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FIGS Healthcare apparel
FIGS Healthcare Apparel

The healthcare department is one of the most important parts of our society because it works 24 hours a day and night just to treat your loved ones if they fall sick or go through an accident. 

Their duty is to take care of people, and our duty today is to introduce you to a brand that promises to take care of them. 

FIGS is a healthcare apparel and lifestyle brand that celebrates, empowers, and serves current and future generations of healthcare professionals.

So what exactly makes this brand special? What are its products and are they worth it?

In this review, you’ll learn about:

  • FIGS benefits
  • FIGS Women’s scrubs
  • FIGS Men’s scrubs
  • Figs Reviews by Customer
  • How to order their products

And many more! Continue reading this FIGS review to learn more about this amazing brand.

About the brand: FIGS

FIGS Brand Logo
FIGS Brand Logo

Every good idea comes from great inspiration. So did the idea of launching FIGS

The story began when the co-CEO and co-founder of this amazing brand, Heather Hasson, was having a cup of coffee and observing her close friend, who happened to be a Nurse practitioner. 

FIGS is set to revolutionize the medical apparel market at all times. Their products are made with stylish designs, but at the same time, they are comfortable and functional. 

So, what’s special about this brand? FIGS is a technologically advanced brand. Their innovative proprietary fabric uses FIONTechnology, making it durable, comfortable, and fashionable.

So basically, it offers all the qualities that you would expect from an apparel brand.

Now, how popular is this brand among its users? FIGS has a humongous following of 647k on its Instagram official page and 331.5k likes on its Facebook page. 

Not just that, over the years, they have earned widespread popularity, winning numerous awards and getting featured in many popular publications such as Inc.EntrepreneurVoxWSJ, and Forbes

Summing up this information, we may conclude that this brand is quite popular and is also loved by its customers around the world.

What is FIGS?

FIGS can be seen as a blessing for medical practitioners from around the world. With their hectic schedule of working day and night, the medical practitioners deserved apparel that would make them feel comfortable and look smart at all times of the day. 

Not just that, the apparel should also be functional; it shouldn’t slow down their working process. FIGS designed its products in a way, so as to provide all of those qualities in their products. 

They created a completely proprietary fabric designed to meet the demands of a day in the life of a medical professional.

Now. Let us go through a list of pros and cons to see the positive as well as the negative sides of this brand.


  • Both women’s and men’s lines are available.
  • Products are available at reasonable prices.
  • Special Proprietary FIONTechnologyTM provides ultimate comfort and durability.
  • Custom embroidery is available on a wide range of items.
  • They have an app for ordering products, tracking your order, etc.
  • Free shipping for orders worth $50 and above
  • They ship to North America, Australia, the UK and many more


  • They don’t ship their products to the majority of countries.

FIGS Women’s Scrub

While going through the FIGS official website, we found out that this brand has a whole section of medical apparel just for women! 

The brand provides this apparel from a wide range of options, which include scrubs, maternity wear, under scrubs, lab coats, outerwear, socks, activewear, and accessories.

The scrubs are available in the form of sets, tops, and bottoms. 

This helps you to mix or match your clothing colors and styles.

Figs Scrubs Reviews:

Nancy L.

This is like my 18th pair of Figs scrubs and the material is expected!

Lavnie M.

I love the color of the scrubs and the waistband string. Got a lot of compliments on it. Would love to get more figs, but it’s kind of pricy. Just gotta wait for the really good sales to get more.

Now, let us go through some of the women’s bestsellers to give you an idea about their products:

Figs Casma Three-Pocket Scrub Top Review

 Casma Three-Pocket Scrub Top
Casma Three-Pocket Scrub Top

If one pocket isn’t enough for you, then this scrub top is just perfect for you! Available in 8 colors (black, navy, graphite, ceil blue, royal blue, burgundy, dark olive & quite navy) and in 7 different sizes (XXS-2XL), this 3-pocket top has a V-neck and tailored fit. 

The current price of this item is $38. It will cost you an additional $10-$24 if you add embroidery. 

Figs Yola Skinny Scrub Pants Review 

 Yola Skinny Scrub Pants 
Yola Skinny Scrub Pants 

The Skinny Scrub pants feature a slim fit, consisting of 10 pockets, slide-slit ankles, and a high rise. The waistband is half-elastic. 

You can select one of these scrub pants from 7 different colors (black, navy, graphite, ceil blue, royal blue, burgundy & dark olive) and from 5 different sizes (XXS-L).

You can also choose your desired length that you need from 3 options (Regular, Petite & Tall). The price of this item is $48. 

