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Ethiopian Coffee

You might have heard people say that caffeine is not good for our health.

Well, here I would correct this by saying excess caffeine is not good for our health.

Sometimes we are unable to justify the quality of coffee that we are taking into our bodies.

And from this stage on, the problem starts.

Coffee is widely grown in different parts of the world, but have you ever wondered where it actually originated? I will tell you the answer.

Ethiopia is a country that is located in the eastern parts of Africa, where coffee was first extracted from the Coffea arabica plant, and the native people have been cultivating this plant for centuries. This is called the birthplace of coffee. 

Today, there are different brands present in the market that sell Ethiopian coffee, but most of them fail to give you the best taste and quality of one of the finest coffees in the world.

Today in this blog, we will be talking about one of the best Ethiopian coffees by one of the most famous doctors and surgeons in the United States of America, Dr. Steven Gundry.

The product name is Gundry MD Ethiopian Coffee. We will be looking into all the possible aspects of this coffee so that you can understand it in a better way.

What is Gundry MD Ethiopian Coffee?

Ethiopian Coffee
Ethiopian Coffee

Coffee is rich in caffeine as well as antioxidants, which are required by our body, and the Ethiopian coffee set by Gundry MD is one of the best of its kind that you will get on the market.

It is manufactured using Arabica Ethiopia Coffee beans which are known as the birthplace of coffee around the world.

100% original raw ingredients are used while manufacturing it, and if you question the quality, then I assure you that you are getting one of the best that is available in the world.

Down below, I mention some of the pros or advantages of Gundry MD Ethiopian Coffee:


  • Ethiopian Coffee is rich in antioxidants, which help reduce the oxidative stress of the body, and regular consumption can result in a decrease in the risk of cardiovascular diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.
  • The caffeine content in Gundry MD Ethiopian coffee is sufficient for stimulating the central nervous system, which further results in clear focus and high concentration at work.
  • It is also helpful in enhancing mood as it stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin, which are responsible for stimulating pleasure and good feelings.
  • The amount of caffeine that is found in Gundry MD’s best Ethiopian coffee is believed to have a natural appetite suppressant effect and also helps increase the metabolic rate of the body, which helps with weight management issues.


  • Excess consumption may lead to insomnia. Therefore, it is important to consume it within a limit. 

Ethiopian Coffee Reviews:


This is an exquisite and aromatic coffee, great to drink black immediately after brewing, or with milk or cream. Its mild and aromatic flavor makes it rich to the palate and enjoyable in every cup you drink. 


Excellent coffee. Not bitter and easy on the stomach . Love the light roast.

What are the Gundry Ethiopian Coffee Benefits?

Talking about the benefits of Ethiopian coffee, I would say that with each sip you take, you unlock a world that is full of antioxidants, which help fight several diseases and oxidative stress that is caused by free radicals that are present in our food today. 

The best part is that you and your mind feel energetic throughout the day, which helps you work out with more focus and concentration, which helps increase your productivity rate. 

I am mentioning some of the basic Ethiopian Coffee benefits that you may start noticing just after a week of regular consumption.

  • Your mind can concentrate more as compared to before because it helps in stimulation of a few of the neurotransmitters which help in calming down the brain in stressful situations. 
  • It is rich in antioxidants which help in fighting the oxidation stress of the body and helps in protecting against several diseases. 
  • It also works on your appetite and helps in suppressing it. On the other hand, it also enhances your metabolic rate which helps in managing weight issues.
  • Regular controlled consumption helps in the reduction of risks in several life-threatening diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and neuronal degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. 

*** Individuals Result May Vary ***

Who is Dr. Steven Gundry?

Dr. Steven Gundry
Dr. Steven Gundry

Before we dive in further about the supplement, I think it is pivotal to understand the brain behind this amazing product.

Dr. Steven Gundry is one of the most famous doctors, physicians, authors, researchers, and surgeons in the United States of America.

He is currently researching the effects of different modern diets on the human body.

Regarding this, he has also written several books that have been loved and appreciated by the audience.

