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We often see influencers, ads, and phrases on drinking water like “Stay Hydrated” or “Take a sip”.

Even though we all know water is our basic necessity to sustain life, we still need a reminder to drink it. Why?

At present, when everyone strikes for peak performance and is running in the race of becoming the best from the rest, they often forget about their basic health needs, and water goes unnoticed amidst today’s trendy beverages.

That’s why we have Cirkul water bottles with us.

Water is the foundation of our overall well-being. We need water for the proper functioning of our bodies.

It is beneficial for not only physical well-being but mental well-being as well. It improves mental clarity, improves our overall mood, and keeps us refreshed throughout the day.

You cannot overstate how important drinking water is. Cirkul is thus available with its creative methods of keeping us hydrated in order to make our water-sipping experience more enjoyable and practical.

Overview of Cirkul

Cirkul Brand Image

Cirkul is a beverage company that manufactures Cirkul water bottles and flavor cartridges. By adding flavor cartridges, it seeks to improve the flavor and nutritional value of our everyday drinking water.

Cirkul is here to keep you healthy and hydrated because they believe that sometimes drinking water can be challenging, especially when you are living a fast-paced life.

Garrett Waggoner, the company’s current CEO, and Andy Gay, its current president and chief business officer (CBO), founded Cirkul in Tampa in 2016.

Cirkul’s expansion can be seen in the fact that it has been highlighted in numerous health and fitness publications as well as websites like Business Insider and Bloomberg.

Given that it does not contain sugar or any artificial colors, Cirkul is the best and easiest option for a healthy beverage. Furthermore, it has no calories.

Cirkul has more than 50 flavors, from fruit punch to berry pomegranate, that are available.

They provide a wide range of products, like Bottle Drop, which is a stainless water bottle with a lid, and different flavors in the form of Lifesip, Fitsip, gosip, etc.

Cirkul has 120K Instagram followers, 351K Facebook followers, and 1.66K YouTube subscribers.


  • Cirkul bottles contain Zero Sugar.
  • Their bottles have zero calories.
  • It contains no artificial coloring or flavoring agents.
  • Cirkul water bottle is sustainable as it uses 84% less plastic than others and also produces 99% less carbon emissions from shipping.
  • The brand has more than 50 flavors. 
  • Cirkul water bottles can be customized according to your needs.
  • They are also available in different sizes.
  • It is convenient to use.


  • Because the flavors are numerous, you may have difficulty selecting the right ones for you.

Cirkul Water Bottle Review

Cirkul water bottle and cirkul cartridges review
Cirkul Water Bottle Review

Cirkul is a brand that makes flavored cartridges for people who do not enjoy drinking plain water and need some flavors and twists to go with it. They not only make flavor cartridges but also bottles and flow filters.

The fact that it comes in a variety of flavors and blends makes it not only a delicious beverage to consume but also healthy.

It mainly got famous on TikTok with the tag #DrinkCirkul.

How To Use?

The usage of these Cirkul bottles is so effortless, and here are the steps

  • Attach the lid after adding water to your Cirkul bottle.
  • Your flavor cartridge should be unwrapped, inserted into the lid opening, and then secured by rotating it clockwise.
  • To change the flavor strength, turn the dial.
  • Open the cap, then turn the flip cap so that the fin on the flavor dial is in line.
  • When the strap is securely fastened to the fin, depress the cap. By doing this, the spout will stay out of your way as you drink.
  • Now tip up the bottle and drink!

Top Cirkul flavors offered

Here is the variety of Cirkul flavors, including:


It is enriched with B vitamins and has zero calories to fuel you every day.

It contains flavors such as Honeycrisp apple, fruit punch, strawberry kiwi, peach mango, coconut pineapple, strawberry lemonade, etc.


Fitsip is enriched with electrolytes, which usually keep you fit and active. It replenishes in order to keep you in the game.

It contains flavors like island punch, tropical blast, white cherry, mixed berry, orange tangerine, and lemon-lime.


This drink energizes you as it is caffeine enhanced and helps give you energy when you are running on empty.

It has numerous flavors like blue raspberry, strawberry watermelon, cherry limeade, black cherry, grape, green apple, blackberry, citrus twist, and orange.

Gateway Tea

They are refreshing iced teas with a large number of flavors, like blackberry tea, green tea, tea and lemonade, raspberry tea, and peach tea.


They are the sweet and fresh caffeinated iced coffee for your every mood and to kick you up and make you ready for the day. 

It contains various flavors like hazelnut iced coffee, caramel iced coffee, classic iced coffee, mocha iced coffee, and vanilla iced coffee.


They are the electrolyte fuel that acts as a sports drink, keeps you energized, and also fuels your next move.

There are several different flavors included in it, including Hit Stick (mixed berry), Fast Break (strawberry banana), Overtime (orange), Goal Line (lemon-lime), Lights Out (blackberry), Rapid-Fire (strawberry watermelon), Shutout (grape), Red Zone (fruit punch), and Last Drive (blue raspberry).

