Nuun vs Dripdrop

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Nuun vs Dripdrop – Comparision & Detailed Buying Guide For 2021

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Table of Contents

The better solution to dehydration

Water is not only a prime ingredient for the survival of life, but also is considered to constitute 60% of our body weight and is a very vital component in maintaining the body temperature.

Water also plays a very significant role in our body which helps in the transport system that aids in the transportation and supply of nutrients and electrical impulses to the cells throughout our body.

The importance of water is nothing new to us, at the same time, neither is the problem of dehydration.

Even though we are pretty accustomed with the symptoms of dehydration, we should also be aware that it is more commonly and quickly observed in children.

One case easily identifies the signs of dehydration in children such as irritability, lethargy, reduced need to urinate, sunken eyes, absence of tears when crying, etc.

Although dehydration is a very common problem, it can lead to something severe, especially in children, and hence needs to be tackled on sight.

From enormous pressure at our workplace to intense temperatures outside due to global warming, everything has contributed to the excessive amount of sweating we all face.

Even though our quick solution to sweating is switching on the air conditioner, or taking a break to catch some breath and cool down, we often ignore the fact that sweating makes us lose a lot of water and makes us extremely dehydrated.

This inturn leads us to feeling nauseous or having painful cramps in the muscles. 

Once we are so excessively dehydrated, plain water doesn’t always work immediately. This is where Nuun tablets and Dripdrop sticks come to play.

Both the products are not only great solutions to the dehydration problem and also provide a punch of minerals, nutrients and electrolytes which enhance our body vitals and immediately make us feel better and fresh.

We are going to compare and find out which one out of the two does the job better.

Why is rehydration important?

As previously stated, Water is a very important element for overall health of a human being.

Rehydration makes sure that the amount of water necessary is present within the body.

People usually need to drink a significant amount of water to remain hydrated. 

Rehydration helps in scenarios of dehydration, which occurs during the processes of sweating, breathing and excretion.

Your body utilises a combination of consumption (eating and drinking) in order to remain sufficiently and significantly rehydrated.

When you seem to feel thirsty, it’s actually your body’s indication that it requires rehydration. Dehydration can also make your muscles fatigued and you may experience a severe lack of coordination as well as muscle cramps. 

In turn, the body may also lose the ability to cool itself down during any heavy action such as tough or intense physical work. As a result, the body might undergo stress or extreme heat exhaustion.

This could turn really fatal if the levels of exhaustion get too high and can lead to a condition known as heat stroke.

Rehydration can help with the prevention or mitigation of the effects of several health conditions such as vomiting, diarrhea, kidney stones as well as bladder infections.

Nuun vs Dripdrop: which one is better?


Nuun is a U.S. based company that is completely dedicated to keeping people hydrated as much as possible.

Nuun started off as the first company to segregate electrolyte replacement from carbohydrates.

This led to the creation of a healthy and hydrating beverage without all of the extra additives and sugar.

Since then, Nuun has been hydrating the world with its products for over a decade, and now has become one of the most essential and a ‘must have’ product to improve daily health and keep bodies hydrated.

The product that will be discussed in the current comparison is the Nuun tablet.

Nuun produces amazing hydration tablets which are totally packed with electrolytes, mild flavours and is made with completely clean ingredients.

Nuun tablets are available in a variety of options which cover a range of health dimensions, which include tablets for daily wellness (vitamins), for immunity support, for (rest) recovery, for exercise, as well as for endurance.

How to use Nuun tablets?

Nuun tablets are designed in such a way that they immediately dissolve in water.

All you need to do is dissolve a single Nuun tablet in 16 ounces of water, and that’s all, you’re ready to go.

Each Nuun tablet provides a punch of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals which not only refreshes the body but also rehydrates and rejuvenates the body without much sugar, carbohydrates or other additives.

Nuun believes that proper hydration is the key to having and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you are working out, simply resting or are on the move, Nuun tablets dissolved in water and filled with minerals and electrolytes help in the absorption of water in the body, keeping you completely hydrated and healthy.

Can diabetics consume Nuun?

Nuun electrolytes and vitamin tablets contain very low amounts of Carbohydrates and Sugar. 

Nuun uses only one gram of dextrose (d-glucose) in order to help increase the rate of nutrient and fluid delivery.

Although dextrose is high in glycemic index (gi), Nuun uses very minimal amounts of dextrose in its tablets hence making sure it has little or no effect on a person’s blood sugar level.

How many tablets can you consume in a day?

Consumption of Nuun tablets actually differs from person to person and especially depends on the individual’s activity level, medical requisites and the amount of sweating.

In general, most people are found to consume 1- 4 tablets per day, depending on their needs. However, it is advised not to exceed the consumption of more than 6 tablets in a day.

How much do Nunn tablets cost?

The Nuun tablets cost $7 per tube of 8 tablets.

