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It’s never simple to design a space in your home. There are various factors to consider, including your budget and the amount of time it will take you to complete the project given your hectic schedule. 

Getting an online interior designer may seem like a luxury to some, but they are the specialists that can assist you in creating the greatest environment possible. 

Many people consider hiring a competent interior designer to be both practical and cost-effective, and they consider it to be a luxury. Havenly is one of the most popular and cost-effective websites available today.

If you want to learn more about Havenly, you’ve come to the right place. Before joining up, read everything there is to know about Havenly.

and many more! So keep reading this blog to learn more about this amazing interior design brand!

Overview of the Brand

Havenly logo
Brand Image of Havenly logo

Havenly is an interior design service that strives to make the process as simple as possible for all of its clients, regardless of the design style they choose. 

Havenly was founded in 2013 and has been operating successfully ever since. Given that their unique design method works wonderfully and has very few errors, the majority of their consumers are pleased and content, and a lot about the brand has stayed the same since then.

To put it another way, Havenly will assist you with all of your interior design needs from beginning to end. 

They will come to your house or to the rooms that you want to be designed, create a bespoke design based on your style, recommendations, and needs, and then assist you in purchasing all of the items after your new design has been verified.

As previously said, Havenly provides a simple interior design method that meets everyone’s wants and specifications.

Before we learn more about this brand, let’s go through its list of pros and cons.


  • Prices are reasonable
  • Quick shipping
  • Meetings with designers on a one-on-one basis
  • The design may be reviewed and corrected indefinitely.
  • The process is simple and painless.


  • Only two options might have included additional services and features.

You must be wondering, “How popular is this brand among its customers?” Havenly has a massive following of 370k on its Instagram official page and 231k likes on its Facebook page. 

Not just that, the brand has been featured in many popular magazines and websites, such as Vogue, The New York Times, Bazaar, PopSugar, and many more! 

Havenly Review

Havenly offers anything that you might be looking for to design your home. Furniture, lighting, pillows you can find almost anything on their official website.

But you might be wondering how Havenly actually works. 

To begin, you must first decide on the room you wish to build. You’ll also be encouraged to upload videos and photos, and you’ll be asked to respond to a series of questions about your unique style. 

Havenly will now select a professional designer based on your responses, who will schedule a phone call with you to further grasp your idea for your area. 

You will be able to share with the expert designer the elements of your current layout that appear to be unnecessary. 

Also consider how you intend to use the space, your favorite color palettes and patterns, the types of furniture, and a variety of other room design considerations. There is also an option for finishing the short design if you wish.

Once you’ve decided on a design direction, the interior designer will present you with a detailed idea to consider. 

The key to successful results for the interior designer is honest feedback. Express your enthusiasm for the concept as well as your dissatisfaction with the suggested design choices. 

Furthermore, if an issue arises after the project is completed, you may contact your interior designer since they will remain contactable at all times.

Havenly Furniture Review

Havenly Furniture
Havenly Furniture

West Elm Quinn Desk

Havenly offers a wide range of furniture. From sofas to office desks, you can find almost any type of furniture that you are looking for on their official website. 

Thus, you can say that when it comes to online shopping for furniture, their website is nothing but a one-stop shop for all the things that you’re looking for in your beautiful home. 

Once you have a look at their furniture, you can say that their quality is really high, and it’s stylish too! And the best part about it is that you can get all of that at such an affordable rate.   

Now, why don’t you have a look at two of its bestselling pieces of furniture?

Don’t be fooled by its glitzy appearance. With convenient storage space, textured drawers, and tall metal legs, this robust, sustainably produced desk gets the job done. Every time we see the white and brass combination, we get hearty eyes.

This amazing desk will cost you $699.

Havenly West Elm Marin Sofa

Havenly  West Elm Marin Sofa
Havenly West Elm Marin Sofa

Hand-finished upholstery on a hand-built, solid-wood frame distinguishes this serious sofa with a casual design.

It’s also contract-grade, which means it can withstand the rigors of commercial or domestic use (including kids, dogs, or cats, if that’s your thing, and guests who spill wine, for example). Sofas don’t get much more durable than this.

You can get one of these sofas for just $1,599.

Havenly Pillow Review

Havenly Pillow
Havenly Pillow

A comfortable sofa or a bed isn’t complete without some throw pillows. They do not just make it look better, but also way more comfortable for your guests, as well as you! 

Havenly has, over the years, designed some of the most beautiful yet extremely comfortable pillows. Don’t you want to have a look at them? Well, we have shared two of their bestselling pillows just for you.

Havenly Cove Goods Neva Lumbar Pillow

Cove Goods Neva Lumbar Pillow
Havenly Cove Goods Neva Lumbar Pillow

The Neva is a must-have foundation for your pillow fort pillow collection: a neutral beauty that provides a sturdy basis on which to build. 

Its creamy colors go with any color scheme, and the whimsical tassels add charm. During a Netflix marathon, it also provides back and neck support. We will fight everyone who does not recognize Neva’s worth!

The price of this pillow is only $39!

Havenly Cove Goods Madlyn Pillow

Havenly Cove Goods Madlyn Pillow
Havenly Cove Goods Madlyn Pillow

Although it was not the winner for their best pillow, the Cove Good Madelyn Pillow came right after the winner. for the whimsy of those hand-tied tassels set against a classic charcoal and neutral palette. A real beauty that works across styles

Havenly Rugs Review

Havenly Rugs
Havenly Rugs

Area rugs have a unique way of bringing together all of the elements of a room. For example, they can pull together various colors used in the décor. Not just that, they also have numerous important qualities such as noise reduction, providing warmth and comfort, and many more.

