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Microbes can be beneficial as well as harmful to the human body. Probiotics are a group of active microorganisms that are capable of giving healthy effects on the intestines and gut of an organism.

Seed is an e-commerce brand that makes daily synbiotics that are formulated to boost the microbial health of the body. 

Prebiotics are fibers that enhance the activity of microorganisms. Probiotics and Prebiotics together form synbiotics.

Back around a decade ago, the probiotics that were available on the market were unable to give satisfactory results.

Ara Katz and Raja Dhir 2018 brought up the seed in the market. Unfortunately, the probiotics that were present at that time in the market were up to par in terms of providing a healthy gut.

The idea of the brand was to ensure it fulfills the body’s requirements as a whole be it the immune system digestive system cardiovascular system or skin. 

Seed: The Overview Of The Brand 

Seed Brand Image
Seed Brand Image

Microbes have been a crucial part of human life since life started on the planet, some of them have been extremely harmful whereas some quite beneficial. 

Founders of Seed Probiotics Ara Katz and Raja Dhir have already done and continue their research regarding how the bacterial community is beneficial to the human species. 

The brand was established around 2018 and has been flourishing since then. Today they have 125K followers on their Instagram handle. There are several pros and cons regarding the usage of products by the brand.


  • Well-researched beneficial bacterial strains are used in manufacturing the products.
  • Completely transparent when there is a question of side effects of the products and health concerns. 
  • Completely transparent about the ingredients they have used in their products. 
  • Environment-friendly packaging.
  • Free shipping all around the US. 
  • Shows effect within 48 hrs if the problem is related to the gut.


  • There is hardly any harmful effect regarding the products of this brand.
  • Please consult your doctor before using the products to ensure the safety of your health.

Detailed Information About Seed (Overview)

 Seed is a brand that deals with probiotics which are very beneficial for the following;

  • Digestive Health 
  • Gut Barrier Integrity 
  • Gut immune function 
  • Cardiovascular Health 
  • Dermatological Health 
  • Micronutrient Health 

Apart from these the bacterial strains which are used in their products are well-researched and completely tested. Seed takes care of fermentation, PH, temperature, and other 28 critical factors that are essential for the growth of the microbes. 

To check the assurance of the safety of the product, there are 50 quality assurance tests and checkpoints of the products.

Let us have a quick review of what products the brand offers ;

Seed Probiotics: What products does the brand offer?

Let us have a quick review of what products the brand offers:

Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotics

Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotics
Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotics
Image of Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotics
Image of Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotics

Our body is home to around 38 trillion microorganisms. Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotics consists of 24 strains of beneficial bacterial strains that are tested for their quality and temperature resistance.

One can avail of this product for $49.99 by placing an order from the official website. The product shows its effect within 24-48 hours of consumption if the issue is related to digestion. 

Some of the important benefits and dosage of the product are described below ;

  • Improves skin health. 
  • Helps in improving heart health.
  • Maintains blood cholesterol levels.
  • Helps in Folate production. 
  • Helps in the synthesis of VitB12 in the intestine. 
  • Helps in stool hydration. 
  • Helps in the Alleviation of constipation.   
  • It is advised to take 2 capsules daily empty stomach to let it function properly

Seed PDS-08 Pediatric Daily Synbiotic  

Seed PDS-08 Pediatric Daily Synbiotic  

Brand Seed Probiotics PDS-08 Pediatric Daily Synbiotic is a powdered synbiotic formulated using 9 probiotics for children between the 3-17 age group

This synbiotic is designed to create a protective shield for children from seasonal allergies, respiratory issues, and gastrointestinal issues.

One can avail of this product from their official website for $39.99 with shipping charges that are applicable if an order is outside the US. Some essential benefits and dosage are mentioned below ;

  • Improves skin health.
  • Maintains a healthy respiratory tract. 
  • Resolves gastrointestinal issues. 
  • Helps in the development of neurotransmitters.
  • Protects against seasonal allergies. 

How to Order Seed Probiotics Products?

Probiotics with so many benefits packed within a single capsule who would deny having it? You can place an order to avail of their products from their official website.

  •   Select your product 
  •   The product you selected will be saved in your cart 
  •    Go ahead by filling in your shipping details. 
  •    Finally, confirm your order.

Seed Reviews: What do customers think?

If we look at their customer feedback then there are more positive comments as compared to negative comments. 

Most of them were confused about the usage of the product and commented on their confusion. Let us look at a few of the comments that people made on their social media handles. 

Seed has helped me significantly ! will continue taking it.


I have been taking these probiotics for 2 month , I Love it . I’ll continue to take them . thank you so much ! “


yesss this is wonderful “


yay I put my son on the adults half dose just over 2 months ago and his health has transformed already .”

Reading all the comments and how seed has responded to them reflects the mutual trust relationship between the company and its customers.

Seed: Are Products worth it?  


Healthy gut, healthy heart, healthy skin, a quick boost in neurotransmitters, and a boost in the immune cells of the body who else would deny a healthy body at budget-friendly prices

After having a review of their customer’s feedback and seed response to them one would clearly see their trust bond with their customers. 

Products that have been through 50 quality tests and checkpoints are surely not worth denying. As compared to other brands they have environmentally friendly packaging and the sustainability of their products even in high temperatures that too for days is commendable. 

One should go for their products to achieve the wonderful health benefits that they provide. They are worth their price.

A Final Thought On Seed 

A probiotic product that is made up of 24 strains of well-researched bacterial strains that provide effects within 48 hrs of consumption can be seen as a try to bring evolutionary changes to the world of probiotics. 

What one would expect from a brand? Promising results, great customer service, transparent lab procedures, and budget-friendly prices.  Seed offers all these to its customers.

Utilizing bacteria into beneficial probiotics by adding prebiotics and then converting them into daily synbiotics is a commendable job. Showing bacterial benefits to the world is something the world needs to see. 

The seed is trying to break the myth that microorganisms are harmful to human society and bring an evolutionary change. 

Being recognized by some of the world-famous magazines such as Forbes magazine, Fast Magazine, and A Business Insider tells about the dedication and hard work of the seed that they invest in their products. 

Their seed lab facility is something that should be appreciated and is unique. Seed as the brand is a good initiative when people look for better options that provide beneficial results.

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