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Fatty 15
Fatty 15

Pollution is everywhere. 

Loss of memory or weak memory, gray hairs or weak hairs, fatigue, dry skin, heart problems, and mood swings are common problems seen in everyone these days. And we give the simple reason behind all of these: pollution or diet. 

But do we know that the main cause of everything mentioned above is a lack of fatty acids? 

Fatty15 is one of the solutions for all of them. Let’s see how.

What is Fatty15?

Fatty15 is brand-picked and made mainly from C15 (pentadecanoic acid). Pentadecanoic acid is a straight chain of saturated fatty acids made up of 15 carbons. 

Epidemiology studies have stated that the intake of odd-chain saturated fatty acids can be beneficial for lowering the risk of metabolic diseases and chronic diseases.

Fatty 15
Fatty 15

This is a very common problem these days: having dry or pale skin, weak memory power, falling, weak eyesight, and many more. But the Fatty15 product has something magical in its ingredients. Are you really excited to know about the ingredients? 

The ingredients are pentadecanoic acid and omega 3. They help you to restore healthy and strong hair, perfect eyesight, smooth skin, and many more things. The best part is that you can get all of the benefits in just one capsule per day. And they are vegan.

Fatty 14: Overview Of The Brand 

Fatty 15 Brand Image
Fatty 15 Brand Image

What is Fatty15?

Fatty15 is brand-picked and made mainly from C15 (pentadecanoic acid). Pentadecanoic acid is a straight chain of saturated fatty acids made up of 15 carbons. 

Epidemiology studies have stated that the intake of odd-chain saturated fatty acids can be beneficial for lowering the risk of metabolic diseases and chronic diseases. 

Fatty 15Fatty 15

The brand Fatty15 is basically a brand that introduces us to the benefits of essential fatty acids, which we almost forget to take because we look slim and beautiful. 

Fatty15 brings us the formulation of the C15 chain, which is helpful for us in many ways. The main source of omega-3 and long-chain odd fatty acids is fish.

But this is so strange that the brand presents the product as being pure vegetarian. And we don’t have to be devoid of fatty acids to be vegan. 

Fatty 15
Fatty 15

Fatty15 is the first brand that overcomes the newly discovered essential nutrients that help make our bodies young.

Fatty15 is a recently launched company that sold out in less than 6 weeks with consistency and high customer attention. Its retention rate is 90%.

It’s incredible that Fatty15 receives four awards in 2021 for discovering the first essential fatty acids in 90 years in such a short period of time.

The founder of Fatty15 is Dr. Stephanie Venn-Watson. She got the idea for this product after researching two different markets.

They also say that in the beginning, when they are researching, that research is not going to be helpful only for humans. 

Before Fatty 15, Dr. Stephanie was an epidemiologist. She’s also the co-founder of the National Marine Mammal Foundation.

Even in this small moment of time, Fatty15 grows on Instagram, having 5k+ followers, and on Facebook, they have 2500+ members. You can also reach them via Instagram, my Facebook ID, Fatty15, or my website.

By moving ahead let’s talk about its functions. 

Functions of Fatty15 

Everyone wants to slim down these days, at any cost. But no one is really looking forward to the issues they are creating for tomorrow. 

Fatty 15
Fatty 15

Recently, after working and researching for many years, Dr. Stephanie found something very interesting, and because of her dedication and research in a new field, she also won many awards.

Essential fatty acids are helpful in regulating receptor binding that regulates genetic functions; hence, Fatty15 is helpful in chronic diseases. 

It is also necessary for the diet to keep your heart and metabolism in good working order.

Fatty15 is a brand specially designed with pentadecanoic acid to improve your sleep quality, chronic inflammation, mood, and energy. 

What is in the boosting supplement and the Ingredients used in Fatty15?

Fatty 15
Fatty 15

Fatty15 is one of the amazing products made up of only one type of ingredient, fatty acid 15, also known as pentadecanoic acid or C15.