Squeeze Lemonade

They are bold fruit flavors that are filled with deliciousness and will make you a lemonade drinker.

Flavors included in this are pink lemonade, orange lemonade, strawberry lemonade, blackberry lemonade, raspberry lemonade, watermelon lemonade, classic lemonade, and blueberry lemonade.


This premium energy drink contains adaptogens, BCAAs, caffeine, and antioxidants.

Shake & Bake (strawberry watermelon), Florida Man (orange citrus), Nocturnal (berry blend), Send It (fruit punch), Blue Magic (blue raspberry), Jackpot (green apple), and E.T. (lemon-lime) are among the flavors available.


Without making any compromises, this aims to hydrate. Their stevia-sweetened formula and flavor-enhanced electrolytes help you perform at your best.

They have four flavors to enhance your drinking experience: strawberry watermelon, blackberry twist, lemon-lime, and orange.


This vitamin B and antioxidant-enhanced flavor enriches your experience of drinking water. With this tasty blend sweetened with stevia, you have control over the flavor.

They have eight flavors and they are Kiwi Strawberry, fruit medley, grapefruit, cucumber lime, lemon, strawberry, clementine, and watermelon.


It gives your water a subtly delicious twist by introducing a hint of fruit to its naturally refreshing flavor.

They have provided eight flavors for this, namely, Apple (unsweetened), Cucumber (unsweetened), Lemon (unsweetened), Peach (unsweetened), Pineapple (unsweetened), Raspberry (unsweetened), and Tangerine (unsweetened).

Sweet Tea & Lemon Review

Sweet Tea & Lemon LifeSip
Sweet Tea & Lemon LifeSip
Sweet Tea & Lemon LifeSip

If you are feeling low in energy and leading a stressful life, the best solution is available to you thanks to this flavor-rich cartridge, which will boost your energy levels, elevate your mood, and lessen stress and anxiety. The reason is that it is vitamin-enhanced.

So enjoy this sweet tea & lemon on a sunny day with your friends and family.

It has about 13 servings per container. It has a serving size of 0.05 fl oz or 1.5 mL.


  • It does not incorporate any added sugar which reduces inflammation in the brain and body and overall, puts you in a better mood.
  • It has zero calories, which reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes. It aids in weight loss as well.
  • Since this is a vitamin-enhanced flavor, it energizes your body and bolsters muscle strength.
  • Vitamins B6 and B12, in particular, which help to produce red blood cells and strengthen the immune system, are present in it. 

The price of this Sweet Tea & Lemon Lifesip is $3.75

Sweet Tea & Lemon Reviews By Customer

Nicole Post

“I love Cirkul water bottle and the flavors are so yummy. My fav is the sweet tea & lemon. I don’t like drinking plain water and since I used their product last month I’m drinking it on a regular and even lost 10lbs so keep up the great work cirkul cause you definitely have a repeated customer right here!!”

Shelley Clayburn

“I am not a water drinker. It did take a little while to get my water bottle and cartridges (a little over a week). I am on my 5th full bottle of water, keeping the flavor at a 3 and it still has flavor. My first 64oz of water was drank in 3 hours. I usually drink sweet tea & lemon flavor as it is refreshing and healthy.”

Mocha Iced Coffee Review

Mocha Iced Coffee Frosted
Mocha Iced Coffee Frosted
Mocha Iced Coffee Frosted

When you are feeling low in the scorching heat on a sunny day, you need a caffeinated kick, but you don’t want that unpalatable hot coffee.

You need a refreshment that not only satisfies your thirst but also energizes you and boosts your energy.

That’s why we have chocolate delicious and hydrating Mocha Iced Coffee.

Each container contains about 13 servings. It has a serving size of 0.05 fl oz or 1.5 mL.


  • It is calorie- and sugar-free.
  • Organic ingredients are used to make it, and it is free of artificial coloring.
  • It has a small amount of caffeine, which will help you fall asleep quickly and soundly and prevent you from experiencing insomnia after drinking coffee.

This Mocha Iced Coffee Frosted costs $3.75.

Mocha Iced Coffee Customer Reviews

Melinda Corbin

“Amazing product. I love this bottle I always buy my favorite Mocha iced coffee flavor cartridges in store but I’m planning to order some off line. I love the bottle would give 10 stars if I could.”

Melissa M.

“I am absolutely IN LOVE with this product! Can’t thank Cirkul enough for making water my favorite beverage. I was able to cut out my Diet Coke addiction. All of the flavors are absolutely delicious, with a great variety to choose from but I love Mocha iced coffee one. The subscription plan is awesome as well! Thanks Cirkul!”

Shake & Bake Review

Shake & Bake Fisson
Shake & Bake Fisson
Shake & Bake Fisson

It wakes you up like an energy monkey!

This adaptogen-, antioxidant-, and BCAA-retained drink will surely lift your mood and heighten your energy.

This Shake & Bake flavor is of Strawberry and Watermelon.

