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Roman vs Keeps

Roman and Keeps are two very well-known men’s health and wellness brands online. They both have pioneered in the DTC (Direct To Consumer) market with their well-researched and high-quality products. While Roman also offers other products related to men’s health, Keeps has itself concentrated only on the hair-fall related products as of now.

Experiencing hair fall? Is your hair thinning and are there any signs of receding hairline? If you are going through all of this, it’s high time you should consider saving your man’s mane or else it will be all gone very soon.

Both, Roman and Keeps produce high-quality products with complete transparency related to ingredients. This really makes them stand apart from the other products and build trust amongst the customers.

Hair loss treatments are easily accessible today with convenient procedures. Roman and Keeps are top-rated companies in Hair Loss Treatments products online in the DTC ( Direct To Consumer) category. Let’s just dive into the details and find out which product of the two product will suit your body the best and why!


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Nightly Defense by Roman

Roman was started in 2017 by three co-founders Zachariah, Saman, and Rob. These three founders came together to start “RO” which is the parent company of Roman, you can read more about roman’s story here.

Since its start Roman has strived to make affordable and well-researched healthcare products for men and their partners accessible in an economical range online.

Roman’s catalogue of wellness products not only includes products related to hair loss but also has high-quality products related to men’s health issues like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, bone health, stress health, etc.

Roman offers unlimited free consultations related to men’s health by expert professionals after you buy the product.

What we like about Roman:

  • Free unlimited consultations for the buyers.
  • Transparency in the product development process
  • Strict privacy policies for all it’s buyers.
  • High-quality researched backed products.

What Roman can improve:

  • Availability of products in more states than it currently offers.
  • Research more on mild side effects reported by a few buyers.
  • Products are not safe for women, children, and pets
  • No return policy for products.

Key Feature of Roman

  • Roman even offers products related to other health issues related to men and has got an abundance of high-quality and medically approved products.
  • Easy re-ordering process with transparency of ingredients used.
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keeps hairfall review

Keeps was started by two classmates who had a common issue of receding hairline. These two co-founders came together to resolve their own as well as others’ problems of hair thinning 10 years after college.

They created Keeps after trying to find out solutions for hair fall and found no satisfactory solution to their problem online as well as offline.

What we like about Keeps:

  • Affordable pricing
  • High-quality products and ingredients. 
  • Variety of hair loss-related products.
  • Strict privacy policy for its customers.

What Keeps can improve:

  • Charges $5 after the first free consultation.
  • Reduction of mild side effects reported by a few customers.
  • Introduction of more products related to men’s wellness.

Key Feature of Keeps

  • Keeps offer Minoxidil in two forms – Solution and Foam. This is quite an advantage for the customers as they can choose whichever type of product suits them the best. This liberty is not offered by Romans.
  • Keeps has a 2% Ketoconazole Shampoo in its product list which treats dandruff and flaking and can be quite useful to be used for hair maintenance.
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Romans vs Keeps Comparision

1) Affordability:


Roman offers various products related to hair fall but in direct comparison to keeps, the prices of the products are slightly higher.

Finasteride + Minoxidil$35/month


Keeps, while maintaining a similar quality as of Roman’s products has slightly economical pricing table for the products in direct comparison.

We can see here that Keeps offers Minoxidil at a cheaper rate in comparison to Roman while Finasteride is offered at a better price by  Roman. There is not much difference in the affordability of products of both the companies but Keeps has been successful in keeping down its pricing.

2) Doctor Consultation


Roman offers free unlimited doctor follow-up consultations. This is really advantageous from a customer’s point of view since there might be constant doubts and confusion related to the results of the product, side effects, usage guidelines, etc.


Keeps provides first doctor consultation free but charges $5 for each consultation after that. This can be a problem since the customers might have multiple doubts on multiple occasions even after the first visit regarding the products.

Roman here, in this case, is clearly providing a much better deal in this aspect compared to Keeps.

3) Privacy

 Roman and Keeps both have strict privacy policy guidelines and take customers’ personal information very seriously and does not reveal it to third parties in any case.

This particular point is maintained and adhered to, well by both the companies and I’ll give them an equal point for this.

4) Refill/ Re-ordering

It’s actually quite easy to get a prescription refill in case of Roman and Keeps. The cost is included in the subscription and you do not need to pay anything extra.

You’ll be notified for your next order about when you’ll be out of prescription, this makes it a simple process for re-ordering 


Hair loss is a concerning matter and needs to be dealt with care and proper guidance. Roman and Keeps have their own advantages and disadvantages. One needs to choose what suits them the best according to the medical history and hair loss type.

Here I have summarized some points for both the brands for a clearer idea.

You should choose Roman if:

  1. Your concern is that you might have multiple doubts after purchase and would need on-going support. Doctor consultation at Roman is free and unlimited.
  2. You want your privacy to be handled with unmitigated care and without disclosing it to third parties.
  3. You are in need of Finasteride regularly, Roman will be your best preference since it is cheaper as compared to keeps but still of high quality.
  4. You want to buy products in bulk and regularly. Roman offers amazing discounts for bulk purchases.
  5. You want a complete men related healthcare product list. Roman has a plethora of products for other men’s health issues apart from hair loss.

Roman in amongst the leading men related DTC healthcare brand and has been getting great reviews from customers. Hair growth has been noticed by many customers and customers have also uploaded various Before & After photos using Roman.

You should choose Keeps if:

  1. You love companies who are focussed on a solution to just one problem with full dedication. Keeps entirely concentrates on Hair loss treatment and in spite of it’s younger age in the market, Keeps has been competing with other companies in a very fair sense.
  2. You want your first-month treatment free of cost. The offer is for a limited period of time so grab it soon by clicking here.
  3. You wish to have the liberty choosing between minoxidil solution and minoxidil foam, Keeps provides both.
  4. If your only requirement is minoxidil, Keeps provides it at a cheaper rate in comparison to Roman.
  5. If your privacy is a concern to you; Keeps is really trustworthy and is very serious about their privacy policies just like Roman.

Keeps is a very young company in the market and yet has been featured in the top charts and competes with major and well-established men’s health and wellness brands in the market.

It has been focussed on hair loss related products and has some great offers for the customers.

We hope this detailed Roman vs Keeps review will help you make the right decision.

Minoxidil Foam$15/month
Ketoconazole Shampoo$10/month

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