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Oak and Luna Jewelry
Oak and Luna Jewelry

Jewelry has been part of human civilization for centuries. Since then, they have been continuously evolving, be it in their design or metal quality.

This is due to the experimental nature of humans. As time passed, the designs kept evolving as per the trends of that particular era.

Today, if you look through the markets, you will find some of the finest jewelry with the softest designs available.

Jewelry is very personal to each of us. We have emotions attached to each one of them.

But most of the time, we get options to customize it in our way and make it unique to ourselves. But things are not the same anymore.

Today in this review blog, I will be talking about one such brand named Oak and Luna, which gives complete permission to customize your jewelry as per your desire from scratch.

We will also be looking into their customers’ reviews, discussing some of their products, and having deep insights into the brand. Let’s begin the blog.

Oak And Luna: Overview Of The Brand

Oak and Luna Brand Image
Brand Image of Oak and Luna

Oak and Luna were started by Ran and Zur Erez in 2018. The Erez brothers started this brand because they noticed the gap between the market for affordable and high-quality jewelry. So they wanted to create a brand for women that could help them express their style. 

The name “Oak and Luna” was chosen because it represents the balance between strength and delicacy. The word “oak” represents strength and durability, and “luna,” on the other hand, represents the moon for its gentle and feminine energy. 

Most of the brand’s jewelry is made of recycled metals. Since its launch in 2018, the brand has had several loyal customers who appreciate the work and dedication of the company.

Today, they have 276K followers on their Instagram handle. Apart from this, they have also been featured by several renowned media houses. 

We strongly believe that before getting involved with any brand, the customer must know all of its advantages and disadvantages. That’s why we are mentioning some of the major pros and cons of this brand below:


  • Oak and Luna offer jewelry at affordable prices. 
  • They have a wide range of options for each of their customers.
  • You can customize your jewelry piece as per your desires.
  • They offer international shipping, which makes their pieces available to customers easily.
  • The jewelry is delicate and durable at the same time. 
  • The jewelry designs are versatile, which makes them suitable for both occasional and casual events.
  • The brand has a hassle-free return policy, allowing customers to return items that don’t meet their expectations.
  • The brand has responsive customer service, making it easy to get answers to any questions or concerns.
  • The brand keeps on offering certain discounts and coupons to its customers, which makes it more accessible.


  • Though the brand offers the best quality jewelry, Oak and Luna is primarily an online retailer, which means customers may not have the opportunity to try on jewelry before purchasing.

What are the products the brand offers?

Oak and Luna Jewelry
Oak and Luna Jewelry

They offer various products such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, and lockets. Below, we will discuss some of their products to help you understand the brand better. 

Oak And Luna Tiny Initial Ring Review

Oak and Luna Tiny Initial Ring
Tiny Initial Ring
Oak and Luna Tiny Initial Ring
Oak and Luna Tiny Initial Ring
Oak and Luna Tiny Initial Ring
Oak and Luna Tiny Initial Ring

The Oak and Luna Tiny Initial Ring is a stylish yet simple piece of jewelry that is customized with the initials of your choice. The ring has a delicate band that can be adjusted according to your finger size. The ring is available in four different options, which are:

  1. Sterling silver—$70
  2. 18K gold plating—$80 
  3. 18K rose gold plating—$80 
  4. 10K gold with diamonds—$240

Some of the basic features of the ring are listed below:

You get three metal options to choose from in one single ring.

  • The diameter of the band is 1.2mm.
  • The disc on top of the ring has a diameter of 6 mm.
  • The ring size can fit most finger sizes.
  • The ring is handmade with care, which ensures each piece is unique and of high quality.
  • The metal used is hypoallergenic and safe for the skin. 

Read Tiny Initial Ring Reviews:


This was a gift for my niece. She loves it! The only thing I would mention is ordering early. It took much longer to ship than I expected.

Maria L.

Love the simple design and easy to resized.

Oak And Luna Mon Petit Name Necklace Review

Mon Petit Name Necklace
Name Necklace
Mon Petit Name Necklace
Mon Petit Name Necklace
Mon Petit Name Necklace
Mon Petit Name Necklace

This is a personalized piece of jewelry that remains unique to you. It can be worn alone as a statement piece or layered with other necklaces for a more layered look. The necklace is available in six different options, which are:

  1. 18K gold plating—$80
  2. 18K rose gold plating—$80 
  3. 18K gold vermeil—$120 
  4. 14K solid gold—$290 
  5. 14K white gold—$290
  6. 10K solid gold—$230

Some of the basic features of the necklace are listed below:

  • The chain length can be adjusted from 14 inches to 22 inches.
  • You can choose to engrave 8 letters of your choice on the necklace.
  • The pendant size is 11mm x 24mm.
  • The necklace is versatile in design and can be worn at both casual and occasional events.
  • The necklace is accessible to most customers due to its pricing.
  • The necklace is easy to care for as it can be cleaned only with a piece of cloth.

Read Mon Petit Name Necklace Reviews


This necklace was a gift to my daughter for her 16th birthday. Not only was I in love with the piece, but she was also too!

Janina B.

The jewelry is a very delicate work of art. I love it.

