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We all got the idea in the year 2020 that how much health is important to us and is very necessary to care for ourselves daily.

But in these hard times and busy schedules, we hardly struggle to get the time for ourselves. 

Plus the supplements which are available in the market are not trustworthy as well as the ingredients which are used are not that useful and also have side effects, though they are cheap.

In our daily lives, there is much need for energy, immune as well as the most important a healthy digestion. 

It is not possible for every one of us to eat different veggies or fruits to get different sorts of important nutrients. If you can that’s awesome!! but if not then don’t worry!

There are a plethora of supplements in the market which claim to boost your energy as well as digestion, but ask yourself are they much worthy enough? 

But did you know recently in May 2020 there was a new invention by Dr Gundry by used the legendary blends of ingredients and named the product as Power Blues?

And I got hundreds of emails to review this Legendary Supplement by Gundry Md, so in this article, I shall be reviewing the Power Blues in a very simple easy to understand language. 

I know I know that Gundry Md products are heavily priced but it is because all-natural and safe ingredients are used in their products. 

But not to worry, as an ambassador of Gundry MD I am authorized to give you the discounts by which you can Buy the Gundry Md products at a cheaper price and your monthly or daily budget won’t be affected. 

Who is Dr Steven Gundry?

Dr Steven Gundry
Dr. Steven Gundry

Before we dive in further deep about the product let us first know who Dr Gundry is! 

As already discussed in the intro, Dr Gundry is an American doctor and is a founder of a company called Gundry MD.

Dr Gundry is an American cardiac surgeon who has studied and researched a lot to make one’s life happier.

He was the former head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Loma Linda University in 2001 and after treating a chronically ill overweight patient, who was considered to be the “hopeless case” there was the foundation of Gundry Md. 

Dr Steven Gundry felt that he can help more people by creating health products than with a scalpel blade.

What is Gundry MD Power Blues?

In May 2020 Gundry Md came up with their new supplement dietary product which is called the Power Blues

This comes in the form of powder and the delicious flavour of Power Blues. Believe me, this is very tasty and I am sure that you are going to love the flavour of Power Blues. 

Power Blues is priced around $69.95 for 1 jar from the regular portal and $49.95 by clicking from our website and you can save up to $102.00 on the combo of 6 jars. 

Power Blues comes with unique blends of ingredients but the special thing is that there is the usage of the “blue polyphenols” also called Anthocyanins. 

Anthocyanins are one of the very important ingredients which are used in Power Blues and I always address Power Blues as the Legendary Product because it is!

There are a lot of benefits of the Anthocyanins and you will be amazed by them:- 
  • They have the antioxidant effects 
  • Used as a herbal medicine 
  • Used to prevent cancer and has the powerful effects
  • Boosts the energy
  • Digestion gets much smoother
  • Helps you to achieve your aim of losing weight.

I can probably say that you might be thinking that this is similar to Vital Reds. But no, they have the differences. 

Meanwhile, they both use powerful polyphenols to boost energy as well as metabolism. Vital Reds use the Red Superfruit Polyphenols, whereas Power Blues uses Anthocyanins and with 6 more added ingredients for your daily use. 

Power Blues also called blue polyphenols have benefits for your heart, brain, lungs, stomach, and more. They can be used together and you can avail yourself of the maximum benefits through them. 

Power Blues is made with 100% natural as well as with safe to use ingredients and probably with 0 side effects.

Then too it is recommended to have a consultation with your physician if you have any heart or lung-related issues.


  • Effective
  • All-natural Ingredients
  • Money-Back Guarantee

What are the Benefits of Gundry MD Power Blues?

There are many benefits of the Power Blues and many people have reported their immense benefits to them. But here are the following most common benefits of the Power Blues.

  • Boost your daily energy levels
  • You feel less fatigue
  • Efficient working of your lungs as well
  • Your digestion gets more efficient
  • Usage of Anthocyanins
  • Helps you to lose weight
  • Boost your immune
  • Supports the heart
  • The brain works more effectively and efficiently.

***Individual Results May Vary***

What are Gundry MD Power Blues Ingredients?

The picture below provides you with all the information related to the ingredients of Power Blues.

Power Blues Ingredients Chart
Power Blues Ingredients Chart

If we talk about the Gundry MD you be relaxed and sit aside while choosing a product because as we already know he has spent most of his time researching and studying. 

The famous doctor is so selective in choosing the ingredients while making a product. The ingredients are 100% safe and made up of natural substances

As being repeatedly said by me that there are most unique Ingredients which are used in this product and you have to trust me that all of them work very efficiently.

Each ingredient has its own unique property and impact on the body and each ingredient works differently.

The best thing about Dr Gundry is he is very selective in his ingredients and he does diligent research and study to choose the ingredients which make his products more unique.

There are the ingredients which are very important as well as required sometimes. I will say that Dr Gundry did a really nice job while choosing the ingredients. 

It is recommended to take one scoop with a glass of water, milk or juice, or any beverages of your choice. 

Please keep consistency for better results. 

Also, every individual is unique and their body reacts differently. 

Power Blues is made up of a blend of powerful ingredients. There are also many ingredients that make Power Blues more and more efficient.

In the ingredient image, you can probably see the long list of the things which are used in Power Blues. However, each and every ingredient has a pivotal role in the positive body effects. 

Here I am discussing the main ingredients which are used and discuss their effect on your body.

Now let’s have a closer look at the key ingredients.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C
Vitamin C

This is one of the most effective as well as the safest ingredient which is used in the Power Blues. Many people are aware of this vitamin and its uses but here it is used because it protects you from harmful diseases, maintains blood pressure, boosts memory and thinking levels, and also boosts immunity.

Vitamin B6 –
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 has immense benefits to the human body and also the body needs this most. Vitamin B6 maximizes brain health, promotes eye health, and prevents cancer.

Vitamin B12 –
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 has many benefits to the body. This vitamin is used because it promotes bone health and gives your energy a boost.

Polyphenol Blends –

These are the micronutrients found and extracted from the plants and veggies. It has impressive good effects on the human body and is so much important to consume in our daily lives but because of the hectic work schedules and fast foods, these things lack.

Prebiotic Blend –
Prebiotic Blend
Prebiotic Blend

They are the compounds that are good for our health and they are responsible for the growth of some good microorganisms present in our bodies. Bacteria and fungi are the perfect examples of these. 

Probiotics –

They are living yeasts and bacteria that are actually good for the human body. Whenever we sneeze or cough we always think that they are bad bacteria or germs but in fact, there are both good and bad bacteria in our body. 

How to use Gundry MD Power Blues?

It is recommended to take one scoop of Power Blues with a glass of water, milk or juice or any beverages of your choice. 

Please keep consistency for better results. Power Blues as well as many products of Gundry Md requires consistency.

Also, every individual is unique and their body reacts differently. 

Where to Buy Gundry MD Power Blues and how to save on this?

To purchase the Gundry MD’s Polyphenol Rich Olive Oil follow 2 simple steps which are provided. 

It is very well said that “Good things need the cost” and so are the Gundry MD products.

I have seen that people usually don’t buy the Gundry MD products because they are priced a little bit high, but they are best to consume. 

By seeing that and being the Gundry MD Ambassador I am going to provide you with my ambassador’s link by which you can buy their products at an unbelievably discounted price. 

What you have to do is-

Step1- Click on the provided links as they all will direct you to the Gundry MD Power Blues supplement Page.

Step2- Choose the quantity of the product. (I always Prefer 3 bottle Packages for better results).

Step3 – Kudos! You have Successfully saved 28-40% on this supplement!!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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