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We all have very tight schedules and at the end of the day, all we search for is a good sleep. But to have a sleep that relaxes our mind and body we must have a mattress that supports each of the required comforts. 

We have thousands of brands present over the internet that claim to be one of the best mattress manufacturing brands. But each one of us has our definition of the best mattress as per our requirements. Puffy Mattress fulfills all of them. These are some of the best innovative eco-friendly and comfortable mattresses present. 

In this blog, we will cover all the possible aspects of Puffy Mattress. We will be looking at the top products and their manufacturing process’s basic features and also we will peep inside their feedback section so that we can have a better understanding of the results.   Let’s dive in. 

Overview Of Puffy

Puffy Mattress
Puffy Mattress

Brand Puffy Mattress is an American mattress retailing company that produces some of the highest quality foam mattresses.  Puffy Mattress was launched in 2014 by entrepreneur Arthur Andreasen.  The best part is that they conducted research for 4 years and included sleep trials before introducing any mattress to the market.  

The company practices eco-friendly manufacturing processes and also does not contain any type of harmful chemicals.

Today they have about 58.1K followers on their Instagram handle and are featured in some of the top media houses such as Forbes Healthline Sleep Doctor and CNET. Some of the major pros and cons of puffy mattresses are mentioned below:

  • The mattresses are typically designed to give you excellent pressure relief and this is due to the presence of comfort layers that confront the body pain. 
  • Puffy mattresses are also best known for their motion isolation which means they can isolate the motion which allows you minimal disturbance while sleeping.
  • The mattresses are manufactured in an eco-friendly manner where the environment and its safety are a priority.
  • The puffy mattress also has options for mattresses that are incorporated with cooling technology such as gel-infused foams and breathable cover materials.
  • The brand also gives you a certain time of trial period which helps you to understand whether the mattress works out according to the comfort of your home and body or not.
  • They also have a warranty on each of their mattresses which demonstrates confidence in the quality and durability of the mattress.
  • A puffy mattress typically has one or two options available when it comes to firmness of the mattress.
  • The mattresses are so comfy you might get addicted.

Top Products Offered by the Puffy

Puffy mattress has a wide range of options available for all types of sleepers. Some of their products have been marked as best sellers as well as innovative in terms of technology and comfort. Down Below we will be discussing some of the best-selling products of these brands so that we can understand it in a better way.

Puffy LUX Mattress Review

Puffy LUX Mattress
Puffy LUX Mattress

This Puffy LUX Mattress is one of the top-selling as well as best-selling products of the company. This is also one of the award-winning mattresses as per the reports of Forbes Good Housekeeping and several other media houses

It comprises 4 different layers which adds comfort to the entire mattress. The mattress comes in 7 different sizes and each of them has its different pricing. The mattress is also infused with cooling layer technology and is suitable for all types of sleepers.

Some of the major features are mentioned below:

  • The mattress consists of a climate fiber layer to have advanced air circulation all over the mattress which helps in keeping the temperature cool.
  • Apart from air circulation technology also consists of a gel-infused cooling cloud which helps in the heat dispersion of the mattress.
  • Lux mattresses also consist of cloud comfort pressure relief as second layering which plays a very vital role in relieving body pressure.
  • The entire manufacturing process concludes that this is one of the best mattresses for back support sleepers and also in terms of comfort. 

Overall, great quality mattress and adjustable bed frame. The mattress feels soft and is very thick, giving you lots of space to sink into the mattress. The mattress is premium quality and would highly recommend it to anyone. The bed frame is also incredible. I love adjusting myself to a reading position, relaxing position, etc. Sleeping slightly elevated helps when sick, too. I had an issue with a dead power cable but Puffy was able to replace it immediately, for free. I highly, recommend it.

Says Holly

Reviewing again now after over a month with the new mattress- all of the back pain I used to wake up with is gone. My wife and I are both very happy with our purchase and while we tend to have different preferences of firmness, this mattress suits both of our needs nicely.

Says Carson

Puffy ROYAL Mattress Review

Puffy Royal Mattress
Royal Mattress

Puffy ROYAL Mattress is again one of the best-selling products of the company. It has been ranked as the best ultra-luxury mattress in 2024 by Best Mattress Online. The mattress gives you seven different size options with each of them having different pricing.

It is built using 10 different layers which adds comfort and height to the mattress. Not only this but it also has a grip base which helps it move easily on any flat surface. Some of the basic features of the mattress are mentioned below: 

  • It has an inbuilt Cool Touch Quilted Cloud Cover which gives you a cooling sensation and also a refreshing sleep.
  • The blended wool filling in the mattress helps in kicking away the moisture.
  • Puffy ROYAL Mattress also has cloud sculpting technology which helps in giving full body support.
  • The entire 10-layer helps in adding more comfort to the body.
  • You also get 101-night sleep trials with the mattress that helps you to understand your sleep type. It also has a money-back guarantee

We wish we had known about Putfy years ago! We went from a bed-by-number thinking that was the way to get a sleep adjusted for each of us to the best sleep we have had in years!

Says Gregory

We are very pleased with our Puffy Royal Mattress. We tried many other mattresses, but this mattress stood on its own. It’s very comfortable, like sleeping on a cloud. We were also amazed it was priced better than its competition. Well worth the money. Oh, and a great bonus, it arrived way faster than expected.

