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Vital Roots
Vital Roots

We often feel tired and low on energy after working for the entire day.

But most of us struggle to keep our energy levels stable throughout the day so that we can work efficiently without feeling exhausted.

For this, we go on several supplements and diets for our body so that we can feel better for the entire day. 

But have you ever known that most of the supplements are either based on chemical-based ingredients or if organic, artificial preservatives and artificial flowerings have been used so that the shelf life of those supplements could be increased?

This is what most manufacturing brands do. 

However, the scenario is not the same with Gundry MD products. The supplements were developed by Dr. Steven Gundry himself, who is one of the most renowned doctors, physicians, and surgeons in the United States of America. 

This review blog intends to give my readers more information about Gundry MD Vital Roots.

We will be looking into all the possible aspects of this supplement, which will cover ingredient formulation and also what experience other people have had with the supplements.

So let’s dive into the blog.

What are Gundry MD Vital Roots?

Gundry MD Vital Roots
Gundry MD Vital Roots

Gundry MD Vital Roots is formulated to stabilize energy levels and also work on oxidative stress and metabolic rate in the body.

It has been formulated by reducing 10 unique root extracts that are completely natural and consist of several polyphenols that help activate fat-torching molecules that normally lie dormant inside our cells. 

These cells are SIR1 molecules, which are also a form of protein that helps fight the mitochondrial decay and aging that are visible on our skin.

The entire mechanism works at the last level of our body, which is the cellular level. And in the best cases, no artificial chemicals or preservatives are used to make the shelf life longer.


  • Helps balance out the energy level by working at the cellular level.
  • The Gundry MD Vital Roots help activate the SIRT1 molecule, which helps burn fat.
  • The polyblend roots help keep cardiac tissue healthy, and this keeps cardiovascular health intact.
  • The vital roots also help in burning fat faster, which is of great help in the weight loss journey. 
  • The entire formulation is also helpful in reducing inflammation and oxidative stress.


  • The excess dosage can have some side effects and some medical complications. 

Read Gundry MD Vital Roots reviews by customers:


My wife and I use Vital Roots. We start each morning with MCT Wellnes drink, Peak Mobility & Vital Roots. We then Tia Chi for an hour for exercise. At that point, we feel great and are ready to take on a new day. We take your other supplements with dinner. I am 76 years old. Thank you for helping us keep young.


General daily activities improved with more energy, clarity in thought. As an electrical controls engineer and machine designer I always need to be alert working inside complicated equipment. This product gives me energy, alertness of my mid 30’s This product works for me!

Benefits Of Using Gundry Vital Roots

We can count the numberless benefits of Gundry Vital Roots just by looking at the ingredients that have been used while formulating them.

Apart from this, the best thing is that it shows results instantly within a few weeks of regular use, and you feel a change in your body and mind. 

Curcuma longa, Rhodiola rosea, Muira puama root extract, maca root, eleuthero root, burdock root, dandelion root, nettle root, kaempferol parviflora, and ​​turmeric root are used to formulate it.

These are sources from some of the best sources in the world, and that too in its purest form. Some of the primary benefits are mentioned below:

  • The presence of black turmeric extract helps support sirtuin and enhance mitochondrial function, which acts as the powerhouse of the cell. 
  • It also has survival proteins that help boost energy levels and fight against the premature visible signs of aging on our skin. 
  • It also supports Sir’s cardiovascular health with root polyphenols that help the cardiac tissue stay healthy, strong, and vibrant. 
  • Vital roots also help in activating the SIRT1 protein molecule, which helps in burning fat and helps you lose weight faster.
  • The curcumin Polyphenols that are present inside the formulation help fight oxidative stress and also balance the metabolism of our body. 

***Individual Results May Vary***

Who is Dr. Steven Gundry?

Dr. Steven Gundry
Dr. Steven Gundry

Dr. Steven Gundry is one of the most renowned physicians, surgeons, researchers, and authors in the United States of America. He was born in Omaha, Nebraska, in the United States of America. He also researched several cardiac surgeries and has performed more than 100 surgeries successfully. 