Figs The Bestseller Kit Review

 The Bestseller Kit 
The Bestseller Kit 

This Kit includes Catarina one-Pocket Scrub Top and Zamora™ Jogger Scrub Pants. This kit is available in 6 different colors (black, navy, graphite, ceil blue, royal blue & burgundy), 7 different sizes (XXS-XXL) & 3 different lengths (Regular, Petite & Tall). 

Why would you love this kit? This 100% awesome scrub kit is engineered with design, comfort, and function. 

This is so comfortable to wear that it’ll help you to stay focused on the important things. The price of this item is $86.

Figs Bellevue Long Lab Coat Review

 Bellevue Long Lab Coat 
Bellevue Long Lab Coat 

The Bellevue is the lightest lab coat available on their list. 

This lab coat is liquid-repellent, anti-static, and anti-wrinkle and is constructed with anti-sheer yarn. This amazing lab coat is available in 5 sizes (XS-XL) and you can own one of these for $118. It will cost you an additional $14 to add embroidery.

FIGS Men’s Scrub

After the women’s scrub review, we come to the FIGS men’s section. Similar to that of the women’s section, men too can select their apparel from a wide variety of scrubs such as scrub sets, scrub tops, scrub pants, under scrubs, outerwear, socks and accessories. 

Wouldn’t you love to have a look at some of the items available in the men’s section? We have listed some of the bestsellers just for you.

Figs Leon Two-Pocket Scrub Top Review

 Leon Two-Pocket Scrub Top 
Leon Two-Pocket Scrub Top 

Simple design and pure performance. This ridiculously soft scrub top is just perfect for you if you are having a hectic day. 

This item is available in 8 different colours (black, navy, graphite, ceil blue, royal blue, burgundy, dark olive & quite navy) and 6 different sizes (XS-XXL). You can get one of these for $38 with an additional $10-$24 if you wanna add embroidery to it.

Figs Tansen Jogger Scrub Pants Review

Tansen Jogger Scrub Pants 
Tansen Jogger Scrub Pants 

Seamlessly transition from work to work out to play. The Tansen has a slim fit, five pockets and features our 100% awesome proprietary FIONx fabric

Available in 8 different colours (black, navy, graphite, ceil blue, royal blue, burgundy, dark olive & quite navy), 6 different sizes (XS-XXL) & 3 length options (regular, short & tall) for you to select from. The cost of this item is $48.

Figs The Best Seller Kit Review

 The Best Seller Kit 
The Best Seller Kit 

As the name suggests, this is one of their best kits for men. This Kit includes Leon™ Two-Pocket Scrub Top, and Tansen™ Jogger Scrub Pants.

This kit is available in 6 different colors (black, navy, graphite, ceil blue, royal blue, burgundy) and 6 sizes (XS-XXL). The current rate of this item is $86 and an additional $10-$24 to add embroidery to it.

Figs Harlem Long Lab Coat Review

 Harlem Long Lab Coat 
Harlem Long Lab Coat 

The Harlem Long Lab Coat features a classic silhouette and is liquid repellent, anti-static, anti-wrinkle and constructed with anti-sheer yarn.

Available in 4 different sizes (S-XL), the cost of this item is $118 and the additional embroidery charge is $14.

How to order Figs?

You can order any FIGS products by following the few simple steps given below:

  • Go to their official website and select whether you are shopping for men or for women.
  • Select the item that you are willing to purchase.
  • Select the color & size of the selected item and then click on ADD TO CART. A side screen will appear with the items in your cart. Click on CHECK OUT.
  • Fill in your personal details, such as name, address, phone no., email etc, and then click on Continue to shipping.
  • In this step, they will provide you with the total amount you must pay and your shipping method. Click on Continue to pay. 
  • In this final step, enter your credit card details and click on Pay Now to confirm your order.

Figs Reviews by Customer

Let’s go through some of the customer’s reviews to know a little better about their products.

Lisa Marie

What an incredible customer service team Figs have, the company is so professional and friendly. Any issue is solved without any hassle for the buyer. I can’t wait to get my figs!

Shri Jai Kirshan Ravi

I wear Figs because I love FIGS. It is unique, special, comfortable and I feel FIGS has its own style. I love style.

Amanda Mckay

There are not enough good things I can say about figs. They are by far the best, most comfortable scrubs I have ever owned. My entire office wears them. Once you switch to figs you will never buy another type of scrubs again. Yes, the sizing is sometimes not a perfect fit and needs to be exchanged but they are so easy and speedy at switching things out. Thank you for being so awesome !!!

The Verdict

Clearly, we can say that FIGS is an innovative brand. They are producing products of the highest standards. FIGS designs are made in a way to solve your day to day problems, no matter what life throws at you. 

It believes that its products can bring about changes in you, which overall can elevate your performance. 

The wide range of products offered by them are not just of high quality but also come at a reasonable price! If you haven’t tried its products, I’ll definitely suggest you try it out soon.


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