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The use of plants and their products for the welfare of human society has existed for centuries. Humans have always looked toward nature for solutions to problems regarding their health.

The Botanic Choice is an American brand that prepares plant-based supplements and also offers a wide range of natural supplements for adults at budget-friendly prices.

Since 1910, Botanic Choice has never compromised on the quality of its products; therefore, it is trusted by the majority of Americans and is more popular in North America than South America. They also ship their products all over the world. 

In this article, you will read a full, detailed Botanic Choice review, along with the Botanic Choice reviews by consumers.

Botanic Choice: The Overview of the Brand

Botanic Choice Brand Image
Botanic Choice Brand Image

The botanic choice was started around a century ago, in 1910, by Joseph E. Meyer. For four generations, this brand has been a family business for the family and is now owned by the great-grandson and great-granddaughter of Joseph E. Meyer, who are Tim Cleland, and Tammy Cleland

The brand has around 16k Facebook followers and 5k followers on Instagram.

Before 1990 the herbs used in their products were grown in the gardens owned by the family. It was 1990 when they chose to buy the best quality herbs across the world instead.

Due to their high-quality products today, they are the world’s largest online retailer of herbs. They ship their products all over the world as per the demand. 

Before giving an overview of the products of Botanic choice we would highlight some of the pros that the brand offers:

  • Ship their product all over the world. 
  • Daily sales and coupons regularly. 
  • Delivering high-quality products over more than 100 years of experience. 
  • All products of their brand are nature friendly hence no harm to the environment. 
  • Free shipping on orders above $50.
  • Budget-friendly.

Botanic Choice: What are the products the brand offers?

Though Botanic Choice products are made from high-quality herbs from all across the world and the brand never compromises the quality of its products it is advised to consult your doctor before adding anything new to your health care regimen.

The products manufactured by the company are well-researched and tested. 

Advanced Apple Cider Vinegar Plus Review 

Advanced ACV Plus
AAC Vinegar Plus
Advanced ACV Plus
Advanced ACV Plus
Advanced ACV Plus Ingredients

Botanica Choice Advance Apple Cider Vinegar Plus has several health benefits due to the ingredients used while making this completely natural product.

The price for this product is $12 with shipping charges included. Some of the major benefits and usage of the product are:

  • Can also be used as a dressing in salads as it is gluten-free 
  • One can use this product in their diet as it helps the body to increase the metabolic rate resulting in cutting off extra fat from the body and promoting weight loss. 

“This product definitely helps to keep my weight in check. However you should for sure have a nutritional meal plan and workout plan to see maximum results.”

Botanic Choice Thyroid Complete Review

Thyroid Complete
Premium Formula Thyroid Complete
Thyroid Complete Ingredients
Thyroid Complete Ingredients
Thyroid Complete Pill Size
Thyroid Complete Pill Size

Unlike other thyroid capsules present in the market worldwide Botanic Choice Thyroid Complete is a better option as the enhanced formula used in these capsules is completely plant-based and well researched which also includes beneficial herbs like Panax ginseng extract, Schisandra Chinensis, and Ashwagandha for better additional support to users.

The price for this product is $29.99 with shipping charges. 

Here are a few ways that will help you out regarding the usage of the capsules.

  • Capsules should be taken empty stomach, around the same time each day 
  • A Coronary artery disease
  • Void eating anything for 30 -40 minutes after taking the capsules 
  • Consult your doctor if you have prior medical issues regarding;
  • Heart disease 
  • Congestive heart failure 
  •  Any type of diabetes 
  • Any problem with your adrenal 

Found this product online and it sounded lperfect for me .I thought that if it relieved only 2 of the problems that were bothering me I would be happy…within a week of starting it I lost 4 pounds and was no longer cold all the time AND I actually had some energy!!! How awesome is that!?! Previously I was unable to lose any weight no matter what I did.”

Opti Gold Vision And Eye Health Supplement Review

Opti Gold
Eye Support
Eye Support
Opti Gold Ingredients Chart
Opti Gold Ingredients Chart

Botanic Choice Opti Gold Vision And Eye Health Supplement improve the overall health of the eye which includes healthy rods and cones, clear vision, protection from UV rays, retina, and macula protection.

The price for this product is $24.99 with shipping charges. Here are some ways to use these capsules in your diet;

  •   Take one capsule daily at the same time.
  •    Consult your doctor before using this in case you have allergies 
  •   Try to add more healthy and leafy vegetables to your diet with these capsules. 

I bought Botanic Choice– Opti Gold and have been using the product regularly and my eyes are much clearer and vision doesn’t seem so blurred. Good product and I will continue too use Opti Gold.

Botanic Choice Pro-Advance Urinary Formula Review

Pro-Advanced Urinary Formula
Pro-Advanced Urinary Formula
Pro-Advanced Urinary Formula Features
Urinary Formula Features
Pro-Advanced Urinary Formula Ingredients
Pro-Advanced Urinary Formula Ingredients

Uneasy urine is one of the most embarrassing issues one could face when in public places even at home rushing back to the toilets at small intervals is quite an irritating task. Botanic Choice Pro-Advance  Urinary Formula is again a safe and healthy remedy to the problem.

