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Gundry MD Active Heart
Gundry MD Active Heart

As we age, our tissue gets older. And that’s where we need several supplements to support our cellular health as well as our cardiac health.

It is always best that we try our best to fulfill all the nutritional demands of our body through a perfectly balanced diet.

But most of the time, you fail to fulfill it. Talking about supplements, there are several available on the market.

But have you ever turned around the packet and looked at its ingredients and manufacturing section?

Have you ever researched those ingredients and their roles inside our bodies?

Well, let me tell you that most of them are made up of chemicals and contain several chemical-based preservatives and flavoring agents.

Well, today we will introduce you to a one-seat harness that has been developed by one of the most famous doctors, physicians, and cardiothoracic surgeons in the United States of America. 

The supplement’s name is Gundry MD Active Heart. It was developed by Dr. Steven Gundry.

The Intent of this Gundry MD Active Heart review blog is to help my readers look into all the possible aspects of this supplement, including the Experience of their customers to make a smart choice whether to buy or not.

What is an Active Heart?

Active Heart
Active Heart

Active Heart is a supplement that is packed with the benefits of natural polyphenols and flavonoids, which are sourced from some of the most powerful sources in nature.

They also have key nutrients and essential minerals that are required for the overall functioning of the cardiac system.

Not only this but they are also packed with the benefits of good collagen. Some of the major pros and cons are mentioned below: 


  • It helps to stay energetic throughout the day.
  • It works on the brain cells, which helps in concentrating better and sharper.
  • The entire supplement is designed to keep collagen, cardiac health, and neural health in mind. 
  • It helps with the better circulation of blood in our body.


  • If you have gone through any cardiac surgery or cardiac issues, then consult your cardiologist before taking the supplement on a day-to-day basis. 

Read Active Heart Reviews:


I have been taking Active Heart for about a month now and so far I feel like I have more energy and it seems that my sleep has improved along with my overall sense of well-being.


I am more energetic, and have a better memory and metabolism I also love this supplement that also provides the daily recommended dose of Vit-C, Polyphenols, Minerals, and Zinc!

Who is Dr. Steven Gundry?

Dr. Steven Gundry
Dr. Steven Gundry

Dr. Steven Gundry is one of the most famous cardiac surgeons, physicians, researchers, and authors in the United States of America.

He has more than three decades of experience in the medical field, and currently, he is researching the effects of different modern diets on the human body. 

He has also written several books regarding his research and health concerns, which are quite appreciated by the audience. Some of them also made their way onto the best-selling list.

He has also developed several supplements regarding several problems that we face daily, which are equally appreciated by people after using them. Let’s come back to an active heart.

Benefits Of Gundry Active Heart

Active Heart is a supplement designed with the entire cardiac system in mind, incorporating powerful polyphenols, flavonoids, and essential minerals and nutrients.

The entire formulation is based on natural ingredients, and it is completely free from chemicals and preservatives, so if you are someone who is looking into natural supplements, then an active heart is one for you.

Some of the basic benefits are mentioned below:

  • It supports your collagen production even in old age.
  • The polyphenols and essential minerals help keep the brain cells active throughout the day, which helps them concentrate better.
  • The most important one is that it takes care of your entire cardiac health and also the circulatory system.
  • An active heart also helps in maintaining the energy levels of your body.
  • It protects your brain cells from free radicals and oxidative stress.

*** Individuals Result May Vary ***

What are the Active Heart Ingredients?

Active Heart Ingredients
Active Heart Ingredients

The team has researched quite well while designing the formulation and including ingredients in the active heart formulation. Every ingredient has been quite well studied and researched.  Covering all the ingredients was not possible, but I have mentioned some of the major ones and their roles.

Blueberry Extract 

Blueberry Extract 
Blueberry Extract 

These extracts are best known for their antioxidant power and the benefits that they give to our brain cells. They help fight oxidative stress and also protect our bodies from chronic diseases. They help in lowering the cholesterol level and blood pressure level to support better cardiac health in our body.

Cranberry Extract

Cranberry Extract
Cranberry Extract

These extracts are best known for their inflammatory powers. They also help with urinary tract infections, as they contain the compound that helps in curing the infection.

They have a good impact on cardiac health as they reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

These are also known for their skin benefits, as they protect our skin from free radicals and the damage caused by UV rays.

Black Garlic Extract

Black Garlic Extract
Black Garlic Extract

It is said that regular consumption of black garlic reduces cholesterol levels in our bodies. Black garlic extract also has a powerful impact on our immune system and circulatory system.

It has anti-aging properties, which are best known for their skin and other factors.

How Do I Use an Active Heart Supplement?

It is suggested that you take two capsules of Active Heart every day with your mail to see better results. 

Gundry MD Active Heart Reviews by Customers

Everyone is curious to know the experience of other people who have used an active heart regularly before involving it in their regular diet and routine.

We will also suggest you do the same, and that’s the only reason we have collected some of the reviews so that you can decide better for yourself.


I have started my second bottle and I like this product. I am looking for good blood flow and increased energy. Active Heart does that and more. My mental focus is great, and I can easily walk 5 miles daily. I love that I feel great and have lost weight with the Gundry MD products.


I’m on my 3rd bottle of Active ❤️ Heart and enjoying the results of such a fine-quality supplement. I have a feeling of overall wellness with more energy and quality of life. This has been life-changing for me and has affected my family too as they see the difference in my energy level and attitude.


I have been using this product for a brief one-month period. Within this short time, I have noticed a more regulated heart rate and more energy than before, and for a more extended period than before, including it in my regiment of other daily Dr. Gundry’s products.


I tried this formula and was surprised to feel less fatigued after a few days. I am awake early and eager each morning to enjoy the day. At age 87 I now want to do things and stay active. Thank you.


This  supplement is one of the few I take where I noticed a difference. Being in my 60’s I have occasional sensations of my cardiovascular age twinge in my sleep or a lack of endurance. In a few weeks, those minor feelings of discomfort are gone and I feel stronger. Ready for a full day.

How Do I Order an Active Heart, and How Do I Save On It?

After talking so much about the active heart, you must be willing to grab your hands on this bottle so that you can have a perfect level of collagen and the best cardiac health even in old age. The steps to place your order are mentioned below:

  • Visit their official website.
  • Now search for an active heart.
  • Select the package according to your requirements.
  • Add the package to your cart.
  • Go to your cart to complete the billing and shipping details.
  • Finally, confirm the order. 

Final Verdict

Active Heart is one of the best supplements available for better cardiac health and collagen levels. The most important part is that it is free from chemicals and harmful toxins.

Apart from this, it is specially designed for those who are old and searching for some natural source of supplement and their diet. I would suggest you use it at least once to see the best results.

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