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A small word with a big meaning: everyone wants many differences in the world, but everyone has a hesitation to start things. One of the serious concerns is using plastic. 

Swell Bottles
Swell Bottles

Plastic is not good for the environment. Its use, its degradation, and even its recycling are not good. But the question is, if we don’t have any substitute for plastic, then how can we leave it? 

Many of us use plastic bottles and containers in our daily lives. And the worst situation is for plastic when only one uses it, like water bottles. 

S’Well is a brand that has initiated a great deal in which we can buy or use bottles and other products without harming nature. S’Well produces all of its products that can be recycled. Not only for nature, S’Well also helps boost our immunity by avoiding plastic bottles.

Let’s discuss more about this brand and the idea of S’Well.

Overview of the Swell brand

Swell Brand Image
Swell Brand Image

S’Well is a brand that introduces us to a broad range of bottles, barware accessories, and more. All the bottles have the special function of keeping them cold for 36 hours and hot for 18 hours. 

They serve their products in different sizes, colours, prints, and textures. They can be useful for you in many ways. 

Their products are voided with thermal technology, no sweat technology, and triple-layered technology, and with all of this, they are also economically friendly. 

If you jump into their stories, you will learn about the great founder of this brand, Sarah Kauss. She first invested her own $30,000 to start and build the company in 2010. However, she also managed to go door-to-door advertising her brand.


In 2011, she got a kick and started her company after her brand, S’Well, was mentioned in Oprah magazine. S’Well is basically a company that originated in Manhattan, New York. 

After her limitless efforts and dedication, she is recognized on the social platform today by her and her company name. 

Her company, S’Well, had a huge following on social media. Their Instagram account has 267k+ followers, and their Facebook account has 75k+ members.  You can also get in touch with them on social platforms.

Are the rumors true? Does the product keep things chilled?

Swell bottle

S’Well products are made with technology. Thermotechnology refers to the process in which a product or thing controls its climatic condition, which means we can stop the movement of heat or cold with insulation or by changing the temperature. 

So, yes, it is true that S’well products can keep them chilled. Or, you may also be amazed that, in addition to keeping the products chilled, they can also keep the food or things hot. 

What varieties does the S’well offer?

SWell Calacatta Gold Wine Tumbler Review

Calacatta Gold Wine Tumbler

This product is inspired by nature, with features like a shiny, high-gloss finish and a sheen of organic ingredients obtained from ancient quarries.

This beautiful tumbler can be used for maintaining the chilled temperature of your favorite wine, beer, cocktail, cold water, coffee, juice, etc. Because of its beautiful look, it can be the focal point of your kitchen, table, or bar cart. 

This is made up of triple-layered, vacuum-insulated thermal technology, by which beverages that are colder will stay colder and hotter will stay hotter. Not only this, but it’s made from 18/8, food-grade stainless steel.

This product offers you a condensation-free grip that will make the beverage leakproof. You can wash it easily with your hands only. 

You can check out some more products named dipped metallic or teakwood wine tumblers, which are similar to it.

Some of the advantages you will get by ordering this are:

  • I can be responsible for your praise. 
  • Keep your beverages cold or hot for a long period of time.
  • It will not mess up your table by leaking. 
  • You can easily wash it with your hands.

This beautiful gold tumbler can be yours for only $25.00. 

Love it “Love it Cold water with no condensation. Can’t beat that!”

~ Pat R.

Swell Azurite Marble Salad Bowl Kit Review

S'Well Azurite Marble Salad Bowl Kit
S’Well Azurite Marble Salad Bowl Kit
S'Well Azurite Marble Salad Bowl Kit
S’Well Azurite Marble Salad Bowl Kit
S'Well Azurite Marble Salad Bowl Kit
Azurite Marble Salad Bowl Kit

A perfect match for your salad!!

This is a perfect match for your kitchen and can help you with your salad dressing. 

This product comes with a different rack, which gives your salad its own space without mixing with any other product. This lustrous azurite marble bowl is a very beautiful bowl that can be your best buy for the kitchen. 

Its available size option is 640z, with dimensions of 7.6″D × 8.3″W × 4.6″H. It’s weight is 1.2 lbs.

This product is BPA/BPS-free and can be reused.

This bowl is made up of 18/8, food-grade stainless steel.

