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Birth control is something very essential in today’s time and thankfully, there are now different birth control options to choose from and you can select whichever is most suitable for your body.

Women go through many hormonal changes and the right way of preventing pregnancy should be available easily to every woman who is in need of it.

Women around the globe are celebrating Nurx as a saviour and have had great reviews and experiences.

Just like you get your parcels at your doorstep, you can receive Nurx Birth control, delivered to your address.

Birth Control is a sensitive topic for many and they are highly conscious about their choice and privacy. We respect it and are reviewing the brand as it is.

Nurx started out by providing a service, which makes it easy for anyone, regardless of the situation, to get products quickly, easily and affordably.

They want all of you to stay healthy and wish that every woman has the freedom they deserve.

Know more about all your confusions and queries in this article.

About Nurx

Nurx Brand Image
Nurx Brand Image

Founded by Hans Gangeskar and Dr Edvard Engesaeth and some high profiled physicians around the world, Nurx’s primary objective is to make women’s lives convenient by making it easier to get birth control.

We personally checked their policies related to value, privacy, convenience & customer support and to our surprise, all these points were covered well on their website and we found it trustworthy.

Loved this experience. I hate going to doctors especially around sexual health. The fact that everything can be done without having an in person or video/phone call is AWESOME!


How does Nurx birth control work & what does Nurx provide?

Types of birth control
Types of birth control

There are several types of birth control out there, including Condoms, diaphragms, rings, pills, etc which prevent sperm from reaching the egg.

Nurx specializes in hormonal birth control which prevents ovulation and keeps the egg from getting released.

What does Nurx Offers?

Birth Control Pills

Nurx Birth Control Pills
Nurx Birth Control Pills

The birth control pill is one of the earliest kinds of birth control methods but it is vitally important to have a trusted medical professional to help you find the right birth control method for you.

It might cause nausea, sickness, mood swings etc to some whereas it can also be really effective to others with fewer side effects.

They’re not complicated like the last birth control company I used. They make it easy to get your birth control and recommend the best birth control for you.


Nurx provides 2 types of pills:

  1. Combination Pills
  2. Mini pills

Combination Pills

This type contains a combination of both estrogen and progestin. It must be taken regularly to be effective.

Mini Pills

Mini pills contain progestin alone and are best suited for women who are sensitive to estrogen and can follow a strict medication routine as it has to be taken in the same 3 hrs window each day.

Birth Control Shots

Nurx Birth Control Shots
Nurx Birth Control Shots

The Depo-subQ Provera X shot requires the least frequent use of any birth control method & can be taken once every 12-13 weeks. It contains no estrogen and hence is the best option for women who don’t find it suitable.

This is a great option if you don’t wish to take a dose of pills regularly.

I was very pleased with my experience. The Doctor took the time to evaluate everything and let me know what was right for me.


Birth Control Patches

Nurx Birth Control Patches
Nurx Birth Control Patches

This is the most hassle-free method of birth control as this contraceptive patch is worn on the skin & the effect lasts for about 7 days.

The only disadvantage might be that it contains a high level of estrogen and hence is not recommended for long-term usage.

It was so easy. All I did was give my bp reading and tell them what type of birth control I needed, and it was shipped to me immediately.


Birth Control Rings

Nurx Birth Control Ring
Nurx Birth Control Ring

NuvaRing is a hormone-based birth control option that lasts for 4 weeks and can then be replaced.

These are tiny and flexible rings ensuring a pain-free and comfortable insertion. With this, you can decide whether you want your periods.

It was quick easy and painless thank you


Why should you get Birth Control online?

Birth control
Birth control

Why wait in line with that pharmacy when you can get birth control delivered to your doorstep? Getting it online has a number of advantages including;

  1. Choice
  2. Saving
  3. Accessibility
  4. Convenience
  5. Transparency

Nurx extends its support to anyone in need of birth control and who wishes to try out different options.

They even have their own medical team to guide you with whatever difficulties you might be facing. You can even request a prescription at Nurx.

How much does it cost?

They charge $15 to anyone who requests a prescription.

They even provide medical consultation along with it and you can be in touch with their medical team as frequently as you wish.

The table shown below has been provided on Nurx’s website, which gives a clear and apt idea of the benefits of getting a subscription.

NurxIn-Person Doctors
Prescription is available 24/7.Call the doctor, make an appointment, wait till they call out your turn.
No disturbance in your regular life. You can message the medical team according to your time convenience.Take left to visit the doctor, take his appointment, drive to his clinic.
Get your birth control delivered to your doorstep.Drive to the pharmacy and wait in long lines.
Save money.Pay for parking and transportation at the cost of time.
Prices are known beforehand.Unknown pricing by the doctor till you buy the product.

I recently moved to a very red state from a very blue state recently, so the views with my current doctor about birth control isn’t great. I was put on birth control when I was 16 due to severe period cramps and not one doctor since has asked me about if I want to change or have any questions about my birth control. Well, I am now 27, and had tonsRead more about review stating Thank you! of questions since things have changed since 11 years ago! I decided to try out NURX that way I don’t feel looked down upon at my doctors office. The doctor that did my consult answered all my questions that I had and made me feel much more comfortable about my choice to take birth control.

Thank you again!!!!! 🙂


How does the Nurx works?

Nurx works in the following manner.

  1. Request your prescription
  2. The doctors review your health profile
  3. We deliver your medication
  4. Get automatic refills

Nurx has more than 400,000 patients to date and they mostly have positive responses. You can check the reviews on their website.

What are the Nurx Reviews?

“Every time I need advice or support related to any symptom, Nurx’s medical team is on their toes to help out. I am really impressed by their service and it has made my life altogether simpler.”


I had just shifted to a completely new place with no relatives or friends around and as much as a hassle the moving in was, so was finding birth control as I had expired my previous prescription. That’s when I found Nurx online and since then my birth control routine in sorted.


What are some Disadvantages of Nurx?

Here are some of the cons of Nurx.

  • Might be costly for some people.
  • Personal interaction with doctors might not be possible always.

Final Verdict

If you are unsure of what kind of birth control will be suitable for you or you are new to it, Nurx’s medical team will always be available to help you out.

You’ll just have to answer a few questions and you’ll receive medical help as soon as possible.

Nurx believes in setting a high standard for other birth control products and wishes to be the go-to site for women in need of birth control.

They wish to make it accessible to everyone who is in need and wish the best for women’s safety, health and freedom.

They feel that life can be complicated, but taking care of yourself shouldn’t be.

Nurx has surely boomed on the internet but you need to figure out if your body is adapting it well. We highly recommend you make a proper choice according to your body type and need.

We feel the need to educate women about useful products which can be accessed online now and we check all the authenticity the products hold and review them as they are.

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