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Now, I want you to quickly think about your own diet. How many orange foods did you eat today? How about yesterday?

If you’re like many people in the West, you might think of oranges primarily as citrus fruits for juicing or eating with rich desserts. What about different types of oranges, such as mandarins and blood oranges?

I’m not just here to tell you to eat carrots. I say this because, while carrots and oranges were great foods in the past, that’s no longer the case nowadays.

After decades of farming methods that don’t always prioritize the nutrients in their products, the nutrient levels have dropped. 

This means that, instead of focusing on what was best for us as customers, big food companies have focused on what looks good to sell to us.

And yet, the more I investigated this topic, the clearer it became: Eating the right orange superfoods can help you feel fitter, stronger, and younger.

Excited by the human potential for difference and embracing the unknown, Dr Gundry set out to explore local fruit and vegetable stands and discovered a taste for genuinely exotic produce.

His breakthrough moment came when he sat down with a Gundry MD nutritionist and she told him about the health of remote tribes in the Amazon. 

After his research and studies, he launched his own supplement called Essential Orange. 

The product is made with a blend of some important ingredients which will prove much beneficial for the wellness of the people. 

This article shall be reflecting – 

  • What are Orange Superfoods 
  • What is Gundry MD Essential Orange 
  • How to use this

What are Orange Superfoods?

What if someone tells you that there’s a certain colour food that can make you feel years younger?

It isn’t greens, purples, or reds. It’s the colour linked to the active bodies and minds we’re looking for. 

The only problem is that it isn’t found in common foods like apples and oranges.

As a result, people are facing smaller amounts of energy, digestive problems, stubborn fat that won’t go away and dry skin & hair.

While some people lack the colour of vitamin A in their diet, some people are getting more than enough. Do you know what colour is good for your health?


Now, you might be wondering how Gundry MD products can be better than oranges and carrots? Trust me, it’s worth it.

What are the Benefits of these superfoods?

You won’t just look better on the outside, but you’ll also feel good on the inside. 

Eating some of these foods can really bring out some healthy colour in your skin and give you that natural glow. 

Sometimes we just need a little boost of confidence and that’s what these orange foods can do for us.

By harnessing nature’s most powerful orange superfoods, you can experience incredible benefits all over your body. For example:

  • You need carbs to give you that energy boost and the two main things that digest those carbs are amylase and lipase.
  • Proteins, on the other hand, digest with timed released amino acid chains. One of those is tryptophan which can release serotonin and melatonin to provide feelings of relaxation and satisfaction.
  • Healthy joints give you greater mobility and strong muscles help you stay active, reduce fat.

I look forward every morning to drinking my Essential Orange. Not only does it taste great, it’s refreshing & gives me energy. I’ve also seen a big improvement in my skin. Great product that I don’t want to be without!

Sandy M

Orange Superfoods: The Origin

Some of the most isolated tribes in the world are also some of the healthiest and live longest. For example, Tsimané people from Bolivia have the healthiest arteries scientists have ever studied.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. It is not surprising that people often associate heart disease with ageing.

However, it seems that we were wrong all along. Science has found that cardiomyocytes (heart muscles) in mice did not show any signs of heart disease as they aged and died naturally, rather than succumbing to a sudden, traumatic event like a heart attack.

In contrast, they don’t show any signs of heart disease as they age.

The Tsimane have strong, healthy hearts to the point where they rarely get heart attacks or strokes – and even when they do, it’s usually due to other conditions. It’s been reported that not a single Tsimane in their 70s has been found with a dysfunctional heart.

What this means is that their cardiovascular systems are ageing a lot slower than ours do.

Not only that, but it also extends to their brain health. Research has found that members of the Tsimané tribe have a 70% slower rate of brain ageing when compared to people from America.

So not only are village elders living healthy happy lives, but they’re also staying sharp mentally.

One of the Tsimané people from the Amazon has been reported to have lived to be 122 years old. However, this is not a rare occurrence for them as they have a history of incredible health.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Amazon River in Brazil, a member of the Kaxinawá tribe has been reported to be 125 years old.

What are some Essential Orange Superfoods?

Dr Gundry would recommend you try these foods if you want to take your choice up a notch. Be careful though, some people reported that it made their symptoms worse.

But after reading everything Gundry Md team found 5 really helpful, cost-effective superfoods that helped us and our family immensely.

They call them the five Essential Orange Superfoods.

1: Acerola Cherry

Acerola cherry
Acerola cherry

Acerola is most well-known for being high in vitamin C, which means it can prevent colds or flu, strengthen the immune system and be taken to boost immunity.

