Our body is made up of millions or trillions of cells. Together the cells make tissue and each tissue makes a body part. Each body part has its own different functionalities. Our body requires a lot of nutrition to get proper vitamins, proteins, carbs and a lot more for the proper functionalities. 

The need for nutrition is a lot more necessary and the whole body working depends on that. The proper nutrition is gained with the proper diet. 

In this era of fast foods and junk foods, the level of nutrition is diminishing. Especially the youngsters, they have a lot of junk food with their friends and family as well. 

We are not saying that one shouldn’t eat junk food, for some time it is good, but on a regular basis, it affects your body. Apart from the junk foods, our daily home-cooked foods are also not sufficient alone to deliver the sufficient nutrition level. 

The diet plays an integral role to deliver nutrition to your whole body. The proper diet will result in you living longer and happier. 

According to a survey, around 67% of Americans are low in nutrition and as a result, they struggle to live longer and depend on medicines. 

What are D2C Brands?


DTC Brand stands for Direct to Consumer brands. Direct to consumer brands are doing good when it comes to giving the services to their consumers directly. 

There are a lot of DTC startups in many fields such as health, home utility and many like that. DTC brands are actually doing good and making huge profits because they make the consumer experience better and better and consumers are getting satisfied with their services and the quality of their products. 

The DTC brands are offering an affordable range of their products to their consumer because there is no involvement of the Middle Man who will include a lot of cost in between supply chains and the consumer has to be responsible for that. 

So there is much cost cut with good service and quality of the product.

Top Diet & Nutrition DTC Brands

1. Misfits Market


If you don’t really have time to go food shopping or simply despise it, online grocery delivery is a game-changer. If you worry about sustainable and responsible grocery shopping, Misfits Market is a delivery service worth trying. It’s not only simple to use, but it also concentrates on organic and non-GMO products that might otherwise go to waste due to a variety of factors (e.g., cosmetic imperfections or surplus inventory). Everything is also fairly priced. I recently tried Misfits Market for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by how simple and inexpensive it was.

2. Ritual


Ritual vitamins come in two varieties: “Essential for Women” and “Essential Prenatal,” both designed exclusively for women. Each bottle has 60 pills, and every day you should take two of the gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO capsules. It’s a subscription-based service, which means a fresh Snapchat-friendly bottle of vitamins will arrive on your doorstep every month. You can change your shipping schedule or drop at any time, and if you’re not a fan, Ritual will cover the cost of your first order. The ordinary version costs $30 per month, while the prenatal option costs $35 per month).

3. Rootine


Rootine specializes in vitamin blends depending on your lifestyle and a DNA test that is delivered to your door once a month — their microbead design allows for maximum nutrition delivery as well. Rootine wants to make a change. This direct-to-consumer (D2C) enterprise elevates multi-nutrients to a new level – one that is entirely unique to us. One of Rootine’s main advantages has to be its research transparency. They aren’t afraid to share their personal data, which is something that many of their competitors can’t say. All of the genetic variants they look for have been studied and are supported by scientific and clinical evidence.

4. Calibrate


Calibrate is a telemedicine startup that provides a virtual weight loss programme that lasts a year. This programme consists of a combination of activities, such as classes, goal-setting, and virtual training sessions, that are designed to help clients change their habits and improve their metabolic health over time. To put it another way, the Calibrate programme is a type of behaviour therapy designed to help people lose weight.

5. GEM


Daily Gem is a multivitamin pill designed exclusively for females. However, this isn’t just any other multivitamin pills on the market. Rather than the traditional pill or capsule shape seen in most multivitamins like Feel Multivitamin or Klean Multivitamins, Daily Gem appears in the form of a “small energy bar” – yes, it’s made with whole and genuine foods, just like your typical energy bar! You should check out Daily Gem if you want a quicker way to take your vitamins or if tablets won’t work for you.

6. Graze


Graze is a weekly snack subscription package that includes eight seasoned and delicious nibbles. The snack box is ideal for persons on the go or who want to eat healthier snacks. Graze is among the most convenient subscription boxes on the market because it requires no identification upon delivery, fits in your mailbox, and can be delivered anywhere in the United States. You’ll never go hungry again, whether at home or at work! Graze, which advertises itself as “healthy snacks delivered to your door,” piqued my curiosity enough for me to try out the membership long enough to sample a variety of their zesty offerings.


There are a lot of nutritionists and dieticians who give their services to the people who are hunting for a good diet. But it is not accessible to all people because there is no adequate number of personnel who deliver their services to all. 

Generally, there is more demand than supply. Also, not everyone can afford their services because they demand a good amount of money. 

Also, the impact of covid-19 has impacted many and people are getting afraid to go anywhere, especially to doctors and other clinics and thus it has impacted many businesses. 

With the current situation and a lot more like this, there are startups who are providing diet counsellings and they provide their services directly to consumers. 

Many of us might have heard about famous companies like Ritual but there are a lot more good startups who offer a good range of services at a low cost. 

These DTC Diet and Nutrition startups are able to fulfil their consumer’s demands and offer quality services.

You might surf through social media like Facebook, Instagram and also video platforms like youtube. There you have seen a lot of these startups and might have been influenced by the results.

As each individual is unique and everyone has the different abilities to absorb the nutrients to the diet and thus the individual results may vary from person to person. 

These new startups offer the one on one interviews with the consumers and their personalisation at a very lower cost as compared to the other traditional methods, 

There are heavy investments in the market made by these DTC Brands and so the consumers are also getting more and more attracted by that. 

Brand awareness is the main thing in wooing the consumers and they are getting more and more leads with the help of paid media like TV, newspapers, digital marketing and a lot more, 

Everyone wants to get fit and wants their body to be good and thus they give the personalised diet plans to the consumers and also they provide meal plans for the sportspersons as well as the gym going people. 

There is no involvement of the middle man when it comes to the DTC brands and because of this, they offer low-cost service and also qualities.