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I might do some justice to the planet and environment if we have used some of the most harmful compounds for our benefit in the most terrible ways.

We could have perfect natural formulations derived from plants and even the product’s packaging, which are easily biodegradable. Instead of that we choose plastic and that too in various forms for packaging purposes.

Not only that but in the formation of products be it skin care body care or cosmetics we have used harmful preservatives and chemicals that are not at all good for our bodies.  

These were some of the scenarios of the brands that were developing about one to two decades ago. But with time brands like Ethique came into existence with wet natural selling products and eco-friendly packaging. 

Today we will discuss some of the brand’s best-selling products, talk about their formulation, and also see what their customers have to say about their experiences. So let’s dive in. 

Ethique: Overview of the Brand

The Ethique

Ethique is a New Zealand-based company that has marketing extensions to the US UK Canada and all across the globe.  The brand was born in 2012 and is owned by Brianne West. The starting journey started in the kitchen where she along with her mother started making formulations for shampoo bars as a University science student. 

This was because she was frustrated by the amount of wasteful packaging and the harmful carbon emission that was done while formulating the products. Even when she checked the formulation of top brands then most of them contained just water combined with some of the harmful chemicals. That’s when she started producing her formulation which was one of the founding bricks for the brand. 

Today they are featured in magazines like Times and Forbes. Not only this but they also have a very strong social media presence with followers of 132K on Facebook and 130K on Instagram.  The brand also focuses on eco-friendly products with a variety of categories such as conditioners cleansers hand washers shampoo and much more. 

Some of the major highlights of the brand are mentioned below:

  • Completely a plastic-free company. 
  • Believes in eco-friendly skin care body care hair care and cosmetics products. 
  • The formulation and the ingredients are directly extracted from various plant sources which makes them natural and safe for utilization. 
  • No harmful chemicals are used in the formulation and production of the product. 
  • B Corp certified company which is socially and environmentally friendly processes of production. 
  • Two percent of their entire sale goes to charity. 
  • Two trees are planted after the use of every single product by the customers. 

What are the products offered by Ethique? 


Ethique eliminated all the harmful chemicals from their products which are very easily available in all the products present in the market. The principle of this formulation applies to all of their products. They have you variety of products in the categories of hair care body care skincare and cosmetics. Down below we will be discussing some of them. 

Volumising Shampoo Bar for Fine, Flat Hair

Ethique Volumising Shampoo Bar

The Ethique Volumising Shampoo Bar for Fine, Flat Hair is designed using Orange cinnamon ginger and also has a hint of coconut oil to nourish your hair. The best part is balanced in its pH levels which makes it completely safe for application on your hair.

Single-time purchases can cost you up to $16.00 and you can also have travel samples which come in mini sizes. But it is also based on the basic principles of the company which is free from plastic and harmful chemicals. Some of the basic features of the product are mentioned below: 

  • The presence of cocoa butter and coconut oil gives weight to the strands. 
  • Helps in volumizing and giving bounce to your hair. 
  • pH balance shampoo bar which lasts more than 80 washes.
  • Equivalent to three bottles of liquid shampoo. 
  • It is also safe for the treatment of colored hair.
  • Has ingredients like orange cinnamon and Ginger which play a very major role and the entire formulation. 
  • Gives a warming effect to your hair which makes it look fine and flat. 

I have the worst thin, flat, limp, fine hair. To add insult to injury, it’s greasy as heck! Over the years I’ve probably spent the GDP of a small country in expensive shampoos which promised miracles and delivered nothing. This little bar? This little bar, he strong and mighty and he delivers on his promises. I washed my hair 3 days ago! Let me say that again. I. Washed. My. Hair. 3. Days. Ago! I’m genuinely impressed, usually, I have to shampoo it every day. Thank you, Ethique, you’ve made a middle-aged woman very happy.

Says Gorgina

Bliss Bar™ Gentle Solid Face Cleanser

Ethique Bliss Bar Gentle Solid Face Cleanser

If you are someone who is searching for a cleanser that is without additional oil and fragrances then this is the one. Ethique Gentle Solid Face Cleansers is the perfect blend of several powerful natural ingredients such as vegetable glycerine coconut butter kaolin clay and much more.

They come in two different sizes depending on your needs.  Single-time purchases can cost you up to $17.00 and you can avail of them by placing an order from the website. Some of the major features are mentioned below:

  • Has ingredients like cocos nucifera which is a type of coconut fruit, stearic acid, and also brassica alcohol.
  • Also contains Kaolin, maltodextrin, and Cyamopsis tetragonoloba. This is a type of gum that is known for its skin benefits.
  • It is free from all types of harmful chemicals and plastics. The formulation is completely free from preservatives. 
  • Can last up to 120 uses.
  • Health and removing dot and light makeup without irritating even the most sensitive skin. 

