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Organic food is not just a standard of life but an important necessity in today’s world. Nowadays, with growing pollution and degradation of the quality of resources, it is very important for us to maintain our health and immunity system. Also, the growing population needs food resources in a great amount which leads to chemically producing fruits and vegetables to increase production.

With these issues, the quality of food has degraded with might affect humans and their immunity in a severe way. For these reasons, people have been switching to organic food which provides them with different nutrients like vitamin C, iron, magnesium, etc. These foods avoid chemical fertilizers and pesticides and hence are healthier.

Organic foods are naturally grown and are of various shapes and sizes. However, people tend to misunderstand the fact that vegetables and fruits that look good are healthy and otherwise. The fruits and vegetables are of various shapes and sizes having the same amount of nutrients.

The supermarkets and different shops tend to differentiate on the basis of the appearance of the grocery to uphold a good standard of the market which in turn wastes a lot of food and also causes a financial loss for the farmers. The extra organic produce which could be put to use and help some people does not reach the people as they are not sold in the market.  

These issues are resolved by ventures like Misfits Markets, Hungry Harvest, and Imperfect Produce. These ventures aim at helping the people to reach the local vendors and provide them with good quality organic food profiting the customers as well as the farmers. They help in providing people with nutritious food, save the farmers from financial losses and also save a lot of food from getting wasted. We are going to compare and find out which one does the job better. 

Misfits Markets vs. Hungry Harvest vs. Imperfect Produce: The Comparison

Misfits Markets is a New Jersey-based company, that deals in organic grocery foods and tries to sell them in a unique way. 

Misfits Markets
Misfits Markets

Misfits Markets is a company that believes in saving the extra produce that is not sold by the farmers and gets wasted. The grocery that is not bought by the supermarkets and shops due to the misfit look on the shelves of the same are searched all over different farms and purchased to save the mass-produce and provide fresh, cheap affordable organic foods.

They call themselves an online grocery store in that way as they purchase these fruits and vegetables from farmers which helps the farmers earn and sell it to the people helping them have good, organic food and keep their stomachs happy. They provide cheap, organic, and good groceries at cheap rates giving you a good tummy and a good life. They sell about 14 different fruits and vegetables at the most in one box which can also be customized by you. They tend to deliver on a preferred day as decided by you. They provide you with the option of subscriptions. 

How does Misfits Markets work? 

Misfits Markets constructs your organic basket in two sizes: The Mischief Box and The Madness Box. 

The Mischief Box is a 10 – 13 lbs box that contains 12 different kinds of fruits and vegetables which may vary from week to week and surprise you with different groceries and the weight of the box. It costs around $22. It usually contains Leafy vegetables like lettuces, chard, arugula, and kale. Also, fruits like apples, and mangoes with a touch of more premium selections like stone fruit.

They provide staple vegetables like potatoes, carrots, heirloom tomatoes, etc. Sometimes on occasion, you might find surprises like watermelon, radishes, etc. Pantry staples, artisanal foods, and specialty products can be added before the shipping. 

The Madness Box is an 18 – 22 lbs box that is preferred to be ordered by families as it provides 14 different fruits and vegetables every week at the cost of $35. They also provide leafy vegetables like lettuces, chard, arugula, and kale. Also, fruits like apples, and mangoes with a touch of more premium selections like stone fruit. They provide staple vegetables like potatoes, carrots, heirloom tomatoes, etc. Sometimes on occasion, you might find surprises like watermelon, radishes, etc. Pantry staples, artisanal foods, and specialty products can be added before the shipping. 

How much does it cost?

The Mischief Box costs around $22 and can be ordered every week or once in two weeks. They provide sufficient food for 1-2 people every week. 

The Madness Box costs around $35 providing sufficient groceries for 5-6 people every week. 

They charge shipping costs of $4.50 to all locations for both boxes, except places like Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. For these specific places, the shipping cost is around $5.50 for either size. 

They accept all kinds of credit cards for online purchases. 

How does the subscription work?

You can subscribe to the boxes for a week or once in two weeks. The company gives you the choice of delivery date as to which date you want to get your box delivered. You can get your subscription skipped for a week if you are out traveling. The subscribed box can be changed in the settings. You are also given the option of canceling the subscription as per your choice.  

Hungry Harvest is a US-based company whose main aim is to eliminate the wasting of food and end hunger. 

