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Quip vs. Goby vs. Sonicare: the better toothbrush

Some decades ago, if we talked about something like an electric toothbrush, it would have sounded a bit unimaginable but in today’s era, everybody is totally aware of it even if they might not use it because its name suggests itself what it actually could be. A universe with electric toothbrushes sounds complicated. We always keep experimenting with our teeth.

Sometimes the results can be surprisingly positive. But why only sometimes? Why not always?  Isn’t it worth researching? Well, it is! So, what will change if you use these electric toothbrushes? How will it change your dental hygiene?  Firstly, Do you guys know that studies have shown that toothbrushes that work in an oscillatory motion tend to remove more plaque and reduce gingivitis more effectively than manual brushes even in the long run? Sounds interesting! Also, these electric toothbrushes are easy to use.

Just bring them to the surfaces in your mouth and bam! All cleaned! Also, these electric toothbrushes are rechargeable and come with a charger too. With their automatic rotating system of brushing even children can brush their teeth properly and avoid dental illness which is very common in children of their age group.

Also, most of them come with very convenient features like a toothbrush holder, and brush head, and these hi-tech toothbrushes possess many other features which will definitely improve one’s brushing habits. These electric toothbrushes are the kind of brushes that can definitely result in excellent dental hygiene. Electric Toothbrushes is the new hope in the field of dental hygiene that can definitely mark the removal of almost all kind of dental issues soon! Products like Quip, Goby, and Sonicare give you the experience to help you with a dental acre and a different experience. 

Now we are going to compare and see which does the job better. 

Quip vs. Goby vs. Sonicare: the better toothbrush

Quip is a battery-powered electric toothbrush that uses sonic vibrations to clean your teeth. The brush has a built-in 2-minute timer, and briefly pauses every 30 seconds to indicate that it’s time to move to another quadrant of your mouth. The brush heads are available in one size and softness, and can easily be replaced.


You can sign up for a subscription with Quip for them to send you new heads (and a new battery) every three months. The toothbrush also includes a holder that sticks to most flat surfaces (like your mirror) and doubles as a cover when you’re traveling.

How much does it cost?

Quip’s toothbrushes cost $25 for a plastic model, which comes in blue or green. You can upgrade to a metal version — available in silver, copper, gold, or slate for $40.

New brush heads cost $5 each, and you can also get toothpaste from Quip for another $5. You can sign up for a refill program that sends you a new brush head, a new battery, and toothpaste every three months for $10.

What qualities exist in Quip?

It has many qualities that attract customers to quip. 

  • Sleek, minimalistic design- Quip creates toothbrushes that do not have any cord business and provide a sleep finish. It has a beautiful, simple design that suits your bathroom design.  There is just one button on it. It’s either on or off. 
  • One power setting: Quip tries to jeep it very simple without confusing the customers with different power settings. It vibrates just enough for an added benefit to your brushing habits, but not so much that it’s uncomfortable.
  • Subscription options- Getting replacement heads in the mail without having to order them is a major benefit of quip for its customers. A new brush head is advised at it saves you from abrasions on your teeth from worn-out toothbrush bristles.
  • Two-minute timer with 30-second pulses- This helps reinforce good brushing habits for better dental checkups — every quadrant of your mouth gets equal attention.
  • Intuitive travel-friendly design- its flexible design saves it from breaking by any mishappening. 

Goby toothbrush is one of a few newer subscription brands on the toothbrush market that seek to provide stylish, direct-to-consumer dental care without the price tag of “legacy” brands. It’s a minimalistic, simple brush with one button, two settings, and a couple of great convenience features.


The toothbrush head oscillates back and forth, rather than using a vibration like a sonic toothbrush. It provides you stylish options which suit you and your surroundings. Founders Claire Burke and Ben Goldberg started the company as a way to give people the chance for a beautiful toothbrush without the “overpriced” tag.

How much does it cost?

The standard Goby is $50 ($65 without a subscription), and its limited editions cost $60. It aims to provide simple affordable toothbrushes.

What qualities does Goby have?

At the end of the day, the right toothbrush for you is the one you’ll pick up and use. Your dental health depends on it. Whether that’s a Goby or a $3 manual toothbrush, it’s important you figure out what works for you. Its oscillatory motion removes stains better than sonic motion toothbrushes, and it’s still great at plaque removal.


