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A well-known intelligence offering skin and body care with the combination of high quality naturally obtained refined ingredients found in retro-inspired apothecary packaging. 

You must be thinking about what is special about the brand, somewhere there are many brands which are offering skin and body care products. 


So, the specialty of the brand is it’s totally obtained from nature and lab experiments. There is no animal oil or something which harms animals.

Also, the biggest fun fact is Aesop doesn’t only make cruelty-free products but also doesn’t try or experiment on them. And they believe in the line: they are taking from nature so they have to pay for nature.

Obviously, you’re thinking about how the idea of this cruelty-free product has been stuck in their mind. Don’t think about it much, we’re here to clear up your doubts. Let’s discuss this idea.

Overview Of The Aesop Brand

Aesop Brand Image
Aesop Brand Image

So, we were discussing the facts about the company and how they came to the conclusion of making cruelty-free fine products that are best in quality too.

So, the founder of Aesop “Dennis Paphitis” 1987 was trying to kill the smell of ammonia by mixing essential oils with commercial coloring. 

So, after that, she has given a hike to her thoughts and after that day she knew that essential oils are going to be the biggest power of the brand. 

When the first time Aesop was released it was offering hair and body care options. After 4 years in 1991, the brand expanded and jumped into skincare products. 

Aesop has been a popular brand for many years so that’s why there is no doubt that they have collected so many customers, followers, and likes.

 If you also want to follow them on Instagram there I’d be Aesop skincare with 965k+ followers you can also join them on Facebook as Aesop and if you visit their Facebook you will get nearly 46k+ likes. You can also get to their website at (

Before moving ahead about the company let’s talk about the good and bad points of the products:


  • Cruelty-free means they don’t test their products on animals.
  • They Use 99% of organic ingredients in their products.
  • Excellent and Gentle on the skin.
  • The products smell lovely. 
  • Products are easy to use. 


  • Sometimes because of the organic and natural ingredients and no mixture of harmful ingredients product’s smell is not appropriate. 
  • In one review I saw a customer who wrote lip balm doesn’t affect the properly. 

Are The Products Offered By Aesop Purely Natural?

Aesop Products
Aesop Products


Aesop never uses “natural” words to describe its products. Aesop clearly states that they use the ingredients obtained based on plants as well as scientifically proven best ingredients for skin. 

Most of its products of Aesop are plant-based. They are amazed and practically obtain the products from natural resources but this is also true for Aesop they’re also fascinated by the science and the scientific approaches. 

According to them, they use high-quality, scientifically proven, and skin-friendly ingredients in their products. 

Products offered by the brand 

Aesop skin

Aesop: Makeup removal duo for dry skin

Aesop Makeup removal duo for dry skin

This Is a duo of two products, the first product is a remover of 60mL and the second product is purifying Facial Cream Cleanser of 100mL. 

This is a gentle, efficient way to remove your Makeup. This pair gives you a cleansing of makeup and grime without letting your skin dry.

Also, this duo is very simple to use as if you to use it you only have to:

  • Take a  half spoonful of purifying Facial cream cleanser and then add 7-8 drops of remover in it.
  • Mix it well.
  • Apply on your face and neck area with soft hands.
  • Wait for a second to dissolve your makeup with the product and wipe it with warm, damp clothes. 

You can make this amazing product yours in $440.00 only/-

  • You will get complimentary free samples with the purchase of products. 

Parsley seed facial cleansing oil

Parsley seed facial cleansing oil

A makeup remover formulation with a richness of fatty acids which have benefits of skin-calming. You can clean your skin with gentle nourishment.

The size available is 200mL.

It’s safe to use on normal, combination, dry and sensitive skin. It’ll give you soft, calm, and gently cleaned skin

This makeup remover is made up of the goodness of macadamia seed, tocopherol, beta-carotene, avocado, Oryza sativa, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, and many more beneficially obtained ingredients. 

To use this product you can blend the mixture in your hand to give it the texture of a milky emulsion. After that you can massage the formulation on your face or the neck, followed by rinsing your face. 

You can get this Facial cleansing oil in $440.00 only/-

Aesop fragrance 

Rōzu Ensemble 

Rōzu Ensemble 
Aesop Rōzu Ensemble 

An astonishing trio here!

This trio has been made for your body and hand. For giving you pleasure for the whole day with fragrance and body cleansing infused with spirited flowers and citrus-based hand balm. 