Hungry Harvest
Hungry Harvest

Hungry Harvest is a company that aims to save food and eliminate the wastage of foods that is done by farmers and wholesalers. The food that is mis-perfect in the eyes of the sellers is just wasted because there is no market for it. This company tries to save those foods and provide them to people who are in dire need of them.

The food is collected from various places and sold o the website where the customers are able to get affordable, convenient food at cheaper rates. They give you an option to customize your cart and deliver it to your doorstep with very less hassle and worry. The company also provides pantry staples, fresh eggs, bread, coffee, etc. Not only the food but they also provide you with suggestible recipes that suit your boxes. They have a subscription basis for weekly or bi-weekly deliveries. 

What are harvest boxes?

Harvest boxes are grocery boxes consisting of fruits and vegetables that are prepared by the company every week. They include farm-fresh fruits and vegetables that are standard and organic as per the choice of the customers. The boxes include certain amounts of greens, vegetables, and fruits that vary in the size and type of the boxes. The expendables are also provided in the boxes that are ordered by the customers. 

What are the types of Harvest boxes?

The Mini Harvest box contains 1 type of green, 3 types of veggies, and 2-3 types of fruit.

The Full Harvest box contains 1 type of green, 2-4 types of veggies, and 2-4 types of fruit. 

The Super Harvest box contains 2 types of greens, 4-7 types of veggies, and 2-5 types of fruit.

The organic versions of these boxes provide organic groceries that are quality-checked

The Mini Veggie Harvest box contains 1-2 types of greens and 4-6 types of veggies. The Full Veggie Harvest box contains 1-3 types of greens and 4-9 types of veggies. 

How much do the harvest boxes cost? 

The Mini Harvest box costs around $15, the Full Harvest box costs around $25 and the Super Harvest box costs around $33.

The organic versions of these boxes cost around $28, $34, and $42 respectively. 

The Mini Veggie Harvest is priced at $18 and the Full Veggie Harvest box costs $30. 

The shipping is free for boxes that costs above $29.99. 

The weekly add-ons have specific amounts for each item. 

Imperfect Produce is a San Francisco-based company, that aims to provide you nutritious food at your doorstep by also benefitting the farmers and local vendors. They believe that the appearance of the food does not determine the quality of the food and it should not be wasted. They provide you the liberty to actually customize the baskets by selecting from the lists of products provided weekly.

Imperfect Produce
Imperfect Produce

You can choose the items and directly order them weekly for your nutritious and healthy meals. Also at large, it helps the local vendors financially and no wastage of food is done. In addition, they provide recipes that might help you to utilize your box at the best. 

How much does it cost?

They provide 2 boxes: the regular box and the organic box. The regular box starts costing at $16 and the organic box starts at $24. You can customize the products and reduce or increase items as per your choice. The box’s costs vary according to the orders. 

They provide the subscription offer at $30 dollars which helps in saving time, and money and offers convenience. 

What does Imperfect Produce offer?

Imperfect produce provides fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, grains, dairy, and meat. They tend to provide everything that one would need to go to a grocery shop to get. 

They customize the boxes and provide convenience to your everyday cooking. 

Misfits Markets vs. Hungry Harvest vs. Imperfect Produce: the final thoughts

Organic food is something that is necessary for people and not just a standard of life. Food gets wasted a lot due to its appearance and the quality of food is not taken into consideration. Chemically produced food causes various illnesses like stomach pain, food poisoning, etc.

Ventures like Misfits Market, Hungry Harvest, and Imperfect produce try to save the amount of food wasted and help farmers. They do not differentiate on the shape and size of the food. They recover the food that is wasted due to bulk production or rejected by supermarkets and use it because of its nutrition and aim to provide healthy fruits and vegetables.

All these ventures are not only restricted to providing groceries but also provide dairy, grains, and other pantry items. They provide boxes that suffice food for a week. They take care of how many members are there in the family and the number of meals needed and then send it to you weekly.

They also give you an option to customize the box and get foods of your choice and convenience. However, among these three, we prefer Hungry Harvest to be the clear winner in our eyes simply because of a few reasons. They provide you with ready boxes with a wide range of variations including organic and non-organic goods.

They also have different boxes for different family types and for different needs. They also give you the option of customizing the box to your convenience. Also, they provide you with other pantry items and do not just restrict to fruits and vegetables. They are cheap and affordable too. 

However, even though Hungry Harvest is a clear winner for us, what suits you best may vary from individual to individual.

Eat Healthily, Stay Healthy.


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