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Polyphenol Reparative Serum
Polyphenol-Reparative Serum

Skin is the outermost layer of our body, and it is very challenging to take care of our skin in a better way in today’s era where all the products are filled with toxic chemicals.

It becomes very challenging to find the perfect product that suits the scale and keeps it nourished until its deepest layer.

Several compounds are present in nature in their natural form; all we need to do is extract those compounds and use them in our day-to-day routine.

One such compound is polyphenol, which has immense benefits for the human skin, body, and overall health.

Apart from this, if I talk about one particular product that has a great impact on my skin, it is completely based on this and is derived from all the natural ingredients. The product is known as Polyphenol Reparative Serum by Dr. Gundry

He is one of the most renowned physician researchers, authors, surgeons, and doctors in the United States of America, and currently, he has also been researching the effects of different diets on the human body.

In this blog, we will be talking about Gundry MD Polyphenol Reparative Serum and covering all its possible aspects that a customer should know before purchasing it.

What is Gundry MD Polyphenol Reparative Serum?

Polyphenol Reparative Serum
Polyphenol Reparative Serum

Gundry MD polyphenol reparative serum helps in supporting the natural elasticity of the skin as well as reducing the wrinkles and fine lines that one gets with increasing age. 

The formulation is derived mainly from compounds that are present in natural sources and are powerful and beneficial for human skin

Apart from elasticity, the thing that has come into observation after regular use is the highly hydrated skin, which looks much younger than its original age.

You won’t believe it, but this is the experience that people have shared in various customer reviews on different platforms.

Read Polyphenol Reparative Serum Reviews


Excellent product, reduces wrinkles and provides moisture all day! Good stuff!

Javier M.

I truly like this product a lot, it does give me a really nice moisture and hydration to my face…and it smells really good and does not sting on the skin like other products I’ve used in the past…I would highly recommend this product to friends and family as well.

What are the benefits of Gundry Polyphenol Reparative Serum?

The benefit of any product depends on what kind of ingredients are used while formulating it. The case is the same in Gundry polyphenol reparative serum.

If you look into the sources of those ingredients that have been used while formulating it, then all of them are natural and powerful in terms of giving results.

Seeing this one thing, I would say that there has been a lot of research and studies done while selecting each of the ingredients, their effect on human skin, and how deeply it nourishes the layers.

Some of the basic benefits of Gundry polyphenol reparative serum are mentioned below:

  • The formulation helps keep the skin hydrated and looks younger than its original age.
  • It also helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines that one gets with increasing age and by also adapting to an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • It also helps the skin attain a smooth texture and look softer than before. 
  • It also supports the natural elasticity of the skin, which you won’t get in any other anti-aging serum.
  • The formulation is designed in a way that nourishes and hydrates the deepest layer of your skin to keep it healthy for a longer duration. 

*** Individuals Result May Vary ***


I am a 66-year-old female. I am on my second bottle of the polyphenol reparative and love it. I have been using expensive lotions for most of my adult life, and I find this to be every bit as nice and even feel better than any of the other serum lotions I use”.

Who is Dr. Steven Gundry?

Dr. Steven Gundry
Dr. Steven Gundry

Dr. Steven Gundry is one of the most renowned physicians, doctors, authors, and surgeons in the United States of America. He has about 30 years of experience operating on the human body and is an expert in the cardiothoracic department. 

Apart from these, he has also been researching the effects of different modern diets on the human body and what probable diseases can be caused by them. 

And regarding this, he has also developed several supplements under his brand name, Gundry MD, which have been beneficial in many ways to most of the patients who have been suffering from several issues. Gundry skin care—Polyphenol Reparative Serum—is one of them. 

He has also written several books that have been quite well received by the audience, and people have loved the recipes that have been discussed in those books. 

One of the books, “The Plant Paradox,” has also landed in controversy. But despite all this, it has been loved by the audience. 

Talks apart, we will be talking about polyphenol-reparative serum and its core benefits and ingredients.

How is polyphenol reparative serum different from other similar products?

If you look at the other serums that are on the market, you’ll mostly find that most of the core ingredients are based on chemicals and have some harmful effects on the skin despite treating the problem properly. 

But the case is not the same with polyphenol reparative serum. The core ingredients are all derived from natural sources.

Polyphenol is extracted from natural sources such as the peel of fruits, which is capable of providing a long-term solution to the problem. 

Apart from this, the other ingredients were also chosen very wisely, and after regression testing of each of them on human skin,.

Apart from this, it also has multiple benefits, such as protecting your skin and reducing mental stress. This is caused by pollutants that are present in the air, but on the other hand, it also hydrates the skin and helps in maintaining its elasticity naturally

It also has anti-aging factors in it that work on the deepest layers and healthy cells, keeping them healthy and younger than their original age.

