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Overview of Roman

Roman Brand Image
Roman Brand Image

Roman was started as a patient-driven health company, to provide personalized health care just at the click of a button. It serves three categories, namely- Roman for Men, Rory for women, and Zero to help fight addiction.

Roman is basically a branch of Ro, specializing in men’s healthcare to make their lives better. Roman believes that in the future, healthcare will be provided online, and hence, Roman is an initiative to make this future a reality.

Brand believes that healthcare should be such that it supports its patients continuously and with full responsibility. It must be curated according to the patient’s need and health history as patients’ health is of top priority.

Zachariah Reitano, CEO, Saman Rahmanian, CPO, and Rob Schutz, CDO came together to start Ro in 2017.

Roman provides help for various men-related issues, including hair loss, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, cold sores, genital herpes, heart health, stress relief, bone health, etc.

I’ll be discussing the Hair loss treatment Roman offers in detail.


  • Free 2-day shipping
  • Privacy and personal info are kept confidential
  • Unlimited free consultation sessions
  • Easy and convenient process
  • The experienced and trained medical team


  • No money-back guarantee
  • Some men might face side effects
  • Products risky for women, children, pets

Why Roman?

Roman Product
Roman Product

Balding and thinning of hair can be a traumatizing experience. Men might actually feel embarrassed or lose self-confidence.

Everyone likes looking and feeling young but balding creeps in and everything starts wavering. Hair loss seems inevitable but is it really true?

There are treatments, which when started at the right time, can actually stop your hair loss and can even show regrowth of hair.

Yes! You read that right! Being comfortable in one’s own skin is totally correct but if you feel much more confident with thick shiny hair on your mane, why shouldn’t you get it?

With such a perk, comes some exceptions too. The products used in hair loss treatment have some chemicals which are not suitable for all men and could have adverse side effects such as a decrease in sex drive & decrease in semen.

There might also be a high risk of prostate cancer. It is highly advised that these products should be kept away from women and children and should only be used by adult men with proper advice from experts.

Here’s how Roman works

It has three key steps-

  • Visit the website online
  • Get your free delivery
  • Get continuous and ongoing online care
  1. With the option of visiting the website online and sharing your medical history and issues with the online doctors’ team, it is really comfortable and easy to get advice from the medical team.
    I personally hate taking time out of my work, taking appointments, waiting for hours in the clinic, and then getting the medicines prescribed by the doctors. It is such a tedious and time-consuming procedure. In today’s tech-savvy world, where everything is available online and at your fingertips, why waste time and energy?
    You just need to fill up your medical info and history and you’ll be replied back within 24 hrs. You’ll have direct access to US-licensed physicians.
  2. Guess the best part? There is a 2-day free shipping with discreet packaging offered!
    It feels so useless to pay extra for delivery and feels like it would have been better if I had visited by myself and got the products without delivery charge. This problem is ruled out.
  3. Free ongoing follow-ups from the doctors are a luxury. Most other competitors of Roman charge after the first consultation. There could be a plethora of confusion and problems related to products and it needs to be taken off regularly by being in contact with the doctor. This feature by Roman is my favorite and is surely provided keeping in mind the customer’s need.

What goes in Roman’s products?

  • Finasteride
  • Minoxidil

These are the main ingredients used in the products offered for Hair Loss Treatment by Roman.

Products offered by Roman

Finasteride + MinoxidilPrice: $35/monthPlan: Quarterly-3-month supply
FinasteridePrice: $20/monthPlan: Quarterly-3-month supply
MinoxidilPrice: $16/monthPlan: Quarterly-3-month supply

Finasteride & Minoxidil have shown considerable regrowth of hair in men and the plan has been given quarterly as it is noticed that only after 3 months of regular usage of the medication, results are shown. It requires patience and regularity.

Also, everyone’s hair growth pattern and time might not be the same. Some might take more time and others might take less.

Social Proof

I personally scoured through the web and found out that maximum reviews and comments about Roman hair loss treatment were positive.

However, there is no money-back guarantee according to some reviews, which might be a disadvantage if the product doesn’t suit you or is damaged.

Overall, men had a good experience and there were considerable results after regular use customers have even shared their “Then & Now” images and said that they feel much more content and confident after using Roman.

The Bottom-line: Final Verdict

Hair loss and related issues are a problem faced by men for many years now and while some men might feel extremely confident even after losing hair, some men might completely lose hope and it can be an embarrassing and emotional experience for them.

Roman provides a solution for men who are seeking help related to hair loss in an affordable, transparent way.

The advantages are that it is online and you don’t need to visit anyone or go out of your house and your privacy is ensured at the same time.

The disadvantages are that the products might have an adverse side effects on some men and it is very risky for women and children to handle these products.

Overall, it is a good product with positive reviews and high quality.

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