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Flamingo Razors

Are you someone who doesn’t like hairy skin? Are you someone who is scared of using razors or wax due to the pain and cuts they cause? If your answer to these questions is yes, this review will get you what you have been looking for so long.

We have brought to you Flamingo, a brand that offers products that facilitate easy and quick hair removal. The brand has a wide range of high-quality products for this purpose, including pre-hair removal products and post-hair removal products. 

But, are the company’s products worth a try? This review will help you get an answer to this question.

We will give you a ride through the company’s history, its products, price list, customer reviews, ordering process, pros and cons, and every detail to get an answer to this question.

Flamingo: The Overview of Brand

Flamingo Logo

Flamingo is an American company that manufactures and sells shaving equipment and personal care products for women. The brand was launched in the year 2018 by Harry’s, which is a very successful men’s razor brand.

The founders of Harry’s felt that just like men, women too have personal care and shaving needs. Hence, they decided to launch a brand specifically for women to cater to these needs. As a result, Flamingo was born.

The company believes that personal care is of utmost importance and something that we all deserve.

It donates 1% of its sales to non-profit organizations that support women in building healthy relationships with themselves. Some of these organizations are Exhale to Inhale, PERIOD, AAKOMA, and The Loveland Foundation.

Within a few years of operations, the company has generated great hype and has become a very popular brand. In 2019, it won three very prestigious awards: (i) Allure Best of Beauty Award; (ii) Self Healthy Beauty Award; and (iii) Essence Best of Black Beauty Award. 

The company also has a pretty good image in the press, which is evident from the brand’s being featured by VOGUE, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Fast Company, and other notable outlets.

As for the brand’s social media presence, it has more than 100K followers on Instagram and more than 26K followers on Facebook.

Detailed Information About Flamingo

Flamingo shaving accessories

When it comes to personal care, the products need to be of the utmost quality. This factor is very well taken care of by Flamingo.

Using the experience and expertise of Harry’s, the brand has created premium quality and very effective hair removal products. 

The prices of the products are affordable and reasonable so that the brand can reach the maximum number of people.

The brand believes that there should be a positive relationship between women and their bodies and that personal care is the best way to achieve it.

Before moving ahead, let us have a look at some Pros and Cons of the brand:


  • The brand is created by Harry’s, which has high experience and expertise in shaving equipment and personal care.
  • The brand offers a wide range of shaving products specifically for women.
  • The price of products is kept affordable and reasonable.
  • The company donates 1% of its sales to organizations supporting women’s welfare.
  • Flamingo’s products have a stylish and appealing design.
  • The company also has subscription options.


  • Some customers have also claimed that blades get blunt after some time.

Flamingo Reviews

Danielle A.

“Such a huge fan of the ingrown spot treatment! My skin is so sensitive, but I haven’t gotten an ingrown since using this product.”

Sophie G.

“I actually feel like the wax strips are a game changer for me—to not have to wait for an appointment or have to pay an exorbitant amount of money to get great results is surprisingly liberating. It feels like I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time!”

Flamingo: What are the Products the Brand Offer?

At Flamingo, you can get all you want for a healthy hair removal session. The company’s product range includes products like premium quality razors, foaming shaving creams, replaceable blades, durable handles, wax strips, tweezers, aftercare products, moisturizers, and many more similar products.

To give you deeper insights into the brand, we will now discuss and analyze a few best-selling products offered by the company.

Flamingo Shave Set Review

Flamingo Shave Set
Flamingo Shave Set
Flamingo Shave Set

The Flamingo Shave Set is what you need for a complete hair removal session. This set takes care of not only shaving needs but also pre-shaving and post-shaving needs.

Moreover, the set is available in 5 different colors. Hence, you can choose the one that matches your bathroom aesthetic.

All the products included in the set are of high quality and cruelty-free. The set includes the following products:

  • 1 razor handle with a weighted grip and a flexible hinge.
  • For a close and effective shave, use two five-blade cartridges.
  • 1 oz. of award-winning Foaming Shave Gel
  • One Daily Moisturizing Lotion (3 oz) with a long-lasting hydrating effect.
  • 1 shower holder to keep your razor handy.
  • One recyclable pouch to keep your kit together in one place.

Pricing – The Flamingo Shave Set is priced at $16 on the company’s website.

Flamingo Shave Set Customers Reviews


“HIGHLY RECOMMEND! This kit is great for traveling or if you’ve never tried the Flamingo brand and want to give it a go. But you will fall in love. The razor alone is great. Feels heavy duty and expensive. The lotion has to be my second favorite item in the kit and something I will repurchase when I run out. The scent of the lotion is amazing. Reminds me a bit of the Chanel Chance perfume! Insane.”

Tiffany K.