If you’re going to take a look at this bowl on their website, we recommend you check out the Onyx and Teakwood salad bowl kits too. They are both similar to this product, and their rates are also the same. 

Benefits of this product:

  • Leakproof, which prevents your food from leakage 
  • It consists of a removable tray, which will help you organize your salad
  • Made with azurite marble, which makes its lustrous and beautiful 
  • It’s dishwasher-safe 

All of the benefits can be yours for just $40.00.

Convenient and classy lunch “Convenient and classy lunchI had my eye on this salad bowl kit for a while before I purchased it. My hubby asked me about it one day. He saw me making my lunch and asked for me to order one for him. We both love this set; it makes everything easy and it all fits together nicely and stays chilled. This bowl lives up to the S’well brand.”

~ The R

Swell Azurite Marble Ice-Cream Pint Cooler Review 

S'Well Azurite Marble Ice-Cream Pint Cooler 
S’Well Azurite Marble Ice-Cream Pint Cooler 
S'Well Azurite Marble Ice-Cream Pint Cooler 
S’Well Azurite Marble Ice-Cream Pint Cooler 
S'Well Azurite Marble Ice-Cream Pint Cooler 
Azurite Marble Ice-Cream Pint Cooler 

Introducing you with an ice-cream pint cooler, by which you can enjoy ice cream anytime and everywhere. 

This new S’Well ice-cream pint makes serving ice-cream easy at home or anywhere. 

It’s made up with thermal technology which prevents your ice-cream from melting. Has triple isolation layer by which it inner temperature don’t mix with outer temperature and keep the inner savory with the same texture it was before 

It’s have the size of 160z with the dimensions 4.5″D ×4.5″D× 5.4″H. It’s weight is quite obvious as 1.01lbs.

You can check some similar products too on their website named as rose agate or teakwood ice-cream pint cooler. It’s 

By purchasing this product you will unlock your benefits like:

  • You can take your ice-cream anywhere you want without the tension of melting 
  • It’s leak proof 
  • Dishwasher safe as well as you can also wash it with your hand
  • Beautiful azurite marble 

This amazing pint cooler will charge you only $35.00 

Beautiful!!!” Beautiful!!!These coolers are huge, larger than I expected. should definitely hold a pint of ice cream easily. Just received them so haven’t tried yet. Hoping I can use them for more than ice cream..”

~ Sandra T.

Swell Blue Granite S’Well Eats Review

Blue Granite S'Well Eats
S'Well Blue Granite S'Well Eats
S’Well Blue Granite S’Well Eats
S'Well Blue Granite S'Well Eats
S’Well Blue Granite S’Well Eats

This lovely blue granite S’Well eats is a perfect companion for meal prep. You can use this cloud like marbled surface as a food container which will maintain your food temperature too. 

It is a two in one option for you.  

It is available in two size option first is 160z whose dimensions is 4.2″D×4.2″W×4.4″H and its weight is 0.9lbs. The second size option is of 21.50z whose dimensions are 4.8″D×4.8″W×4.6″H and its  weight is 1.3lbs.

Advantage of this product are:

  • Made with thermal technology which keep your food hot or cold for many hours
  • The inner bowl is freeze or freezer friendly 
  • This product is dishwasher safe
  • Leak proof 

This amazing 2 in 1 will cost you $40.00(for 160z) and $50.00( for 21.50z)

We LOVE Our Swells ” We LOVE Our SwellsMy daughter asked for a S’well years ago when she was in kindergarten. We have gotten so many since then. I have left mine in the car overnight in sweltering heat and still have ice cold water the next day. I bought my son a large teakwood tumbler years ago and he bought me 2 of them during the last sale. I Love them and plan to get more.”

~Felicia T.

S’Well Sports Cap Reviews

S'Well Sports Cap
S’Well Sports Cap
S'Well Sports Cap
S’Well Sports Cap
S'Well Sports Cap
Sports Cap

This is a convenient pop-top cap that will allow you to sip splash-free every time, mainly at the time of your favorite workout. 

It is available for you in two sizes The first one is a small one that will fit in bottle sizes 90z and 170z, and the second one is a larger one that will fit in 250z bottles. 

It’s very useful for you at the time of an exercise because it will assist you without opening the lid of the bottle. 

The only thing that is not good about this product is that you cannot use it with hot liquids. 