This bundle of three products is made by :

  1. Rōzu Eau de Parfum with a quantity of 50mL;  It’s a fragrance with the smell of rose, shish, and guaiac wood. You can use it by splashing it on the skin and allowing it to dry.
  1. Body cleanser of the quantity 100mL; An aromatic gel for cleansing your body with the softening and soothing effects of rose oil and other botanical extracts. It can be used for mixing and blending it on the palm, massaged on the skin, and then rinse
  1. Hand balm having a quantity of 75mL; Blended botanical ingredients to give your hands and cuticles a soft finish. It can be used very simply by applying directly on the hands for as much time as your hand needs it. 

You can take it to you with you at the price of $1760.00 only.

Aesop hair

Aesop: Rose hair and scalp moisturizing masque

Rose hair and scalp moisturizing masque
Aesop Rose hair and scalp moisturizing masque

One of the finest and most fragrant hair and scalp masques!!

You can use it for an intensive, conditioning treatment to restore vitality and lustrous and softened hair. It’ll also provide you with soothing dry and flaky scalps. 

It’s available to you in two sizes, the first one is 120mL and the second one is 500mL.

This moisturizer is useful not only for normal to dry scalp but also for fragile and chemically treated hairs. Its molecules will give you a floral, woody, and warm feeling. 

It’s mainly made up of rose petals, beta-carotene, and lavender stems.

It’s available in the market only for $255.00.

How To Order Aesop?


You can simply buy it from the market or you can order it online by using some easy instructions. 

  1. To purchase the products you have to first visit their website given here;
  2. After visiting their website you will get two line icons on your right-hand side, you have to click them.
  3. After clicking on that icon you will see the genre you wanted to purchase just give a click on it and choose the product you want. After Choosing click on the icon named “Add to your cart”.
  4. By clicking on the cart you will get the subtotal amount and reach the checkout page. Simply after visiting the page, you have to fill in the address and payment details. 
  5. Click on the icon “Place order” and then wait for your order. 

What Do Customers Think?

Here, we’re bringing you an honest customer review by which you can choose your brand wisely. 

A dreamy experience!! “My partner and I had an incredible experience being assisted by Kelly from the Regent Street store. We walked by the store and we decided to go in to see the options for a day cream for myself. We were greeted by Kelly who showed us a range of products for my skin type and my partner’s skin type. She was so good at explaining the products that we decided to buy them all. Once we went back home we tried them and we were both amazed, they smell so good and natural and our skin felt so good. If you’re looking for a great experience and to be consulted on the right products then the Aesop Regent Street store is definitely a great one, and Kelly was super nice and consultative!!”


Amazing experience at the new Regent Street store…“I visited the new Regent Street store and I was greeted by a staff member (I’m sorry I can’t remember your name) and he assisted my sister-in-law and I in choosing fragrances. His knowledge of the fragrances was amazing and it was truly a fantastic experience being in the fragrance room. I then went to try a few of the hand washes and balms with Justine assisting us. Justine had a great understanding of what we were looking for and she also helped my husband with beard care.”

Thank you Aesop team x

~ Natalie

If you want quality, good service & products…”If you want quality service and products, Aesop delivers; lovely fragranced toiletries and fragrances. I only shop online, but their online orders come wrapped in an Aesop cotton toilet bag. I have purchased online from Aesop several times and have always received next-day service and great products. This time, however, DPD managed to “lose” my parcel, and after unsuccessfully getting DPD to find it, Aesop stepped in to sort out the problem very swiftly (although it wasn’t their fault). Highly recommend this company!

 ~ Klaus

These are some reviews we found and collected to mention here, you can also visit their website for more.

Are Aesop Products Worth It?


You’ll get many skin care products in the markets or online. But every product has its own benefits and side effects. 

As we discussed its bad side above is the cons point that is only one or two. But if we start counting its good side the list is going to be so long.

Some of the other good points are they never add colorants, mineral oils, animal derivatives, silicon, parables, and almost no synthetic fragrance. 

These days there are only a few brands that don’t use these things and one of them is Aesop. 

Yes, it is totally worth it, and we highly recommend it. 

Our Verdict On Aesop

Aesop stated and stands honestly on the pride that they are vegan and cruelty-free. This shows a huge reputation with the people who love to use vegan products. 

Everyone has their own type of skin, in fact, many people have sensitive skin. So, the concern is if everyone has their own type of skin then it’s for sure that every skin must have their own type of skin issues too. 

Aesop thinks about all types of skin and issues and that’s why Aesop puts their all products in different types of categories and also they make products for every skin type. This is also a very unique positive point of the brand. 

Aesop not only made skin care products but at the same time, they also worry about the cleansing and removers we use. They also have a broad variety of cleansing items. 

Also, Aesop products are luxury and will enhance the shower of your home. 

After reaching out about all the points and products we are really recommending these products.

Go for it now. 

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