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DripDrop Ors
DripDrop Ors

While traveling in remote areas or in extreme humid and hot climate conditions, our bodies get hydrated by several means.

And the only thing that could help us survive is the instant rehydration of our bodies. 

Now, several rehydration techniques are beneficial, but ORS is one of the fastest, safest, and easiest methods of hydrating bodies.

You will be surprised to know that the ORS technique used to exist only in medical textbooks a few decades ago, and during one of the severe dehydration conditions, this technique was brought into existence. 

Today in this blog, we will be talking about one of the most trusted brands of ORS solutions, Dripdrop.

We will be looking into all the possible aspects of this brand, including its products and its major highlights. We will also be looking into their customer review section and the story behind starting this brand.

Let’s dive into the blog. 

What is DripDrop?

DripDrop Brand Image
DripDrop Brand Image

Dripdrop ORS is an oral rehydration solution that provides a solution. The solution was patented by Dr. Eduardo Dolhan. The solution was developed during a relief mission in Latin America. 

Let me take you back to 1993, when Dr. Eduardo was treating a cholera outbreak in remote villages situated in the jungles of Guatemala.  The situation got worse when the patients were dying due to dehydration.

That’s when he first saw oral rehydration techniques in action, and it was faster, safer, and easier than any other technique of rehydration.

That’s when Dr. Eduardo decided to add flavors to oral rehydration solutions and make the job easier for upcoming doctors in the future.

He matched the standards of the World Health Organization and modified the formulation according to the comfort of the patients by adding different flavors to ORS solutions. Their headquarters are located in San Francisco.

Today, they have a very strong social media presence, with 100K+ followers on their Instagram handle. They have also been featured in several media houses such as Business Insider, Global Newswire, Yahoo, Bloomberg, and many others.   

One of the most important points to keep in mind while dealing with this brand is that they stand by their words.

Some of the major pros and cons of Dripdrop are mentioned below in the table: 

They have more than dozens of flavors for ORS solutions.Take the dose as mentioned in the packet. 
These DripDrop solutions are more effective than IV treatment.
They come in small packets, which makes them easier to carry and more travel-friendly.
They make the entire hydration process easier and safer for our bodies.
The ORS solution by Dripdrop is free from artificial colors, preservatives, gluten, and GMO flavors. 
The formulations are NSF-certified. 
DripDrop Pros and Cons

Read DripDrop reviews by customers:


I’ve used drip-drop for around 4 years now and can’t say anything but good things about the company. Liquids are very well priced, nice selection to suit all and delivery is very quick. 


I have ordered many times from Drip Drop, over several years. I have always been delighted by my purchases. They are dispatched either the same day or the next working day (I often order overnight and on weekends). The items come well packaged and fit through the letter box. The prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend this company.

What are the products offered by Dripdrop?

Several products are manufactured by Dripdrop. The best part is that I have produced slippers. Below, we will be discussing some of their best-selling products. 

Bold Variety Review

DripDrip Bold Variety
DripDrip Bold Variety
DripDrip Bold Variety
DripDrip Bold Variety
DripDrip Bold Variety
DripDrip Bold Variety

The Bold Variety is one of the packs that has been quite appreciated by the customers. This is one of the best sellers, and it contains a blend of four different fruits.

The package consists of three different categories: 16-count, 32-count, and 80-count sachets. The prices are according to the count that each packet consists of.

Some of the major benefits of bold variety are mentioned below:

  • It contains a blend of splashy berry watermelon, lemon, and grapes. 
  • It is more effective than IV treatment. 
  • It helps in hydrating the body faster than any other hydration technique available.
  • It is free from artificial chemicals, preservatives, gluten, and harmful flavorings. 
  • It is a go-to rehydration formula that is used by the military and in urgent relief centers. 