Saya Brent 

Puffy CLOUD Mattress Review

Puffy cloud Mattress
Cloud Mattress

Puffy CLOUD Mattress is again ranked one of the best memory foam mattresses by People magazine and the best memory for the mattress of 2024 by HGTV. The entire mattress is designed to give you a medium form filled with cooling comfort for your body.  This also helps in releasing back pain due to the presence of advanced airflow throughout the mattress.  The mattress comes in 7 different size options each of them have different prices.  Some of the major features are mentioned below: 

  • Puffy CLOUD Mattress has inbuilt memory foam which helps in releasing the back pain and also prevents motion transfer supporting you in peaceful sleep. 
  • The mattresses are suitable for all types of sleepers.
  • It consists of 6 different layering which provide you complete body support and cooling comforts
  • The advanced cooling cloud foam helps in heat dispersion of the entire mattress and gives you relief from back pain.
  • It also has firm code support that helps in the absorption of motion and gives more stability to the entire mattress

Our mattress is the best mattress we ever purchased! It’s so comfy! And I know will last a long time of how good the quality is. It’s very thick and gives so much comfort to our sleeping ability! We also ordered a large puffy dog bed and our dog loves it. It’s very easy to wash and put back together! I highly recommend Puffy! The sheets are awesome as well.

Says Brooke.

Puffy had exceptional customer support and very attentive agents whenever there was a problem. Despite being memory foam, the mattress isn’t too sinky. Very comfortable for side-sleepers like myself. The real winner for me was the set of bamboo sheets that came with it – super cooling and soft, really high quality. Overall a great purchase!

Says M.W

Puffy Mattress Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Puffy Mattress
Puffy Mattress

Choosing a mattress is a task that requires a lot of research and also better understanding of your comfort. Therefore it becomes very important to know what others have experienced with the product before inculcating it into your everyday use. That is the only reason why we have collected some of the reviews so that you can decide better for yourself.

I did a LOT of research on beds before choosing Puffy. I studied ratings and comments across many sites, and Puffy was rated one of the top mattresses. I also weeded out foreign-made mattresses as I wanted one made in the USA. The Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress itself was rated Medium/Firm, which is accurate. Needing a bit softer feel for myself I added a soft Puffy Mattress topper and now it is perfect! Oh – and their customer service is very responsive!

Says Nancy.

The 4-month trial is legit! The first mattress we selected was disappointing after a month or so, and Puffy Mattress customer service helped us swap it out for our ‘also ran’ with excellent service and special accommodation. They cared about my buying experience and treated me like a very valued customer instead of a sale – a rarity I would imagine, especially in this business. Great value at the end of the day and I’m very satisfied with the experience.

says Maria.

Puffy products and their customer service are 2nd to none! We have their mattresses, pillows, blankets, rugs, and mattress protectors…All top quality and phenomenal products. Super comfortable, great night of sleep, and top quality. Beyond that, I have never experienced a customer service team remotely close to Puffy’s. Super friendly, helpful, and crazy efficient. I got help on a Sunday, New Year’s Day…A holiday!!! Within 5 minutes of sending an email to them, my issue was resolved! 5 minutes on a holiday! Incredible!!! Thanks for everything!

Says Dane.

As I have told multiple friends who have gotten the Puffy, It is life-changing. I mean to sleep all night without moving because you are so relaxed that your body doesn’t want to move is an experience we all should live with every night. The gentle message helps my back to where I am not sore in the mornings, and it also helps my wife with her neuropathy in her feet. We have been Puffy owners and have suggested

says Wes.

We are first-time box mattress buyers. This was a great experience! The Puffy Lux Hybrid is amazingly comfortable. Every person I spoke to was excellent. I misunderstood part of my order and the rep who helped was very professional, yet friendly too. Great product, excellent service. Made and supported in the US

says Weary.

Are Puffy Mattresses Good?

Puffy Mattress
Puffy Mattress

After doing so much research and getting deeper into every possible aspect of Puffy Mattress, one thing that I must say is these mattresses are undoubtedly one of the best mattresses available in the market. Mattresses are one of the investments for your comfort and a good mattress defines every single penny that is invested on it. 

Puffy Mattress is one of them. The customer reviews of the brand speak for the quality that they are delivering to their customers. They are enough to convince anyone about the product and its quality. 

Is Puffy Mattress Worth It?

Puffy Mattress
Puffy Mattress

Trust me on this when I say that every single penny that is spent on Puffy Mattress and its products is worth the quality that they deliver. The best part of the entire process is their customer service and the eco-friendly manufacturing process. Most of the time it happens that we forget nature when it comes to our comfort and that’s where we start exploiting it. But with brands like Puffy Mattress, the environment has also been kept on the same priority list as comfort. 

How do I order Puffy Mattresses?

Puffy Mattress
Puffy Mattress

After talking so much about the mattresses and their specifications you must be willing to have one of them in bedrooms so that you can enjoy a peaceful sleep.  Well, we will not let you ponder all upon the internet in search of the one. The steps to place your order as mentioned below: 

  • Visit the official website.
  • Search for the mattress as per the requirement.
  • Now select the size as per your preference.
  • Add the modification if you have any.
  • Add the mattress to your cart.
  • Move to the cart and complete billing and shipping details here.
  • Finally, confirm your order.

You can also contact customer service if you face any problem while placing an order or regarding the delivery.

Our verdict 

If you have your comfort on the top shelf and do not have any budget issues then I would suggest you have the puffy mattress. You can also go for sleep trials if you are not sure about your sleeping type and comfort levels. The company offers you 101 free and a money-back guarantee on the sleep trials so that you can decide better for yourself.

Talking about the material and quality then I must say that the team never compromises on them. It is also built with technology that helps comfort your body and also so many different ways. So if you have been struggling with a bad mattress experience then this is your call. 

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