There are so many benefits in just a single bottle, and I don’t think that you would be able to get so many benefits from any of them that are present all across the market.

What are the key ingredients of a polyphenol reparative serum?

All the ingredients that are present in the Gundry ingredient list are well studied and tested before being included in any formulation that is created inside the lab.

The team works hard behind the scenes and pays very keen attention to every effect that the ingredient is causing as per the formulation, and that’s where one of the best anti-aging skin formulas comes from.

Let’s discuss the basic ingredients and the role they play in our bodies.

Swertia Chirata Extract

Swertia Chirata Extract
Image Of Swertia Chirata Extract

This is believed to have skin regeneration properties, and it also promotes the production of collagen, which is the kind of protein that helps maintain the elasticity of our skin

It can also reduce the appearance of scars on the skin, which may be caused by some wounds. It also has anti-aging properties that help fight the oxidative stress caused by free radicals in our skin. 

Apart from this, it also helps in naturally brightening up the skin, as it is believed that it can inhibit the activity of an enzyme called tyrosinase, which plays a role in the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color. 

Oriental Tea Complex

Oriental Tea Complex
Image of Oriental Tea Complex

Oriental Tea Complex is believed to have anti-aging properties and also helps maintain skin elasticity naturally.

It helps protect the skin from harmful UV rays by neutralizing the harmful rays and also reducing the effect of sunlight. Apart from this, it also protects the skin from several anti-inflammatory issues that can be caused by pollutants in the air.

Red Grapevine Extract

Red Grapevine Extract
Image Of Red Grapevine Extract

Red grapevine extract has antioxidants present in it, which help fight out the free radicals that are present and are the root cause of oxidative stress and skin damage. 

It has resveratrol, which is a powerful antioxidant known for its anti-aging properties. It helps in the production of collagen, which further helps in maintaining the elasticity and hydration of the skin.

Apart from this, it also has several polysaccharides and amino acids that help in hydrating and nourishing the skin’s deepest layers.

Apart from this, several other ingredients are also used in this formulation that have an equally important role to play in the health of our skin.

What are the Gundry MD Polyphenol Reparative Serum Reviews?

People have been using polyphenol reparative serums and have shared their experiences on different platforms.

Reading all of them would not be possible for any offer; still, we have selected them so that you can decide to better yourself. 

Read Gundry MD Polyphenol Reparative Serum Reviews by Customers:


Great skincare serum! I have noticed a big difference in my dry skin! My face used to be so dry, but it has returned to normal! I previously tried Neutrogena products on my face that didn’t work.


I have been using this reparative serum for a few weeks now, and I have found it has improved my skin by adding more moisture and fading dark spots. I use it in the morning and follow it with Dr. Gundry’s moisturizer.


Well, I blew away. In the short time that I have been using it, I have seen great progress. Some of my friends have told me that I’m aging backward. That’s a great compliment. Thanks for your help, hard work, and dedication to helping people like me.


I have used several moisturizers and serums as well as home remedies. After using this serum for two weeks, My skin does not look oily but natural. I’ve received compliments on how healthy my skin looks which makes me smile wider. Excellent product with nutritious benefits.

Janis G

This is an excellent product. I prefer to not wear foundation makeup every day, although I am 76. I find that when I use this serum that it tones my skin enough that it, with my moisturizer (plus a sheer sunblock), is just fine for every day. Of course, it is a great addition for smoothness under makeup for those days that I wear makeup. I also apply it at night with a richer moisturizer and I wake up with smooth soft hydrated skin. I will keep using it.

Where Can I Buy Polyphenol Reparative Serum, and How Can I Get a Good Deal on It? 

After knowing so much about the product, which is filled with multiple benefits for the skin, one must be willing to grab their hands on it and explore the skin by themselves.

Well, we will make your job easier just by mentioning the steps to place your order and have it on your doorstep.

  • Visit their official website.
  • Now search for polyphenol reparative serum. 
  • You can select the packages according to the prices that best suit you.
  • Add the bottle to your cart.
  • Move to the cart.
  • Complete the shipping and billing details.
  • Finally, confirm your order.

Final Verdict

If you look at the quality of the product that Dr. Gundry has been giving, you would say it is worth the price.

Gundry polyphenol reparative serum is filled with benefits, especially for those who are going through old age and have mashed their late 30s.

This is because at this age, collagen begins to lose its strength, and it is difficult to maintain its production through diet.

Many people have experienced a change in their skin just after a couple of weeks of use and have appreciated the formulation as it is based on natural ingredients, which are quite rare to find on the market. 

You should inculcate Gundry polyphenol reparative serum if you are going through any skin issues. This product is worth your investment.

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