Read Bold Variety reviews by customers:


I would love it if you had more options for 32 counts of a single flavor such as the lemon and grape. I like the cherry but fruit punch and strawberry lemonade are a little too sweet. I also like the zero-sugar lemon.


Have tried many electrolytes and have found them either too salty or too sweet. Many also have an unpleasant aftertaste. Drip Drops have just the right amount of sweetness with no unpleasant saltiness or aftertaste

Lemon Lime Review

DripDrop Lemon Lime
DripDrop Lemon Lime
DripDrop Lemon Lime
DripDrop Lemon Lime
DripDrop Lemon Lime
DripDrop Lemon Lime

The entire formulation is vegan and works faster than any other rehydration supplement. The electrolyte in lemon-lime flavor is something that is out of the box and tastes fantastic.

The sugar contained in the lemon-lime variety is way less than in any other drink. The entire package of 32 sticks is priced at $35.99. You can avail yourself by placing your order on the website. 

Some of the major benefits are mentioned below:

  • The formulation works faster than the water itself. 
  • It contains a smaller amount of sugar than any other electrolyte that has flavors in it.
  • The lemon-lime variety is free from any kind of artificial preservative, flavoring, gluten, or GMO.
  • It also contains the immunity booster element zinc in its formulation. 
  • These sticks are travel-friendly.

Read Lemon Lime reviews:


I like the lemon drip drop. I find that I drink a lot more water using them. I’ve given many to friends and they also raved about them.I need to place another order soon!!.


Love this stuff. It has helped save me from severe dehydration several times and the only thing I could tolerate was the DripDrop Lemon Electrolyte Powder! I keep it located at home, the office, and the cars! Love that it was designated to help refugees who need clean drinking water and your products help save lives. Customer for life! 

Tropical Variety Review

Tropical Variety
Tropical Variety
Tropical Variety
Tropical Variety
Tropical Variety
Tropical Variety

In the formulation of a tropical variety, you get the benefits of several tropical fruits that are included in the formulation.

The packet has two types of packaging, which consist of 16 and 32 counts, respectively.  It has more than three times more electrolyte present in itself than any other in the market.

Some of the basic features are mentioned below:

  • They are more effective when it comes to rehydrating your body faster.
  • They contain elements like zinc, which works as a helping factor for your immune system. 
  • They do not have any sugar in their formulation.
  • The tropical variety is free from any kind of chemical-based preservatives, flavorings, gluten, or GMOs.

Tropical Variety reviews by customers:


I have tried numerous electrolyte/hydration powders. These are by far my absolute favorite!!!! The flavors taste amazing. So much so that I want to drink my water with this in it. So it’s a win/win for me.


Everything was so tasty! Even to the açaí which I’m not crazy about the grape flavor (tastes like cough syrup) but the açaí was a nice step up. I would just love to see all of these as individual flavor packets like the watermelon, in case one isn’t too much of your favorite flavor.

Juicy Variety Review

Juicy Variety
DripDrop Juicy Variety
DripDrop Juicy Variety
DripDrop Juicy Variety
DripDrop Juicy Variety
DripDrop Juicy Variety

Most of the customers reported the juicy variety as one of their favorite flavors from drip-drop.  The formulation has fresh fruits involved, which gives it a fresh touch.

It is one of the best choices over any rehydrating treatment that you take, as it is easier and faster than them.

The Juicy variety comes in two types of packaging based on the counts of the sticks, which are 16 and 32. You can avail of this by placing your order on their website.

Some of the major features are mentioned below. 

  • Juicy varieties do not contain any artificial preservatives or sweetness. 
  • Reviews show that the juicy variety works faster than water if you need instant hydration for your body.
  • It has a mix of four different fruits: cherry grapes, watermelon lemonade, and fruit punch.
  • In the absence of artificial preservatives, it tastes fresh and energetic as it contains electrolytes.

