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The Better Solution To Premature Ejaculation

Sex is not just about the interaction between two bodies; it is one of the most pleasurable and thrilling experiences a human being can have in the whole world. 

But imagine that every time you plan on having the best steamy sex, or perhaps every time you and your partner churn out exciting roleplays to make your intercourse more intimate, everything is ruined because you couldn’t last long. 

No one likes to be late, unless it comes to ejaculation. Premature ejaculation doesn’t just ruin the intimate moment with one’s partner; it also shatters a man’s self-respect.

However, you’ll be surprised to hear that premature ejaculation is actually a very common problem, occurring in up to 39% of males in the general population, yet men have always chosen to keep quiet about it and have preferred keeping it their bedroom secret. 

It is fascinating to know that several studies have shown that only 9% of men with premature ejaculation actually consult their doctor about premature ejaculation, and it is completely understandable as not every man is confident enough to walk up to their doctor with his private embarrassing story and a “shortcoming” problem. No one says premature ejaculation out loud, so we will. 

There needs to be a solution to the problem without awkward doctor visits, without prescriptions, and without all the embarrassment!

Some people say that viagra is good for premature ejaculation, but it’s not. Viagra does not help you treat premature ejaculation.

Remember, you can do this! Think happy thoughts. PE Treatments to Help You Last Longer in Bed

This is where saviors like Promescent Climax Control Spray and Swipes by Roman come to the rescue, to make sure we don’t come.

To boost performance during sexual activity, the Promescent Delay Spray and Roman Swipes play a huge role.

So the best we can do is compare the two to find out which one is our true hero and whom we can take a stand for. Puns intended. 

Promescent or Roman Swipes:
Let’s compare!

Promescent Brand Image


Promescent is a company based in the United States with the primary goal of improving sexual relationships and making the overall sexual experience enjoyable, memorable, and pleasurable for both partners. 

Promescent has a lot of products in the market linked to the sex industry, such as lubricants, condoms, supplements, etc

The product we are going to discuss here is the Promescent Climax Control Spray. Promescent Climax Control Spray, or Promescent Spray, is an over-the-counter topical medication spray that is used for the treatment of premature ejaculation in men. 

It is basically a 10 mg lidocaine spray that helps to extend the ejaculation latency time and therefore makes the act of sex more pleasurable and long-lasting.

Promescent is formulated with lidocaine, a common local anesthetic that is absorbed by the skin.

The best part is that you do not need a doctor’s prescription to purchase it. If you have a problem with premature ejaculation, you may purchase the Promescent Delay Spray, or you should!

How do I use Promescent Delay Spray?

The application of the delay spray is very quick and easy, and Promescent claims that 95% of their users agree that its application is not only easy but also doesn’t interfere with their overall sexual experience. For men hoping to last longer during sex, these are the two areas where you should apply the spray.

To use the spray, one simply needs to give the bottle a gentle shake before each use. 

Then he needs to apply three to ten sprays on the most sensitive parts of the penis, which could include areas like the frenulum, the bottom part of the glans or the head, and the shaft

For a few people, just a single spray or two does the magic, while for the rest, six to eight sprays are needed for the ultimate ejaculation delay. 

Also, the best thing about this delay spray is that you don’t need any prescription; in other words, you can use Promescent Spray without a prescription.

On Promescent’s official website, they also have a 2-minute, detailed tutorial video on how to apply the spray, which is highly informative. 

Promescent appears to delay ejaculation effectively for many people.

How long does the Promescent Spray last?

The effects of the Promescent Climax Control Spray can last up to an entire hour, which actually depends on the number of sprays used, i.e., the amount of solution applied

Can Promescent be used for the purpose of oral sex?

The answer is an absolute yes! In the case of oral sex, the spray can be used ten minutes before the act, then it can be wiped with a damp towel, and voila, you’re ready to go!

How much does Promescent Delay Spray cost?

The Promescent Spray comes in 10-, 20-, 40-, and 60-spray packages. 

How is Promescent Delay Spray Shipped?

All Promescent products are shipped absolutely discreetly. They arrive at the customer in a nondescript package without mentioning the name of the product or the company anywhere on the package.

Promescent ships its products all across the world via FedEx International Express with the required shipping charges based on the region, and all across the US via USPS First Class Mail for free in the case of standard delivery. 

Roman Swipes, on the other hand, is another incredible product that has been found to be very effective in treating premature ejaculation in men. 

Roman Swipes

Roman Brand Image

Roman is a U.S.-based company with a mission to improve men’s and their partners’ lives by producing high-quality health care that is convenient and accessible to all. 

Roman is an all-rounder who deals with problems not only related to sexual health but also issues related to daily health, hair, skin, allergies, etc. 