Similar to witch hazel, acerola cherry is used as an astringent. It could be helpful with skin blemishes, skin elasticity and even digestive issues.

And it may also help in case of oral infections with the help of antimicrobial mouth wash.

2: Camu-Camu


Camu Camu is rich in vitamin C, one of its many benefits. For example, it helps strengthen your immune system and is needed for the formation of collagen, an important protein that supports your skin, bones, and muscle.

Camu Camu is an antioxidant powerhouse, packing in loads of vitamin C and other powerful components like flavonoid antioxidants, especially anthocyanins and ellagic acids.

Antioxidants are substances that protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals. Having too many of these reactive oxygen species in the body can lead to chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease or cancer.

3: Mango


This fruit is both delicious and nutritious – it has a lot of healthy ingredients.

Mango juice provides several health benefits including boosting the immune system or enhancing digestive health. Some polyphenols may even help lower cancer risk.

Here are some notable nutrients you’ll get from eating 1 cup of mangos: 

  • 67% DV for Vitamin C 
  • Helps your immune system 
  • Aids in metabolism 
  • Uptake of carbohydrates 
  • gene transcription 
  • immune function

For those watching their dietary intake, one cup of fresh mango only has 100 calories. It’s perfect for people who are on a diet or want to cut down their weight & not trade-off too many nutrients.

4: Chamomile flower

Chamomile flower
Chamomile flower

Chamomile (Matricaria Recutita) is a flowering plant in the daisy family that can now be found around the world. Chamomile smells mildly of apples which may explain its name as it is Greek for Earth.

Chamomile is one of the most popular, low-risk holistic therapies for insomnia, due to its ability to promote sleep and ease anxiety. However, there is little research that can settle if it is actually beneficial for sleep.

Research shows that the use of chamomile has been shown to be beneficial when it comes to reducing anxiety and the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, which rates the effectiveness of natural remedies, says that chamomile is possibly effective.

5: Golden chlorella

Golden chlorella
Golden chlorella

Chlorella is a type of freshwater green algae that can be found in fresh or brackish coastal waters. 

In recent years, it has been the subject of many studies because it packs several beneficial nutrients like vitamin A, C, D and E, as well as dietary fibre, potassium, magnesium and zinc. 

The specific amount depends on the type of chlorella.

Chlorella has a huge nutritional profile. Studies show it packs several beneficial nutrients like vitamin A, C, D and E, as well as dietary fibre, potassium, magnesium and zinc.

Chlorella has been getting a lot of hype because it is believed to help people detox. It is also effective in removing heavy metals & other harmful compounds from the body, as noted in some animal studies.

Essential Orange Review: Gundry MD

Gundry MD Essential Orange
Essential Orange

Dr Gundry combined his Camu-Camu, acerola, chamomile flowers and golden chlorella while also adding the purified extract of other forms of capsules that are known to be health-rich.

Gundry MD Orange Essentials powerful product contains all the important nutrients you need. He combined acerola cherry, Camu-Camu, chamomile flower and golden chlorella for optimum results.

Plus purified extracts of fruits like mango, papaya and peach provide all of the essential nutrients.

Natural sweeteners such as Monkfruit, erythritol and stevia are used without any of the harmful sugars. Plus, he added extracts of ginger root which is said to induce a natural sense of well-being and relieve common digestive issues. 

Plus, concentrated phytonutrients from carrots and oranges are grown in a fertile environment that is rich with nutrients.

What are the Benefits of Gundry MD Essential Orange?

There are numerous benefits of this Gundry Md Supplement. Let’s have a closer and deeper look at that. 

  • You will feel energized throughout the day.
  • You will notice Younger-looking skin with a healthy glow
  • Easier weight management
  • Get rid of muscle and joint pains
  • A renewed sense of youthful vitality
  • Helps you with better and smooth digestion

It seems to blend well with the other products that make up my morning shake very well. It gives a citrus taste to the blend and is an added boost to expand value of both energy and nutrients that I rarely get. I have never been good with oranges or most citrus since it upset my stomach in the past. This product is smooth on my digestion and does give more energy so it is one of the ingredients I will continue to add to my shake.

Susan Harris

Dr. Gundry’s Essential Orange Ingredients

Essential Orange Ingredients
Essential Orange Ingredients

The right mix of natural foods can give you a “health cocktail” that provides a variety of benefits for your heart, digestion & weight management — and the lack of sugar makes this an especially good drink.

