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Sweat is also known as perspiration, and it is secreted by the sweat glands. It is mainly made with water and a small number of other chemicals like ammonia, urea, salts, and sugar.

Sweat is good for health because it helps maintain the body’s temperature and is also known for detoxifying the skin.

According to some studies, sweat also kills bacteria that are present on our body’s surface.

However, in some places, excessive sweating can also be embraced sometimes, and some of the people who have these issues are constantly looking for help from somewhere. 

So, Duradry is a brand that is here to help you with the same problem. Duradry is an FDA-approved company based in Florida that offers free shipping throughout the United States. 

Duradry is a dermatologist-approved brand that has nearly 500,000+ happy customers. Not only this, but they also give you a 100-day guarantee, which shows their confidence in their products.

Why Am I Writing This Review?


This is one of the most common queries I got at the time when I was searching for a product that could solve my problem, and it is quite obvious that you may also be thinking the same thing. Why would someone review a brand?

I don’t know about them, but I’m reviewing this brand because I was also someone who was initially interested in hyperhidrosis and always got embraced because of the same.

But when I look up a product or a brand for it, I don’t get any results that provide me with all of the information I need.

I was so frustrated because I had to search for all the information here and there but did not find any appropriate site or review that addressed all the information I needed.

So after researching for so long, I came to this brand, and now I have been using it for about four years. I believe I can help many people who are in the same place I was once. 

So that’s why I am reviewing here every piece of information that could be needed by you. 

Overview Of The Brand

Duradry Brand Image

Duradry is a U.S.-based brand that is known for its best product for wet pits, and it shows its best results in just the first week. Many customers have also stated that they felt some type of change on the first day. 

This brand is led by Jack; he founded it in 2014. He was also one of the people who struggled with this issue, so he created a brand not only for himself but also for people like you and me.

Because of his hard work and dedication, he earns over 500,000 happy customers, 2500+ five-star reviews, and 11.1k followers on Instagram too. If you want to follow them, you can search for them on Instagram by using @duradry.

Duradry is a trusted and well-developed brand, and that’s why they suggest various products and services.

They also claim that people can notice differences after just three days of using them, but because everyone is different, their functions can also vary, which is why some people believe results can be delayed. 

However, if you are dissatisfied with their products, you can cancel them at any time without incurring any additional fees.

I like this policy because it makes me feel free from the pressure of using anything without my consent.

No one is perfect in this world; everyone has some pluses and, at the same time, some minuses. Similarly, I discovered some advantages and disadvantages of Duradry.


  • Customers can feel results in such a short duration. 
  • Products are extremely effective and true to their words. 
  • Some customers including me, have felt less sweat from the first day of use. 
  • Helpful for removing odor-causing bacteria.
  • More than 70% of naturally obtained ingredients are being used.


  • Free shipment is only available in the U.S.
  • Some people say they saw results after 2 weeks of use.

Duradry Deodorant Reviews

Jaquelyn L

“Due to health problems, I was excessively sweating ???? DuraDry was one of the only products that reduced my sweating. Now that my thyroid isnt overactive, I can use any deodorant I want! But why would I go back to traditional aluminum on purpose?? Lol”


Help me with the smell and with the sweat

Do I Personally Feel Any Changes?

I used many products for reducing my sweat, but some of them didn’t affect me at all, and some of them, after affecting it for a few days, increased my sweat much more than before. 

I was amazed at how some of Duradry’s products could be so helpful, and I continued using the same Duradry products for four years, noticing a significant improvement between then and now.

I had given up on finding the ideal brand that could help me, but after using Duradry, I was amazed at how some of its products could be so helpful.

For me, this product did indeed have a clear result.

Common Ingredients

All the products of Duradry are made with proper research and proficiency. Duradur becomes extremely picky when selecting its components in order to achieve excellent results. Some of the common ingredients that are used are;

  • Aluminum chloride (hexahydrate)is used as an antiperspirant. 
  • Propylene can act as a humectant that secures the skin water and keeps the skin hydrated.
  • Aqua is used as a natural moisturizing factor. 
  • Xanthan Gum is an inactive ingredient that is known for its texture and formulation benefits. 
  • Sodium bicarbonate can be used for notable anti-inflammatory responses.

Products Used By Me Are:

Duradry Wash Review

Duradry wash
Duradry wash
Duradry wash

You should start your day refreshed after a wash!