I’ve been using the Bliss Bar for a while now, and it’s become my go-to face cleanser. I’d recommend it. The only downside is that, when traveling, the bar may not have enough time to dry before it needs to be packed away, and it can get kind of squishy. But I guess that’s the trade-off when using any easy-to-transport, sustainable bar soap product.

Says Sarah

Tip-to-Toe™ 2-In-1 Solid Shampoo & Shaving Bar

If you are tired of carrying different bars for different purposes then Tip-to-Toe 2-In-1 Solid Shampoo & Shaving Bar can solve this problem. It has multiple functions such as shampoo and shaving in a single bar.

The formulation contains cocoa butter coconut oil and some citrus fruits with peppermint oil.  Single-time purchases can cost you up to $16.00. You can avail of it by placing an order from the website. Some of the major features are mentioned below: 

  • Has cocoa butter and coconut oil for proper nourishment of your skin.
  • Coconut oil helps restore and soften the skin from the damage it has been through. 
  • Also has fitness extraction from fruits and peppermint oil for refraction of your skin. 
  • Has 80 washers which is equivalent to three bottles of liquid shampoo.

I love using this for shaving my legs because it doesn’t dry out my skin. But I like it even better as a hydrating face wash. It has enough slip to remove makeup but doesn’t dry my skin out. I’ve used it as a facial bar for about six months now and I think it will be my regular go-to cleanser from now on.

Says Nicole

Exfoliating Lime & Ginger Solid Body Scrub Bar

Ethique Exfoliating Lime & Ginger Solid Body Scrub Bar

Most of the scrubs that are present in the market are made up of harmful exfoliate agents. These are hard on our skin which makes them irritated and leaves redness. Ethique exfoliating Lime and Ginger Solid Body Scrub Bar does not contain any of those. It is made using Lime zest and Ginger which works like a spa on your skin. Single-time purchases can cost up to $13.00. you can grab this by placing the order from the website. Some of the major features are mentioned below: 

  • Made using natural sugar and ground pumice which is a type of volcanic rock. 
  • Helps in gently removing rough and dry skin from your body. 
  • After that, it also has cocoa butter and coconut oil for narration and Softening your skin. 
  • Suitable for all skin types. 
  • Warms up the skin with Zesty Lime and Ginger present in the formulation. 

“I didn’t realize I bought a scrub badly (which is entirely on me!) so the rough feeling came as a bit of a shock – but now I have it I don’t know how I did without it, my skin is so incredibly smooth! The scent is delightful, 5/5 will be getting this again!

Says Robert. 

Who Is Ethique For?


Ethique is a hair care skin care and body care brand which can be used by everyone. The brand was designed to keep all types of customers and the mind and even their skin types. The brand has kept the promise of using natural ingredients with no sulfate and Paraben which is also one of the appealing factors for their customers. Especially for those who are trying to have a clean and green life as much as possible. 

What do Customers Say?

Ethique is transparent about its customer’s reviews and reactions on the website. This helps them to improve their product and even helps the customer to understand what is better for themselves. That is the only reason we have collected some of the experiences and mentioned it below: 

Excellent service. This was the first time I had ordered directly from Ethique and the products arrived securely packaged within three days. The Bliss Bar solid face cleanser is my favorite face wash for my dry & sensitive skin. Says .

Miss Valere

Best shampoo bar I’ve ever had- doesn’t leave the hair dry like most others I’ve used and is easily accessible. One bar will last me several months so this is very cost effective also.

Says Emily.

I love the Bliss Bar face cleanser, it lasts ages, I think I had my last one around a year ago, and used it every day to wash my face! I have quite a combination of skin and it doesn’t make my skin oily or dry out, it’s a great balance and works well for me. I’ve now repurchased!

Sayys Elena. 

I have been struggling with oily hair for the past couple of months – the first wash with Etique’s dry shampoo bars has left my hair feeling healthy and shiny! I haven’t needed to use any conditioner either, which is great.  

Says Ana

How to place your order?


The products are easily available in offline stores while you can struggle to place an order from the online Store due to the high demand for the product. The steps to place an order are mentioned below: 

  • Visit the official website
  • Search for your favorite product. 
  • Add them to the cart.
  • Move to the cart. 
  • Complete the billing and shipping details here. 
  • Finally, confirm your order. 

Final Verdict on Ethique 


In the end, I would like to add that the Ethique brand has tons of good business boxes. Not only that but it has also kept the promise of making plastic-free products that are accessible and affordable easily.

So I would say that the brand is for those who are socially and environmentally conscious about our planet and willing to live a green and healthy life. So if you are one of them go ahead with the brand and try its product. 

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