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As fitness tracker popularity and health-related interest develop, new products are hitting the market. 

Fitness trackers are the modern way to keep track of your workouts and health development. 

Do you want to maintain your fitness and hold yourself accountable? There are several fitness trackers available. 

However, some may not suit your style or deliver the capabilities you want. 

When you consider Amazon Halo vs. WHOOP, you’re entering a completely new age of fitness tracking. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at Whoop and Amazon Halo from a new perspective.

How does a wearable fitness tracker work? 

A three-axis accelerometer in a wearable tracker continuously detects body movements

Extra sensors may be included, depending on the type of fitness tracker. An altimeter, for example, can measure your height and tally the number of stairs you take. 

Optical sensors can detect your pulse by flashing a light on your skin. Sensors can even examine wrist motions as you sleep to determine whether or not you’re getting enough rest

It divides the movements into different activities and then generates extra data based on these characteristics.

Advantages of a Fitness Tracker (Halo vs. whoop)

Set Specific Goals.

Set daily goals for yourself to achieve. For instance, 10,000 steps each day. It’s a nice feeling to know you can do anything you set your mind to.

Analyze your Sleep.

A fitness tracker may monitor your sleep habits, such as how deep or light your sleep is, how long you sleep, and how often you wake up. 

Recognizing your sleep habits might help you get a good night’s sleep and feel better the next day.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The majority of fitness trackers can measure your heart rate by monitoring your pulse. 

This enables you to achieve your desired heart rate with each workout. The maximal heart rate is around 220 times your age. 

Your goal heart rate should be about 50-70 % of your maximum heart rate during moderate physical activity. 

During strenuous exercises, it should be around 70-85 % of your maximum heart rate. The fitness tracker can detect variations in your pulse rate.

Nevertheless, fitness tracker sensors are not without flaws. Data collected by various devices can vary greatly. 

They are also influenced by unusual arm motions, poses, and unintended movements. 

A fitness watch or a high-end fitness tracker may be a better investment if you require a gadget that can capture several sorts of workouts.

Amazon Halo vs. Whoop: The Comparison

Have a detailed look at the Amazon Halo vs. WHOOP and give you all the details about each one

FeaturesAmazon HaloWhoop 
Subscription CostRenewed for $3.99/month.The membership costs $30/month.
Battery LifeHalo’s battery life may last up to 7 days. If you utilize the ‘TONE’ function constantly, the battery will last for two days.Last up to 5 days. 
Water ResistanceShows resistant up to 50 metersThe Whoop may be used for pool exercises as well as open water ocean swims.
Comfort and WeightThe band weighs 5 – 6 gms more. Comfortable and Lightweight. Weighs around 4 to 5 grams. It does not get disturbed by fabrics.
Band Design and ColorsHalo is available in the following colours: Black/Onyx, Winter/Silver, and Blush/Rose GoldWhoop offers different types of bands and colours to choose from.
Available SizesSmall, Medium, Large  They do not come in different sizes
Amazon HaloWHOOP

About Halo:

Amazon Halo Logo
Amazon Halo Logo

Halo is a new fitness band and care service for your metabolism produced by Amazon. 

The Halo Band is a minimalistic device with no display. Halo tracks your movement and sleeps well. 

Its associated app offers you access to various exercises and health programs. 

Furthermore, the Halo can analyze the voice tone to report exactly how you sounded to others. 

It also calculates your body fat scales of measurement on photographs taken with its app. 

Amazon Halo
Amazon Halo

Amazon Halo

Halo is loaded with some of the good features like-

  • Minimalistic Device
  • Tracks your health very well
  • Loved by many consumers

About Whoop: 

WHOOP Logo Image
WHOOP Logo Image

This thoughtful screenless band was created at Harvard University. The Whoop’s creator Will Ahmed was head of the varsity squash team. 

Ever since everybody from the NFL and Steph Curry to the Navy SEALs has utilized it. 

It contains two LEDs and an accelerometer to detect biometrics such as rest data, breathing rate, and pulse rate. 

These are used to customize training and recover values for best exercise and training.



Whoop is a smart wearable with the features like –

  • Measure your breathing rate
  • Better analyse your health while exercising
  • Used By Navy Seals

Features of Amazon Halo vs. Whoop 

Overview of Wellness:

The ability to measure your activities, voice, sleep, and percentage of body fat are the four main features of Amazon Halo

WHOOP’s Strap 4.0 categorizes findings into four categories. The Overview data provides users with a broader picture. 

The 4.0, on the other hand, tracks Strain, Recovery, and Sleep. You can look past steps and calories when it comes to strain. 