A combination of vitamins and minerals gathered from various components is used to create Duradry wash. It will help you deodorize your skin and make it odor- and bacteria-free.

It is made from the sum of elements like water, glycerin, coco-glucoside, methanol, olive leaf extract, aloe leaf juice, grapefruit seed extract, avocado oil, fragrance, and many more. 

This product comes in 2 sizes, which are 2.5 fl. oz. and 8.5 fl. oz., and you can order a one-pack set or a three-pack set.

It is made up of 90% natural ingredients.

It will provide advantages such as:

  • It will deep-clean your skin 
  • It will help to make all the pores inside out.
  • It will lock the moisture for giving you a glowing skin 
  • Keep the bacteria away 
  • Keep your skin odor free 

 And you can take all the advantages for just $9.00 

Duradry Wash Reviews by Customers

Chelsea E.

I have been using Duradry for a while now, and it has helped me. It works on my underarms to prevent odor, which is great because I am always sweating. This product also got rid of any scents that were lingering from past deodorants. Even though this isn’t something you can see or feel, it’s noticeable when you are around people who sweat a lot!

Megan Pineiro 

“Duradry has been an amazing life changing find for me. I struggled with sweating and leaving stains on the armpits of my shirts. Even if it was cold. It was embarrassing and I am so glad I do not have to worry about it anymore and I do not have to throw out stained shirts!”

Duradry AM Stick Review

Duradry AM Stick 
Duradry AM Stick 
Duradry AM Stick 

It will keep you dry even in the hottest month of the year, July, and give you the courage to perform at your best throughout the day.

AM stick is made with the goodness of aluminum zirconium glycine, isododecane, lactylate, stearyl alcohol, hydrogenated castor oil, cetyl palmitate, etc.

Natural elements account for 75% of the total ingredients. 

You will unlock various benefits with this product, which are:

  • This product is gonna maximize your strength and active ingredients.
  • It will help to trap awful odors in itself.
  • Helps to reduce sweat. 
  • Free from talc and silicon. 
  • Arrowroot is a natural moisture absorbent.

These products are available in 4 fragrances: aquamarine and flowers, leafy greens, light vanilla, leather and sandalwood, and last but not least, grayscale and sweet musk.

This can be yours for only $10.00!

Duradry AM Stick Reviews by Customers

Decy Weniger

“I have tried many different products over the years, and this is by far the best one. It works! I am so happy to own it because now I can go about my life without worrying about my underarms sweating too much. My clothes smell great when they are washed, even after working out in them all day long. The Duradry AM has a fresh scent that will always keep my worries away!”

Megan Boltz

“Highly recommend, but would suggest buying the package, currently using only the AM stick. With the other products it would work way better!”

Duradry PM Gel Review 

Duradry PM Gel
Duradry PM Gel
Duradry PM Gel

It will allow you to start a good tomorrow with a dry night. This product is specially designed for your armpits and has the motto, “Don’t let your armpit sweat control you” 

This product is made with 70% natural ingredients. The ingredients used are aluminum chloride, hexahydrate, aqua, propylene glycol, salicylic acid, and many more.

It will help you in:

  • Keep your armpit dry. 
  • Give a better fragrance to your skin. 
  • Lock the odor away. 
  • Keeps you bacteria-free. 
  • Easy to apply.

It will charge you only $18.50

Duradry PM Gel Reviews by Customers

Ronnette Alido

“It is the best deodorant that I’ve ever used!””brands might. When you wear them, your clothes will always stay fresh-smelling without having to be reapplied throughout the day like with other products that may need to be done with regular use.”


“This really works. It’s fabulous. Thank you for sharing this with the world. :)”

Duradry Body Spray Review

Duradry Body Spray
Duradry Body Spray
Duradry Body Spray

A spray that is not going to give off a fragrance but is here to help you out with your body’s foul odor. This spray will provide you with an odor-free day, allowing you to feel more confident in yourself. 

It’s an aluminum-free deodorant spray that can be used anywhere and at any time for a fresh scent for 24 hours.

This is made with water, potassium alum, glycol, 1,2-hexanediol, and caprylhydroxamic acid. This product is made up of 98% natural materials. 

