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Period Cramps

Periods are just a painful game. Period cramps are very unpleasant and painful to handle.

On the one hand, most women’s pain is tolerable, but for some, things appear to be difficult. 

During periods, the outermost layer of the endometrium in the uterus sheds, leading to pain and cramps in the lower abdomen. 

The initial days of the cycle are tough. The era in which we are living is hectic for everyone, be it a man or woman, and taking leave for 2-3 days is not possible every month. 

Some of them take painkillers during their periods to get rid of the pain. But these tablets can lead to further complications during pregnancy if not taken at regular intervals. If not this, then what could be the best solution to the problem?

There are several groundbreaking menstrual pain relief gadgets available on the market. Livia vs Ovira, brands that deal with these gadgets

These gadgets are specially designed with concepts and theories to provide relief from periods of cramps and pain. 

Let us look at how these gadgets function. 

The purpose of this blog is to review the two most popular period pain relief device brands.

This blog intends to Compare top-period pain relief devices “Ovira” and “Livia” based on quality and affordability which can help our readers make their decisions simple while buying.

How do groundbreaking menstrual pain relief gadgets work?

Ground-breaking menstruation pain relief gadgets are scientifically tested technologies that are brought to the market after passing through several tests related to their side effects on health. 

It releases soothing electrical impulses through the sticky nodes, which work on pain stimulators present inside the body.

On the other hand, it blocks the pain signals, which stimulate the release of endorphins; hence, the pain signals are prevented from reaching the brain.

The working mechanisms of the device are completely safe and drug-free. One must be wondering whether the product is safe or not. Let us look at what we found when we looked at the safety aspect of the product.

Are period pain relief devices safe?

People use various kinds of painkillers and treatments in order to get rid of periods of pain. Painkillers contain various drugs that are not good for a healthy uterus. 

And if there are complications in the uterus, it can lead to further complications during pregnancy. 

One must be searching for a solution that is not harmful, drug-free, and does not cause any harm to the uterus. Then period pain relief devices are the most secure option on the market. 

There are various period pain relief devices available on the market. In this blog, we will be comparing two brands, Ovira vs Livia. We will also be looking at what their customers said about their product. 

Ovira: Overview

Ovira Brand Image
Ovira Brand Image

The brand Ovira was established in 2018 by Alice Williams, who is also a women’s health advocate

The Ovira market is mainly spread all over Australia and the U.S.  The headquarters are located in Bentleigh, Victoria, Australia. 

Today, Ovira’s Instagram handle has 137,700 followers. The products are made in China, and the stores are based there.

Ovira has brought menstrual pain relief devices to the market, which has been a boon for thousands of women across the globe. Let us see how this device works and what the benefits are.

Ovira Device
Sticky Gel Replacements Ovira Device
Ovira Sticky Gel Replacements
Ovira Sticky Gel Replacements
Ovira Period Pain Device
Ovira Period Pain Device

This makes it convenient to wear under shirts jeans pants or clothes you are comfortable in. 

It has a USB Type-C charger and port that are used to connect to the pulse pad. These are also called “love handles.”

These handles are pressed and secured to the lower abdomen.

Once the device is fixed, hold the button in the center to activate the device. These buttons are used to raise and lower the intensity of the stimulation.

“The device is small and egg-shaped with sticky pads in it, measuring approximately 60 mm by 40 mm by 20 mm. The size of the device is a bit larger than wrist watch and is designed according to women’s waist.”


There are also several pros and cons to this device. Let’s look at some of them. 


  • This machine is FDA-approved thus making it safe to use.
  • This is also registered with Therapeutic Goods Administration. 
  • It comes with eight adhesive refills 
  • One can use this device for years.


  • Not every woman can get their hand on this as the cost comes as the issue. the product is not budget-friendly. The price for this product is $139.

Introduction of Livia 

Livia Brand Image
Livia Brand Image

Israeli technologist Zvi Nachum invented the Livia period pain relief device, and the company was founded by his son Chen Nachum. Livia is an Israel-based brand. 

It is developed by iPulse Medical. With a great product, several pros and cons also come along. Let’s look at some of them.

On Instagram, the brand has 70k followers.

Livia Period Pain Device
Pain Device Livia Period
Livia Gel Pads
Livia Gel Pads
Livia Period Pain Device
Livia Period Pain Device


  • The product has been recently approved by FDA.
  • The product has also been approved by CE.
  • The product is also been approved by Canada health thus these all make it completely safe for use.
  • 2 years warranty on the product.
  • Lasts up to 15 hrs on a single charge. 
  • Has 2 gel electrodes and gel stickers which are placed on the lower abdomen.
  • Provides relief from pain within 30-40 seconds. 


