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Jinx Dog Food

Do you know what differentiates humans and dogs when it comes to basic body needs?

Humans can always express their needs but things are completely different when it comes to your furry pet.

Therefore, you always need some of the best foods available on the market for dogs.

You also need to know the basic composition of that food and what would be more satisfactory if the brand was directly in touch with its customers.

Jinx Dog Food has direct contact with its consumers, which gives a clearer understanding of the requirements.

The brand strongly believes in modern doghood, and that’s the only reason why it has some of the most powerful formulations of its food, which consist of all the natural ingredients, some strong probiotics, and no synthetic chemicals or preservatives.

In this blog, we will be looking into all the possible aspects of this brand, including checking up on some of the best-selling products and customer reviews. We will also have an overview of a brand so that you can understand the basic foundation properly. Let’s begin.

What is Jinx Dog Food?

Jinx Dog Food Brand Image
Jinx Dog Food Brand Image

Jinx Dog Foods was created by Terri Rockovich, Sameer Mehta, and Michael Kim. They are trusted by some of the most famous celebrities, such as Trevor Noah, Halsey, and Will Smith.

Apart from this, they also have a very strong social media presence, with approximately 49.3k followers on their Instagram handle. They have also been covered by several renowned media houses, which is a great achievement in this short period. 

The brand strongly believes in natural ingredients and more balanced diet food for the dogs, and that’s the only reason why they focus on maximum protein intake, balanced ingredients, and all the diets they provide.

“complete and balanced nutrition that is more relatable and relevant to the animals we have,” said co-founder Rockovich in one of his recent interviews. 

Some of the major pros and cons of the brand are mentioned below:


  • Products manufactured in the US itself.
  • Food contains premium-quality protein of approximately 28–30%.
  • Ingredients like organic chicken, fresh salmon, eggs, and avocado are used in the food. 
  • They use their patent probiotics to maintain the gut health of your pet. 
  • They are low allergens used in the formulation.
  • The food by Jinx is easy to store and no refrigeration is required. 
  • The food has a longer shelf life and less risk of spoilage
  • The company also gives you a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with their products. 
  • They also have flexible subscriptions available on their website.
  • They have free shipping all over the USA


  • Consult the veterinarian if your dog has a weak digestive system before starting the meal.

What are the products offered by Jinx?

There is a huge product range for Jinx Dog Foods. It depends on what kind of food you choose for your pet dog or what its body demands. Below, we have discussed some of the products that are appreciated by their consumers and are also on the best-selling list.

Beef and Sweet Potato Kibble Review

Beef and Sweet Potato Kibble
Beef and Sweet Potato Kibble
Beef and Sweet Potato Kibble
Beef and Sweet Potato Kibble
Beef and Sweet Potato Kibble
Beef and Sweet Potato Kibble

The formulation of Jinx beef and sweet potato kibble is based on real beef, which is a great source of protein for better bone development. The product is priced at $15.30 and other prices are also available for different weights. Some of the basic features are mentioned below:

  • It has 20+ nutrients from the superfoods used in the formulation. 
  • Perfect source of lean protein, which is necessary for bone development. 
  • Presence of taurine for good cardiac health.
  • It also has brown rice for carbs and fiber. 
  • Most importantly, it has real beef as its major ingredient.

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Jiggy is a 6-pound Yorkie and a very picky eater. Jiggy loves his Jinx kibble!! He always finishes his meals and I can see the difference in his energy and his fur. I like all the healthy components and not having to worry about him not getting a balanced meal. I recommend it, especially for picky eaters.


I rarely feed my dog dry food, but I found this at Target, and my dog, Drakko, loved it! He is a 2-year-old American Staffy. A friend of mine came over and her dog began eating the food as well. She also switched her dog’s diet over to Jinx!

Paté Sampler Pack Review

Paté Sampler Pack
Paté Sampler Pack
Paté Sampler Pack
Paté Sampler Pack
Paté Sampler Pack
Paté Sampler Pack

The Patè Sampler Pack contains 3 cans of wet food recipes that are savory. There is also a subscription available for the entire pack, which can help you save about 15% from the original price. The one-time price for the entire package is $11.00 and you can avail of this by placing your order on their website.

Some of the basic features are mentioned below:

  • The pack contains protein-rich vegetables such as pumpkin and sweet potato for better development of your pet’s brain.
  • It also contains probiotics and fiber from natural sources for better digestion.
  • The entire pack is designed to keep a balance between nutrition, vitamins, and minerals that are required by your dog. 
  • You can simply mix it with any diet and add flavors according to your pet’s taste buds.
  • There are four flavors available in the pack, which you can choose from while placing the order. 

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We have been using this food for a few weeks now and our dogs seem to love it! We transitioned between their old food and they would purposefully avoid the old food in their bowl and only try to eat the Jinx.


Dogs love this food – and the sample pack is a more economical way to try their flavors. I like that the food is made in the US with ingredients and that they have a donation program where they will give money to shelter pets. The food also meets AAFCO guidelines, which is important since often the dogs eat more canned food than kibble. The price point is in line with other canned foods I feed.

Freeze-Dried Salmon Topper Review

Freeze-Dried Salmon Topper
Freeze-Dried Salmon Topper
Freeze-Dried Salmon Topper
Freeze-Dried Salmon Topper
Freeze-Dried Salmon Topper
Freeze-Dried Salmon Topper

This is one of the best ways to make the meal tastiest with freeze-dried salmon toppers. They are wild-caught salmon, which helps fulfill the protein demand of a dog, and coated with some of the best flavors they would love. The price of freeze-dried salmon toppers is $8.50.