This will give you:

  • A fragrance-free feel will throw your odor away.
  • It is a natural odor neutralizer 
  • You can apply it anywhere, anytime. 
  • It will last for 24 hours. 
  • It is made without aluminum.

This will be yours only for $9.00 

Duradry Body Spray Reviews by Customers

Silvi Arancon

the best for body odor! This little spray is magical! “I’ve been using this deodorant for a year now, and it’s the best. I never had a problem with body odor before, but since I started using Duradry, my body odor has completely disappeared. It is also very convenient to use because it comes in a spray form, so you don’t need to apply lotion or anything else on your arms, just spray the product and go!”

Kimberly Guthrie

“I’m one of those people who smell worse when using any type of deodorant/antiperspirant – I’ve mostly been sticking to natural deodorants – at least they don’t make me smell worse – but I tried Duradry body spray – and I have to say – it works great – I can’t smell a thing when using this stuff – it’s awesome – and I don’t use all the products – just this spray – and unless I’m outside hauling things around and dripping – this stuff works great. It’s definitely worth a try – and I’m so glad that I did. Thanks Duradry!”

Duradry Reviews by Customers


If you are looking for a product and have some reservations about it, check out their customer reviews sections. I also took them here to make things easier for you. Let’s check it out! 

Jean Anderson

“I just started using this product and I am already a fan. It works so well that even after the clothes dry, they still smell fresh! The scent is so good that you can wear them on your own without having to worry about people being able to smell your sweat or body odor. You will not have any problems with residue either because the spray leaves no stains on clothing or bedding when it dries.”

Thea Strum

“Best purchase ever made! Thanks, Duradry! “I have been using this product for about a year, and I absolutely love it! I used to sweat a lot, but now with the Duradry deodorant, my underarms smell so fresh. It keeps me from getting anxious when other people get close to me because they can’t tell that I’m sweating. It’s a bit pricey compared to other deodorants, but there are no harmful ingredients in it at all, which makes me feel safe as well. The thing that impresses me most is how effectively this product works on clothes too, especially when you’re wearing white or light-colored clothing where stains usually form easily. This spray helps prevent them from forming by keeping your clothes dry and smelling great all day long!”

Raffy L

Great product! “I have tried many different deodorants, and none of them worked like Duradry. I was skeptical at first because there were so many positive reviews about this product, but it actually works! This is a great product for both men and women. It has a good smell that lasts all day without causing irritation or stinging on the skin.”


“The way I was fresh all day is amazing and not smelling”

How To Order Duradry?

  1. Go to and browse the available products. You can find information about the different types of Duradry products and their intended uses, as well as any promotions or discounts that may be available.
  2. Choose the product you want to purchase: Select the quantity of Duradry product you need and add it to your shopping cart.
  3. Review your order: Once you’ve added all the items you want to purchase to your cart, you can review your order to make sure everything is correct.
  4. Checkout: When you’re ready to place your order, click on the “Checkout” button to proceed to the payment page.
  5. Enter your billing and shipping information: On the payment page, you’ll need to enter your billing and shipping information, including your name, address, and payment details.
  6. Place your order: Review your order and payment information to make sure everything is correct, and then click the “Place Order” button to submit your order.
  7. Wait for your order to arrive: After you place your order, you should receive a confirmation email with your order details. Depending on the shipping options you choose, it may take a few days for your Duradry products to arrive. Keep an eye out for tracking information or updates from the retailer to know when to expect your delivery.

Final Verdict 


When I was first thought to order it I was a pity confused with many things such as 

  • Does Duradry affect my skin?
  • Should I use it in my intimate area?
  • How does any fragrance have no smell?
  • What are the differences between deodorant and antiperspirant?

But when I checked their site, I found every piece of information about my queries.

not only by their site but also because of the products I used. 

As per my experience, I feel Duradry is not only made for the elimination of odors but also for making my skin glow by detoxifying it. I saw a difference between my skin before and after use.

Firstly, I was a little scared to use it in my intimate area, but because of excessive sweat, I tried it once. I don’t know if you believe it or not, but it’s safe and effective for intimate areas too.

I thought they were lying to us about using fragrance, but when I got it and used it, I was astounded by their products.

After reading about it more than ten times, I understood that deodorants are a product that uses perfume but cannot prevent whereas antiperspirants are known for reducing sweat.

Overall, this brand got 9/10 from my side of the experience, and I do recommend it. 

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