The subscription service allows you to receive replacement heads at the interval of your choice, without you having to remember to order. Their company provides follow-up education and adds a personal touch. Some other features are:

  • They’re direct-to-consumer – Unlike popular brushes like the Philips Sonicare or Oral-B Braun, Goby cuts out the middleman to give you a quality brush for the same you might pay for a “budget” version of another brand.
  • It’s great for stain removal – Okay, as said this multiple times, but the oscillatory brush is the best type of toothbrush for brighter teeth.
  • The brush head subscription helps you avoid too-old brush heads that lead to abrasions on teeth – Plus, you can choose how frequently you want—personally, everyone likes it once a month, but if that’s not doable for you, every two or three months works fine, too.
  • They have a sensitive mode – The second press of the Goby’s button will take you to a gentler cleaning mode. Everyone thinks most electric toothbrushes are far stronger than necessary, so everyone like the gentle mode over the standard one.

Sonicare was the first brand to develop a toothbrush using sonic wave technology, which vibrates as high as 30K cycles per minute. Other electric toothbrush brands like Oral-B oscillate instead of vibrating, which means that the bristles move in a circle. They aim to provide a proper clean experience for your teeth and provide you the hygiene with a flair.

Who Should Buy a Sonicare Toothbrush?

Though many dentists will tell you that everyone should use a Sonicare toothbrush, everyone doesn’t think that’s necessarily the case. Everyone thinks that it can be an unnecessary expense for some people. However, for the following groups of people, a Sonicare toothbrush can vastly improve overall dental health and prevent tooth decay: People over 40, or anyone that has gum recession, where the gums begin to pull away from the teeth can use these options and work wonderfully with it.

Also, for people who are willing to use a hybrid system: dentists often recommend that people use two different brushes—an Oral B in the morning, to attack stains, and a Sonicare at night, to blast out the food stuck between teeth before bed.

What qualities does it provide? 

  • Better for cleaning hard-to-reach spots- Sonic technology is the only electric toothbrush method that provides action beyond the bristles—the sonic waves ensure that even hard-to-reach plaque cells (that the bristles can’t reach) are broken up.
  • Better for gums – for people with sensitive gums or gum recession, or for those who are hard brushers, the Sonicare is safer on your gums and teeth than oral b and other electric/manual toothbrushes. (but, with a worn toothbrush head, the edge of the bristles can still do enamel damage if pushed too hard. Dentists recommend replacing the head every month or so.)
  • Better to clean between spaces – Sonicare is better for people with gum recession and deeper spaces between their teeth. As people age, the gums can pull away from the teeth, creating tiny spaces where food can hide. In fact, many elderly patients grapple with food impaction issues. Flossing after every meal is one option, but Sonicare is great for blasting the food out and that is why dentists consistently recommended Sonicare for people over age 40.

Quip vs. Goby vs. Sonicare: the final thought

Hygiene is one major element in everyone’s life. People have immensely busy lives and with growing medical conditions, they need to pay attention to every sphere of their lives. Oral care is something that you need to pay a lot of attention to. It is important to keep your mouth clean as there might be various issues like bacterial infections, gum recession, and various other issues.

It also becomes difficult for old people to take care of their teeth as they are very sensitive and need extra care and help. For children, it is a hassle to actually make them stand and brush during the day. Having electrical toothbrushes make it easier for the kids as it is something interesting for them to use. It is easier and helps the kids also to maintain hygiene as the toothbrush does most of the work for them. You do not have to take care of your kid’s teeth anymore.

Brushing every morning in the right way is very important and a night brush before you sleep is mandatory for clean white teeth. It is a little boring to brush with a normal toothbrush when you see how technology is advancing. Using technologically advanced toothbrushes gives an amazing experience. Not only is it stylish and fun to use but it also has various qualities that help us to solve issues like cleaning between the teeth, dealing with gum recessions, and other dental problems.

Products like Quip, Goby, and Sonicare provide you with options that can help you to take care of your teeth vividly and with a lot of comforts. It helps people with dental care and is handy for traveling. They provide you with different options that would suit your choice and be the most efficient for you.

However, among these three, we prefer Goby to be the clear winner in our eyes simply because of a few reasons. They provide you with a simple and stylish appearance which attracts kids and old people. It helps in taking care of your gums with amazing oscillatory motions which remove most of the stains from your gums and teeth. They also provide a follow-up guide that helps you to understand its contents and how it works. 

However, even though Goby is a clear winner for us, what suits you best may vary from individual to individual.

Stay Clean, Stay Healthy.

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