Some of the basic features are mentioned below:

  • There are freeze-dried flavors that are healthy and keep the nutritional value active. 
  • No refrigeration is required to store this salmon topper. 
  • No artificial preservatives or synthetic chemicals are used in the entire formulation.
  • It is completely safe and free from allergenic substances. 

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We have a 17-year-old, 4 lb dog who is losing her sense of smell. The meal topper has such a strong scent that it helps her to realize that what’s in front of her is food. She loves chicken!


My 10-year-old and 11/2-year-old female dogs eat well but they are nibblers. This is annoying for various reasons. But, now that I add the toppers they goble all their food down immediately.

Chicken and Sweet Potato Tenders Review

Chicken and Sweet Potato Tenders
Sweet and Chicken Potato Tenders
Chicken and Sweet Potato Tenders
Chicken and Sweet Potato Tenders
Chicken and Sweet Potato Tenders
Chicken and Sweet Potato Tenders

The Chicken & Sweet Potato Tenders original chicken is packed with bombs of flavors, which are going to be one of the favorites of your dogs.

These are priced at $8.0 and you can save up to 15% if you have a subscription. This is the best way to meet the protein demand of your pet’s body.

Some of the basic features are mentioned below:

  • Chicken is used as one of the major ingredients in the entire formulation.
  • The sweet potato is best known for its benefits for the eyes and health of your pet. 
  • The chunks are soft and chewy, but still tender in nature.
  • It has fewer calories yet more nutritional value than any other food that you will ever make for your pet. 

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My two dogs love these jerky samplers. I use them as training treats. I waited almost two months to write a review because my pups are known for reacting positively to new treatment options, only turning their noses up when the novelty wears off. Jinx is currently still a favorite. Thanks.


My dog is extremely fussy and I’ve given him a variety of “treats”. He sniffs and walks away. This chicken and sweet potato tender is like and thank goodness, he eats.

Puppy Essentials Starter Pack Review

Puppy Essentials Starter Pack
Puppy Essentials Starter Pack
Puppy Essentials Starter Pack
Puppy Essentials Starter Pack
Puppy Essentials Starter Pack
Puppy Essentials Starter Pack

The Puppy Essential Starter Pack is entirely designed to meet all the nutritional demands of your puppy’s body. The entire package is priced at $28.00 and you can avail of this by placing your order on their website.

Some of the basic features are mentioned below:

  • Protein is one of the premium ingredients used in the entire starter pack.
  • There are 20+ high-nutrition foods available in the pack, which are sourced from superfoods.
  • There is also the presence of biotin and fish oil for the super-shiny coat of your puppy.
  • It is formulated for puppies between 1 and 12 months of all breeds.
  • No artificial chemicals are used in the entire pack.
  • There is also the presence of 20 million probiotics. 

Puppy Essentials Starter Pack Review


This is a wonderful package to try out Jinx. I have a French Bulldog puppy that does have a finicky side and a stubborn side. She took to the Jinx right away. The only problem is that we have figured out that the chicken is making her very itchy. Many Frenchies are allergic to chicken, including mine.

Jinx dog food reviews

Everyone is curious to know about the experiences of others before starting a new product with their pet. Peeping into the Jinx Dog Food reviews section is one way to see what their customers have experienced with the brand’s products.

Some of them are mentioned below so that you can decide better for your pets. 


My pup loves this food so far! She gets excited to eat. She hasn’t had any problems with her poops since we switched. No runny poops so far which is a plus! The ingredients are super quality. No need for added supplements for vermins for this food. Love it and recommend it!


I had never heard of Jinx until I was at Petco looking for canned food. It sounded great and healthy, so I bought a bag. My dogs are all 11-23 lbs, and they’re all somewhat picky. They don’t always love dry food, but they went crazy for Jinx! You would have thought I had a bag of treats! It’s a hundred times better to have dry food they like! It makes my life easier! They prefer dog food with freeze-dried meat, which says something! They usually pick out the meat and spit the kibble on the floor. Jinx costs more, but it’s worth it for my bunch of senior dogs!


Spent many hours searching for healthy food with natural ingredients. Initially tried Blue Buffalo but noticed stool problems. Jinx did the trick. My pup didn’t throw up and I didn’t notice any stool problems. It is very well-priced for a premium product and my pup loves it!

Is Jinx dog food good for your dog?

Jinx Dog Food is designed for dogs who are either adult puppies or seniors. It has a balanced nutritional composition in its meals, which makes it suitable for all breeds and dogs. 

It also has prebiotics and probiotics, which take care of the digestive system of your pet and are also responsible for overall good health.

This is suitable for almost all dogs; however, dogs with sensitive stomachs may have issues digesting the meals, according to some of the experiences that are shared on different platforms. 

So if you are someone who is looking for something natural and healthy for your dog, then definitely Jinx Dog Food is worth every single penny. 

How do I order Jinx dog food?

After discussing so much about Jinx Dog Food, you must be willing to grab your hands upon them for your pet to grab all those nutrients from superfoods. The steps are mentioned below to place the order. 

  • Visit their official website
  • Search for the product as per your requirements. 
  • Add them to your cart. 
  • Now move to your cart.
  • Complete shipping and billing details.
  • Apply your subscription offer, if applicable.
  • Finally, confirm your order.

Final Verdict

As per the surveys and reports, several pet owners have no idea about the nutritional value of their pets. More than 75% of the dogs are overweight. Keeping all these factors in mind, jinx dogs design their meals.

There is a high amount of protein for better development and moderate amounts of fiber and carbohydrates to keep the digestive system and entire function in place. 

They also use several prebiotics and probiotics to keep the digestive system at its best functioning, which is responsible for several health factors in your dog.

So if you are someone who is looking for something healthy for your pet, then Jinx Dog Food is all you need.

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