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It is very difficult to have a perfect body with no problems related to it. Humans suffer from various body problems, like skin problems, hair problems, sexual problems, and many more.

In fact, males and females have different problems with each other since they have different body features. Hence, both genders require different treatments for their problems.

As a result, various gender-specific brands have emerged that aim at providing solutions to problems of a particular gender.

Today, we are going to review one such brand, which focuses on solving various body problems for men. 

The brand is none other than ‘Hims’, a very popular brand in this market. Hims is a wellness brand for males that strives to provide solutions for various male body problems like hair loss, erectile dysfunction, skin problems, mental health problems, etc.

This Blog intends to help my readers get detailed information about the brand name Hims its products and genuine customer reviews. That helps in their decision to purchase.

Hims: The Overview of Brand

hims brand logo
Brand Image of Hims

The Brand Hims is a San Francisco-based wellness and health company that specializes in offering solutions to various problems that men face in their daily lives. 

The company offers a wide range of services and ailments related to skin problems, hair problems, mental health problems, and sexual problems for men. Hims is a startup founded in 2017 by Andrew Dudum and Hilary Coles. 

They identified that we live in a stereotypical world where men are not much encouraged to take care of their health. Men generally do not feel comfortable consulting doctors for problems like hair loss or erectile dysfunction. 

Men always have a fear of being judged by the masses if they are caught wanting to care about their bodies.

Hence, Hims created an online platform where men can get solutions to all their health problems. 

Such a system gives men the required privacy, makes them confident to talk about their problems with doctors and physicians, and get solutions to common male problems like acne, hair loss, and erectile dysfunction.

Since its 4 years of operations, Hims has expanded its operations to various parts of the United States and has effectively widened its product range in all product lines.

Apart from attracting more and more customers, many doctors and physicians have got on board with Hims.

Talking about Hims’ social media presence has more than 136K followers on Instagram and more than 64K followers on Facebook.

What is Hims?

Hims has established itself as a male-centric brand that has solutions to most of the body problems males face, be it skin problems, hair problems, mental health problems, or sexual problems. In simple words, it’s a one-stop solution to various problems for men.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hims has expanded its product range to a total of seven categories – primary care, hair, skin, sex, mental health, supplements, and COVID-19.

Hims also offers subscriptions where you can get automatic refills of medicines on time. This feature adds to the convenience factor of the product and is good for those who are suffering from extreme cases.

The brand has also been featured in popular media outlets like Bloomberg, Men’s Health, The New York Times, GQ, etc.

Let us have a look at certain Pros and Cons of Hims as a brand:


  • Since it’s an online platform, you save on the costs of travel.
  • Hims has many professional doctors and physicians on board who specialize in various domains.
  • Men have the independence of place and time; they can consult a doctor anytime and anywhere in the United States.
  • The platform offers much-needed privacy to men, allowing them to freely share their body issues with doctors.
  • You get the medicines delivered to your doorstep.
  • The first consultation session is free for every man.


  • The medicines and drugs are slightly overpriced when compared to those prevailing in the market.
  • There is a lack of personal touch, physical communication, and treatment.
  • You will have to wait for a particular period of time until the medicines are delivered. Until then, you cannot start your wellness course.
  • The deliveries are only available in the United States.

Hims: What are the products the brand offers?

As mentioned earlier, Hims has expanded its operations to a total of seven product lines dealing with major body problems men face. The products offered by Hims can be categorized as follows: 

Sexual Health

Erectile DysfunctionPremature Ejaculation
Genital herpesSex toys & accessories


Hair Care Hair Loss

Skin Care

Skin basicsOral Herpes

Everyday Health

Primary CareCold Sores
Infections Allergies
Cold & Flu

Mental Health

Anxiety & depressionTherapy
Performance anxiety


As mentioned earlier, the company also has a subscription scheme, where customers can subscribe to get their monthly refills of medicines automatically. However, you always have the option to choose your required products individually and timely.

To make our review comprehensive, we will discuss four major categories of products offered by Hims in this review.

Hims Hair Loss Review

Hair loss is a very common problem among men. By the age of 45, most men witness this problem. Hence, this service of Hims plays a path-changing role for men. The solutions provided by Hims for this problem have proven to show successful results among various customers.

Hims takes a quick questionnaire from customers before prescribing any kind of medicine or supplement. This way, they are able to know the root problem in a much better way and, as a result, are able to provide viable solutions.