The endurance drink mix costs $24 per 12 sachets or $20 per sixteen-serving canister.

You can also save upto $15 by availing the subscription plan.

Nuun also provides a 20% discount on the first purchase on signing up with your email.

You can also earn rewards with every purchase towards a discount and even get money for referrals which you can use for future purchases.

Buy nuun

Drip Drop

dripdrop ors

On the other hand, Dripdrop ORS is another U.S. based company which represents an important medical advancement in the standard Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS) formula which was originally established by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Dripdrop ORS has a special patented formula which provides medically relevant electrolyte levels which are consistent with the ORS standards of the WHO, at the same time, tasting absolutely delicious.

By creating such a tasty alternative to the standard ORS, Dripdrop has created the most effective ORS solution known to the field of medical sciences which seems to be the best option for someone for whom hydration with water or sport drinks isn’t enough.

In simple words, Dripdrop ORS is another oral rehydration solution which is patented and prevents and treats dehydration. Dripdrop is more effective than other sport drinks as it contains 3x of the electrolytes and half the sugar found in sport drinks. Dripdrop ORS comes in 10g and 21g size pack sticks.

How to use Dripdrop ORS sticks?

Preparing Dripdrop ORS is an absolutely easy task. All you need to do I prepare your delicious drink is simply mix your Dripdrop ORS pack in a specific amount of water, and that’s all.

A 10g stick makes around 8 ounces or 250ml of the solution when mixed with water, and a 21g stick makes around 16.9 ounces of the solution.

Dripdrop ORS can be consumed in both ways, cold as well as hot. It all depends on how you enjoy the taste while staying hydrated.

Can diabetics consume Dripdrop ORS?

Dripdrop ORS contains fructose and sucrose, both of which have significantly lower glycemic index (gi) in comparison to glucose.

At the same time, Sucralose’s glycemic index is 0, and as stated by the Canadian Diabetes Association, the amount of sucralose which can be consumed by an individual on a regular basis over their lifetime without any adverse effects is 9mg/kg/day.

That puts Dripdrop in an optimum hydration status. However, diabetics should consult their doctor once before consuming Dripdrop ORS.

How much of Dripdrop ORS can you consume in a day?

The recommended amount of Dripdrop consumption is mentioned on the packet itself.

It states that adults can have upto 8 servings a day, whereas children should not have more than 4 servings a day.

However, over-consumption of Dripdrop is not harmful, it’s just not advised to.

How much do Dripdrop ORS sticks cost?

In the case of the 10g sticks, a set of 16 sticks cost $18.99 i.e $1.19 each, 

And a set of 32 sticks cost $35.99 i.e $1.12 each.

In the case of the 21g sticks, a set of 12 sticks cost $27.99 i.e $2.33 each,

And a set of 24 sticks cost $53.99 i.e $2.25 each.

You can also save upto 25% on your bill by availing the subscription plan.

Buy Drip Drop

Nuun vs Dripdrop: final thoughts

Dehydration is a serious problem, no matter how commonly it occurs. We often overlook the fact that dehydration not only makes us feel more lethargic and irritated, but at the same time is also very detrimental for our health.

In cases of severe dehydration, individuals may even develop diminished consciousness and have hallucinations, along with lack of proper urine output and increased or lowered pulse rate. 

Hence the importance of hydration and staying hydrated is nothing new to us, and as day by day we all are becoming conscious about our health, it is also important for us to keep our bodies hydrated all the time in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our bodies constantly lose water mainly through breathing while we exhale, and electrolytes are lost through urine and sweat. 

Hence it is of utmost importance to restore the water and electrolytes back into our body in order to maintain proper health.

Consumption of plain water is not enough to restore the electrolytes and rehydrate our bodies effectively.

This is where products like Nuun and Dripdrop ORS play a significant role in rehydrating our bodies. However, between the two, we prefer Dripdrop ORS over Nuun tablets.

Dripdrop ORS is the clear winner in our eyes simply because of a few reasons.

Dripdrop ORS has a patented formula of ORS solution which meets the WHO standards and hence, is of superior quality and standards than that of Nuun.

Even though Nuun provides tablets of several varieties covering many health dimensions such as immunity, daily wellness, rest and recovery, etc.

Dripdrop ORS is clinically proven to be very effective in treating mild and moderate dehydration very quickly and effectively.

Nuun consists of d-glucose which even though is of low glycemic index, in the case of Dripdrop ORS, sucralose is present which has a glycemic index of 0, hence making it a safer option for consumption by diabetics.

Lastly, even though Dripdrop ORS might seem to be a little more expensive per dose in comparison to the Nuun tablets, in the case of Dripdrop, just a stick is enough for effective rehydration, whereas in the case of Nuun, 1-3 tablets might be required for effective rehydration.

However, even though Dripdrop ORS is another clear winner for us, what suits you best and helps you stay hydrated will depend upon you as taste and body requirements vary from individual to individual.

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