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Oak And Luna Ivy Name Paperclip Chain Bracelet Review

Ivy Name Paperclip Chain Bracelet
Paperclip Chain Bracelet
Ivy Name Paperclip Chain Bracelet
Ivy Name Paperclip Chain Bracelet
Ivy Name Paperclip Chain Bracelet
Ivy Name Paperclip Chain Bracelet

The oak and luna ivy name paperclip chain bracelet can be considered a personalized jewelry piece as it contains a small nameplate that can be customized according to you. The jewelry piece is elegant and simple, as well as versatile, as it can be worn on different occasions. The bracelet is available in four different options, which are: 

  1. Silver: $99 
  2. 18k Gold: $117 
  3. 18K Rose Gold:$117 
  4. 14K solid Gold for $585 

Some of the basic features of the bracelet are listed below:

  • The chain consists of two nameplates which can be personalized by ten characters each.
  • It has a delicate paper clip design which is currently in trend in the fashion market.
  • One one-year warranty is available on the complete bracelet.
  • The design is comfortable enough to carry in everyday use.
  • The bracelet is designed to be adjustable with a 1-inch extender chain which allows for a custom fit on any wrist size.

Read Ivy Name Paperclip Chain Bracelet Reviews:


I have now ordered 4 of these bracelets, they are amazing, my daughter and I never take them off, love love love them.


This is a beautiful bracelet and a perfect Christmas gift. I know my friend will love it.

Oak And Luna Chocolate Bar Initial Ring Review

Chocolate Bar Initial Ring
Oak and Luna Chocolate Bar Initial Ring
Oak and Luna Chocolate Bar Initial Ring
Oak and Luna Chocolate Bar Initial Ring - Silver
Oak and Luna Chocolate Bar Initial Ring

The Oak and Luna Chocolate Bar Initial Ring is a rectangular nameplate with a single-letter initial engraved on it.

The design is simple yet elegant. It is versatile and can be worn on different occasions. There are three different options available for the ring, which are as follows:

  1. Silver: $80 
  2. 18K Gold: $100 
  3. Rose Gold:  $100 

Some of the basic features of the ring are listed below:

  • The ring can be customized with the initial of your choice making it special and unique.
  • The design is comfortable enough to carry in everyday use.
  • The ring can be easily cleaned with a jewelry cleaning cloth or mild soap and water.
  • The metals used to make the ring are allergy-free and completely safe for use.

Read Chocolate Bar Initial Ring Reviews:


Beautiful! just as expected!

Connie A.

Loved everything about it. Wish I could have ordered one with just a ❤️ in red on the ring. Can I? Please advise me on this matter and to do it in a size 8 again. Thanks Connie Agutter.

Oak And Luna Willow Disc Initial Charm Review

Oak and Luna Willow Disc Initial Charm
Willow Disc Initial Charm
Oak and Luna Willow Disc Initial Charm
Oak and Luna Willow Disc Initial Charm
Oak and Luna Willow Disc Initial Charm
Oak and Luna Willow Disc Initial Charm

The Oak and Luna Willow Disc Initial Charms can be used in bracelets or necklaces. This can also be personalized by engraving the initials on the charm. The charm is round and has a little hammered texture on the surface. The edge of the charm is smooth and polished, giving it a sleek and modern look. There are five different options available for this charm, which are:

  1. Silver: $70
  2. 18K gold plating: $80
  3. 18K Rose Gold plating: $80
  4. 18k gold: $95
  5. 18K Rose gold: $95 

Some of the basic features of the initial charm are mentioned below:

  • The diameter of the charm is 1.2cm which makes it look a little broad.
  • The edge of the charm is smooth and polished.
  • Initials are deeply engraved into the charm to make it look beautiful.
  • The charm is light in weight which makes it comfortable to wear in everyday routine.

Read Willow Disc Initial Charm Reviews:


I am more than appreciative of your customer service. The necklace arrived very fast and I think it looks very nice, it’s a gift for my daughter and she has not seen it yet but I think she will be pleased. Thank you so much for your professional service.

Nicole J.

Love this charm. The letter is engraved perfectly and it shows up well.

Oak and Luna Reviews: What Do The Customers Say?

If you look through the internet, you will find that people have shared their experiences with the brand on several platforms.

Reading all of them would not be possible for any of us. Still, we have collected some of them for you to keep an eye on.


I bought this for my Mother and she loved it. The shipping date was accurate and the customer service experience was amazing. I added the gift bag and card which made it even more special.


I’ve noticed that this website has been user-friendly and I’m very thankful for that. Some businesses don’t consider the customer when doing this. This will not be my last time purchasing jewelry from your site. The jewelry is beautiful, now I can’t wait until I receive all of my items!!!


I like this company they have an amazing website and a lot of great jewelry to choose from…I purchased the lock necklace with my and my husband’s initials on it and it was gorgeous…I just purchased 2 pairs of earrings and can’t wait to get them…they have great customer service and also have great shipping….so I recommend them


As you can see, I am a repeat customer. The quality and the unique design, coupled with great customer service and an easy-to-navigate website, make me come back time after time.


This is what I was picturing in my mind; a compilation of my three daughters, while an acknowledgment of a long-lost, but much-loved 2nd daughter. I was able to remember her without too much pain. She is not forgotten! Subtle, but sweet! Thank you! 

Other than this there are several others present on their website as well as on other pages. This feedback helped the team to see their room for improvement as well as the foundation of motivation.

How Do I Place An Order?

Oak and Luna Jewelry
Oak and Luna Jewelry

You must be wondering after knowing so much about the brand whether one should grab their hands on their products. Well, then, to make your job easier, I’m mentioning the steps. 

  • Visit their official Website
  • Now select the product according to your desire.
  • Add the products to your cart. 
  • Move to your cart and complete the shipping and billing details. 
  • Finally, confirm your order.

Our Final Thoughts

Oak and Luna
Oak and Luna

In the end, after knowing so much about the brand, I would say that this brand is worth its price and work. 

The best part is recycling the resources and using them in the best possible way. They also work differently than other brands in making the jewelry piece customizable and unique to you. 

There are so many happy customers all over the globe who have shared their experiences and said that the brand helped them make their jewelry special and unique to them.

You must try out their designs and different jewelry and feel that for yourself. 

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