Currently, he has been researching the effects of different diets on the human body, and regarding this, he has also developed supplements for the treatment of those problems.

Apart from this, he has also written several books regarding diets and health, like “Plant Paradox Diet,” that have been appreciated by the audience, and the book also consists of his experience of almost three decades in the medical field. 

Coming back to Dr. Gundry MD Vital Roots, let’s look back at the basic formulation of the supplements and what their core functions are inside our bodies. 

What are the key ingredients of Vital Roots?

Vital Roots Ingredients
Vital Roots Ingredients

The foundation of Gundry Vital Roots lies in its formulation and the ingredients that are involved in it. Each of the ingredients that have been used has its own importance and role to play inside our body.

We must understand how the entire formulation works so that we can understand the basic workings of these vital roots.

Some of the ingredients and their key roles are mentioned below. 

Black turmeric extract

Black turmeric extract
Black turmeric extract

These are best known for their help in the regulation of blood and for making the weight loss journey easier. These extracts help fight several stomach issues and osteoarthritis. 

Apart from this, they also help in balancing out blood sugar levels and keeping a check on them. They also help in the proper production of bile, which plays a very important role in the entire digestive process. 

Dandelion roots

Dandelion roots
Dandelion roots

These roots are rich in antioxidants and help fight the free radicals that are responsible for oxidative stress in our bodies. They also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels inside our bodies. Apart from this, they are also responsible for reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system.

Nettle root extract

Nettle root extract

These Roots have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They are very helpful with skin problems and aid in their treatment. They also have anti-aging properties, which help in the disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles from our skin.

How Do Gundry MD Vital Roots Work?

The basic mechanism of vital roots lies in the 10 unique, potent roots that have been formulated together. Together, they activate the SIRT1 molecules, which are also known as survival proteins inside cells. Now, these are already present in our body inside the cell, in a dormant state.

After being activated, these molecules, or survival proteins, help in burning down the fats in our body, which work as the primary source of energy. 

Due to this, we see changes in our weight, metabolism, and other factors that are connected to it. 

Customer Reviews On Gundry MD Vital Roots

We have talked a lot about these Gundry MD Vital roots. And you must be thinking about what others have experienced after using these blends of roots and forms of capsules. Well, we will let you know about that.

Below, we have collected some of the reviews shared by people after using Gundry MD Vital Roots. 


I have had bowel troubles for years but since I got started with vital roots they have become more normal and my energy is much better and my weight is more manageable. I am very happy with my progress. Thank you!


I have been using Vital Roots for about three months now & I feel & look slimmer, have more energy & have overall well being.


I’ve found Vital Roots keeps me feeling in charge of my own destiny. I had been feeling weak even after losing 20 lbs. This helps keep my digestion on track, without any urgency, if you know what I mean. Very satisfied. ????????

G-ma Jo

I take my Vital Roots first thing in the morning with an 8 oz glass of water and I immediately get a boost of energy and feel awake and confident that my day has started on the right foot with Vital Roots!


Right away I noticed I had more energy through out the day,and I didn’t have the the cravings I normally have for sugar and salty snacks.

How Do I Order Vital Roots, and How Can I Save On It?

After discussing so much with Gundry MD Vital Roots, you are willing to have them and feel your energy level at its best for the entire day. Well, we will not let you ponder on the internet. The steps to place your order are mentioned below:

  • Visit their official website
  • Now search for vital roots.
  • Select the package according to your requirements. 
  • Now add them to your cart.
  • Move to the cart.
  • Complete the shipping and billing details.
  • Finally, confirm the order.

Final verdict

Gundry MD Vital Roots are the best if you are looking for something natural that is free from preservatives and any kind of chemical. The best part is that it has been formulated and tested by Dr. Gundry himself.

This is an assurance of safety in itself because he is putting his reputation at stake with each of the supplements he is creating or developing. 

The ingredients are sourced from some of the best sources in the world, which again ensures good health for you. In case you don’t like this supplement, they also have a 90-day return policy without any hassle.

So you can go for these vital roots if you are searching for some good supplements for energy levels, weight loss, and metabolism.

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