“This is my favorite lotion now for a few reasons. I love the scent; it’s not too strong or perfume-y… just smells clean and fresh. I love how quickly it absorbs, whether I use it on my legs or my hands. I like the hydration it provides; not heavy/sticky/greasy, just soft and clean. Also, they claim it helps with ingrowns and I really think it does. I get minor ingrowns on my legs from waxing and they have improved since using this lotion once a day for the past few months. Lastly, the cost really can’t be beat. Nine bucks is a great deal for this lotion. I’ve already repurchased another bottle for my hands at work!”

Flamingo Face and Body Shave Set Review

Flamingo Face and Body shave Set
Face & Body Shave Set
Face & Body Shave Set

This is a recently launched shaving set by the company. The set includes two separate razor blade cartridges for your face and body hair.

The set is a space-saver as you don’t need to have two separate razor handles. You can easily switch between the two razor cartridges.

What differentiates the set from any other set is the fact that 100% of the profits earned from its sale are donated to The Trevor Project, which is the world’s largest organization for suicide prevention and crisis support for the LGBTQ community.

For this purpose, the packaging of the set is designed by the very popular artist Ohni Lisle.

Inside the pack, you will find the following products:

  • 1 Harry’s razor blade cartridge for facial hair removal.
  • 1 Flamingo razor blade cartridge for body hair removal.
  • 1 weighted Razor Handle with a no-slip grip, available in a limited edition color.
  • 1 limited edition Shower Holder to keep your razor within reach.
  • 1 Pride Sticker Sheet.

Pricing – The Flamingo Face and Body Shave Set is available at a price of $10 on the company’s website.

Flamingo Face and Body Shave Set Customers Reviews

Avery A.

“So many amazing things to say about this razor! I got the mint color and it is simply beautiful. The shaving cream that Flamingo sells is also amazing! And just a side note, a little goes along way. I like too that you can store the razor properly, and that it doesn’t get rusty quickly. It also looks cute! Now moving on to the actual razor…it shaves perfectly. No sharp edges, very smooth, and makes the glide easy. I like how flexible it is so you can also get into tough corners and be gentle. Not enough great things to say about this!”

Tiffany K.

“HIGHLY RECOMMEND! This kit is great for traveling or if you’ve never tried the Flamingo brand and want to give it a go. But you will fall in love. The razor alone is great. Feels heavy duty and expensive. The lotion has to be my second favorite item in the kit and something I will repurchase when I run out. The scent of the lotion is amazing. Reminds me a bit of the Chanel Chance perfume! Insane.”

Flamingo Head To Toe Wax Review

Flamingo Head To Toe Wax
Head to Toe Wax
Head to Toe Wax

When it comes to hair removal, wax strips are one of the most preferred products. However, some factors, like stickiness after waxing, difficulties in removing fine hair, etc, are major disadvantages of waxing strips.

The Flamingo Head to Toe Wax Set addresses all of the shortcomings of traditional wax strips.

The set has all those products which can help you with smooth head-to-toe waxing. Flamingo was the first brand to introduce soft gel wax in the United States.

The wax strips come in a ready-to-use form and do not require any prior heating. This set also takes care of post-waxing problems. In addition, the set is cruelty-free and consists of premium-quality products.

The pack includes the following products for facilitating a head to toe wax session:

  • 20 Face Wax Strips for removal of facial hair.
  • 28 Body Wax Strips for removal of body hair.
  • 14 Post-Wax Clothes for removing excess wax and stickiness after waxing.
  • 1 Calming Serum for soothing skin after waxing.
  • 1 Waxing Guide to ensure a safe waxing session.

Pricing – This waxing set is available for purchase at a price of $19 on the company’s website.

Flamingo Head To Toe Wax Customers Reviews

Kelly B.

“The waxing kits are gentle, easy to use and really work well. I have always done my waxing professionally but your kits are so easy to work with, I am now doing my own.”


“These are easy to use, come with wipes to clean up left behind wax and you get quite a few in a box. I only use them for small areas, not sure how effective on really hairy or large areas but for armpits, etc they work great”

Flamingo Pubic Hair Wax Kit Review

Flamingo Pubic Hair Wax Kit
Pubic Hair Wax Kit
Pubic Hair Wax Kit

Is your pubic hair disturbing your bikini line? If so, we have the perfect solution for you the Flamingo Pubic Hair Wax Kit.

It is a set of wax strips specially designed for the smooth removal of pubic hair. When it comes to personal care, hygiene below the belt is a must. Therefore, this is a very essential product for women.

The pack consists of 24 wax strips in three different shapes and sizes so that you can remove only those hairs that you wish to get rid of and nothing else.

Plus, you also get eight post-wax clothes to get rid of stickiness and excess wax after waxing. Also, you get an instruction booklet to guide you step-by-step through the waxing process.