The cost of the product for 60 capsules is $24.99 with shipping charges. Here are a few ways to use the well-researched formula;

  • Use 2 tablets daily during your bedtime or take the dosage as directed by your nephrologist. 
  • Before taking them on a regular basis consult your doctor and discuss your medical history. 
  • Try to intake healthy vegetables and fruits with these capsules to get better results.
  • Take proper water intake for healthy filtration.

“Happy to help Dave! Yes the Pro-Advanced Urinary Formula is $20 in our catalog and $29.95 on our site. However the same deal does exist if you sign up for our Text & Email Exclusive Offers. Go to the footer of any page on our site and sign up today to start receiving deals and first look at some new products. Stay tuned and have a fantastic day

Botanic Choice Ultra Kidney Complex Review

Ultra Kidney Complex
Ultra Kidney Complex

Botanic Choice Ultra Kidney Complex helps in flushing out toxins and keeping the kidneys strong to promote health. 

These capsules also help in maintaining the ion levels of the kidneys. The price for this product for 60 capsules is $24.99 with shipping charges.

 Here are some of the ways to use these capsules

  •    Take 2 tablets daily with your meal 
  •    Take the tablets at the same time each day 
  •     Have healthy along with intake of these capsules 
  •    Keep your hydrated with the proper amount of water that is required 

Who is Botanic Choice For?

In a world full of chemicals it is very difficult to find something that is based completely on natural products and those too high-quality products.

The Botanic Choice is a completely plant-based brand so it is completely safe for adults, old age people, and kids. No specific products are available separately for males and females.

Their product can be used by both males and females again after discussing it with your doctor. 

How to order Botanic Choice Products?

To avail of the products of Botanic Choice follow the following steps;

  • Visit their official website Botanic Choice
  • Choose your product. 
  • The product you chose will be saved to the cart. 
  • Apply the coupons if applicable enter your address and place the order.

Botanic Choice Review: What Do Customers Think?

No matter what you purchase from the brand it will be worth your money and time. The brand whose priority is to never compromise on its customers’ quality expectations and has always kept its promise. 

Let’s also look at what their customers have to say about their products,

Based on ratings their customers rated their products on their website which are; 

  • Advance Apple cider Vinegar; 4.5/5 out of 136 reviews 
  • Thyroid complete; 4.4/ 5 out of 57 reviews
  • Opti Gold Vision and Eye Health Supplement; 4.3/ 5 out of 43 reviews
  • Pro-Advance Urinary Formula; 4.3/ 5 out of 81 reviews 
  • Ultra- Kidney Complex; 4.6/ 5 out of 28 reviews 

“It’s not too strong, but a stable way of helping your urinary system to function. A “just-right “ health boost for your system which is important if you take anything for any pain. Keeping kidneys and bladder strong is important .” 

After using the ultra-kidney complex one customer

“ I feel ultra Kidney works for me to keep kidney cleansed and optimal. Botanic gives good quality and natural products. They can easily be purchased online and delivered timely .”

While talking about the same product another customer told

I bought this a month ago, and I’m so glad I did! I’m doing the 3 a day and it’s really curbed my appetite. I liked it so much I reordered it! This was a statement regarding apple cider vinegar by one of the customers. 

A happy consumer

“I have been taking the capsules for about 3 weeks and have noticed good results .It has boosted my energy allowing me to get back to my daily walking without getting tired . It also has curbed my appetite allowing me to feel hungry less , and when I do eat, I get fueled quickly which allows me to eat less .I have since noticed that I have more room in my favorite jeans than I had a few weeks ago. While other stated this.

A consumer who rated 4.5 stars

Apart from their customer ratings and feedback they also have A+ customer service which again makes them one of the most promising brands online. 

Botanic Choice: Products Worth It? 

High-Quality products at budget-friendly prices, promising results, well-researched products, and great customer service are what else one would expect from a brand. 

From looking back at their history and to date they are working for their customers with the same dedication. Their customers’ feedback and ratings are quite convincing to buy their products.  

Their products are completely based on plant and natural supplements. Besides all these, they ship their product internationally with delivery on time.

If we look at their review section, thousands of customers are satisfied with their product which again makes them one of the most promising brands across the world. 

One should go with their products if they are looking for something apart from allopathic medication. 

Final Thought On Botanic Choice

In today’s era, we see to provide the best quality products to their customer companies use different chemicals and preservatives and hence land up harming the environment again. 

This is not the case with Botanic Choice. The way of working, and dedication is quite convincing and impressive.

Only natural supplements and plant-based products that too such a large scale are surely no less than a lottery for someone who is looking to treat ailments holistically. 

There are very less chances of any side effects and medical complications which can be caused after using their product. Their products are manufactured, tested, and retested in Indiana USA.

Before allopathic medicine came into existence some diseases existed prior and they were treated using natural supplements with Botanic Choice we can do the same and at the same time stick back to our roots and values.  

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