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Sex is not just one of the biological instincts of the human body, but is one of the most pleasurable experiences that one can feel in the entire world.

It is not just about satisfaction but the unification of two bodies. 

Everyone enjoys sex in their own way and style, but what actually matters is that the pleasure needs to be mutual, for both the individuals involved in the act.

However, it has been seen that in many cases, the satisfaction remains incomplete simply because of early ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation could be bearable for a couple of times, however, if it occurs every single time an individual engages in sexual intercourse, it definitely is bothersome and can be considered a serious problem.

Premature ejaculation is responsible for not only destroying the sex life of numerous men but also adversely affecting their partners significantly.

It has been seen that this problem is not something all men like to talk about easily and don’t really feel like bringing it up to their doctor.

There are very few men who actually consult their doctors regarding their issue with premature ejaculation as most people tend to avoid the awkwardness that follows them to the doctor and they often don’t feel comfortable enough sharing something so personal with their doctors.

Many men also avoid getting proper treatment because they are ashamed of purchasing prescription drugs from the pharmacy.

Roman introduces a handy solution to this problem, and comes up with its easy, convenient, and ‘less-awkward’ way of doctor consultation, elaborate treatment plans as well as their renowned product, Roman Swipes, all of which are very effective in treating premature ejaculation.

Today we are going to Roman review and see how good of a solution it is to premature ejaculation.

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation
Premature Ejaculation

In simple words, Premature Ejaculation is early ejaculation that takes place much quicker than anticipated, mostly within a minute of sexual intercourse.

Premature Ejaculation is basically one’s failure to postpone or delay the orgasm and ultimately ejaculate early, which may further lead to irritation, frustration, and a sense of failure within the man as well as his partner involved in the sexual act.

It not only causes physical discomfort but also affects people psychologically. 

Premature ejaculation is a very common problem amongst men, however, a very small percentage of people only reach out for medical assistance in such cases as most men do not feel comfortable taking the issue to their doctors.

Can Premature Ejaculation Be Treated?

There are wide varieties of treatments available in order to cure premature ejaculation in men.

Ranging from topical medications, and psychological behavior modification to prescription drug treatment, and sometimes a combination of all these treatments are used in order to cure this problem and to help men get a happy sex life and mutual pleasure and satisfaction.

Roman: Resolving The Problem


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Roman is a US-based company whose prime mission is to enhance and improve the health and lives of men along with their partners by providing the best quality healthcare services and products which are both convenient as well as accessible to all.

Roman has dedicated itself to improving the health of individuals in a holistic manner. Roman takes care of health issues related to regular or daily health care problems, hair-related issues, skin-related problems, allergies as well as sexual health.

One of the important sexual problems Roman effectively deals with is Premature Ejaculation. Roman not only provides professional health care consultation with U.S licensed doctors but also provides both prescriptions as well as an over-the-counter topical medication in order to treat such a condition, which has been found to be very effective.

How Does The Roman Treatment Plan For Premature Ejaculation (Pe) Work?

In order to seek treatment for PE under the guidance of Roman, you need to follow a few simple steps.

You first need to go to Roman’s official website i.e. and sign up in order to commence an online visit with U.S licensed health professionals or doctors.

The doctor will then enquire you about your problem and the symptoms you face and in that manner, acquire your medical history

Once the doctor has acquired sufficient information necessary, they will then guide you with a suitable and appropriate treatment plan. The treatment plan may include prescription medications and/or over-the-counter topical medications.

As soon as the treatment plan is finalized and approved, all of the treatment medication will be delivered to you within 2 days in absolutely discreet packaging.

However, your online consultation will continue and you will have ongoing care and support from Roman’s healthcare professionals which may further help in updating treatment plans or could be helpful if you have any doubts or face any side effects due to the medication, you are free to reach out to them.

What Medication Does Roman Provide To Treat Pe?

Roman provides two forms of medication in order to treat premature ejaculation

Firstly, Roman provides a prescription medication for the treatment of PE, which is Sertraline (ZOLOFT). It is used in two ways in order to treat the problem.

It can either be taken by the individual on a daily or regular basis at a suitable time (such as after brushing in the morning), or it could be consumed approximately 4-8 hours before the individual plans on having sex.

Even though daily intake of the medicine is the most effective, many people still prefer to take it daily only if they have sex daily.

For individuals who have sex once or twice a month, usually prefer taking the medication a few hours before they have sex and not every day.

Secondly, Roman also provides a nonprescription solution to the problem, as it introduces one of its incredible products, Roman Swipes. 

Roman swipes are basically over-the-counter topical medications in the form of wipes that come in individual disposable sachets. These wipes are 4% benzocaine wipes which are used as a quick solution to premature ejaculation.

The Roman Swipes can be used in three simple steps :

  1. First, you need to tear the individual sachet containing a wipe and take it out.
  2. Once you take the wipe out, you need to apply it carefully and gently on the most sensitive areas of the penis, which includes the head and the shaft.
  3. After you are done applying, you need to dispose of the wipe and the sachet and give it some time to dry, before indulging in sex.

How Much Does The Roman Treatment Cost?

The online consultation at the beginning costs $15. However, if the doctor feels you’re unfit for telemedicine, then the entire amount is refunded to you.

The cost of the prescription medication may vary depending on the number of medicines and doses prescribed for you by the doctor.

The Roman Swipes are purchased on a subscription basis. There are two types of subscriptions available;

The monthly plan provides you with 1 box of 8 single-use Roman wipes, shipped to your doorstep within two days. It costs $27 per month. 

The quarterly plan provides you with 3 boxes of 24 single-use wipes, shipped to your doorstep on a three-month basis. It costs $22 per month.

However, in your first order, you can obtain a discount of $20 and you are free to modify or cancel your plan whenever you feel like it.

Roman: The Final Verdict

Everyone wants sex to last longer in order to maximize pleasure for both the individuals involved in it. However, sometimes it is ruined because the man couldn’t last long. That’s pretty okay unless it becomes a regular issue.

Premature ejaculation is a problem that men take very seriously, yet they hardly take serious steps in order to treat it. That could be due to the feeling of awkwardness when approaching a doctor regarding the problem or few could be simply afraid.

However, Roman comes up with a brilliant as well as a holistic solution to this problem.

Roman not only provides professional health care consultation completely online, saving us from the embarrassment and awkwardness that takes place in a doctor’s chamber, but Roman also provides us with a range of treatments proven significantly effective for PE.

Roman is an absolutely perfect choice if you are facing this problem and can’t think of where to go.

The doctors acquire your medical history and provide suitable medication to you based on the information collected, which only costs $15. 

However, if the doctor feels as if you do not require prescription drug treatment or telemedicine, your entire money is refunded, thus it’s a win-win. 

If you feel like the problem is something you do not want to take up to a doctor, you can always opt for the nonprescription solution to the problem, i.e. the Roman Swipes.

One can purchase the Roman Swipes on a monthly basis and try them out, whether they work for them or not. The best part is, your first order on a monthly subscription plan would only cost you $7 as you will receive a discount of $20.

The wipes are not only easy to use but are also easily disposable, thus keeping no trace of the same.

All the products by Roman are delivered in completely discreet packaging, without the name or brand anywhere on the box, which saves you from embarrassment, If that is what you are afraid of.

In conclusion, Roman provides an absolutely perfect solution to such a globally secretive problem and we would highly recommend it to you.

Keep standing strong and for a long! Pun intended.

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