Per container, there are roughly 13 servings. It has a serving size of 0.05 fl oz or 1.5 ml.


  • It comprises adaptogens, which support hormone balance and can aid in the fight against fatigue.
  • The BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) in the drink can help you lose weight, improve your immunity, and increase muscle growth.
  • Antioxidants can lower your risk of developing many illnesses, including heart disease and some types of cancer.

The price of this Shake & Bake Fission is $3.75

Shake & Bake Customer Reviews

Rick Ladford

“I’m at a loss for words on how much I love it! I ordered the plastic bottle which is a much better quality then expected as well as 12 different flavors. I am currently drinking shake and bake (strawberry watermelon) flavor and have drank two bottles of water in roughly 45 minutes! I am in love with this product and will be a repeat customer for many years to come!”

Sandy Lynn

“I am always dehydrated and i have tried many systems. With Cirkul i get great flavors and so many options. I love the shake and bake fission energy drink. Thank you!!”

Gosip Orange Review

GoSip Orange
GoSip Orange
GoSip Orange

Your taste buds will be awakened by the bright burst of energy in this blend.

This blend is specially designed for orange lovers. This can lead to an increase in citrus intake which is rich in Vitamin C and improves your health in various ways.

It has about 13 servings per container. It has a serving size of 0.05 fl oz or 1.5 mL.


  • This drink is rich in citrus, which improves gastrointestinal function and health, reduces inflammation, and confers vascular protection.
  • They contain Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 which participate in the production of RBCs and support improving your immune system.
  • They do not contain sugar or calories, which aid in higher energy levels and improve your gut.

The price of this Gosip Orange is $3.75

Gosip Orange Customer Reviews

Devin McWilliams

“Went from drinking 5 sodas a day I hated water to now I couldn’t turn my back on water the flavors are amazing the gosip orange is my fav if u love orange get it, omg great summer flavor for any time of year.”

Jane Mitchell

“Great products. Have been using for about a year and every and any issue I have has been resolved quickly. Love the gossip orange flavor product and it has helped me drink more water.”

Are Cirkul Cartridges Healthy?

Cirkul flavor cartridges are very healthy and beneficial for everyone. 

The reasons why drinking Cirkul is healthy are as follows:

  1. No Sugar.
  2. No calories.
  3. No artificial coloring.
  4. Vitamin B enhanced (especially Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12).
  5. Rich in antioxidants and antigens.
  6. Boosts your energy and improves your immune system.
  7. Improves your mood and helps you focus.

Cirkul Reviews by Consumers


“My preschooler is drinking more water than ever from his ‘magic bottle’ and I love that he is staying hydrated without sugar or dyes.”


“I can’t believe the Sips last for 6 bottles! It keeps me hydrated and makes a great hiking buddy!


“Cirkul turns my water into a delicious hydrating flavored drink with a twist of the dial. We love the Strawberry Kiwi flavor!”

LucQuan Smith

“I love the Cirkul bottle. I think it’s a great way to get our kids and even adults to drink more water. We all love being healthy. This is definitely a good start. I love that you can tailor the amount of flavor you like or if you don’t want the flavor you can switch it to water. I usually get tired of my water bottle and it goes to waste. With Cirkul I know I have a bottle that will last forever.

Thank you Cirkul Happy Hydrating”

Where Can I Buy Cirkul Cartridges?

You can buy Cirkul on Amazon, but mainly from their official website.

You can follow the following steps in order to buy from their Cirkul website:

  1. Search on your search engine for “Cirkul” and click the first link, which is to their official website.
  2. You will be taken to their Home page, where you will see the option “Products” in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. When you hover over the Products tab, you will see a drop-down list where you can choose the type of product you want.
  4. Suppose you want a flavored cartridge of LifeSip. You will select the option “Flavors” and then “LifeSip”.
  5. On the new page, click the image of the flavor you want to buy to see the description of the flavor, and then you can add it to the cart by clicking the ‘+’ sign.
  6. Select the number of flavors that you want to add and adjust their quantity.
  7. Go to your cart by selecting the Cart icon in the top right corner of the page, following that with the “Next” and “Proceed to Checkout” buttons.

Our verdict on Cirkul

We all know that drinking more water and staying hydrated can solve so many of our health problems, and this brand helps you achieve that. Cirkul is not only made for you to keep hydrated but also to give you nutrient-enriched flavor water.

It has more than 50 flavors and formulas that each offer something unique to boost the flavor of your water while containing no calories, only natural flavors, and no artificial colors.

When carrying and removing the lid, their comfort grip lid’s ergonomic soft colorful rubber provides you with a superb grip. In order to add a leak-proof barrier and facilitate cleaning, they combined it with a ruggedized base plastic.

They make drinking water easier or more enjoyable. Keep your favorite Cirkul products on hand for a simple way to remain hydrated.

Dehydration is not an option now that you are an authority on Cirkul! The brand is really good and impressive, and it keeps you healthy as well.

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