In his book “The Plant Paradox“, he discussed how few sources of protein are good for our health and the root causes of several chronic diseases.

People have taken this quite seriously, and on the other hand, due to insufficient evidence, the book has also landed in several controversies.

In this blog, we will be talking about one of his best formulations regarding coffee, in which he has used all the natural ingredients that are present and tried to make it as healthy and safe as possible.

What are the Key Ingredients of Gundry MD Ethiopian Coffee?

The best part of Gundry MD Ethiopian coffee ingredients is that there are no added preservatives in it like in others that are present in the market.

There are a very limited number of ingredients used today that are sourced from natural sources and are the purest of their kind. That’s the only reason why it’s said that less is always more.

Down below, we will be discussing some of the key roles of those ingredients inside our body. 

Arabica Beans

Arabica Beans
Arabica Beans 

These are types of Ethiopian coffee beans that are known for their strong aroma and flavor. They have well-balanced flavors of fruit, chocolate, caramel, and floral undertones.

The beans have lower acidity levels as compared to other coffee beans that are present in nature, and this quality helps those who have acid-prone stomachs or are having acidity issues.

They also have a high concentration of antioxidants, which help the body fight free radicals and protect it from oxidative stress. 

Grapefruits Extracts

Grapefruits extracts 
Grapefruits extracts 

These are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, and potassium. It helps in enhancing the working of the immune system due to the presence of Vitamin C, which is rich in antioxidants, and also helps in the production of collagen, which protects the body from environmental damage.

The presence of potassium, on the other hand, ensures good heart health as well as taking care of nervous health. 

Apart from these few other ingredients, other ingredients are also used to add flavor to the product.

Gundry MD Ethiopian Coffee Reviews

There are different platforms where people have shared their experiences after using Gundrive MD Ethiopian coffee.

Experiences are something that helps in deciding whether the product could be beneficial for you or not. We have collected some of the reviews for you so that you can have your eyes on them and get decided for yourself.

Read Gundry Ethiopian Coffee Customer Reviews:


I’ve been drinking all types of coffee my whole life to find the best one, and I have. I ordered 1 bag and I loved it so I ordered 3 more. The taste is like no other coffee I’ve had. When friends come over I make them coffee and tell them all about and they keep asking for more.

Carry A

The flavor of this coffee is delicious! Smooth but still very flavorful. The best part is I do not get that acid-hungry feeling in my stomach that I do with other brands of coffee. I highly recommend trying, might as well get the 6 bags, you won’t regret it.


Every morning The first thing that I do is make a small pot of coffee. I drink 2 large cups of it every morning. I enjoy it. It is a morning lifter upper, it is the best coffee that I ever had.


Love this coffee. In recent years, one cup has been my limit. With this coffee, it goes down so easily, and I find I can drink as much or little as I like. Nice flavor as well.


We are still drinking our first bag. It has a smoother taste and a nice smell. It also has made my stomach feel better vs other coffee brands. Buying our next bag now!

Where Can I Buy Ethiopian Coffee and How Can I Save on It? 

After talking so much about the Gundry MD Ethiopian coffee, one must be willing to grab it, use it regularly, and see changes. To make your job easier, we have mentioned the steps to place your order.

  • Visit their official website.
  • Now search for your Ethiopian Coffee.
  • Select the package according to your requirements.
  • Now add them to the cart.
  • Move to the cart.
  • Complete the billing and shipping details here.
  • Finally, confirm your order.

Final Verdict

Dr. Gundry provides you with the best Ethiopian coffee packs that allow you to experience the originality and freshness of coffee as it was when it first originated, making it a delightful daily occurrence.

These are completely free from any kind of preservative or chemical that could be used in any way to enhance flavors or increase shelf life. Whatever you get in your cup is what nature has produced. 

The beans are sourced from some of the best corners of Africa, where they originated. People have shared their experiences after using the product, and they have seen changes in their bodies and energy after regular consumption of it.

So if you are someone who is looking for something that is completely chemical free and based on natural ingredients, then this gundry product is something that I would recommend you use regularly and see the changes in your body.

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