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There are several brands of mattresses available in the market but two of them have to be one of the competitors of each other. The brand is none other than Brooklyn Bedding and Casper mattresses. No doubt the products that deliver are some of the best available in the market but both of them have their specialities while manufacturing the product. 

This blog intends that we will be talking about some of the features of Brooklyn and Casper brands and will also discuss their features. We will compare both of them based on several criteria which will help us to decide which one is the best among the two. So let’s dive in. 

Brooklyn Bedding vs Casper 




Starting with Brooklyn Bedding is one of the oldest mattress companies in the market. It was started in 1995 by two brothers named John Merwin and Rob Merwin. They research each of the details of the mattress to develop one of the finest mattresses available apart from that they have also focused on the materials and the manufacturing process. 

Today they are known to be one of the most famous mattress brands and have regularly featured in some of the popular media houses Forbes, HBR, CNET, Real Simple, Shape, Architectural Digest, and many others.

Currently, they have also been featured in Best Mattresses of 2024 in the CNET list of CNET.  Along with that they also have a strong social media presence with a following of around 11K on their Instagram handle. 

Talking about Casper Mattress started in April 2214, around a decade ago. Currently has been owned by duration capital management and has a strong market area across Canada United States and Europe. The headquarters are located in New York and the United States. 

They are also quite popular among social media with their strong presence on Instagram as well as the Twitter handles. But they also featured in some of the strong media houses such as the New York Times, Dengarden, and many order of them.

Brooklyn Bedding vs Casper: Which is Better for You?

Now when you look at the mattresses and their specializations, they have almost most of the things in common. That is the only reason why it is hard to differentiate between both of them.

This is why we have made a differentiated table for both the brands below so that you can understand that in a more clear way.

Factors to Consider

Brooklyn Bedding

Casper Mattress
1.MaterialsFoams100% Organic Cotton
2.Construction6 Layers5 Layers
3.TechnologyAdvance CoolingHybrid AirflowCooling Infused FoamTemperature RegulationTemperature RegulationHeat Dispersion
4.Trial Period120 Days100 Days
6.Warranty10 Yrs10Yrs
7.Price $465.50 – $979.30$995 – $1,995
8.Firmness3 Levels Soft Medium FirmDreamUltimate Dream

After looking at both options Brooklyn is comparatively better than Casper in terms of technology, affordability trial periods, and also at comfort levels.  The mattresses of Brooklyn are affordable and easily available even at the stores that are present all around.

Firmness and Feel Differences

Even if I talk about the firmness and comfort of the mattress then after looking at the price and specialty of both of them Brooklyn has higher points. It has a total of 3 firmness levels which are soft, medium, and firm. Even if I talk about the layering of the entire mattress then Brooklyn has more layers compared to Casper. 

Now coming to the comfort of the mattresses then as per the material Casper has more comfort because the entire material is based on 100% organic cotton. Not only this but they also take care of the allergic compounds which are one of the major concerns of the customers. 

Brooklyn Bedding vs. Casper Motion Isolation 

Talking about motion isolation then you will find some of the mattresses of Brooklyn motion isolation is present in all the mattresses of Casper. Motion isolation becomes one of the important factors if you are sharing your bed with your partner or family member. It is very important for peaceful sleep after a hectic work schedule. 

Not only this but most of the mattresses of Casper have good-quality coils inside it so that the entire mechanism could be operated properly.  The same goes with Brooklyn mattresses which are built with quality motion isolation. Casper uses recycled metals to design its coils so that the environment is not harmed during the entire process of manufacturing the mattress. 

Temperature Regulation and Edge support


Maintaining the temperature of the mattress is another one of the important factors to keep in mind while grabbing your hands on the mattress. Now most of the mattresses have temperature regulation technology inbuilt in the mattress.  Both mattresses have temperature regulation technology built into them which helps in keeping the temperature cooler than the normal temperature.  

If I talk about Brooklyn then it has advanced air cooling hybrid air flow cooling fused forms and temperature regulation built so that better regulation of the temperature and heat dispersion can be taken care of. 

On the other hand, talking about Casper has temperature regulation as well as advanced heat dispersion built so that the temperature of the mattress remains according to your desire. 

Final verdict 

While we are moving towards the conclusion I must say that if I look at all the factors carefully then affordability and quality of the mattress is something on which Brooklyn bedding has conquered well. The mattresses are of good quality and even the warranty period is good compared to any other brands available in the market. 

Not on the this but they have also inbuilt technology into their mattress to add extra comfort to the Mattress. The mattresses of Brooklyn are also available all across the globe in any country you desire. On the other hand, cash per has a limited market area and also is not affordable for a wide range of customers. 

So if you are willing to grab your hands on the mattress then Brooklyn will be the brand I would suggest you have if budget is your issue. On the other hand, if you don’t have any budget issues then Casper is also one of the best options available.

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