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GLDN Jewelry
GLDN Jewelry

Jewelry is something that has been part of our accessories for centuries.

Be it any culture or tradition, jewelry is very common among all of them.

With time, the designs have kept evolving as per people’s demands. 

The GLDN Jewelry brand present in the market has always tried to cover all those designs and qualities that they used to keep in ancient times. 

Today, when you look across the market, you will find different brands that are claiming to sell the designs and qualities of that era. Each one of them has its own specialty.

According to me, great jewelry is not that which sells you ornaments made of gold, diamonds, or any other metal.

Instead, a great jewelry brand offers you a story, emotion, a sense of history, and, of course, great craftsmanship. 

GLDN, as a brand, understands all of these. Today in this blog, we will be giving an overview of this brand, looking into some of its products, and also peeping into all possible aspects of the brand to understand the company properly.

GLDN Jewelry: Overview Of The Brand

GLDN Jewelry Brand Image
Brand Image of GLDN Jewelry

GLDN is a jewelry brand founded in 2012 by Chrissy Lavdovsky in Vancouver, Canada. The story of the brand began when Chrissy was pregnant with her first child and decided to make herself a baby name necklace.

After receiving many compliments on the necklace, Chrissy realized that there was a market for personalized and meaningful jewelry.

Today, the brand has a strong social media following, with 245K followers on its Instagram handle and 192K followers on its Facebook page. 

Other than this, they have also been recognized by several renowned media outlets, some of which are A Cup of Joe, The Strategist, Elle, AOL, Insider, New York Magazine, and The New York Times. 

GLDN Jewelry
GLDN Jewelry

We strongly believe that customers must know every aspect of the brand, which is very important for deciding their investment. 

We are mentioning some of the pros and cons related to GLDN, which will give a more broad clarification about the brand.


  • The brand designs are different and unique from all other brands that are present in the market.
  • GLDN gives you a more customized option that adds more meaning and emotion to the jewelry.
  • They donate some amount to the non-profit charity, which is a generous step towards serving mankind.
  • The jewelry is made using high-quality metals, which ensures its durability. 
  • The brand also offers fast delivery options, which ensure the parcel is received on time.
  • Customer service is something that people have appreciated. 
  • The prices of the products are very fair if compared to other brands present in the market.
  • 90% of the metal that is used in making the jewelry is recycled.


  • The shipping charges may be applied to people living outside North America.

What are the products they offer?

The product range of GLDN covers necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, body jewelry, bridal jewelry, men’s jewelry, and gift cards. We will discuss some of the company’s best-selling products further down.

GLDN Micro Heart Locket Necklace Review

Micro Heart Locket Necklace
Heart Locket Necklace
Micro Heart Locket Necklace
Micro Heart Locket Necklace
Micro Heart Locket Necklace
Micro Heart Locket Necklace

The GLDN Micro Heart Locket is a delicate and beautiful piece of jewelry that is perfect for those who love delicate and personalized jewelry. The necklace is available in two different options, which are:

Silver: $ 58 
14k Gold: $67

Some of the basic features of the GLDN Micro Heart Locket Necklace are mentioned below:

  • The locket measures approximately 9mm x 8mm, which is perfect for anyone who is looking for something elegant and classy.
  • The front part of the locket can be customized according to your demands, which adds more meaning and emotion to the piece.
  • You can also customize the length of the chain, which ideally lies between 16 and 20 inches.
  • Both the locket and chain are made using high-quality recycled metal, which adds more life to both pieces.
  • The locket can be worn on different occasions, as the design was made with versatility in mind. 

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 My granddaughter loved it, including the intricate packaging!

Kelsey H.

The necklace is adorable but very tiny for a locket. Have had it for less than two months and it will no longer stay closed. Would have been better if it was just a solid heart.

GLDN Daisy Flower Necklace Review 

Daisy Flower Necklace
GLDN Daisy Flower Necklace
GLDN Daisy Flower Necklace
GLDN Daisy Flower Necklace
GLDN Daisy Flower Necklace

The GLDN Daisy Flower Necklace is a beautiful and delicate piece of jewelry that is perfect for those who love understated elegance.

This necklace has a small daisy flower pendant. The necklace is available in three options.

  • Silver – $37 
  • Gold Fill – $41 
  • 14K Solid Gold – $243 

Some of the basic features of the necklace are listed below: 

  • The necklace is made from high-quality hypoallergenic metals. 
  • The design consists of a small Daisy with a very thin chain hanging.
  • The pendant is small and subtle, measuring about 0.5 inches in diameter, making it a great everyday piece.
  • The necklace chain can be adjusted as per your desire which is ideally 16 to 20 inches.
  • There is a 100-day product warranty and hassle-free return.

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This necklace is exactly what I wanted and was looking for. so pretty and dainty. I got this for myself when my mom passed away. Daisies were her favorite flowers.

Julie W.

I ordered the small flora pendant in silver with engraved cosmos. I am so happy with it! It came beautifully wrapped and is just as advertised. 😊

GLDN Constellation Necklace Review

GLDN Constellation Necklace
Constellation Necklace
GLDN Constellation Necklace
GLDN Constellation Necklace
GLDN Constellation Necklace
GLDN Constellation Necklace

The necklace has a delicate chain with a small pendant that is engraved with a star constellation of your choice. The necklace is available in  three options which are;

  • Silver – $44
  • Gold Fill – $53
  • 14K Solid Gold – $380

Some of the basic features of the GLDN Constellation necklace are mentioned below:

  • One of the unique features of the GLDN Constellation Necklace is that you can choose to have a constellation engraved on the pendant.
  • You also get the option to choose your pendant size which is from 9mm to 20mm in diameter.
  • You can choose the chain style you want in your pendant which is a cable chain or a satellite chain.
  • The necklace is crafted by skilled craftsmen which helps in adding a unique touch to the piece.
  • This is made using high-quality recycled materials.

