosmetics is doing its best to spread the idea of body positivity. Every person is unique and beautiful. Their products are doing an amazing job of making people feel good about their bodies.

The best part of the deal is that their products are safe and effective. Also, they offer a wide range of products for different body parts. In my opinion, you should give its products a try. You’re gonna love using Maelys!

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