The brand provides five major products relating to the hair loss problem and some combination of these products to satisfy the collective needs of customers. Let us have a look at these products and combos:


It is the best product to deal with hair loss problems according to many customer reviews. It comes in the form of pills which are to be taken once every day. These pills help reduce hair loss significantly. The pills are priced at $28.50.

Hims Hair Lineup
Hims Hair Lineup


It is another product for hair loss problems. It comes in the form of a lotion to be applied to the head. It facilitates the loss of old hair and the growth of new hair. The product is priced at $15.

Hair Regrowth

Thickening shampoo

It helps increase the volume and moisture of the hair. It consists of saw palmetto, which reduces the rate of hair fall. The shampoo is priced at $19

Hims Thick Fix Shampoo

A thickening conditioner

It is used after the use of the shampoo. The conditioner hydrates your hair and makes it look thicker. It contains niacinamide and eucalyptus scent for better treatment of your hair. The conditioner is priced at $22.

Hims Conditioner
Hims Conditioner

Biotin Gummies

These gummies are cherry-flavored gummies and consist of various vitamins which improve the health of human hair. It also contains biotin which is often considered to be very important for healthy hair. The gummies are available at a price of $16.

Biotin gummies
Biotin gummies

Talking about the combo packs, Hims offers a total of four combos to its customers. They are:

  • Hair Power Pack consists of Finasteride pills, Minoxidil solution, thickening shampoo, and biotin gummies. It is a pack that offers all the hair treatments in one package. The pack is priced at $65/month.
  • Non-Prescription Hair Kit consists of Minoxidil solution, thickening shampoo, and biotin gummies. As the name suggests, this pack can be purchased without any prescription, unlike the hair power pack. This kit is priced at $37/month.
  • Edible Kit consists of Finasteride pills and Biotin gummies. As the name suggests, this kit consists of products that are edible for the human body. 
  • A combo of Thickening shampoo and Thickening conditioner. The pack helps to make your hair look thicker with increased volume. The combo is priced at $33.

It is important to note that all these medications are FDA-approved and safe for you. Also, you require a doctor’s prescription for some of the medications.

Hims Hair Loss Reviews by Consumers


“I tirned different seversl options before but Hims combine apporch for all four methode by far created the best results”


“4-months strong and my confidence back up to 100% using Hims, future me really does thank me”


“I am 34 year old father of two and have useing Hims for over a year now. My hairis back to what it is in my twenties.”

Hims Erectile Dysfunction Review

Yes, we are going to talk about it as it is a sexual problem faced by many males. This disorder significantly impacts their sex life. It is a case when a man is unable to keep or hold an erection during sexual intercourse. 

However, the majority of males feel uncomfortable talking about this problem. But, worry no more. Hims provides you with an online platform where you can consult a doctor for your problem without someone disturbing your privacy.

The solutions offered by Hims for this sexual problem consist of five medications. They are as follows:

Five medications:

  • Viagra® is among the first solutions to the problem of Erectile dysfunction. It is considered to be the best for solving this problem. Blue pills improve your capacity to hold an erection while having sex. The pills are available at Hims for $139 per dose.
Hims Viagra
Hims Viagra
  • Sildenafil (Generic for Viagra®) is a generic version of Viagra. Its price is claimed to be 90% less than the original Viagra pills. These pills have proven to cure erectile dysfunction for many users and help you hold the erection for a longer while consistently. The pills are priced at $3 per dose.
Hims Generic Viagra
Hims Generic Viagra
  • Cialis® is another clinically approved medication that can cure the problem of erectile dysfunction. Hims claims that a daily pill of Cialis can help you keep a stronger and longer erection while having sex. The pills are priced at $958 per month.
Hims Cialis
Hims Cialis
  • Tadalafil (Generic Cialis®) is a generic version of Cialis. As a result, it costs much cheaper to the customers when compared to the branded Cialis. The pills have proven to stay longer in your body and hence you need not slip away to take a dose at the moment. The pills are available at Hims at a price of $82 per month.
Hims Tadalafil
Hims Tadalafil
  • Stendra® (avanafil) is the newest medication available for the problem of erectile dysfunction. The feature which differentiates it from other solutions is that it is proven to be effective within 15 minutes of consumption and can be consumed with or without food. The pills are available at Hims at a price of $53 per dose.
Hims Stendra
Hims Stendra

It is important to note that all these medications are FDA-approved and safe for you. Also, you require a doctor’s prescription for some of the medications.

Hims Erectile Dysfunction Review by Consumers


“I started to losing my confidence in how I’d perform with my fiance and did’nt want that to ruin our future togeather.Hims helped me and I’m so thankful! I did’nt even have to worry about any embrassing doctor’s office visit.!!”