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Another beautiful, well-made piece from GLDN. I highly recommend this necklace or any piece of jewelry from this company.

Maura M.

The constellation of Orion pendant that I ordered is so beautiful. I ordered it in honor of my beautiful feline, Orion who passed away recently. I will be ordering more. Thanks for the great service and the quality product!!

GLDN Large Sun Necklace Review

GLDN Large Sun Necklace
Sun Necklace
GLDN Large Sun Necklace
GLDN Large Sun Necklace
GLDN Large Sun Necklace
GLDN Large Sun Necklace

The GLDN Large Sun Necklace is a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry that makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one. 

The pendant is designed to resemble the sun, with its rays extending outward in a circular pattern. There are three options available with this necklace, which are:

  • 14K solid gold- $393 
  • 14K gold- $52
  • Silver- $44

The following are some of the Necklace’s basic features:

  • One of the unique features of the GLDN Large Sun Necklace is that it can be customized with an engraving of your choice.
  • The size of the chain can be adjusted according to your demand. Ideally, it is 18 inches in length.
  • The necklace is by a craftsman using a hand which gives a unique finish to each necklace ordered.
  • The diameter of the locket is 1 inch which is decent enough to notice.

GLDN Large Sun Necklace Reviews


I love the necklace! It looks amazing, and the packaging is so thoughtful that I appreciated it. Everything is very well done!

Victoria V.

I had my eye on this sun necklace for a while and I’m so glad I finally decided to get it. It’s great quality and I love the sun design.

GLDN Small Flora Necklace Review

GLDN Small Flora Necklace
Small Flora Necklace
GLDN Small Flora Necklace
GLDN Small Flora Necklace
GLDN Small Flora Necklace
GLDN Small Flora Necklace

The GLDN Small Flora Necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry with small flowers engraved on it. This is a perfect choice for those who want a simple yet elegant piece.

The necklace is available in three options for its customers, which are:

  • Silver – $37
  • 14K Gold – $41
  • 14K solid Gold – $ 243 

Some of the basic features of the necklace are listed below:

  • The pendant measures approximately 0.5 inches in diameter, making it a subtle and elegant piece of jewelry.
  • The GLDN Small Flora Necklace is unique in that it can be customized with an engraving of your choice.
  • The engraving is done by hand, which ensures that each necklace is unique and made with care.
  • The chain length is adjustable according to your demands.
  • They use high-quality recycled materials to make this chain.

GLDN Small Flora Necklace Reviews


I purchased this for my mom with her granddaughter’s initials, and it is so beautiful. Dainty and pretty, and the packaging is so thoughtful.

Rebecca B.

I purchased this as a gift for a friend and she loved it. She said she hasn’t taken it off since she received it. I think it is a beautiful necklace!

Is GLDN jewelry worth it?

GLDN Jewelry
GLDN Jewelry

The best part that I liked about the brand is that they use recycled metal, and that too is of the best quality available. You can also customize your jewelry piece, which makes it unique for you.

Secondly, each piece of GLDN jewelry is handmade to order, ensuring that it is made with care and attention to detail.

This means that you’re getting a unique piece of jewelry that is made specifically for you rather than a mass-produced item that is identical to others.

Now that I’ve mentioned the points in front of you, I would definitely tell you that GLDN is worth your investment. 

GIDN Reviews: What do the customers say?

If you look through the internet, you will find that people have shared their experiences with the brand, which can be beneficial for you if you are thinking of having GLDN jewelry in your hand.

We have collected some of those experiences for you so that you can keep an eye on them.


My mom loved this bracelet I gave her on my wedding day! My middle name means “peaceful lotus flower,” and I got her the lotus flower bracelet. She cried because she loved it so much! Thank you for making this special gift and helping me create this special moment.”


I got the Bennett necklace for a recent college graduate. I included the first letter of her name and also a sun charm to signify the light that she shines on this world. It was a very sentimental piece and extremely well-made. I have always ordered from GLDN and will continue to do so.”


This piece was so amazing that it brought me to tears. It is my late grandmother’s handwriting with my mom’s name, and it is the most perfect gift. More amazing than I could have imagined!”

You will find several more on their website, which you must read for your satisfaction.

How Do I Order GLDN Jewelry?

After talking, you must be thinking of placing an order for your unique piece. Well, then, the steps are mentioned below to make your job easier.

  • Visit their official website.
  • See the product you are looking for.
  • Save the item in your cart.
  • Visit your cart and complete the shipping and billing details. 
  • Finally, confirm your order.

 Final Thoughts 

GLDN Jewelry
GLDN Jewelry

After looking into every possible aspect of the brand, one thing I would say is that GLDN jewelry is worth the investment.

They make the pieces as per your demands, and the pieces they provide are eye-catching and elegant.

You can completely customize your jewelry, which will be unique to you. The best part is that they use recycled metal pieces, and you get high quality from those particular jewelry pieces.

They handcraft the designs and strive to make them unique for you. In the end, I must say GLDN is a must-try if you are looking for something unique for yourself or your loved ones. You can also check the similar brands you might like.

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