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Have you ever heard of the knickers into which you have just bled? People who have heavy periods would undoubtedly deny the existence of a product that could handle their flow. 

Modibodi comes to the rescue with their super absorbent underwear, which you can wear even on your wettest days without a drop soaking through to your clothes. 

These are ideal for days with moderate to heavy traffic. After trying Modibodi, pads, tampons, and cups will become unnecessary things in your life. 

You’d assuredly feel drier in Modibodi than in your regular period pad.

Modibodi: The Overview of Brand

Modibodi Brand Image
Modibodi Brand Image

For women and teenagers, The Australian-based Firm Modibodi makes leak-proof underwear and period underwear

It’s one of the most well-known period underwear brands available. 

Kristy Chong, who had a vision for a period-proof underwear company in 2013, started Modibodi. 

Kristy was driven to fill a market gap by addressing periods, discharge, minor bladder leakage, weak pelvic floors, sweat, and milk leaks. 

She wanted to bring these taboo subjects that all women face to the fore. Modibodi is based on the idea that women should be proud of their bodies and natural processes.

Now that we’ve spilt the beans, we’ll get to the real reason for this Modibodi underwear review. 

This Modibodi review will give you an in-depth look at the brand and its products. We are here to help you decide whether or not their products are worth buying.

Products Offered by the Modibodi

Modibodi Classic Bikini Review

Modibodi Classic Bikini
Modibodi Classic Bikini

This classic bikini combines everyday comfort with our Heavy-Overnight absorbency for added protection on rainy days or overnight. 

It has a longer fastened gusset (to the back waistband) and unique absorbent technology to control periods, discharge, and bladder leaks while preventing odour, stains, and bacteria. Goodbye, stained sheets, and hello, restful sleep. 

Traditional bikinis can absorb up to 20ml, which is comparable to tampons. Despite its simple design and cost of 30 Dollars, this bikini is highly recommended for heavy period days, light to severe bladder leaks, or nighttime leak prevention. 

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“Probs to anyone who knows the song I’m making reference to. In all seriousness this is the first moisture wicking pair of underwear I’ve tried that actually works. Feels like butter on the skin too. I’ll be converting all of my underwear to these. Please ModiBodi never change these undies! WOW!”

Karra B.

So, these fit me better than my standard underwear, but with no sweaty feeling. Admittedly, only worn them twice, and it’s been autumn /winter, so haven’t given them the full sweaty Betty test, but even just on comfort, sold!

Tracey M. 

Modibodi Seamfree Full Brief Review

Seamfree Full Brief
Seamfree Full Brief

Modibodi Seam Free Brief is for women with light-to-moderate period days who want a little more booty coverage. 

It has a lower leg cut and an absorbent gusset to help prevent leaks. This makes the Seamfree brief the perfect choice for staying clean and comfortable while avoiding the use of disposable pads. 

The innovative thin (3mm) liner is antimicrobial and absorbent, fighting odours, stains, and germs.

You can wear these underpants to stay comfortable when you get your menstruation’s ‘internal signals.’ 

This seam wear is mainly for people who have unpredictability, long and short periods, and highly cloudy periods

They also wash and dry beautifully – the drying portion, which one might be concerned about being disgusting, isn’t, it’s no mess, and it dries quickly. 

You can finally say goodbye to poking Panty Lines and leaks with the Seamfree Full Brief, which cost 27.50 Dollars. 

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“I recently purchased these briefs. I was a little skeptical but not any more – I love them! They are soft, comfy and work a treat! I’m 54 & have worn poise liners for a couple of years, but not any more. I have light leakage from weak pelvic floor. I highly recommend these as a safe, economical and environmentally friendly alternative, they also feel and look great. Very happy first time buyer & now a convert.”


Very comfortable & good fitting. Easy care but take a while to dry. Love them & will buy more. Cooler than other paper type pants.

Loraine S. 

Modibodi Classic Boyshort Review

Classic Boyshort
Classic Boyshort Review

The Classic Boyshort has a look and feel that is effortlessly comfortable. The traditional boyshort style has a way of making your thighs look fantastic. 

This Modibodi pair, which holds 20 ml or 3–4 tampons, will get you through heavy nighttime or daytime flow. 

These boyshorts are perfect for the most challenging days of your cycle when you wish to end it like Thanos with a snap, but there’s still a long way to go. 

They’ll save you money and help the environment by keeping your clothes and bed linens stain-free. The Classic Boyshort underwear costs $22.25. These are only available in black.

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“I have looked at purchasing some ModiBodi underwear for sooooo long but was always worried they were too good to be true. I finally took the plunge and bought 2 overnights and 2 regular day pairs and my oh my, these are absolutely worth the hype.”

Stefanie W.

I’ve tried several other brands offerings for on overnight boyshort and these are BY FAR my favorite. I love the fit, major bonus points for the color selection(!!!), excellent coverage and absorption and the WOOL gusset!


Modibodi Classic Full-Brief Review

 Modibodi Classic Full Brief
Modibodi Classic Full Brief

The Classic Full Brief underpants offer a secure and comfortable fit that reaches all the way to the belly button. 

It’s designed for light to moderate flow, so it can handle up to 10 ml or two tampons (1-2 teaspoons).

On light-medium period days or as a backup for heavy periods, these underpants are ideal. They can also help with leaks and discharges.

With these briefs, you’re all tucked in and relaxed. With thousands of 5-star rating reviews on their website, Modibodi’s Classic Full Brief is transparent: this is the favorite period brief. 

This pair costs $19.70 in black and beige, which is comparable to the price of regular underpants. You’ll save money on feminine hygiene products while also helping the environment.

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Was a perfect fit and served it’s function exceptionally

Evgeniia D.

Comfortable seamless protection from accidental leaks.

Mrs. Pauline H.

Modibodi Reviews: What are the consumer Reviews?

Nearly 99% of reviewers said they would recommend the brand to a friend. Modibodi underwear has been described as “life-changing” and “amazing.” 

The underwear was described as soft and comfortable, and it stayed dry during use. Customers appreciated being a part of a long-term solution as well.

These undies are great for heavy days where you need to wear tights. I could exercise with confidence knowing that no harsh lines or bulges were showing.

A Modibodi User

I liked that it wasn’t all black so that if I did leak without realizing the pad was full, it would show on the non black portion of the underwear. That’s convenient especially for teens who are newly on their period and do not know their flow. I find that for the all black pairs, it’s hard to tell if it’s full and needs a change or not so for all the underwear that has other colours, at least there’s an indication perhaps it’s really full when it leaks out to the coloured parts.


Not tried the swimwear yet but these pants are great for climbing, gymnastics and yoga, all sports where your crotch area is frequently on display. They’re much more streamlined and leakproof than pads.


Our verdict on Modibodi

According to our Modibodi underwear review findings, the material and technology work well for a wide range of women. 

Even though some customers had negative experiences, the vast majority of reviews are positive. Even the best brands aren’t perfect, and you should expect a few setbacks now and then.

Overall, we think Modibodi’s body-conforming underwear is excellent. 

The underwear is reasonably priced, and the sustainable materials make it a better option for the environment than disposable menstrual products. Start with one pair and work your way up if you’re still undecided.

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