  • The product is not pocket friendly. A single product can cost up to $129.

Ovira Vs Livia: The Comparison

After looking at both the brands and their devices, one must be wondering how to choose the better one from the two of them. Below is a comparison table of both brands to make the task easier.

Ovira Vs Livia:

Ovira pain relief device Livia pain relief device.
Market all over the US and Australia products are manufactured in china Australia-based brands.Market all over US Products are manufactured in Israel.Israel-based brand
8 adhesive refills are available with the packet Sustainable for around 2 yearsNo extra refill is available with the packet Warranty for 2 years on the complete device.
The price for the single device is $139The price for a single device is $129
It comes with a type-C USB cable-charged battery that lasts up to 12hrs on a single charge.Comes with a portable charger. Battery lasts up to 15 hrs on a single charge
Ovira Vs Livia

After comparing the brands with one another, let us look at what their customers have to say after using their products.

How do I use pain relief devices?

The steps for using this product are quite simple. let us look at how to use these devices;

  1. The device is almost waist size with two sticky patches available.
  2. The sticky patches need to be attached to the lower abdomen.
  3. The device has a button in the center of the device which is used to control impulsions.
  4. One can easily wear it under any garment one wants.

Reviews by the Customers (Ovira)

When we look at their ratings on their official website there are 1000+ 5 stars ratings. some of the customers have also shared their experiences let us look at that;

“I have endometriosis, adenomyosis, and issues with ovarian cysts. I used my ovira for the first time and within about 5 minutes my back and leg pain got reduced significantly.”

Bec Brisbane

“I went from enduring 15/10 pain for the last 3 weeks to even being hospitalized ( endo, PCOS sufferer,) and now within minutes of having it on I’m down to a 3. I have not felt this relief in a damn long time. Thank you ovira- you have given me new life.


“ My wife has been using ovira for the last couple of weeks. She is so happy that I purchased this for her. she had her period, which has really helped her through it. She is such an amazingly strong woman she deserves to be pain-free. So very glad I got this for her.

Tim .M 

“ovira has given me back the mental, emotional, and physical energy that endo once robbed me of. It’s been the biggest game changer for me,”


“ My boyfriend actually ordered Ovira for me (he is the best). And let me just say … I am obsessed. I’ve worn it during period pain, endometriosis pain, and ovulation pain and it takes no longer to reduce the pain. I’m no longer taking ibuprofen all day every day. I love it.”


These are some of the statements made by the customers, and nothing is more motivating than listening to such wonderful feedback. 

Reviews by the customers (Livia )

If we look at their ratings on different online retailer platforms they have been rated 3.5 out of 5 on the basis of global ratings. let us look at what their customers have to say after using the pain relief device;

“ the product/device took a little time to know what level to adjust the treatment but after the device was worn for a short period it alleviated the pain tremendously! Would definitely recommend trying this product ! one critique would be adding components to the device to accommodate both back and front treatment simultaneously.

Jonathan Avant

“ I’m in absolute love with livia !! I have endometriosis and full work time. I have noticed a decrease in the amount of ibuprofen I have taken to get get some relief from daily pain. Worth the price , added bonus it comes with 2 extra gel electrodes.”


“for years I have been using a lot of pain medication during this time of the month. I have used livia this month and for the first time in 30 years I have not needed any pain medications to get through the first two days.


“ This is so good has helped me with my fibroid pain and cramps!! No issues with packaging.”


Really helped me with my chronic gastroparesis pain


These were some of the comments that Livia customers made after using their device, and they are all positive. 

The Final Verdict: Ovira Vs Livia

The period is nothing but a pain game, and to deal with these painful days, about 50% of women use painkillers. Painkillers during periods are not good for uterus health. 

Sometimes the pain is unbearable. About 88% of women suffer from painful menstrual pain and endometriosis. 

These devices are no less than a boon for women who go through terrible pain during these days of the month. But not every woman can grab their hands on these devices, as they are not pocket-friendly.

One definitely goes with Livia as compared to Ovira. Livia is a little more pocket-friendly when compared to Ovira. 

The battery duration and device warranty are better than Ovira. 

If one can afford these devices, one should definitely go with them, as they are completely drug-free and completely safe as compared to painkillers and other pain medications during the period.

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