Havenly offers a wide range of rugs that are of amazing quality! Furthermore, these can significantly improve the appearance of your home!

We have reviewed two of their bestselling rugs. Have a look at it:

Havenly Studio Marcette Gabriel Rug

Havenly Studio Marcette Gabriel Rug
Havenly Studio Marcette Gabriel Rug

The Gabriel celebrates a classic design in a relaxing color, paying homage to its Turkish heritage. Sink your feet into refinement by layering traditional beauty in your living room, dining area, or bedroom. You can rely on us. You’ll be pleased you took the time to do so.

The price of this absolutely gorgeous rug ranges from $320 to $530.

Havenly Cove Goods Stevens Rug

Havenly Cove Goods Stevens Rug
Havenly Cove Goods Stevens Rug

In the second place, we have the Cove Goods Stevens Rug.

 Its delicate, cross-hatched pattern will easily complement any floor and decor.

Havenly Lighting Review

Havenly Lighting

Good lighting is the essence of every beautiful home. Havenly is known for designing some of the most elegant and beautiful lights for every corner of your home. From table lamps to beautiful chandeliers, they have everything that you are looking for to design your home. 

Below, we have shared some of their best lightings.

Havenly Cove Goods Rabella Alabaster Lamp

Cove Goods Rabella Alabaster Lamp
Havenly Cove Goods Rabella Alabaster Lamp

Are you looking for the ideal lamp for your side or console table? The Rabella, a remarkable example of subtle elegance in exquisite alabaster, is a must-see. 

The Rabella is slim and elegant, with a small footprint that makes room on your nightstand for the newest Reese’s Book Club must-read.

You can get one of these lamps for $337.

Havenly Pottery Barn Kids Director Lamp Review

Havenly Pottery Barn Kids Director Lamp
Havenly Pottery Barn Kids Director Lamp

This floor lamp exudes casual flair with its hand-painted tripod legs and big drum shade. It has the capacity to be the center of attention in every situation, as its name suggests. 

Yes, Pottery Barn Kids is popular in nurseries, but Havenly’s designers promise you that it also looks great in living rooms, offices, and even as the ideal complement to your reading nook.

Havenly Prices and Plans

“How much does Havenly cost?” is a typical and perfectly understandable question you may have. They do, however, provide two identical plans with differing price tags.

The Mini Plan is the first option. This one provides a quick and simple way to rebuild a space that has already been decorated, but it does not provide layout visualizations or bespoke floor plans. 

It’s still a more affordable alternative than their other plan, and you’ll still receive your own professional designer with whom you can have one-on-one conversations to create a design that precisely suits your taste. Heavenly’s Mini Plan costs $79 per month.

The full plan is the second option. This costs $129 and includes two additional features that a large number of people will find indispensable. 

Custom floor plans and professional, high-quality layout renderings are included. You still receive all of the features of the Mini Plando plus these two extras. The delivery time remains the same, at roughly two days.

Customer Reviews

The stats speak for themselves when it comes to Havenly and whether or not their services are good.

Currently, there is a 4.8 rating based on nearly 9000 reviews on the official brand’s website. This suggests that nearly all of their tens of thousands of clients were pleased with their design. 

So, if you’re unsure whether or not this brand will do a decent job, these statistics will most likely help you make an informed decision.

Havenly is described by the majority of consumers as a company that consistently delivers exactly what each client desires. 

They always complement their own style properly and can take care of everything in a matter of days. 

Even better, their plans are quite inexpensive when compared to other similar services on the internet that seldom perform as well as Havenly.

Below, we have shared some of the verified customer reviews so that you can get a better idea about their experiences.

“My designer, Carla, was amazing. She offered alternatives to products that I was uncertain about and added some extra advice on questions I had about things in my design. She was great to work with and never said no to my opinions. It was a lot of fun. I will surely use Havenly again!”


“I had a friend tell me about Havenly and while it sounded good I wasn’t sure how practical it was. But our living room is a nightmare to decorate because of the layout and as we were looking to spend thousands to purchase new furniture it seemed irresponsible to not spend a little to consult with someone to make sure we’d love the furniture we selected. I’m SO glad that we decided to use Havenly! Being able to actually see the pieces in our space and have the guidance of a designer made all the difference in the world. Caroline was so amazing to work with! She was excellent at understanding our style (even before we did) and capturing those ideas. There were plenty of moments where I had questions or needed to see different options or different price points and Caroline always responded quickly with great reassurance and the information we needed. I’ve already booked Caroline for another room because I loved the whole experience so much and it was so helpful for us. So, if you’re on the fence about whether it will be “worth” your money…it is!”

Julia D.

“Havenly was a joy to use and the perfect solution for someone with decision fatigue who appreciates quality. I am a first-time homeowner and this was a fun way to start creating a space that reflects our style. My designer was very responsive and attentive, also quite talented! In the end, they provide a 3D rendering that looks like an actual picture of the room with everything in it! I also really liked that they wait to charge your credit card until you have rated the final design proof. I had purchased items and they were already being shipped/arriving, and they consolidated everything into one transaction. I can’t wait to do another room!”


Source: Havenly official website

The Verdict

Overall, Havenly is a well-known business with some of the best customer evaluations you’ll ever come across. 

They make it easy for their customers to redesign their homes or rooms and ensure that you are always satisfied with the results. They work quickly, provide excellent advantages, and ensure that you are completely delighted.

Moreover, they offer products that are stylish and of extremely high quality. And you can get all of that at such a reasonable price! I mean, it offers everything that you might be looking for in an ideal interior design brand. If you haven’t bought anything from Havenly yet, we’ll definitely suggest you go for its products and excellent service.

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