“There is nothing more embrassing than having to go to the doctors office and tell 500 people why are you there. My girlfriend discover about the Hims during the radio Ad.I apprecaite the discretation! Sildenafil takes my stamina and endurance to the nest level.”

Hims Skin Care Review

Men also suffer from various skin problems like acne, pimples, wrinkles, dark circles, premature aging, and similar other problems.

However, there are only a few brands that offer skin care products for men. A majority of the skincare industry is dominated by female skincare products.

The main reason behind this is that men are not very comfortable openly talking about wanting to have clear and healthy skin.

Hence, Hims is here to solve this problem for men. Through its online platform, men can easily consult a doctor about their skin problems and ensure that no one is barging into their privacy.

Hims offers various skincare products for men which can help them to have clear, healthy, hydrated, and nourished skin. The products are as follows:

Custom Anti-Aging Cream

Custom Anti-Aging Cream is a cream that helps in reducing the signs of aging. It helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and at the same time promotes healthy-looking skin by increasing cell turnover. The cream requires a doctor’s prescription before use.

Hims anti-aging
Hims anti-aging

Good Night Wrinkle Cream

It is another sort of anti-aging cream. Just as the name suggests, it is meant to be applied at night and helps to reduce wrinkles on facial skin. It consists of shea butter and hydraulic acid which helps to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized making it look younger. The cream is priced at $24.

Hims Wrinkle Cream
Hims Wrinkle Cream

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C Serum acts as a brightener and hydrator for the male skin. With the power of Vitamin C, it helps in softening the skin and eventually reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The serum is available at Hims at a price of $33.

Hims Vitamin C Serum
Hims Vitamin C Serum

Everyday Moisturizer

Everyday Moisturizer is a solution for dry and oily skin. It hydrates and moisturizes your skin with every use. The feature that differentiates it from other moisturizers is that it is non-greasy and works on all skin types. The product is priced at $18 on the Hims website.

Hims Everyday Moisturizer
Hims Everyday Moisturizer

The Blur Stick

It is a new product introduced by Hims. It works on the principle of ‘Cover and Conceals’ and is a quick solution to skin problems. The stick helps you to cover acne, wrinkles, dark spots, razor bumps, dark circles, etc. on your skin. It is available in 8 different skin shades so that customers can choose their respective skin types. It is priced at $17.

Hims Blur Stick

Small Batch Scent

It is a fragrance created by Hims, especially for men. Hims claims it to consist of scent from coastal California and gives you a scent of road trips and adventure. The scent is available on the Hims website at a price of $64.

Hims Small Batch Scent
Hims Small Batch Scent

Acne Cream

It is a solution to acne problems that men often face. The acne cream comes in a customized form based on your skin type and skin problems. However, the cream requires a prescription from a doctor before using it. The cream has been proven to reduce acne and pimples on male skin. 

Hims Skin Care Review by Consumers


“I thought about buying retinol from one of the major skincare compaines, bt it was anything but affordable. Then one day I realize Hims offer a tretinoin-based Rx anti angeing solution at fraction of the cost, all from the comfort of my coach, from my phone.”


“This is a great serum for men. I’ve noticed a difference in my overall skin health since using the product. My pores are smaller and my skin feels younger and more elastic. Pleasant scent and easy to fit into a routine.”

Hims Mental Health Review

Mental Health has become a serious concern in the 21st century. Many men go through mental health problems like anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. 

However, just as in previous cases, men are not very comfortable talking about such issues. They always have a fear of being judged by society. 

In such a situation, Hims’ online platform is the best place where you can freely talk about your anxiety and depression personally with psychiatrists, therapists, doctors, and nurses. 

Moreover, the independence of time and place offers the required privacy to men which helps them to be confident while discussing their problems. 

Hims provides various consultation and therapy sessions to its customers and also provides the required medications to concerned customers. Hims provides the options of Psychiatry & Medication, Individual Therapy, Anonymous Support Groups, and Resources & Content. 

Some popular medications available at Hims are Bupropion XL, Citalopram, Duloxetine, Escitalopram, Fluoxetine, Propranolol, and many more approved medications

All these medications are FDA-approved and require a prescription from doctors and psychiatrists before use. Moreover, most of these medications are generic versions of available branded medications. This makes such medications cheaper for customers.

Hims Mental Health Review by Consumers


“Hims and Hers Mind Unwind Drops are seriously my saving grace. I struggle with terrible anxiety and when I can feel myself getting worked up, I take some of this and it makes things so much better.”