Juicy Variety reviews by customers:


Every flavor is amazing. I feel like it has just the right balance of sugar and electrolytes. I wish everybody knew about DripDrop! I tell everybody I know, and I sometimes provide DripDrop for my athletic students, and others with health needs, where hydration and electrolytes can make a real positive difference. Thank you.


I work outside, in attics, and on roofs in hot and humid Texas doing physical labor. Drip Drop has been truly essential to staying hydrated. I tried other brands and did not get as much benefit. My wife and I also drink fairly diluted Drip Drop with almost all our water intake. When doing so you can easily tell how much better hydration retention is compared to “plain” water. Truly amazing!

Orange 80 Count DripDrop ORS Review

DripDrop Orange 80 Count
DripDrop Orange 80 Count
DripDrop Orange 80 Count
DripDrop Orange 80 Count
DripDrop Orange 80 Count
DripDrop Orange 80 Count

There are different flavors present in 0-count dripdrop ORS packets. So if you want to stock up on your ORS solution then this one is the right pack for you. This package is best for those who stay outdoors or in hot or humid climates. 

Some of the major features of this is mentioned below:

  • It has 80 counts of stick ORS which is sufficient for the entire month.
  • No additional preservatives and Chemicals are used while formulating it and all you get as Natural flavors and benefits.
  • These ORS are full of electrolytes and Zinc which supports your immune system.
  • It has less sugar content than any other ORS present in the market.

Read 80 Count DripDrop ORS Reviews by customers:


Been a fan of this stuff since it was issued to me in the army during some very hot and sweaty training. Stuff will keep you motoring on a hot day.


My husband loves it. He drinks it every day he’s outside working. I had sent a request for a sample of the sugar-free lemon-lime but never heard back if I could get one. We ordered the grape also and loved it.

DripDrop Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

It is always important to know what others have experienced with the product that you are grabbing for everyday use.

For this reason, the customer feedback section was created, and that’s the only reason why we have collected a few of the experiences of Dripdrop ORS.

Read here some DripDrop reviews from the customers:


These were awesome and helped with hydration. They were taken off and I would like to know why. The price was reasonable And the amount wasn’t bad I would love to reorder these but I’m not sure I want them at the price they asking is a little costly.


This product is a lifesaver! The flavors are really good and not what you would expect out of electrolytes. I was skeptical at first about buying these but eventually ordered in bulk and so glad I did. We all came down with COVID and like many you don’t feel like eating, this is what my whole family survived on all 4 times we have had COVID. My 2-year-old drinks this stuff like it’s going out of style when she is not feeling well. I will be buying this in bulk when I order it again. 


I was pleasantly surprised when I tried these I was a bit skeptical but I tried one day I was at work mind you I have a mobile detailing business and it was very hot that day so I opened up a pot and poured it into my water and I could immediately feel the difference I didn’t feel dehydrated it gave me my energy back and I can immediately feel like I was getting better before taking it I felt like I was going to pass out so if you’re on the fence about these don’t be and just get them they work you will not be disappointed.


I used these during chemo to stay hydrated. Perfect. Easy to mix, the flavor is better than tolerable (not chemically). Would highly recommend it for anyone facing hydration challenges.

How do I order DripDrop?

After talking so much about the ORS solutions by DripDrop, you must be willing to grab your hands on your favorite flavors. The steps to place your order are mentioned below: 

  • Visit their official website
  • Search for the products. 
  • Avail of the subscription if you have any. 
  • Now move to your cart. 
  • Complete the billing and shipping details. 
  • Finally, confirm your order. 

Our verdict on DripDrop

DripDrop ORS is one of the supporting hands for those who live in very hot and humid climate conditions.

The job even becomes easier when it comes to kids taking ORS to hydrate their bodies because they can choose their favorite flavors with a boost of immunity as zinc is also present in the formulation.

Not only this, but it also contains electrolytes and has a lower sugar content than any other ORS solution present on the market. So if you are searching for something more beneficial than the traditional formulation, then DripDrop is your place.

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