Swipes by Roman is one of its products that is useful in the treatment of premature ejaculation. 

Roman swipes are basically convenient, over-the-counter wipes that are clinically proven to help men last longer in bed by wiping the penis with them. 

The wipes contain 4% benzocaine, which significantly reduces overstimulation but at the same time doesn’t affect the sensation altogether, thereby improving a man’s endurance in bed. They can also be easily purchased without prescriptions. 

How to use Roman Swipes?

Using Roman swiping is very easy. All you need to do is tear apart an individual sachet containing a wipe and take it out. 

Then you simply need to use the wipe and apply it to the most sensitive parts or areas of the penis, such as the shaft and the head. 

After using the wipe, you need to give it around five minutes to dry up, and that’s it! You’re good to go. 

How long does the effect of Roman Swipes last?

The duration of the Roman Swipes’ effects is variable, although, with time, an individual will understand how much to apply and where to apply it for maximum endurance. 

Usually, the effect of each wipe lasts up to 20–30 minutes.

Can Roman Swipes be used for the purpose of oral sex?

Roman Swipes can absolutely be used for the purpose of oral sex. All you need to do is wait for five minutes after applying it to the penis in order to let it dry so that there’s no weird taste or smell for your partner. 

Once you wait for five minutes, then there’s no more waiting!

How much do they cost?

Roman Swipes can be purchased as part of a subscription package.

The quarterly subscription package can be availed for $22 per month, which provides you with three packs (a total of 24 wipes) per month. 

The monthly subscription package can be availed of for $27 per month, which provides you with one pack of eight wipes per month. 

Roman Swipes also provides you with an introductory offer of a discount of $10 for the first month of the subscription.

How is the product shipped?

All Roman products are shipped in completely discreet boxes, with all the wipes in single-use disposable packs

The packs are not childproof; however, childproof packs can be provided on request. Every order is shipped with 2-Day Air to make sure it gets delivered as quickly as possible. 

Mail-forwarding addresses and postal boxes, however, will receive the orders via standard postal shipping and not within 2 Day Air.

Promescent vs Roman Swipes: Final Thoughts: –

Not being able to stay in bed for long is a problem that can be laughed at once or twice, but when it happens every time, it is bound to ruin not only the special and intimate moments shared between a man and his partner but also their relationship. A ruined sexual life can sometimes lead to a ruined relationship. 

To save this unity, Promescent came up with its Climax Control Spray, and Roman came up with its Swipes. 

Both products seem to function very effectively in treating premature ejaculation in men. 

While Promescent is a lidocaine spray that is applied to the most sensitive areas of the penis prior to sexual intercourse, Roman Swipes are 4% benzocaine wipes that are also applied to the most sensitive areas of the penis and allowed to dry before engaging in sexual intercourse.

However, out of the two products, we prefer Promescent Climax Control Spray as the better solution over Roman Swipes, simply for three reasons. 

Firstly, Promescent Climax Control Spray is more convenient and easy to use in comparison to Roman Swipes, as it is just a small 10 mg spray container that is very compact and would hardly take up any space in one corner of your denim pocket. 

At the same time, using it is also easier, as all you need to do is spray it on the most sensitive parts of your penis, and that’s all. 

In the case of Roman Wipes, you not only need to dispose of the packs and the wipe after use, which is a hassle in itself, but also need to apply the wipe to the sensitive areas of the penis with your hands. 

In such a scenario, the spray is more convenient and easy to use. 

Second, Promescent Climax Control Spray is significantly less expensive than Roman Swipes. 

In the case of Roman Swipes, the price per dose comes to approximately $2.75, whereas in the case of Promescent Spray, the price per dose comes to just about $1, hence making Promescent the cheaper and better option. 

Finally, the prime purpose of such topical medications is to extend the ejaculation latency. 

It is found that the effects of the Roman wipes last up to 20-30 minutes per usage; however, the effects of the Promescent Spray can last up to an hour, which is significantly longer than that of the wipes. 

In conclusion, Promescent’s Climax Control Spray is the clear winner for us, and we also want you to be a winner and keep standing strong

The spray works differently and is easier to use as well as easier to apply.

However, choices and preferences can differ from person to person, as all that counts at the end of the day is what makes you last longer with the utmost satisfaction and pleasure in the experience of your union. 


What exactly is Premature Ejaculation?

It is characterized by a man’s inability to postpone orgasm to such an extent that it causes irritation and frustration in both partners involved in the sexual act. 

Is the Premature Ejaculation treatable?

Absolutely yes! Premature ejaculation is a very common problem, and many men have been treated for and recovered from this problem through several methods, such as the use of prescription medication, over-the-counter topicals, behavior modification, or a combination of all these methods.


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