“This feels like a perfect supplement, with the biotin giving me a chemical relaxation effect plus the pomegranate berry flavor to give me emotional relaxation. The gummy gives you a moment to slow down and actually focus on calming down for a bit before bed.”

How To Order Hims Products?

By now, we can be certain that you might be excited to get your own Hims products and solve the problems faced by you in life. You can get your own Hims products by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Website – First of all, you will have to visit the brand’s website ( You will see various tabs on the websites like – Hair, Skin, Mental Health, Sex, and Supplements.
  1. Switch to your desired tab – Now you will have to switch to the tab which you want according to your body problems. For example, if you have problems with your sex life, you will have to switch to the ‘sexual health’ tab. Here, you will have to take a consultation session and inform the professionals about your problem.
  1. Note suggestions from the doctors and follow the prescription – You will have to note all the suggestions and advice given by your doctor and purchase all the prescribed medications from Hims. 
  1. Review the details of the medications and Add them to your Cart – Before buying the medications or other products, you need to review whether they are of the right quantity, right quality, prescribed or not, and check all relevant details of the product. Once you are satisfied with these details, you may add the particular product to your shopping cart.
  1. Fill in details and make payment – Lastly, you need to provide the required details like name, email, contact, address, and some other details. After providing these details, you will have to make the payment and it’s done. You will receive your order within the specified time.

Hims Review: What Do Customers Think?

Hims has been reviewed by more than 1100 customers on the company’s website and enjoys a rating of a whopping 4.5 stars. Moreover, the majority of its products are also rated above 4 stars on the company’s website.

This clearly shows that customers are satisfied with the products and services offered by Hims. Let us now have a look at a few Hims reviews available on Hims’ website.

  • Michael (rated 5 stars) – “Loved trying out this product. The shampoo and topical treatment really went to work and showed results after a few days. These doctor-formulated products work wonders and I am interested in continuing to use them. The biotin gummies were delicious and I notice my nails were healthier and looked clearer/stronger. My hair is shiny and seems overall more healthy too! Thanks, Hims!”
  • Tehrocko (rated 5 stars) – “I had never heard of this product before. Found out it is a subscription service and the kit comes with vitamin, shampoo, conditioner, and topical solution. The first thing I noticed after using the shampoo and conditioner for the first time was how dry and tangled my hair was. I ended up spraying a leave-in conditioner/detangle in my hair after each use to minimize hair loss through combing. This kit has a very pleasant and long-lasting scent.
  • Don E. (rated 5 stars) – “This is a great serum for men. I’ve noticed a difference in my overall skin health since using the product. My pores are smaller and my skin feels younger and more elastic. Pleasant scent and easy to fit into a routine.”
Ratings and Reviews from
Ratings and Reviews from

Are Hims Products Worth It?

From the above analysis and study, we can certainly say that Hims products are completely worth it. A large number of customer reviews on the company’s website and other platforms clearly show that the products are trustworthy and reliable. 

Moreover, many medications and products can be purchased only after a prescription from a doctor or professional. This increases the reliability factor of the products offered by Hims. 

Also, the doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, dermatologists, and other professionals which are on board with Hims are all licensed and trained in their respective fields. Adding to the trustworthiness of the products are approvals from FDA. 

Talking about the price of the products, the branded products may cost a little higher when compared to market prices but the generic versions and original products will surely save you some money. 

However, a little extra price is completely justifiable by the amount of privacy and independence of time and place offered by Hims. Considering all these measures, we can safely say that Hims’ products are completely worth your money and you can at least give them a try.

Our Verdict on Hims Brand

By now, our verdict on Him might be pretty clear to you. Yes, we believe that Hims products are safe, effective, efficient, and worth a try. We highly recommend you try these products at least once if you are suffering from any of the mentioned problems.

Various reviews and ratings from the customers act as testimonies and confirm the trustworthiness and reliability of the products. The FDA approvals and prescriptions from trained professionals add to this factor.

Men no more need to feel uncomfortable and shy before discussing their body problems. They no longer need to hide and keep their problems up to themselves. With Hims they can easily consult a doctor in the comfort and privacy of their home. 

Men can now easily get the treatment they deserve with the help of Hims. The company helps in saving a lot of time for customers as they need not make personal visits to doctors. Also, the medications and products are delivered to your doorstep, which again saves time.

Important factors like the independence of time and place, comfort of your home, availability of required privacy, consultation from professional doctors, doorstep delivery, subscription plans, and similar other features make Hims a game-changer for many customers. From this study, we can assure you that Hims’ products are effective and efficient.

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