Additional data includes how much work or stress you put in all day. In contrast, recovery monitors pulse rate, heart rate variability, and breathing patterns.

In terms of Battery Life:

Amazon claims that their wearable will last up to seven days. But, using Tone Analysis reduces battery capacity to only two days. However, the charging speed is entirely satisfactory.

The WHOOP tracker, on the other hand, has the same five-day battery life as its previous version. 

It’s an incredible effort, given that the Strap 4.0 is 33% smaller than the Strap 3.0 and has more hardware components. 

The Strap 4.0 also has a rechargeable waterproof battery pack.

The most ingenious feature is a removable power pack that fits directly over the sensor. 

There was no need to remove the Strap from your forearm to recharge it, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll remember to replace the battery. 

Fortunately, you can simply purchase additional batteries ($30) to ensure that you never miss a minute of data recording.

In terms of sleep-analyzing features:

Amazon Halo provides in-depth sleep analysis, including multiple sleep phases and total sleep ratings. 

It also goes above and beyond by measuring your whole body temperature while you sleep. 

Halo will help you understand the value of sleep in your dreams and evaluate the nutrition in your food and activity plan to obtain better sleep. 

Its ultimate work is to assist you in improving your health.

When it comes to sleeping, you don’t only see the stages of your sleep. 

WHOOP also evaluates sleep quality and calculates sleep debts. Haptic alarms, on the other hand, wake you up once you’ve recovered fully. 

The Strap 4.0 also has new features compared to the Strap 3.0. Some of the most recent features include a pulse oximeter, skin temperature tracking, and a full Health Monitor display.

The feature that makes them Stand out is:

Halo Amazon can evaluate speech tone and calculate body fat, which are both incredibly personal data points. 

The Halo software from Amazon provides a 3D representation of your body for body fat analysis. 

Amazon claims that “Images are processed on the cloud, but they are encrypted in transit and only for a few seconds before being automatically erased from Amazon’s servers and databases. 

Each and every image Scanned photo will be erased entirely within 12 hours. 

Amazon does not see scanned photos and does not utilise them for machine learning improvement.” 

It is about personal privacy. Halo also analyses the subtleties of your speech to create a picture of how you interact with people. 

Voice scanning captures the wearer’s unique voice. It also examines your talks with emotional tones like happy, content, or enthusiastic times in the Halo app.

Whoop distinguishes itself with its journal feature. Every morning, when your app evaluates the previous night’s sleep, it will ask you a series of questions that you may customize. 

Things include whether or not you slept in your own bed and whether or not you consumed alcohol. 

This allows the WHOOP to better understand your body and provide recommendations based on it.

Summary of Special Features: 

Features that only found in Amazon: Body Composition and Voice analysis 

Feature only located in Whoop: Pulse Oximeter, and it is also compatible with apparel

The disadvantage of Whoop is that it is pretty expensive as compared to Halo. 

Another item that may irritate some people is the tiny display. It’s challenging to navigate, but there aren’t any additional drawbacks if the screen isn’t necessary for you.

The disadvantage of Amazon is that they were problematic since many people saw them as an infringement of privacy. 

It’s worth noting, though, that you don’t have to utilize these features, and Amazon states that they’re removed soon after the program analyses the data.

How much do they cost:

To begin with Whoop, you must pay for a membership, but the Strap itself is free. 

The subscription includes a “community” and a plethora of helpful information, in addition to the standard monitoring capabilities. 

On the other hand, WHOOP gives you a free $30 band and charger when you sign up for one of their three membership choices.

  •  A monthly membership costs $30 per month, 
  • Annual membership costs $24 per month, and
  •  18-month membership costs $18 per month.

Whoop is now running a campaign where you may acquire the gadget for free and then pay $30 per month for a six-month membership.

You pay for the hardware but also a membership to use some of the services with Amazon Halo. 

The Amazon Halo band is significantly less expensive at $99. It comes with a free six-month membership, after which it auto-renews at $3.99 per month. 

If you annualize the expenses, you will spend $360 for a year of Whoop and $125 for a year of Amazon Halo.

Amazon Halo vs. Whoop: Our Verdict 

Finally, when it comes to Amazon Halo versus WHOOP, you can’t go wrong with either. 

Because they provide comparable but distinct services, it genuinely depends on what you want and what your goals are.

We conclude that if you are regularly looking for a fitness tracker that measures your activity levels, you should prefer Halo. 

If you are a fitness freak with robust athletic training, prefer Whoop

Both of these fitness bands appear to be better alternatives for workouts when compared to regular smartwatches and other similar wearables.

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