It isn’t unique to make a whole product with only one base ingredient, which has a number of advantages. Of course, this is not easy to believe, but yes, it is true. It is the only source of Fatty 15.

Fatty 15 is made up of the C15 chain of saturated fatty acids; omega 3 is also one of the essential fatty acids, which were discovered nearly 90 years ago. Omega 3 and Fatty 15 both have many benefits, but they are also different in many ways.

Omega3 is a fatty acid obtained from sea animals like fish, seaweed, nori, spirulina, etc. There are also some vegetarian options for omega 3: walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, and salmon. However, all vegetable sources are expensive and provided in small quantities. 

Fatty15 products, on the other hand, are derived from dairy products that are completely vegan. Furthermore, just one tablet provides a massive amount of nutrients that you would not get from your diet or food. So, Fatty15 is one of the best options for vegan-friendly people.

Why Fatty15 is the best supplement?

Fatty 15 safer for the cells
Fatty 15 is safer for the cells

As we discussed above there are many benefits of Fatty15. Some of the best you will get from the Fatty15 products are:

  • Natural healthy hair
  • Healthy nails
  • Repairs mitochondria 
  • Strong joints
  • Sharp vision 
  • Low chances of getting chronic diseases 
  • Healthy heart
  • Glowing skin
  • Strengthen cells

These are some of the benefits we mentioned. But the customer’s review will say much of what we say.

I am 57 years old. I was already looking good for my age, but I am looking even better and more importantly, feeling 10 + years younger!! I sleep well, wake up refreshed, and I am able to handle stress better. I am not as interested in eating things that are not on my keto eating plan and my joints are not hurting anymore! What’s not to love?!After 45 days, I felt more calm and had lost 10 LBS without much of an effort. I don’t know if everyone will have the same outcome but for me it improves my life in noticeable ways. I already have recommended Fatty15 to my friends. 


There are many more reviews on their website. But, here we can mention some of them only. You can visit there and read more about them. 

Risk and Side Effects

The only known side effect of Fatty15 is loss of appetite or you can say cravings.

How to Use Fatty15 For An Effective Result 

To get the best results, you only have to do the following:

  • First, open the package and put the capsules in an airtight container.
  • Take one capsule per day.

How To Order Fatty 15?

Fatty 15
Fatty 15

You should feel compelled to purchase one of your own packs after reading all of the statements and reviews. Right?

If yes! We’re here to help you place your order. For placing an order, please follow the instructions below. 

  1. First, you have to visit the website mentioned here,” https://fatty15.com/ “. After clicking on the website you will reach their website page. And you will see the product info and all.
  2. Just after reaching the page, you will see the purchase Fatty15 icon. You have to click on it.
  3. After clicking you will get your product summary, its uses, and other information. You have to swipe a little down on the page you’ll see an option for the duration of the kit you want. There are three options available: first, you get a 90 days starter kit with a subscription for just $119.95 (you will save 20% with this kit). The second option is a 30 days trial kit with a subscription for just $49.95 and the third and last option is a 90-day starter kit without a subscription; it’ll cost you $149.95 only. Click on the option you want and add to the cart the product. 
  4. Click on the option to continue to checkout. 
  5. Fill in all the information regarding the address and payment. And your order has been confirmed. 

Our Verdict On Fatty 15

Fatty 15
Fatty 15

I’m sure you’re eager to hear our thoughts on the brand if you’ve made it this far. So, we are also very excited to tell you our thoughts on the brand and the product. 

So we’re really impressed by the product and Dr. Stephanie’s idea. She really did a very fine job with her research on pentadecanoic acid. She discovered an essential fatty acid after 90 years. Essential fatty acids are something we need in our everyday lives. 

Even though it’s essential for us, we have not known about it for so many years. 

Also, the product is unbelievable. This product provides benefits that cannot be matched by any other product. The drastic changes that are seen by customers are also very rare. 

After getting to know the features of the product, we highly recommend it. 

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