From essential nutrients found in Western diets to just enough energy to fuel your day, Essential Orange is the drink that makes you look and feel years younger. 

It features carefully selected ingredients to give you everything you need.

  • Exceptional fruit and veg help you feel more energized, speeding up stamina & metabolism. They also improve skin condition & reduce wrinkles. 
  • Probiotics help regulate your digestion and let your stomach feel less bloated. This is just one of the many ways they halt uncomfortable bloating.  
  • Prebiotic fibre is like feeding the probiotics and provides an ideal environment for them to flourish and help you relieve occasional diarrhoea and constipation.
  • Collagen-supporting amino acids work to improve the strength and appearance of your skin, help reduce discomfort from aches and pains, and have been shown to improve the health of your heart.

Not only are these rare nutrients good for your health, but they also support your heart health, eyesight, immune system, and mental clarity. There are also other benefits to consider in addition to the aforementioned ones.

Well, it’s nice and simple really. As well as tasting the bomb, Essential Orange is easy to drink (you just mix a quick scoop of it with whatever drink you like).

The bright, refreshing taste of Essential Orange is the perfect way to start your day. Dr Gundry has even called it “orange sunrise” because it’s so fresh & invigorating.

Essential Orange is without a doubt a king pin of a power house of energy and stamina. This stuff is great! I start my day with the pre breakfast supplements of BIo Complete 3, Longevity Max, Active Advantage and BioSkin, plus 24oz of water. Then do my morning workout. Followed by a 12oz fruit and water smoothie with Essential Orange + ProPlant Complete (ie protein). Round out breakfast with a little something solid like avocado toast, walnuts, or a non meat, non sweet food. Later in the day I’ll have one other Gundry polyphenol drink – either power blues or vital reds. I’ll also eat lunch and/or a light supper. But it all starts with Essential Orange as the base ingredient for the day. Everything else matters, too.


How to use Gundry MD Orange Essentials?

It’s a simple yet effective way to try a new flavour and get a healthy boost. Simply add one scoop to your morning drink or any other beverage you might have with your breakfast.

You’ll likely start to feel more energized after around 10-20 minutes.

This is completely normal. It’s actually a sign that the powerful phytonutrients in this formula are already starting to work in your body. You might notice an increase in energy, better metabolism, and improved digestion after taking it for just a few days

Gundry MD Money Back Guarantee
Gundry MD Money Back Guarantee

Dr. Gundry Essential Orange Reviews

Check out some reviews by consumers who seem to be much satisfied with this supplement.

I look forward every morning to drinking my Essential Orange. Not only does it taste great, it’s refreshing & gives me energy. I’ve also seen a big improvement in my skin. Great product that I don’t want to be without!

Sandy M

It is hard for me to get a variety of orange foods in my diet. I love Essential Orange because I can get the Orange foods I need. My nails are stronger and my hair is stronger.

VirginiaAnne Poppe

It seems to blend well with the other products that make up my morning shake very well. It gives a citrus taste to the blend and is an added boost to expand value of both energy and nutrients that I rarely get. I have never been good with oranges or most

citrus since it upset my stomach in the past. This product is smooth on my digestion and does give more energy so it is one of the ingredients I will continue to add to my shake

Susan Harris

My wife and I love the combo of Vital Reds and Essential Orange, we feel the effects of of vital Reds and wanted to see how essential Orange would compliment each other. We love the combination, and wont start our day with out it. It may be too soon to tell how much Essential Orange compliments our morning drink routine, but I can say with out a doubt that I already feel a boost in mental clarity. The biggest thing I notice now , is how much I miss these products when I dont have them! A noticable lack of energy and focus! Keep those products coming!

Dale Hendrickson

I start my day with Essential Orange. It makes all the difference in powering my day. I’ll have it before my run, workout, or before I leave to work. Sluggish days have been few and far between since I started taking Essential Orange almost a year ago. My overall sense of wellbeing, vitality, and gut health have improved. Essential Orange mixes well and has a light citrus taste. Love this power drink.

J. Silvestre

Gundry MD Essential Orange: The Quality

Gundry MD Essential Orange are rigorously tested for purity and quality.

As a doctor, he has a reputation to maintain, so he takes steps to make sure this product meets his high standards. You can rely on him for an effective and safe product, states Dr Gundry.

He pledged that he would never sell any product that he would not personally recommend to my loved ones.

As a Nutritionist, I always remind my readers to consult their physicians before starting any new program.


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