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Athena Club

Some top Stand-Out features of Athena Club

  • Voted as Best Women’s Razor
  • Made with quality
  • Loved by many women


Instead of settling for a men’s razor or razor that leaves you with red skin or razor burn, invest in one of the best razors for women and say goodbye to irritated skin after every shave. 

We’d like to introduce you to the Athena Club, which is one of the best available. Athena Club believes that the quality of women’s self-care products could be improved. 

Aside from pure, natural, and sustainable razors, tampons, body lotions, and vitamins, the brand reflects its firm goal.

Athena Club: The Overview of Brand

Athena Club Brand Logo
Athena Club Brand Logo

Athena Club was voted one of the finest women’s razors for sensitive skin by Vogue. The brand has received a lot of attention.

Athena Club goods are designed with the environment in mind, decreasing the firm’s environmental footprints and its consumers. 

A backroom staff of medical advisers ensures that the contents are extensively studied, responsibly obtained, and devoid of synthetics, additives, and other harsh compounds.

On a worldwide scale, the organisation places a premium on exceptional self-care. They’ve collaborated with organisations like Good+, Period., and Bright Pink to distribute over 1 million period products to those in need worldwide.

Consider our Athena Club review to be your one-stop shop for all information regarding the firm. 

We’ll examine the brand, its goods, user reviews, promotions, and other factors to determine whether their self-care items are worth your money.

Athena: The Razor Kit Review

The Razor Kit
The Razor Kit

For deeper nourishment, the Athena razor is enhanced with soothing shea butter and a water-activated serum. 

This shaving kit has a magnetic hook to keep your razor secure while scrubbing your scalp and sud your skin. It’s slip-proof and built to last.

Its angled position prevents rust, and its tenacious 3M sticker ensures a secure grip. You can also add the brand’s patented Cloud Shave Foam to your Athena Shave Kit, but it isn’t required for the razor to function properly.

Athena: Creamy Body Wash Review

Creamy Body Wash
Creamy Body Wash

A refreshing, hot shower can be a pleasant gesture of self-care when the right ingredients are used. While shopping for high-quality shampoos and conditioners, add the Creamy Body Wash to your cart because it cleanses, softens, and protects the skin.

This creamy cleanser contains avocado oil, chamomile extract, and coconut oil, among other ingredients. The recipe cleanses your body while also providing a healthy dose of vitamins, omegas, and antioxidants to your skin.

It has a creamy texture and can also be used as a shaving foam. This product is free of toxins and environmentally friendly because the container is made of pure sugarcane. A one-time purchase of this wonderful lather costs only $12.

Athena: Cloud Shave Foam Review

Cloud Shave Foam
Cloud Shave Foam

Shave Foam from Athena Club will take your shaving routine to the next level. Bouncy, frothy clouds moisturise, condition, and soothe your skin when applied.

Aloe leaf juice and oat extract are included in the formula, which provides antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, and fatty acids. Rose, sage, lime, vanilla, and cedarwood are among the natural scents that will enhance your shaving experience.

There are no rust stains in the shower, thanks to the rust-free container made without harmful materials. 

You can get the closest shave, even underwater, for $10 as a one-time purchase or $9 with an Athena Club membership.

Athena: TLC Wipes Review

TIC Wipes
TIC Wipes

It is, without a doubt, the softest face wipe ever made. Athena’s gentle yet effective wipes quickly remove anything you don’t want on your face at the end of the day (including makeup and dirt). 

It leaves multivitamins and antioxidants to nourish, hydrate, and protect your skin. Your skin feels fresh and clean, with no greasy residue.

You have a beautiful face that shouldn’t be subjected to pain, pulling, or burning when you remove your makeup. 

Meet their Soft Face Wipes, the wipes that wash your face while also removing all traces of makeup in a flash. Vitamins B3, B5, and E help keep your skin supple and conditioned — it’s like a serum in a wipe.

Athena: Can you tell me about the customer reviews?

In this Athena Club self-care review, several customers praised the brand. With hundreds of reviews, they have an average of 5/5 star ratings for most things on their website. Customers who bought The Razor Kit raved about how close it shaved.

I bought an Athena razor to prevent razor burn and I love it. I don’t get razor burn anymore like I did with any other razor. Athena is the best!!


This is the best razor I’ve had!! I cancelled my other membership with another razor company! I’m so glad I found Athena Club!!


The packaging was sooo nice I was blown away! The products not pricey at all but it’s packaged as if it expensive! I was impressed. Now for the razor, it’s great! I wish I got the shaving cream too.


Athena Razors Pricing and Subscription Information

Only as part of their subscription service is the Athena Razor kit available. One pack costs $9 and comes in various sizes to guarantee you have Athena Club razor replacements whenever your blade turns dull. This Athena Club set costs, depending on cartridge size:

4 replacement blades (every 3 months): $3.00 for each blade

8 replacement blades (every 6 months): $2.50 for each blade

12 replacement blades (every 6 months): $2.25 for each blade

Our Verdict on Athena

Athena gets a thumbs up from us. This Athena Club self-care review strongly recommends this brand to women looking for high-quality, hygienic, and affordable self-care products. 

Most competing stores aren’t transparent enough about how their products are made.

This is particularly problematic because we require complete transparency about what we put into our bodies. 

Athena Club recognises the critical need for women’s affordable self-care products and of high quality.

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