Pricing – This waxing kit is available on the company’s website at a very affordable price of $10.

Flamingo Pubic Hair Wax Kit Customers Reviews

Rachel handlock

“Love these! I’ve tried different brands but this one has been amazing for me! I personally feel like it’s great at getting all the hairs but it’s not terribly sticky afterwards, I had no issues with extra wax though. Love these !”

Cathleen R.

“I have purchased these wax strips several times now. They work very well and the calming serum is a life saver however I peel for a few days after using every single time. It may just be my sensitive skin and not a reflection on the wax strips.”

How to Order Flamingo Products?

We are pretty sure that you might be excited to get your own Flamingo products and enhance your shaving experience. Below are a few simple steps to guide you in ordering your favorite products from the company’s website.

  1. Visit Flamingo’s Website In order to get your own Flamingo products, you will have to first visit the company’s website ( On the Home page, click on the top left Options button (indicated by three horizontal lines).
  1. Choose the category – Within the Options tab, click on the Shop button. In the Shop tab, you will see various categories like Shave, Wax, Tweeze, Treat, and Moisturize. Now, click on the category from which you intend to buy products.
  1. Select the productOnce you have selected the category, you will be shown a list of products belonging to that category. Select the product which you wish to buy. For some products, you may have to make choices like color, quantity, etc. After checking all specifications, add the product to your cart.
  1. Provide Shipping Details and Make PaymentLastly, you will have to provide shipping details as required and make the payment for your product. With this, your order will be placed and delivered at the specified time.

Flamingo Razor Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

To make this review holistic and realistic, we will now have a look at the real-life experiences of certain customers with the brand. Keeping aside the wax strip, all the products offered by Flamingo have rated at least 4.0/5.0 stars.

A few wax strip sets are rated 3.0/5.0 stars (lowest among all Flamingo products) on the company’s website. 

While looking through the brand’s website, we found a lot of positive and appreciative customer reviews of the products. Some of the reviews are:

Karen P.

“The razor is pretty and it goes very smoothly over my skin, I get a close shave & no cuts! I also love the razor holder, keeps my razor neatly put away. The shaving cream is thick & leaves skin soft and smooth. I haven’t tried the lotion yet, but I’m sure I’ll love it too.”

Sophie G.

“I actually feel like the wax strips are a game-changer for me—to not have to wait for an appointment or have to pay an exorbitant amount of money to get great results is surprisingly liberating. It feels like I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time!”

Cynthia J.

“I have spent hundreds of dollars on “good” tweezers. I will no longer do that. These babies are amazing. They are sharp and effective. I ended up buying two more because they are so good. And at the wonderfully low price, I have a set in my gym bag, my travel trailer, and in each bathroom in the house. Thank you Flamingo!”

Jackie A.

“I absolutely love this razor! The rubber handle feels secure in your hand, even when you’re shaving hard to reach areas, and the hinge is flexible enough to move with your body. The aloe strip is also hydrating, but I love using the Flamingo shave gel, too. You’d be surprised at how long this actually stays sharp, I know I was. Plus, it looks beautiful in my shower on the hook!”

However, we would like to point out that the majority of reviews and overall ratings claim Flamingo products to be very effective, affordable, and satisfactory.

Are Flamingo Products Worth It?

After considering all the above aspects of Flamingo, we believe that the brand’s products are completely worth it. The variety of hair removal and personal care products available makes the brand more attractive.

If you don’t believe us, there are a lot of customers who praise the brand’s products for their efficacy, design, ease of use, and durability. These customer testimonials make us believe that it is a brand worth your trust.

Most importantly, the products are affordable and reasonably priced and easily fit into customers’ budgets. The fact that you get premium quality and efficient products at affordable prices makes the brand worth a buy.

Our Verdict on Flamingo Razors

We have a positive and favorable opinion about Flamingo as a brand. If you are someone looking for good-quality hair removal products at an affordable price, Flamingo is a one-stop solution for you.

You can get razors, blades, wax strips, tweezers, shaving creams, etc. specially designed for women by the brand.

As mentioned earlier, the brand was launched by Harry’s, a very successful men’s razor brand.

Hence, you can be assured of getting good quality products. As claimed by the company, each product goes through months and years of development to provide the best products to the customers.

The brand is aware of its social responsibilities. It donates 1% of its sales to non-profit organizations supporting a healthy relationship between women and their bodies. Hence, one can be a part of this good deed by purchasing the brand’s products.

If you are still confused about the brand’s reliability, we would like to mention that Flamingo has won various prestigious awards and has been featured by many prominent media outlets. Hence, you can trust the brand, without any doubts.

We would recommend you try the brand’s products for yourself and your loved ones. As claimed by many customers, you can be assured of seeing excellent and magical results.

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