All the advantages you will get from this:

  • You can drink any drink throughout the workout without splashing out your drink. 
  • You can fix it with many bottles 
  • Easy to use

You can make it yours for only $16.00.

Great lid! Def recommend! “Great lid! Def recommend!Fits perfectly on my swell bottle and I love the flow on mine. My BF says that he would prefer the flow to be a bit more so I guess it’s just preference but I like when a bunch of water doesn’t come splashing at my face. I do love the convenience of this cap however because it encourages me to drink more water because I don’t have to continuously tRead more about reviews stating Great lid! Def recommend!Take my lid on and off all the time. It’s just a simple click to access my water”

~Stephanie M

How To Order S’Well Products


Are you curious to know how to order the product?  So we are here to help you with it. Just follow the instructions below.

  1. First, you have to go to the website.
  1. After reaching their website, you will find an option for the shop; all you have to click on it.
  1. After it, you have to add the products to your cart, and then you have to visit the cart option.
  1. Fill in all the information regarding your address and payment, and then you have to click on the order button 
  1. Your product has now been ordered.

Go and find your best buy now!!

S’Well Reviews

Before purchasing any product, we first have to check their reviews, as you’re checking them here. But we recommend that you check out some real customer reviews that we have collected from the website.

Very pretty in person. Nice ” Very pretty in person. NiceVery pretty in person. Nice marble high gloss finish. It keeps my beverages cold all day! Literally all day. With other steel bottles cold beverages are warm by the afternoon. The bottom of the bottle is big so it doesn’t fit in the cup holders in the car but I solved that and also purchased a Sip by Swell for doing errands around town that can fiRead more about reviews stating Very pretty in person. Nicet in the cup holders and serves my needs well. Very pleased.”

~ Tonya W

Compatible with 10oz S’ip by S’well!! “Compatible with 10oz S’ip by S’well!!I know in the Q&A it says these caps specifically do not work with S’ip bottles, but I decided to get one anyway and try it because it’s easier for my pre-school age son to use these caps with the smaller bottles. I figured I would just use it for my own S’well bottle if it didn’t work on his. It fit perfectly! He has a 10 oz S’ip by S’well boRead more about reviews stating Compatible with 10oz S’ip by S’well!!bottle and no leaking, no issues at all. It’s easy to remove the cap that comes with the S’ip bottle and replace it with this one. So in case there are any parents out there looking for the answer to this question-it DOES work! I would just caution you that it isn’t a “throw in a backpack” type cap because if something hits it the wrong way it will click open and leak”


Excellent shopping experience! It’s pricey “Excellent shopping experience! It’s pricyExcellent shopping experience! It’s pricey for me but it’s worth every penny, now I’ve been using it every day for a few weeks, I just think it’s the best water bottle I’ve ever seen. It keeps warm water for a very long time, about the whole one day, and 17 oz is just the right size, and I like the design with the pink colour. I hope I can keep using itRead more about reviews stating Excellent shopping experience! It’s pricey for the next 10 and 20 years. Maybe I should buy a cleaning brush for it.

~ Chun L

If you want to read more reviews regarding the brand, please visit their website. 

Are the S’Well products worth it? 

For showing here our impressions regarding the brand, we first research it through every source where we can be reached. After reading and reviewing each and every line and reviewing the brand, we get many pros and cons, which we are going to mention below. Please take a look at that.


  • Beautiful look by which you can’t steal your eye.
  • Many products are leakproof, so you can be carefree with it and freely put them in your bag, purse, etc.
  • Strong and durable, which will stay with you for years and years.
  • Keep your foods and beverages hot and cold for many hours
  • Many products are both hand- and dishwasher-safe.


  • Some of the products are not leakproof

As you can see here, there are many benefits to the products, even though we can’t mention them all; we’re just mentioning some of them, and even after searching for cons, we only get one of their bad quality.

So, obviously, this brand is worth it. 

Our Final Verdict On S’Well

As we discuss everything related to this brand above, for your ease, we will summarise everything here once again.

S’Well offers you many different products related to food and beverage storage. The products that are made by this brand are so beautiful and eye-catching. All products are BPA and BPS-free and can be used and recycled again, which makes the environment clean.

S’Well products have zero condensation, and the products do not smell bad after some days of use. All the products are eligible for keeping your food and water hot and cold for many hours. 

Overall, I love these products and also recommend them.

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